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Thursday, November 24, 2005

24 November 2005 Events in Iraq and in the Reigon

Baghdad. Government spokesman Leith Koubba announces that a number of "terrorists" have sought refuges in Syria after a US military operation in the Euphrates valley and demands their arrest by Syrian authorities.

Baghdad. The grand marjayah of senior Shi'ite clerics called on Iraqis to vote on December 15.

Baghdad. Government spokesman Leith Koubba announced that PM Ibrahim Jaafari will refuse to go to Syria as long a three issues are unresolved: Security, Iraqi state funds on deposit in Syrian banks and cooperation

Cairo. An Egyptian magistrate has come forward as a witness of vote count fraud in Damanhour, north of Cairo. Mrs. Noha al-Zeini, Deputy Prosecutor, gave an interview to the Egyptian daily al-Masri al-Yom insisting that Gamal Hishmat, a Muslim Brotherhood candidate, was clearly in the lead when she was ordered out of the room. The victory of NDP candidate Mustapha el-Fiqi, Chairman of the Parliamentary Commission on Foreign Affairs, was then announced. Mrs. al-Zeini has called on Egypt's judiciary to boycott the next round of elections insisting that they be transparent.

Rafah. Palestiniens may use the Rafah crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt for four hours a day, pending the arrival of EU observers.

Diwaniyah. A small child was killed as she was playing near a US military patrol.

22:36 Budapest. Hungary announced that two planes chartered by the CIA landed at Budapest Airport in the last two years. The aircraft belonged to Devon Holding and Leasing, a company cited by the New York Time as a front for the CIA.

21:17 Abu Ghraib. Government spokesman Leith Koubba announces that a carload of toy-bombs was discovered west of Baghdad.

21:15 Baghdad. Two US soldiers killed by a roadside bomb southwest of Baghdad.

19:46 Milan. Magistrate Armando Spataro accused by Italian Justice Minister Roberto Castelli of militant partisanship in the Abu Omar affair.

19:38 Hilla. Unknown Sunni group "Supporters of the Sunni Community" claims responsibility for carbombing in Hilla. In a communique, the group announced the bombing was an act of revenge for the killing of a chieftain of the Batta tribe, Kathim Sirheed Ali.

18:06 Beirut. German magistrate Detlev Mehlis may question six Syrian officials in Geneva or Vienna.

18:00 Baghdad. 50 Iraqis died in violence today, including 30 in Mahmudiyah

17:49 Baghdad. Six US troops slain in 24 hours. Two soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb while on patrol southwest of Baghdad. Meanwhile a Marine died from his wounds received in a roadside bombing near Hit. Three other US soldiers died Wednesday by gunfire. 2,110 US soldiers and personnel have died since the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

17:02 Mahmudiyah. Three homes destroyed in blast earlier today.

16:58 Tehran. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is criticized for attemping to force the Majlis to accept a man loyal to him as Oil Minister. Third nominee rejected.

16:54 Rome. Italian MP Pietro Folena demands that Italian military destroy stocks of white phosphorus.

16:24 Hilla. Carbombing in marketplace kills 14 and wounds 22.

15:35 Amman. King Abdullah II instructed the Jordanian chief of national security, Maroud Makheet, to form a new government.

15:21 Baghdad. Tikrit. Four police and an engineer were killed by unknown gunmen. Meanwhile three Oil Ministry bodyguards were shot dead in the center of the capital.

15:08 Rome. Filiberto Cecchi, the chief of the Italian general staff, refuses to confirm purchse of 3,4000 phosphorus grenades by the Italian military.

14:03 Baghdad. US solider killed by roadside bomb in Hit.

13:00 Baghdad. Roadside bomb 3km from Polish HQ at Camp Echo wounds three Polish soldiers and a child.

12:37 Baghdad. Iraqi Defense Ministry reports that four rebels were killed south of Baghdad by Iraq troops supported by the Americans.

12:00 Vienna. IAEA agrees that Iran should not be allowed to pursue its uranium enrichment activities.

10:50 Mahmudiyah. Death toll in carbombing climbs to 30. Two children and four police known dead. The bomb targeted a US convoy. Four US soldiers were wounded.

10:12 Baghdad: Nine people die in separate incidents. Five members of Iraq's security forces were killed in three separate attacks in the capital, Kadhimiyah and in Tikrit. The corpses of four individuals, strangled and shot, were found in Baghdad.

09:41 Mahmudiyah: 20 dead and 35 wounded in carbombing.

09:27 Mahmudiyah. A carbomb detonated in a parked car in front of Mahmudiyah hospital south of Baghdad. At least 7 are dead and 13 are wounded.

09:07 Baghdad. Three US soldiers die. Gunfire kills two US soldiers west of Baghdad and a third in downtown Baghdad.

09:02 Kabul: One policeman and a civilian were killed and two others wounded by a bomb placed in a police vehicle in Koghyani.

07:41 Doha. Al Jazeera goes on strike against Bush. Al Jazeera reporters will conduct a sit-in strike in all al-Jazeera offices around the world after a British tabloid reveals Bush's intention to bomb al-Jazeera's Qatari headquarters in Spring of 2003.

00:42 Jerusalem: Sharon chooses name for new political party: The name will be "Kadima", or "Forward"


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