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Friday, November 25, 2005

25 November Events in Iraq and in the Region

Baghdad. Major Iraqi offensive planned. We are going to strike with force against the hotbeds of terrorism in several provinces, declared Iraqi Interior Minister Bayan Jabr Soulagh in a press conference on Thursday. We are going to engage 10 000 men in thousands of military vehices before or after the elections of 15 December.

Baghdad. US forces have just concluded a wide-scale 3-week operation, "Steel Curtain" aiming to destroy rebel bases before the elections. General Rick Lynch said 700 rebels had been killed and 1,500 captured since September.

Baghdad. An influential member of the Committee of Iraqi Ulema, Sheikh Mahmood Mehdi al-Sumaydaï, stated that resistance was not terrorism during his sermon at Umm al-Qoura Mosque in west Baghdad. The principal Iraqi political parties agreed in Cairo last week that "resistance" was legitimate but condemned terrorism.

Samarra. One civilian was killed and three wounded in a bombing of a police patrol.

Mosul. Unknown gunmen kidnapped Ibrahim Saleh Osman, a member of Massoud Barzani's DPK. His bullet-ridden body was found some time later.

Baghdad. A US soldier driving a Abrams tank was killed in south Baghdad when it flipped over.

Aaziziyah. Police claimed they stopped a car with 300 mortar rounds near the Iranian border. The munitions were Iran-Iraq war surplus said to be used in carbombs

Brussels. The EU reports that Israel has redoubled its efforts in expropriating Arab land in east Jerusalem to prevent the Palestinians from establishing their capital there.

Beirut. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah vows to continue struggle against Israel and rejects suggestion to disarm. Several Hezbollah fighters were killed in the last few days in clashes with Israel.

London. Al Jazeera CEO Waddah Khanfar is in the British capital to demand an explanation from PM Tony Blair on the 2003 threat to bomb the network in Doha.

Gaza. Rafah passage to Egypt opens.

Beirut. The Red Cross restituted the remains of three Hezbollah fighters killed by Israel. The remains of Wissam al-Bawab, 26, Ali Shamseddin, 26, and Mohammed Baker al-Mussawi, 25, were restituted to Sheikh Nabil Qaouq.

Amman. King Abdallah ordered General Maarouf Bahkit to form a new government.

15:19 Mazar-i-Sharif. A bomb targeting a NATO convoy wounded four NATO troops.

13:55 Berlin. The German newspaper Berliner Zeitung reports that 85 CIA flights landed at Rhein-Main Airbase adjacent to Frankfurt Airport between 2002 and 2005.


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