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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

January 12 Events in Iraq

Baghdad. A Sunni political party, the National Front for the Unification of Iraq, announced its decision to withdraw its slate from elections due to the security situation. It also made a request for a 6-month postponement.

Paris. Ghazi al-Yaouar makes official visit to France.

Baghdad. Iyad Allawi's political party attacks Ayatollah Sistani's unified slate. Iraqi National Accord attacked Sistani's Unified Iraqi Alliance for telling voters that Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani had ordered Shi'ite voters to go to the polls to or be condemned to Hell. Haidi al-Amir, Leader of the Badr Party, denied the accusation and defended the right of Unified Iraqi Alliance to use Sistani's name in its campaign because the cleric had given his benediction to the slate.

Baghdad. Failed assassination of Iraqi political figure who favored normalization of relations with Israel. Mithal al-Alloussi escaped an assassination attempt in Baghdad. The Democratic Party of the Iraqi Nation, which is running 25 candidatesk says it was the second attempt on the life of Mr. al-Alloussi's, who just returned from a trip to Israel.

Washington. USA has stopped looking for WMD in Iraq. A report drafted by Charles Duelfer states that Saddam Hussein had no intention of building WMDs.

18:40 Baghdad. Guerrillas use perfect Englih for propaganda urging US troops to throw down their weapons. Guerrillas distribute CD recording telling US troops to throw down their arms and seek refuge in Iraqi mosques and homes.

16:47 Mosul. Two carbombings. Two Iraqi soliders and several civilians were killed in two separate carbombings south of Mossul. Both bombings targeted a US convoy.

14:56 Baghdad. Six arrested in assassination of Gov. al Haidri. US forces arrested six persons suspected of assassinating Ali al-Haidri, Governor of the Province of Baghdad.

13:22 Baquba. Asssistant head of public utilities shot dead. Jassem Abdel Ahmad, 50, was travelling in a car with Jawad Ibrahim in the city's industrial zone when he was shot dead.

13:10 Amman. New international conference on Iraq. The Italian Foreign Minister Gianfranco Fini has called for an international conference on the absence of Sunni participation in 30 January elections.

11:02 Washington. No trace of WMD. A report drafted for the White House before Christmas said that there was no trace of WMD when the war on Iraq began. Congress will examine the findings of the report.

09:19 Mosul. Three National Guards killed. Three Iraqi National Guards will killed today in Mosul, in a rebel ambush on a joint US-Iraqi military convoy.


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