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Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday in Gaza

20:10 First UN humanitarian convoys arrive in Gaza: 3 UNRWA trucks, 15 World Food Program trucks and 5 trucks with medical supplies

20:09 Father Manuel Musallam, a parish priest in Gaza, says Gazas are at the limit of their strength.

20:07 Bethlehem, Christmas lights turned off in sign of solidarity with Gazans.

19:54 EU Foreign ministers to meet in Paris on Tuesday to discuss Middle East sistuation

19:26 Italian President Giorgio Napolitano phones Peres and Abu Mazen

18:46 Save the Children: "Children are the main victims": 21 children killed and more than 130 wounded in Israeli air strikes.

18:45 Israel prepares for ground offensive.

18:38 The Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Fouad Twal, visits Israeli President Shimon Peres and accuses Israel of "disproportionate response"

18:36 Jordanian parliamentarians vote 110 to 88 to end diplomatic ties with Israel if attacks on Gaza continue.

18:19 Anti-Egypt demonstrations in Tripoli, Libya

17:42 Arab League: UN communique "insufficient"

17:40 Red Cross: "Chaos in Gaza hospitals"

17:39 Sarkozy phones Mubarak, will meet Livni in January

17:21 White House: Spokesman Gordon Johndroe says Israel does not intend to take back Gaza
17:03 Merkel phones Olmert and asks that civilian lives be spared.

16:51 Israel: "The purpose of attacks is to topple Hamas"

16:44 Medical sources: 345 deaths in Gaza. 1,500 wounded.

16:31 UK: FM David Miliband says the loss of innocent children's lives is unacceptable.

16:19 White House: "Hamas must stop firing rockets",

16:04 Military chief of Islamic Jihad and son dead in airstrike. Ziyad Abu Teir, 35, killed

15:40 Pope may cancel visit to Israel in 2009

15:36 Hamas: "250 wounded in serious condition"

15:17 Livni: "Israeli attempts to avoid civilian deaths but Hamas targets children"

15:09 Civilian death toll for Saturday, 57 dead

14:57 "EU ready to send aid to Gaza"

14:56 Thousands protest Israeli airstrikes in Amman, calling on their government to sever diplomatic relations with Jerusalem

14:55 Wounded Palestinians evacuated to Egypt through Rafah crossing

14:53 Tens of thousands attend Hezbollah rally supporting Palestinians

14:52 PLO requests international peacekeepers for Gaza

14:36 Egypt opens Rafah crossing to allow trucks carrying supplies into Gaza

14:33 Italian FM Frattini to report to Parliament on Gaza raidsParlamento

13:51 Amnesty International calls on Israel and Palestinians to end violence

13:50 Ambulances queued up at Rafah crossing

13:45 The Catholic organization, SIR, calls on Israel to stop the cycle of unprecedented violence.

13:24 Washington Post reports that Olmert has been a failure and that the Israeli elections in February will likely be won by
Benyamin Netanyau. The paper says George Bush contributed to Olmert's failure.

13:22 Washington Post reports that Olmert will be remembered for two bloody mini-conflicts

13:09 Oil rises above $42 a barrel

13:08 Power outage throughout Gaza

12:58 Livni: "Offensive will continue until a new balance of power is established"

12:47 Al Jazeera: Missile hits Qassam Brigades training camp

12:45 Germany, Merkel concerned by escalation in violence

12:12 Protest in Cairo. Thousands of Egyptians protest Israeli raids on Gaza.

12:11 Senegal, Hamas prepared to sign accord with Israel. Senegalese President Abdulaye Wade, current chairman of the OIC, hints that Israel and Hamas may sign agreement

12:02 Teheran: Protests. Volunteers sign up to fight in Gaza.
11:52 Ankara: "Negotiations between Syria and Israel now impossible"

11:50 Palestinian Authority ends peace talks with Israel

11:43 Gaza, 331 dead and 250 seriously wounded. Another 1,400 wounded in stable condition.

11:38 Israeli commandos enter Gaza.

11:22 Gaza, more than 20 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip at Ashqelon, Sderot and Netivot

11:08 Barak: "Israeli will give no quarter against Hamas"

11:06 Baghdad, thousands protest Israeli attacks on Gaza. US flag burned.

10:57 Barak tells Knesset: "Operations to continue indefinitely"

10:47 Caritas: "Excessive number of civilian dead"

10:01 Gaza, Israel creates restricted military area around Sderot

09:51 Israele opens Kerem Shalom crossing to all aid to enter Gaza

09:36 Ashkelon, missile hits construction site.

09:22 Rockets hit Ashkelon and Sderot

09:15 United Nations, at least 51 civilians killed in airstrikes

08:59 Gaza, office of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh bombed.

08:49 Ashkelon, one dead and 15 wounded in Palestinian rocket attack according to Israeli military radio

08:31 Barak: Operation has no connection to the inauguration of Obama or to February elections in Israel

08:29 Nasrallah puts Hezbollah on alert in Southern Lebanon.

08:28 Obama telephones Rice

08:27 Barak tells BBC: "We had no choice"

08:25 In press conference in Egypt, Abu Mazen declares that Hamas' failure to participate in dialog has led to the current situation in Gaza

08:24 Israele calls up reservists.

08:23 China: "Shocked and seriously concerned over Gaza military operation"

08:21 Pope saddened by dead and wounded.

08:20 Gaza, Hamas Interior Ministry bombed

08:18 UN, Ban Ki-moon in contact with Olmert and Arab leaders.

08:17 UN, Israel must permit humanitarian aid to enter Gaza

08:15 UN: 280 dead and 900 wounded

08:13 Gaza, Islamic university bombed
08:12 Gaza, Corporal Gilad Shalit, held by Palestinians, wounded by Israeli air strikes.

08:10 Gaza, dozens of air strikes during the night. Jabaliya mosque struck.


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