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Monday, November 21, 2005


A family was decimated - five dead and three wounded - by shots fired from a US military base east of Baquba at a minibus carrying mourners to a funeral travelling along the Balad-Baquba highway.

Diyala hospital personnel and local police report that around 8:00 am, a minibus carrying eight members of the al-Sawamra family and the driver were driving past a US guardpost at the entrance to a US military base when the guards opened fire on their bus, killing two men and three children less than 5 years-old and wounding two women and a teenaged boy.

Commandant Steven Warren issued [the standard ass-covering excuse for murder, which we've heard time and time again]:
The vehicle was going too fast and warning shots were fired before a machine gun was put into action. As soon as we realized that they were civilans, we sent in a medical time.
[From La Repubblica]


Blogger The Liberal Avenger said...

The Iraqi people are better off with the US military running the show there, apparently.

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