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Monday, June 25, 2007

Hoisting a Vehículo blindado 45 feet in the air

6 Spanish soldiers serving in the Segunda Bandera de la Brigada Paracaidista (airborne) in Lebanon perished when a booby-trapped van blew up next to their 15 metric ton armored personnel carrier, blowing the doors off and sending the enormous 6-wheeled vehicle 45 feet in the air. You have to assume it had electronic explosive detection.

This, by the way, is a replay of the Hariri assassination.



Blogger Mr.Murder said...


Friends are starting to deconstruct prevailing arguments about the hate speech and rhetoric of key state actors in the Mid East.

Could you Lexis the initial sources and stories of the Iranian President's supposed quotes on Israel's borders(perhaps a media effort to reshape his demands on the borders was misquoted).

Also his supposed rhetoric concerning the holocaust. It's my opinion he was simply making comparisons to the way Israel treats Palestenians and people in Gaza and Lebanon, and awaits their official admission of failed policy.

He's essentially using similar language to depict comparisons and awaits anyone in government to say as much. Israel is forgetting what happened to many of its own in the way it is treating others, in effect rendering null the historical lessons such an era should teach all of humanity.

Then again, it's mostly my opinion, reflected on the way he has to talk boistorously to placate his most heated internal opposition. He talks big as a way of dividing his opposition...

Thanks again for anything that could be stated in either way, it's pretty appraent the rhetoric I've seen is to placate the believers of his opposition at home and create opportunities to address how to connect those times the media has mentioned to today's failed policies in a way that works for both parties.

Most world leaders today of any ability see beyond their borders, regionally and internationally.

For Blair he fumbled in siding with Bush or he'd be a favorite for either EU chancellor or a UN position.

It's most likely in the new Middle East Iran's leader sees a way to connect regionally, and perhaps pursue broad goals within the sphere of world governmental bodies...

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