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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Hell They Don't

Via L'Orient-Le Jour

A woman and a child were killed in Basrah in southern Iraq by British artillery responding to rocket fire. In London, the Defence Ministry claimed that "We do not target residential zones with artillery and we have strict rules on munitions". The Ministry then went on to say that the shells might have been "defective". [koff koff]

Meanwhile, Turkish artillery had a field day lobbing rounds at Bazger in the Sidikan District near Arbil, the Kurdish capital.

Bombing under occupation...and it will go on another hundred years, according to John McCain.

We should also mention that Professor Sattar Taher Sharif al-Tadrissi was murdered in Baghdad today while in Samarra six Anbar Awakening members will wounded in a suicide bombing.

Just another happy, joyous post-Surge day. Whee-hee!


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