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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wednesday in Gaza

19:40 Livni: "Ground invasion not excluded"

19:27 Rafah bombed again; residents gather in Saladin Square

19:24 Livni: "Israel rejects 48-hour truce"

19:19 Israeli warplanes, 500 combat missions to Gaza

19:08 Arab ministers to send delegation to the UN in New York

19:05 Amnesty International fears ground invasion

19:03 Italians pursue initiative in UN Security Council

18:40 Red Cross warns Israel on human rights violations.

18:32 Patriarch of Jerusalem condemns military action against Gaza

18:31 White House: Hamas must take the first step for any truce

18:28 Hamas "We will fight on" if invaded

17:43 Olmert tells Bush: "Only Hamas is targeted"

17:36 Abu Mazen threatens to suspend negotations with Israel [He ain't got nuthin' so far--Nur]

17:24 Iran, reformist newspaper Kargozaran criticizing Hamas shut down.

17:15 Bush phones Olmert

17:09 Egyptian border guard wounded in Rafah

17:01 Erdogan in Amman for talks with King Abdallah and Abu Mazen

16:48 Arab League: "Palestinians victims of a political jockeying within Israel"

16:08 Arab League asks the UN to stop Israel

15:59 Hamas: "No truce proposal received"

15:57 Egitto to open Al-Awja crossing to humanitarian aid

15:21 Hamas accuses Abu Mazen of complicity with Israel

15:19 EU delegation to arrive in Israel next week

15:18 Hamas: Willing to consider truce

15:17 Hamas willing to stop rocket attacks on Israel if Gaza military operation called off

14:35 Gheddafi: "Arab countries should stand together"

14:18 Olmert: Offensive to continue

13:28 UK to send humanitarian assistance to Gaza annuncia aiuti umanitari e chiede accesso

13:09 Abbas pressures UN for resolution imposing ceasefire [Abbas couldn't pressure a bicycle tire--Nur]

13:02 India asks Israel to end bombing runs Israele la fine dei raid

13:02 Israeli TV; No truce in site

13:01 Father Manuel Musallam: Gaza Catholic priest says young men are joining Hamas by the hundreds

12:59 Turkish Premier Erdogan in Syria for talks

12:56 Arab League criticizes Mahmud Abbas for failing to make to make any utterance in defense of Gaza's Palestinians

12:55 Hamas: Truce proposal one-sided

12:17 Merkel: Germany prepared to work toward peace in the Middle East

12:09 Doctors Without Borders enter Gaza Strip

12:04 Arab League urges reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah

11:48 Arab League meets in Cairo

11:47 Olmert: "Israel seeks long-term solution"

11:46 UN General Assembly Speaker Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann criticizes Israel for reckless aggression

11:44 Spain urges permanent truce

11:27 Shin Bet: Hamas militants hiding in hospitals [and there's plenty not hiding on every street corner-duh --Nur]

10:53 Lebanon orders flags flown at half-mast

10:48 Egypt: All New Years celebrations cancelled

10:46 Israeli artillery fires on Gaza

10:43 40 rockets fired at Israel

10:42 Palestinian civilians mass at Egyptian border

10:39 Teheran, Benetton store burned to ground by protesters demonstrating against Israel

10:37 UN: "Victims of Israeli bombs are 25% civilian"

10:13 Bombs continue to fall on Gaza


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