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Saturday, November 26, 2005

26 November 2005 Events in Iraq and in the Region

23:47 Baghdad. Human rights violations in Iraq are worse now than under Saddam Hussein, said former Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi in an interview with The Observer (UK).

23:31 Kabul. Four US soldiers recalled for burning bodies of Islamic fighters. General Jason Kamiya insists the corpse burnings were "hygenic."

22:18 Baghdad. UN Envoy to Iraq, Ashraf Kasi, is concerned that continuing bombings and the recent torture scandal will keep voters from the polls. Kazi says there will be no international observers for the 15 December elections due to security concerns.

22:54 Tehran. Supreme Guild Ali Khamenei sent a "fraternal" message to Saudi Arabia's King Abdallah ben Abdel Aziz.

21:18 Cairo. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak informed Spain's King Juan Carlos that he will not attend the European-Mediterranean summit in Barcelona due to various Middle Eastern crises.

23:15 Washington. The White House announced it would support a recent initiative in the US Senate to start preparing for a pullout from Iraq. According to Senator Joseph Biden the plan calls for the withdrawal of 50,000 troops in 2006 and "a significant number" of the remaining 100,000 in 2007.

23:13 Paris. Algerian President Bouteflika hospitalized.

20:33 Rafah. 1,587 use border crossing today between Egypt and the Gaza Strip.

19:37 Egypt. Authorities arrest 620 members of the Muslim Brotherhood, blaming them for violence at polling stations.

19:18 Egypt. Polls close. Election results for 122 parliamentary seats to be announced on Monday.

19:05 Pristina. Major Michael Wunn denies charges by EU Commissioner Alvero Gil-Robles that there are "little Guantanamos" in Kosovo run by the United States.

18:45 Ramallah. Marwan Barghouti wins Al Fatah primary in Ramallah with 96% of the vote.

16:08 London. Judge confirms arrest of 25 year-old Rauf Abdullah Mohammed on terrorism charges.

15:33 Cairo. Egyptian police block access to polling booths in nine provinces.

15:09 Baghdad. US announces the death of a close collaborator of Abu Musab al Zarqawi on October 14 in Ramadi.

14:42 Baku (Azerbaijan). Police use force to break up a demonstration alleging election fraud.

13:11 Teharan. President Ahmadinejad says George W. Bush should be prosecuted for war crimes due to use of artillery shells made of depleted uranium in Iraq.

12:43 Kabul. Four police kidnapped near Sharkh in Logar Province during clash with rebel commando team.

12:35 Samarra. Death toll in suicide bombing climes to 12. Nine automobiles were destroyed in the blast.

12:24 Rome: Berlusconi claims 200 terrorists have been "captured" in Italy.

11:56 Samarra. Six dead and sixteen wounded in suicide bombing at a gasoline station.

11:10 Baghdad. Main witness against Saddam Hussein in Dujail massacre dies of natural causes.

10:57 Moscow. Russia announces new stealth anti-aircraft system, the S-400 "Triumph".

10:29 Baghdad. Hospitals running short of blood. Surgeries cancelled.

10:24 Tehran. Islamic militants, the "Basiji", form human chain across Iran.

09:40 London. Amnesty International accuses London of approving the practice of torture.

07:19 Baghdad. Carbomb targeting a US patrol kills 4 civilians.

01:22 Hebron. Two Hamas members arrested in a refugee camp south of Hebron.

01:39 Kabul. Swedish soldier killed and three wounded by bomb in Mazar-i-Sharif.


Blogger Postman said...

Moscow. Russia announces new stealth anti-aircraft system, the S-400 "Triumph".

This system has been around for a long time. Features very secure controls. Continually upgrading.

Russkis getting serious about exporting this stuff. V active at Dubai air show especially with Mig 35 variants for Asia.

1:00 AM  
Blogger Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

In an interview published in London on Sunday, former interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi told The Observer newspaper that abuse of human rights in Iraq is as bad now as it was under Saddam Hussein, if not worse: Allawi accused pro-Iranian Shiite fundamentalists in the government of being responsible for death squads and secret torture centers- see link below,6903,1651789,00.html

In an ironic twist, yesterday, following US ambassador John Bolton’s forceful steering of the UN towards a public condemnation of Lebanon’s Hizbullah and other pro-Iranian terrorist organizations, there was an avalanche of articles in Washington and Tel-Aviv celebrating the great moustached macho man’s diplomatic prowess…

One should recall that John Bolton has been the administration's point man on weapons of mass destruction: in the run-up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, he was particularly aggressive in denouncing Saddam's allegedly un-satiable appetite for “yellow cake”, “bacteriological chowder”, “nuclear soufflé” and other deadly delicacies supposedly “supplied to Iraq by greedy French arms makers”!

Too bad Bolton supported the illegal invasion of Iraq, for that country was the sole counterweight to Iranian Islamic fundamentalism, and the only (relatively) secular country in the whole Middle-East: many members of Saddam’s government such as Tariq Hanna Aziz and 30%+ of high-ranking civil servants were actually European-educated Catholics whereas Christians made up less than 4% of Iraq’s total population…

But Bolton, Bush and their Neocon cum Israeli partners in crime favored of a “free and democratic” Iraq ruled by “progressive” Shiite fundamentalists such as Prime-Minister Al-Ja’afari, a bearded Islamist thug of Iranian descent who claims to be an admirer of both Donald Rumsfeld and Grand Ayatollah Khomeini…Go figure.

Anyway, apart from the renegade “Sunni triangle” and the Kurdish Northeast, most of the country in now “fully liberated”, firmly under Persian terrorist influence: in many neighborhoods, from Baghdad’s eastern suburbs to downtown Basra, bearded Iranian agents roam freely in broad daylight while US and British soldiers don’t dare enter.

Ambassador Bolton, thank you so much for fighting for America’s freedom by “sending a strong message to Iran” during that fateful UN security council meeting yesterday!

You’re a real macho with a fully developed thick American moustache, not a dirty, small and less elaborate Arabian tash like that spider-hole wimp Saddam!

As for left-wing human rights activists and other wailing anti-war collaborators who recently condemned the indiscriminate use of chemical weapons by US and British forces in Iraq, well they’re just a bunch of ignorant liberals without any notion of modern nutrition and medicine: White Phosphorus (W.P. in Pentagon parlance) is actually good for brain and nerve formation in children.

Actually, unlike cynical French and Soviet arms merchants who fed you “YELLOW cake” from the BLACK continent (yuck, disgusting!), your “compassionately conservative” liberators have decided to contribute to the edification of a new generation of healthy cum freedom-loving Sunni Ayyrabz : and we even gave your kids premium quality WHITE produce !

Long live freedom!

Long live el Presidente Bush!

9:39 AM  
Blogger Nur-al-Cubicle said...

Hi Postman: The Triumph has been around awhile, but I understand that the S-400 series is a stride forward because it uses stealth technology.

9:53 AM  
Blogger littlebitofsonshine said...

in responce to Mr Victorino de le vega maybe yuou need to learn all the diffrent kinds be for you say white is good for babys Phosphates are utilized in the making of special glasses that are used for sodium lamps.
Bone-ash, calcium phosphate, is used in the production of fine china and to make mono-calcium phosphate which is employed in baking powder.
This element is also an important component in steel production, in the making of phosphor bronze, and in many other related products.
Trisodium phosphate is widely used in cleaning agents to soften water and for preventing pipe/boiler tube corrosion.
White phosphorus is used in military applications as incendiary bombs, for smoke-screening as smoke pots and smoke bombs, and in tracer ammunition.
Red phosphorus is essential for manufacturing matchbook strikers, flares, and, most notoriously, methamphetamine.
In trace amounts, phosphorus is used as a dopant for N-type semiconductors.
Miscellaneous uses; used in the making of safety matches, pyrotechnics, pesticides, toothpaste, detergents, etc.
Phosphorus-32 and phosphorus-33 are used as radioactive tracers in biochemical laboratories (see #Isotopes) just a little info i searched did not find one safe form of white on or in the human body

5:22 PM  

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