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Thursday, April 13, 2006

13 April 2006 Events in Iraq and in the Region

London. Lieutenant Malcom Kendall-Smith, a medic in the Royal Air Force, was sentenced to eight months in prison for refusing to deploy to Iraq.

Baghdad. 10 000 Iraqi families have been forced out of their homes over the last 10 weeks due to inter-confessional violence in Iraq says the Iraqi Ministry for Immigration and Refugees. But the International Migrations Organization says the number is 36,000.

Baghdad. Iraqi Sunni leader Salah Motlaq says the Iraq's security services have kidnapped 400 people and killed 68.

Baghdad. Jamal Kamel Hassan, the brother-in-law of Saddam Hussein's two daughters, Raghad and Rana, was executed after being kidnapped.

Kirkuk. Oil pipeline security guards are chronically underequipped for guard duties.

Riyadh. Saudi Arabia frees thousands of prisoners arrested as al-Qaeda suspects.

Tripoli. Libya commemorates 20th anniversary of US bombing raid on Tripoli and Benghazi. US performer Lionel Richie and Spanish tenor José Carreras have been invited perform at the ceremony to be held tomorrow.

Washington. Libya still on the list of states sponsoring terrorism.

Tehran. Iran rejects the plea from el-Baradei to suspend uranium enrichment.

Jordan. 30 wounded in prison riot.

Canberra. PM John Howard denies involvement in Oil for Food scandal.

Phnom Penh. Cambodia may send a humanitarian contingent to Iraq.

Moscow. The head of the Russian Atomic Energy Agency, Sergeï Kirienko, downplayed the "advance" announced by Tehran, saying that the country does not have the capacity for industrial uranium enrichment.

Beijing. The Chinese Deputy Foreign Mininster travels to Iran for talks before attending a meeting Tuesday on the Iranian crisis organized by Russia.

Basrah. Iraqi naval officer and friend shot dead.

Basrah. Local barber shot dead.

21:37 Baghdad. US military announces that Rafid Ibrahim Fattah, a key al-Qaeda contact in Iraq, was killed by a US commando team.

23:53 Baghdad. Carbombing in a Shi'ite neighborhood of Baghdad.

19:52 Basrah. Sunni family wiped out. Unknown gunmen killed seven members of a Sunni family.

18:59 Baghdad. Brother of the Iraqi Parliamentary Speaker-designate shot dead. Mahmoud Ahmed al-Hashemi, the brother of Tariq al-Hashemi, was shot dead in downtown Baghdad.

18:55 London. Oil hits new record of $70.20 a barrel.

18:19 Baghdad. Carbomb explodes in outdoor market in the Shi'ite neighborhood of Saab al-Bour. At least 15 are dead and 22 wounded.

14:21 Basrah. Shatt al-Arab polluted. The Shatt al-Arab waterway has been polluted by unknown chemical agents.

13:52 Baghdad. Baghdad. US soldier killed by a roadside bomb while on patrol.

12:28 Fallujah. Five bodies discovered in a desert area outside Al Amiriah near Fallujah.

07:40 Baghdad. Samir Sumaidale appointed as Iraqi ambassador to Washington.


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