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Monday, November 28, 2005

Let's Go Kill Us Some Innocent Iraqis

and Make Us a "Trophy Video", too.

UK Sunday Telegraph reports that contractors working for Aegis Defence Services (a UK company) opened fire with automatic rifles at civilian cars on "route Irish", a road that links the airport to Baghdad and recorded a video of their actions.
In one of the videoed attacks, a Mercedes is fired on at a distance of several hundred yards before it crashes in to a civilian taxi. In the last clip, a white civilian car is raked with machine gun fire as it approaches an unidentified security company vehicle. Bullets can be seen hitting the vehicle before it comes to a slow stop.

There are no clues as to the shooter but either a Scottish or Irish accent can be heard in at least one of the clips above Elvis Presley's Mystery Train, the music which accompanies the video.
Blogger Barekuncklepolitics has the video. [.wmv extension]


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