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Friday, January 14, 2005

January 13 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. Committee of Iraqi Ulema says a Sunni imam was arrested by US troops.

Amman. Egyptian Prime Minister sees risk of civil war. Egyptian PM Ahmed Nazif warned of civil war in Iraq following a meeting with Jordanian Foreign Minister Fayçal al-Fayez.

Damascus. Syria announces new border security measures. Syrian Foreign Minister Farouk el-Shareh says his country will increase border security.

22:11 Samarra. US doubles strength. The US military doubled the number of helicopters deployed to northern Iraq.

21:06 List of Hostages held by insurgents known to be alive.

Mohammed Rifat (Canada) 8 April
Wael Mamduh (Jordan) 12 April
Saad Saadun (Kuwait ) 5 June
Ali Ahmed Musa (Somalia) 29 July
Hostage name unknown (Jordan) 1 September #
4 hostages name unknown (Jordan) 5 September #
2 hostages name unknown (Asia) 13 September #
Khalifa al Breizat (Jordan) 14 September #
2 hostages name unknown (Turkey) 14 September
2 hostages name unknown (Syria) 16 September
1 hostages name unknown (Turkey) 9 October
2 hostages name unknown (Turkey) 14 October
Noureddin Zakaria (Sudan) 30 October
Roy Hallums (Usa) 1 November
Roberto Tarongoy (Philippines) 1 November
Radim Sadiq (Usa) 2 November
Ghazi Abu Hamzeh (Lebanon) 13 November #
Kahraman Sadikoglu (Turkey) 25 December
2 hostages name unknown (Turkey) 25 December
Hassan Haider (Lebanon) 29 December
Ghazi Haider (Lebanon) 29 December
2 hostages name unknown (South Korea) 9 January #
1 hostage name unknown (Turkey) 13 January #
Florence Aubenas (France) 13 January #
Sayed Abdel Khalek (Egypt) 13 January #
1 hostage name unknown (Turkey) 13 January

Kidnapped and killed
Fabrizio Quattrocchi (Italy) 14 April
Nick Berg (USA) 11 maggio
Hussein Ali Alyan (Lebanon) 12 June
Kim Sun-il (Corea del Sud) 22 June
Keith Matthew Maupin (USA) 28 June *
Georgi Lazov (Bulgaria) 13 July
Ivailo Kepov (Bulgaria) 22 July ****
Raja Azad Khan (Pakistan) 28 July
Sajjad Naim (Pakistan) 28 July
Murat Yuce (Turkey) 2 August **
Osman Alisan (Turkey) 5 August ***
Mohammed Mutawalli (Egypt) 10 August **
Enzo Baldoni (Italy) 26 August
12 hostages name unknown (Nepal) 31 August **
Nasser Juma (Egypt) 5 September
Durmus Kumdereli (Turkey) 13 September **
Eugene Armstrong (USA) 20 September **
Jack Hensley (USA) 21 September **
Akar Besir (Turkey) 21 September
Ajad Anwar Wali (Iraq/Italy) 2 October
Bareh Daud Ibrahim (Iraq) 2 October **
Yalmaz Dabja (Turkey) 2 October
Kenneth Bigley (UK) 7 October **
1 hostage name unknown (Turkey) 11 October **
Ramazan Elbu (Turkey) 14 October
Dalibor Lazarevski (Macedonia) 22 October ##
Dragan Markovic (Macedonia) 22 October ##
Zoran Naskovski (Macedonia) 22 October ##
Shosei Kyoda (Japan) 29 October
1 hostage name unknown (Jordan) 2 November
Margaret Hassan (UK) 16 November
Salvatore Santoro (Italy) 16 December **

# date kidnapping announced
## confirmed execution date
* Al Jazeera broadcast of video of the execution of a US soldier; unknown if it was Maupin
** Video shown on Internet
*** Confirmed by Turkish Embassy
**** identified August 11.

19:43 Kirkuk. Egyptian kidnapped. Petroleum engineer Sayed Abdel Khaleq was kidnapped by armed men wearing stolen army uniforms, reports Egyptian news agency MENA.

19:00 Baghdad. Allawi tells Iraqis electons will end violence.

18:43 Khan Beni Saad. Shi'ite mosque carbombed, 7 dead, 38 wounded. A booby trapped car was parked outside a mosque and exploded as worshipers exited the building following evening prayers in Khan Beni Saad, 45 km northeast of Baghdad.

17:59 Sofia. Poland to reduce troop numbers after elections. Polish Defense Minister Jerzy Smajdzinski says Poland will reduce troop strength from 2,500 to 1,700 following the elections during a visit to Bulgaria. Bulgarian Defense Minister Nikolay Svinarov said his country would decide in March whether to keep its contingent of 480 men in south-central Iraq

17:40 Tbilisi. Georgia to triple troop strength. Georgia will send 550 troops to Baghdad in February. The current contingent is located in Baluba, 70 km north of Baghdad.

17:14 Mosul. Roadside bomb kills US soldier.

15:47 Baghdad. Al Zarqawi figure arrested. US troops arrested a Saudi national on 24 December thought to have connections to Abu Mussab al Zarqawi.

16:54 Rome. Italy recommends that reporters avoid Iraq. The Italian Foreign Ministry has issued a formal letter to Italian media outlets recommending that correspondents not be sent to Iraq.

14:36 Ramadi. Multimillion dollar bank robbery. Armed men held up a bank in Ramadi, getting away with $3.5 million.

13:38 Baquba. Provincial council member assassinated. Mouayad Sami, member of the Diyala provincial council, was assassinated in front of his home. Meanwhile a roadside bomb killed one policeman and woulded six other persons.

12:23 Najaf. Sistani collaborators assassinated. Two collaborators of Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani were assassinated. Shaikh Halim al-Afghani was killed in Najaf and the other, Sheik Mahmud al-Madahini, was killed in Salman Pak south of Baghdad, together with his son and four bodyguards.

11:27 New York. White House blocks torture prohibition. The New York Times reports that the White House blocked the adoption of a law by the US Congress forbidding the CIA to use torture in the war on terror.

11:10 Baquba. Communist leader assassinated. Muayad Sami was assassinated in Bohruzm near Baquba, 60 km northeast of Baghdad.

10:17 Baghdad. Hotel raid kills 6. Six Iraqis were killed and a Turkish national kidnapped in a Baghdad hotel.

08:17 Kirkuk. US arrests 31 militants.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog and thank you for putting my brother's name among the hostages. just a correction, my brother's name is Badri Ghazi Abu Hamzeh, and not Ghazi Abu Hamzeh. He is a Lebanese American but was never listed as a missing American. he went missing on Nov 6 2004, but by the time we learned about it it was Nov 13.I have been desperatley trying to find anything that will prove that he is a hostage and not simply disappeared because that will change the equation of the US government in looking for him.
thank you again,
a desperate sister,

7:45 AM  

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