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Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Return of Berlusconi

Romano Prodi looks like a hum-drum type of guy, having little charisma and the gray patina of a technocrat. But he and his administration did some remarkable things for Italy and it's a shame to see it all pissed away. He should be thanked for putting talented people in key positions, especially the economy, led by Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa and Mario Draghi, increasing fiscal receipts, putting national accounts back in order and pulling out of Iraq. But that is to change.

Prior to Prodi's victory, Silvio Berlusconi had given Italy its worst Finance Minister in history (Giulio Tremonti), its worst Minister for Reform in history (Roberto Calderoli) and its worst Central Bank Governor in history (Antonio Fazio). These men were ignorant, incompetent and arrogant. And these fools will likely be back in April as Italy elects a new Parliament. The Italian Right is said to be at 53% in opinion polls. A real pity.


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