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Thursday, January 01, 2009

January 1 2009 in Gaza

22:11 Day of Anger, Israel calls out police in force to "maintain calm" on Friday in Jerusalem as demonstrations planned.

21:38 Turkish Premier Erdogan calls for immediate ceasefire

21:36 Hama proclaims "Day of Anger" against Israel for Friday

19:48 Israel allows 400 foreigners to leave the Gaza Strip.

19:43 Hanegbi: "Ground offensive imminent": Israeli Parliamentary Speaker Tzahi Hanegbi says ground invasion imminent

19:42 UN release death toll, 410 dead 1,850 wounded.

18:57 Hamas sends SMS messages to Israelis in southern Israel: "You'll pay dearly"

18:42 Egitto criticizes Hamas: Rockets perfect excuse for Israeli aggression

18:40 Gaza, Greece dispatches two aircraft with 28 tons of medical supplies

18:38 Haaretz, Israeli military wants ground invasion
18:22 Livni: "Israeli offensive to continue indefinitely"

18:17 Hamas calls for protests in Jerusalem and the West Bank

18:04 Iran, students ready to volunteer to help Hamas

17:50 Labour Party climbs in Israeli opinion polls: 5 more seats in the Knesset if elections held today

17:47 71% of Israelis want offensive to continue

17:05 Hamas denies having agreed to a truce

17:04 Gaza, Tel Aviv readies shelters.

16:19 Livni tells Sarkozy there will be no humanitarian truce [She liked the champagne, not the conversation--Nur]

15:29 Hamas confirms death of Nizar Rayyan and swears revenge

13:59 Nizar Rayyan killed in raid.

13:51 Hamas agrees to EU-brokered ceasefire if conditional

13:39 Livni arrives in Paris

12:47 EU, Czech President Mirek Topolanek announces EU mission to the Middle East
12:22 Olmert: "We do not want a long war"

11:49 Haniyeh: "Israel must cease fire and open border crossings"

11:46 Hamas rockets hit Ashdod

11:27 Hamas claims rocket attack on Israeli military base

10:40 400 Palestinian victims in six days

10:26 Israele permits foreign press to enter Gaza limited to a pool of 8 reporters

10:00 Abu Mazen: "Gaza attack amounts to aggression against all Palestinians"

09:59 UN: "Alarming humanitarian situation"

09:25 Israel: "Ground incursion ready"

09:14 Gaza, public buildings bombed, Transport and Education ministries hit

09:14 Rockets hit Beer Sheva (Neghev)

09:13 Livni to hold talks with Sarkozy in Paris today

09:11 4 overnight Israeli air strikes, 4 dead, 40 wounded


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