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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Jean Charles de Menezes dies, Policeman lies

De Menezes lays dead

Please go to Postman Patel for the exposé of this disastrous police action: How the Police lied about killing J C De Menezes


Anonymous Mark from Ireland said...

Nur this is off-topic to this:

Madrid Bombings

Now that the mischief monster has been paked off back home to his doting parents :-( I've been catching up on my "follow-this-one-up" backlog.

Have you seen this story in el Mundo?

I'll summarise it for those of your readers who don't read Spanish:

More than a year before the March 11, 2004, train bombings, Spanish police were given a very detailed tip-off about a group of Islamic fundamentalists planning to attack Madrid.

Mrs. Almallah went to a Madrid police station on February 12th, 2003, and told officers that her husband was planning a car bomb attack in Madrid.

She further informed them that the likely target was:

1) Plaza de Castilla, (this is a place with very imposing towers on one of Madrid’s arteries.)

2) That their apartment was regularly visited by men who watched jihadi tapes and discussed carrying out attacks

3) She identified many of them by name.

4) The police took no action on her information.

Now this ties with a story from El Pais published on August 2nd 2005 which for some weird reason - most likely fatigue enchanced stupidity - I can't find now. But it was coverd by Reuters (in English) the Reuters story can be found here:

The key quote is this:

"according to all we know to this point" without the "recruiting, indoctrination and direction of the Almallah brothers, the March 11 attacks possibly would not have occurred".

It said: "If al Qaeda gave the order to attack in Spain, set the date and started the process to carry it out, the Almallah brothers made up the doctrinal base closest to (al Qaeda leader Osama) bin Laden's organisation, having several mujahideen at their disposal."

The police report said the Almallah brothers ranked higher than a Tunisian man who the judge leading the investigation previously identified as the leader and coordinator of the train bombers, Serhane ben Abdelmajid Farkhet.

Known as "The Tunisian," he died on April 3, 2004, as one of seven prime suspects who blew themselves up when surrounded by police, killing one police special agent as well. "

Now there're some interesting things about this (if true and I see no reason to doubt it.)

1) This is just one just one of many "we didn't follow it up" stories in the Madrid whole bombings saga.

2) It makes the timing of the bombings very significant.

3) The similarity between this and the current "Able Danger" feeding frenzy makes for an interesting pattern no?

Now repeat after me dear reader in any language you can say it in:

"Who knew what?
When did they know it?
Why didn't they do anything about it?"

1:46 PM  
Blogger raf* said...

ya nur,

shouldn't the title read "jean charles de menezes dies, policeman lies"? i mean, jean charles didn't die BECAUSE the policeman lied ...


1:53 PM  
Blogger The Liberal Avenger said...

7 in the noggin - and one in the shoulder.

Thanks for the Postman Patel link.

9:18 PM  

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