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Friday, May 18, 2007

Bolton Loses His Cool (as usual)

Oh, this is too funny. From L'Orient LeJour

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton, answering questions live on BBC4 on US policies in Iraq lost his cool, accused his interviewer of being a "leftist" and "empty-headed".

The short-tempered diplomat justified the US action in Iraq and suggested that force might also be used to stop the Iranian nuclear program. But when show host John Humphrys, the doyen of interviews on BBC, asked Mr. Bolton, who is close to the Neocons, asked if the Bush Administration has "lost the match" in Iraq by its reckless gamble to invade, Mr. Bolton become extremely agitated. "You are completely wrong (...) People who think this way are mostly anti-American from the get-go", shot back Mr. Bolton. Mr. Humphrys then reminded Mr. Bolton the view was also held by philanthopist George Soros, a US citizen. But Mr. Bolton thundered back, "Are you kidding me? That guy is an extreme Leftist (...) and I'm sure you have plenty in common with him, just like most everyone on the Continent", said Mr. Bolton, alluding to alleged anti-American sentiment in Europe.

The BBC interviewer then protested his impartiality, reminding Mr. Bolton that journalists often play the role of devil's advocate and suggesting that it was something that was "perhaps disliked in the United States". "Oh, so your a superior Brit, eh? So I guess you don't have an opinion at're empty-headed? Mr. Humphrys then cut Mr. Bolton short, changing the topic to Paul Wolfowitz and asking Mr. Bolton if Wolfowitz, accused of nepotism," was "going to resign". "Oh, I you're a gravedigger, too? Well, I don't think he'll resign", said Bolton, clearly hot under the collar.



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