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Friday, January 14, 2005

January 14 Events in Iraq

New York. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan urges all Iraqis to vote. Annan also spoke of the necessity of bringing nationalist insurgents to the conference table.

Baghdad. Adnan Pachachi calls on Iraqi ex-pats to vote. Meanwhile Sunni Imam Mahmud al-Sumaydaï renewed his call for a postponement of elections. Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani has called for calm before the elections.

Baghdad. US military says it is close to capturing al Zarqawi.

NATO to reduce its troop training effort. US Gen. James Jones announced a reduction in the training program for Iraqi troops and blamed certain members for refusing to contribute to the effort.

24:00 Abu Ghraib: Spc Graner guilty. Spc Charles Graner was found guilty 6 of 10 counts of prisoner abuse against him. He faces up to 17 years in prison.

23:49 Paris. No news from kidnapped French reporter. French PM Jean Pierre Raffarin says his government has heard nothing concerning the fate of reporter Florence Aubenas.

23:33 Baghdad. 28 inmates escape from Abu Ghraib. Police are suspected of helping 28 inmates escape in a bus from Abu Ghraib as they were being transferred. The prisoners, who were chained at the ankles, wrested an AK-47 from a prison guard and shot him. They next beat and removed the driver from the bus and drove off.

21:32 Baghdad. US soldier sentenced for slaying of 16 year-old. Sgt Major Jonathan Alban-Cardenas was demoted to Private and received one year of prison for the slaying of a Shi'ite youth. Cardenas found the wounded teenager in a burning van and killed him "to end his suffering".

20:37 Baghdad. Oil pipeline sabotaged. Insurgents sabotaged an oil pipeline supplying Iraq's largest refinery in Baija. The blast occurred in Fatha, 7 km north of Baghdad.

19:40 New York. Price of oil rises dramatically. Oil closed at $48.30 per barrel on the NYMEX exchange.

19:03 Ramadi. 15 National Guards kidnapped. Insurgents ambushed a National Guard patrol along a desert highway near Hit, kidnapping 15 guards and stealing their weapons.

18:57 Mosul. US soldier killed. One US soldier was killed and three wounded by a roadside bomb. The civilian population had been warned in advance of the attack. Meanwhile, two Iraqi soldiers were killed in the bombing of a power station in Shrakat, 300 km north of Baghdad. A third Iraqi soldier was killed and another wounded in Balad in an attack on a US convoy in which he was travelling. A fourth Iraqi soldier was killed in a village near Samarra.

16:39 Baghdad. Sadr warns US not to interfere in Iraqi elections. Moqtada Sadr warned President Bush and Iraq's neighbors not to interfere in the 30 January elections. The warning was read by spokesman Nasser al-Saadi in Sadr City's Al-Mohsen mosque during Friday prayers.

16:16 Middadiyah. Van collides with US tank, 8 workers killed. Eight laborers were killed when the van in which they were travelling collided head-on with a US Abrams tank. The tank was being driven down the median to avoid roadside bombs when the van collided with the tank after passing another vehicle.

16:01 Washington. US Dept. of Justice opens torture investigation. The New York Times reports the Dept. of Justice will investigate severe prisioner abuse in Iraqi prisons run by the US military.

15:36 Najaf. Imam condemns kidnapping of French reporter Florence Aubenas. We condemn the kidnapping of the French reporter and consider it a terrorist act, said Sheik Sadreddin al Kubbanji, member of SCIRI, a major Iraqi party, during Friday prayers. Al Kubbanji also urged all Iraqis to vote on 30 January.

15:17 Baghdad. US kills seven persons. Seven Iraqis were preparing to fire mortar rounds near a mosque in north Baghdad by US troops. The incident took place near the Abu Hanifa mosque in the al Adhamiya district.

15:35 Paris. France agrees to train 1,500 police outside Iraq. A spokesman for Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawar says France has agreed to train police outside Iraq and independently of the effort planned by NATO. 30 French gendarmes will be assigned as trainers in the 18-month program, to start in April 2005.

12:21 Dubai. Mubarek says US pullout could cause civil war. Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak says a US pullout could provoke a civil war in an interview with PBS, al Jazeera and al Arabiya.

09:32 Shan Banu Saad. Marketplace bombing kills four and wounds 13. A carbomb exploded in the central market square of Shan Banu Saad, 30 km north of Baghdad.

09:26 Baghdad. Three US soldiers killed. Two Marines were killed in al Anbar Province while another soldier was killed in Mosul.


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