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Friday, November 25, 2005

CIA Detention Centers in Europe: GPS to the Rescue

LEMONDE.FR | 25.11.05 | 18h08

Satellite photos could put an end to debate surrounding the CIA's secret prisons.

The MP in tapped to draft a report on the CIA secret prisons by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe believes that satellite images would be able to show evidence of the existence in Europe of CIA detention centers.

Using the GPS coordinates which I have in my possession, it should be possible to obtain a series high definition satellite images covering those locations over time, from 2002 to the present time, wrote Dick Marty, a Swiss parliamentarian, in a memo published on Friday 25 November in Strasbourg. Mr. Marty has already contacted the EU Satellite Center in Torrejón, Spain.

Dick Marty also cites specific locations likely to host secret detention centers reported by Human Rights Watch: Szymany Airport in northeast Poland, Mihail-Kogalniceanu military airfield in southern Romania and a second Romanian location, the Fetesti military airfield. These countries have denied the allegations.

En route for Bucharest, Dick Marty says he has demanded high definition satellite images taken between 2002 and 2005 from the Romanian authorities which would allow the detection of new construction, such as barbed wire or guard towers. However, Marty says he is convinced that there are no Guantanamos in Romania.

But he doesn’t exclude the existence in Romania of small centers holding one or two detainees temporarily to extract information. It is also possible that CIA planes stayed 10, 20 or 30 days on Romanian territory. That is extremely difficult to find out, Marty continued, but the truth could come out in a number of different ways.



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