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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gasoline Alley

Oil and Gas Journal

Industry experts claim that it's not more crude that is needed but more refining capacity to process the crude already available.

Katrina K-O'd four Gulf Coast refineries with a combined capacity of 900,000 b/d
Chevron Corp. in Pascagoula, Miss.
ConocoPhillips, Belle Chasse, La.
ExxonMobil Corp., Chalmette, La
Murphy Oil Corp., Meraux, La.

Rita is intensifying in the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to come ashore on Saturyday in Houston, the another center of major concentration of refineries.

The Texas Gulf Coast has four concentrations of refineries with capacities totaling 4 million b/d, about 23% of total US refining capacity.:
Four refineries in the Beaumont-Port Arthur area with combined capacity of 1 million b/d
Six in and around Houston with 1.6 million b/d
Three in Texas City with 740,000 b/d.
Four in Corpus Christi with 690,000 b/d.


Blogger Postman said...

I thought maybe I had brought your attention at some time to this ..
15/03/04 Backwardation – Fast Forward into the future by Edward Teague

“In mid 2003 the the California based Rand Corporation produced a little noticed report, "New forces at work in refining: industry views of critical business and operations trends" by D.J.Peterson and Sergej Mahnovski. The US uses 12 Million barrels per day for transport, trucking miles have doubled in the last ten years and gasoline markets have grown and continue to grow by 1.7% per annum.”
“Refining plants have halved in 20 years and their utilised capacity increased from 75% to 97%. The number of owners has been reduced from 135 to just over 50 in ten years and half the capacity is held by 10 companies. Contrary to popular belief the refiners are largely independent of the oil majors, due to stripping out what they have increasingly seen as a capital intensive, internally subsidised part of the company, where intense retail competition has cut margins to the bone. The oil majors don't like living on slim margins or in the shadow of federal regulators”.

“The US is short of oil and it shows in US Energy department figures with stocks at the lowest for 20 years and demand the highest. However the Strategic Oil Reserve is at the highest ever, but the SOR is a a one card trick – once the market see the US dipping into it, they see the US on the run.”

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