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Friday, January 14, 2005

Do The Random Shuffle

Abu Aardvark says everyone's doing it. And I listen to Abu.

Open up your music library, hit random shuffle, and list the first ten songs that come up.

1. Andromedia: Fusion - Hiver and Hammer Mix
2. 16th Element: Well Strung
3. Elie Karim: Baadima
4. Bent: Cylons in Love
5. Le Duc: Tuareg
6. Intro: Psique
7. Coldcut: Autumn Leaves
8. Mambo Cafe: Groove Armada's Moira's Theme
9. Mystic Rhythms Band: Gesso's Guitar Song
10. Jade featuring Bielka Nemirovski: Nie Kantshaietsa

A lot of these tunes are from the French "Buddha Bar" ambient series albums.


Blogger The Liberal Avenger said...

1. Jamiroquai - Virtual Insanity
2. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner
3. Ich Zwerg - Guten Abend
4. Chateau Flight - Lola Rastaquouere
5. Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood
6. Serge Gainsbourg - Couleur Cafe
7. Cibo Matto - Sugar Water
8. Bananarama - Cruel Summer
9. Yasser Habeeb - Ama
10. Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name

3:38 PM  

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