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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Iraqis say "No" to SOFA agreement

Not only have Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani and Moqtada Sadr spoken against the Status of Forces Agreement that Washington wants to foist on Baghdad, but even al-Hakim of the Islamic Supreme Council opposes it. The US would maintain FIFTY bases (is there enough room in the country for 50 bases?), control of Iraq's airspace, and the imperial presidio, the Embassy. Ayatollah Sistani is going to hold out for full sovereignty (i.e. a token US force and Iraq control of its airspace).


Blogger Saeed Uri said...

somones angry

1:00 PM  
Blogger Mr.Murder said...

This may be the only thing that keeps Israel from going at Iran directly; our presence as a buffer zone if regime change occurs in America....

2:58 AM  

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