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Saturday, January 03, 2009

January 3, 2009 in Gaza

00:27 Ban Ki-Moon calls on Israel to end incursion immediately

23:53 USA: "Israel's warplanes must mindful of the consequences for civilians"

23:51 US State Department: "Truce as soon as possible"

23:38 Czech Republic, holding the EU's rotating presidency, backpedals and demands truce
23:23 Spain expresses solidarity with Abu Mazen

23:17 London demands immediate ceasefire

22:59 Livni phones Ban ki-moon

22:53 4 Palestinian rockets land harmlessly in desert

22:36 Emergency Saturday night meeting of the UN Security Council

22:14 "Dozens of Palestinian militants killed in Israeli offensive"

22:07 Francia condemns Israeli offensive

22:02 Israel bomb fuel depot Beit Lahiya

21:58 Nasrallah tells Hamas: "Kill as many Israelis as possible"

21:48 Palestinian Authority: ""Israel responsible for consequences"

21:45 28 Palestinians dead in battles with Tsahal

21:34 Abu Mazen: "UN must meet urgently"

21:28 Israeli TV: Naval blockade as Israel kills dozens of Hamas members

21:23 Hamas: Combat ongoing in various locations: Beit Hanun, Nusseirat, Zaitun and Dahaniya

21:20 Olmert: "USA not informed of ground offensive"

21:12 Nasrallah (Hezbollah) urges Hamas to resist

21:10 Hamas vows to turn Gaza into Israeli cemetery.

21:09 Obama: "Following Gaza situation but the President is Bush"

21:07 Gaza: Israelis fire tank cannon on residence

20:54 Barak: "Israel ready for any attack by Hezbollah"

20:52 Israel: Barak reports to Peres

20:46 EU President: "Israeli action is defensive"

20:43 Palestinian doctors: "Israelis aim tank gun on group of children"

20:34 Hamas: "Israel will pay a heavy price

20:31 Tsahal: Civilians will not be targets

20:28 Hamas: "Israeli soldiers killed"

20:24 Israeli forces enter Gaza from three directions

20:19 Tsahal: 'Phase 2 of "hardened Lead" begun'
20:17 Tsahal and Hamas trade heavy fire

20:14 Ground offensive to last days

20:06 Israel places northern border on alert

19:58 Israel calls up tens of thousands of reservists

19:55 Israel encounters Hamas resistance

19:50 Israel vows to dismantle Hamas' "terrorism structures"

19:45 Israeli Army takes control of rocket launch positions

19:41 Israeli Army confirms ground offensive

19:37 Red Cross: Israel blocks access to doctors

19:33 Witnesses: Small column of Israeli armored vehicles enters Northern Gaza Strip

19:26 Ground offensive commences

19:09 Israel says it hit only one mosque, Beit Lahia, on the Gaza Stri

19:00 Arab League: "The UN has failed".

18:54 NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer: "NATO force could help keep peace

18:38 Anti-Israeli protests in Bologna

18:17 Un reports 13 dead in Beit Lahia mosque bombed by Israeli warplanes

17:53 Israeli woman slightly wounded by Qassam rocket fired at Netivot

17:52 20,000 demonstrate in Paris against Israel

17:48 Livni: "Israeli attacks to continue

17:45 13 dead in Jabaliya mosque bombing

17:44 Four Palestinians killed in Israeli air strike on Rafah

17:33 US flag burned in Milan protests.

17:31 Al Jazeera reports 457 dead, more than 2300 wounded in Gaza

17:25 Trento, Italy. Pro-Palestinian demonstration

17:23 Jabaliya, two hundred people in side bombed Jabaliya mosque

17:21 Anti-Israel demonstrations in Rome

17:19 Beit Lahya mosque, at least 9 dead and 60 wounded

16:58 Death toll rises in bombing of Beit Lahya mosque.

16:47 Anti-Israel march in Turin

16:45 Israeli missiles strike mosque in Beit Lahya, three dead, ten wounded

16:42 Gaza, Israeli missiles strike Jabalya mosque, 10 dead

16:31 Abu Mazen to meet Nicolas Sarkozy and EU delegation in Ramallah on Monday

16:19 Israeli tanks move toward Gaza

16:13 Hamas threatens to kidnap Israeli soldiers

16:12 London, thousands throw shoes at Downing Street entrance

16:10 Iraqis protest in Milan, raising shoes in air

16:01 Grenades rain down on Beit Hanun and Jabaliya

15:44 Protesters in Milan burn Israeli flag

15:39 Gaza, Israeli air strike wounds Egyptian policeman
15:27 Milan, Palestinians organize protests

15:26 OIC foreign ministers urge immediate ceasefire

15:09 EU delegatoin expected in Middle East on Sunday

15:07 Abu Mazen prepared to free Hamas detainees

15:02 Zapatista Subcommander Marcos says Obama supports use of force in Gaza

14:50 Palestinian child and two Hama militants killed Jabaliya in the northern Gaza strip.

14:47 Frank Walter Steinmeier tells Arab countries to apply pressure on Hamas

14:45 Protests in UK over violence in Gaza

14:17 Tens of thousands of Israeli Arabs demonstrate in Sakhnin

13:40 Abbas to meet Sarkozy on Monday

13:22 Red Crescent "Dire situation in Gaza"

13:06 Khan Yunes, two Palestinians killed

12:56 Rockets his apartment building in Ashdod, two slightly wounded.

12:34 Protests in Haifa, Sakhnin and Tel Aviv. Thousands of Israeli Arabs and leftists demonstrate against military action against Gaza.

12:03 Qassam rockets land near kibbutz mess hall

11:44 Israeli missiles target school in Beit Lahiyah, known as the American School

11:38 UN raises alarm:"Dire situation in Gaza"

11:08 New convoy of Syrian assistance leaves Damascus

11:02 Rockets fired at Ashkelon, Netivot and Eshkol

10:46 Saeed Jalili, Secretary of Iran's Supreme Security Advisory Board in Damascus for talks with Bashar Assad, Khaled Meshaal, and the Secretary General of Islamic Jihad islamica, Ramadan Salah.

10:23 Israeli aircraft bomb Hamas position

10:10 Qassam rocket hits Ashkelon

10:09 Bush wants long-term ceasefire with international inspections

09:20 Hospital sources: 435 palestinians dead, including 75 children.

09:17 Debkafiles: "Ground invasion approved"

09:11 Hamas says it repels Israeli incursion

09:08 Ground invasion "imminent"

09:06 Hamas leader Abu Zakaria al Jamal killed in nighttime Israeli airstrike


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