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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday in Gaza

23:01 Abu Mazen to meet Turkish PM Recep Tayyp Erdogan on Wedensday in Aqaba, Jordan

22:43 EU to send a delegation of ministers to the Middle East

21:50 Sarkozy to visit Israel on 5 January

21:49 Iranian students penetrate British Embassy in Tehran and pull down Union Jack, raising the Palestinian flag

21:23 Barak in favor of a 48-hour truce.

21:20 Pro-PLO demonstration in front of Obama resident in Hawaii

21:12 40 members of the Muslim Brotherhood arrested in Cairo.

20:51 EU demands access to Gaza for delivery of humanitarian assistance

20:36 The Quartet demands a ceasefire

20:23 EU calls for a lasting ceasefire

20:20 Israeli government call up another 6,700 reservists

20:15 Two Palestinian Rockets hit Beer Sheva

20:14 Italian FM and opposition in row over Hamas

20:02 Javier Solana: "The EU is working toward a 3-point solution"

19:53 Spain sends $15 million in assistance to Gaza

19:52 Miliband: "Truce with guarantees for Israel"

19:50 Brazil proposes international conference on Gaza

19:41 Pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Saudi Arabia

19:20 German FM Steinmeier: "Humanitarian truce needed"

19:01 Sarkozy to receive Tzipi Livni at the Elysee Palace on Thursday
18:59 EU foreign ministers meet in Paris

18:56 Spanish FM Moratinos: "The EU will ask for a humanitarian truce in Gaza"

18:55 Bush phones Abu Mazeb and Mubarak

18:46 Italian MF Frattini confirms that there will be no Israeli ground incursion into Gaza

18:43 Beijing sends $1 million in aid to Gaza

18:42 Israeli TV: "One-third of Hamas' missiles destroyed"

18:26 Al Jazeera: 384 dead, more than 1750 wounded

18:08 Save the Children starts up campaign for funds for Gaza

18:04 USA to provide $85 million in assistance to Palestinians refugees

18:02 Hamas: "Truce contingent on opening border crossings"

18:00 Hamas threatens to fire additional missiles at Israel

17:47 Caritas Jerusalem: "Stop the bombing"

17:36 Israeli sources "Israel to consider EU truce proposal"

17:31 Lebanon sends $1 million in aid to Gaza

17:22 Quartet Summit with by phone with Ban Ki-Moon

17:21 UNICEF: "Spare the children"

17:15 Israele receives truce proposal from Kouchner

17:10 Israelis bomb Rafah

17:07 Arab League foreign ministers to meet tomorrow

16:48 Gulf States call for end to Israeli aggression

16:38 Italian FM Frattini demands Israelis accept ceasefire before Wednesday's meeting of the Arab League

16:34 UN rapporteur Richard Falk decries Israeli atrocities

16:26 Italian FM Frattini: "International observers needed for Gaza"

16:10 Franco-Italian resolution on Gaza ceasefire considered

15:52 Italian FM Frattini: "Livni and Peres exclude ground incursion"

15:50 WHO calls on Israel to admit humanitarian assistance to Gaza

15:42 Mubarak: "Egypt rejects Israeli plan to divide up the occupied territories"

15:32 Peres: "Hamas attacks senseless"

15:30 Rocket hits Kiryat Malachi

15:06 Hamas: "Israel incapable of destroying our government

14:42 EU demands immediate ceasefire

14:00 UN releases death toll: 360

13:48 Mubarak: Egypt will reopen Rafah crossing only if Palestinian authority takes over riaprirà valico Rafah solo se torna in

13:42 Bombs fall on Gaza once again

13:26 Italian President Napolitano telephones Arab leaders

13:20 Christians of Jerusalem make appeal: "Stop the violence"

13:06 WHO: Attacks must end immediately

13:02 Israeli patrol boat rams craft carrying humanitarian assistance to Gaza

13:00 Yemen arrests protesters who broke into Egyptian embassy

12:58 Palestinian rockets hit Sderot and Ashqelon.

12:06 Jordan: "Israel agrees to allow medical supplies and field hospitals in Gaza"

12:00 Queen Rania of Jordan asks Jordanians to send humanitarian assistance to Gaza

11:48 Aden (Yemen): Protesters break into Egyptian embassy, burn two vehicles

11:38 Jordan cancels New Years celebrations

11:31 Syria calls on Egypt to break diplomatic ties with Israel

11:23 China expresses concern

11:04 Israele authorizes humanitarian convoys to Gaza

10:59 Wounded ferried to Egypt via Rafah

10:58 Rockets his Sderot

10:44 Ahmadinejad: "Supporters of Israel will go to hell"

09:41 Olmert: "Airstrikes on Gaza only the first chapter"

09:19 Third night of Israeli air strikes on Gaza

08:58 Israel: "Ground operation ready to go"

08:08 Israeli Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit: "Air strikes could go on for weeks"

08:06 Israel: "A truce is ruled out"


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