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Sunday, January 09, 2005

January 9 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Prime Minister Iyad Allawi has adopted a more conciliatory tone towards his Syrian and Iranian neighbors. When asked about Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan's statements accusing Iran and Syria of fomenting violence in Iraq, Mr. Allawi responded, A good relationship with Syria is one of my priorities. The official Syrian daily as-Saoura attacked Mr. Shaalan for his suggestions. Editor-in-Chief Fayez Sayegh accused the minister of fabricating a video broadcast by Arab TV networks showing an Iraqi rebel prisoner affirming that Syrian intelligence agents were operating inside Iraq.

20:04 Baghdad. Allawi party official assassinated. An Iraqi National Accord party official, Medhat Jassem al-Hassan, was assassinated by armed men. HIs daughter was wounded in the attack.

18:46 Baghdad. US troops kill occupants of car. US troops opened fire on a car which failed to stop at a checkpoint in Dhoulouiya, 70km north of Baghdad. The car then struck a telephone pole, killing the driver and a passenger. A third passenger was hospitalized with shock.

16:43 Paris. French reporter kidnapped from Green Zone. Reporter Florence Aubenas and her translator were kidnapped Wednesday near the Green Zone, says a local restaurant owner, who saw them forced out of their car by rebels.

16:19 Samarra. Police chief assassinated. Police chief Mohammed al Badri was assassinated by known assailants while driving outside the city.

15:13 Seoul. Two South Koreans kidnapped. A spokesman for the South Korean Foreign Minister says two Korean nationals have been kidnapped.

15:12 Yusufiya. Carbomb kills eleven, wounds 23. Eleven Iraqis were killed and twenty-three others wounded when a carbomb rammed a checkpoint in Yusufiya, south of Baghdad.

14:41 Warsaw: Nine killed in explosion. Polish news agency PAP reports nine coalition soldiers are dead. Eight Ukraininan and a Khazaki were killed in Wasit Province while defusing munitions at a weapons dump. Another eleven soldiers were wounded--seven Ukrainians and four Khazakis.

13:32 Nassiriya. Italian convoy bombed. A roadside bomb exploded when an Italian Task Force Condor patrol consisting of four VM 90s passed nearby on the highway between Nassiriya and Camp Mittica. One vehicle was slightly damaged.

13:18 Yusifiyah. Iraqis killed by US troops. US troops opened fire in all directions when a roadside bomb exploded near a US convoy at a checkpoint in Yussifiyah, south of Baghdad. At least three civilians and two Iraqi policeman are dead.

13:17 London. Security experts to be sent to Baghdad. PM Tony Blair tells BBC that security experts will be sent to Iraq ahead of elections.

12:46 Samarra. Police official assassinated. Col. Mohammed Mudhafir, deputy police chief, was assassinated near Samarra.

11:56 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Four die in firefight. Four terrorists were killed by Saudi security forces in the desert between Az-Zilfi and Qassim, 200 km northwest of the Saudi capital.

09:11 Baghdad. US soldier killed by roadside bomb.

07:33 Washington. Pentagon mulls sending death squads to Iraq. Newsweek reports that the Pentagon is considering creating Special Ops death squads for deployment to Iraq. The plan is called The Salvador Option.

03:50 Washington. Soldier sentenced to six months in prison. Sgt. Tracy Perkins, accused in the death of an Iraqi civilian, was sentenced to six months in prison for ordering his men to force two Iraqi civilians off a bridge. Because the body of the drown civilian was not found, Perkins could only be charged with aggravated assault and obstruction of justice.


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