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Sunday, January 04, 2009

January 4, 2009 in Gaza

23:56 President of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, attempts mediation

22:39 Gideon Meir: "Israeli offensive will continue until Hamas is neutralized"

22:37 Haaretz: Livni rejects Medvedev's mediation in reaching truce

22:35 EU delegation "Gaza crossings must be reopened"

22:33 Olmert rejects mediation offer from Russia-France-Germany and Tony Blair

21:56 Israeli Army trained for 18 for Gaza incursion

21:53 French FM Kouchner: "Intermediaries available for dialog with Hamas"

21:51 Red Cross urges Hamas and Israel to stop killing civilians

21:05 Three Palestinian nurses killed by Israeli air strike in south Gaza City

21:04 Abraham Yehoshua: "Hamas does not represent the Palestinians"

20:50 EU delegation arrives in Cairo, Kouchner: "We'll do what we can"

20:47 Sarkozy phones Merkel, Zapatero, Erdogan and Olmert

20:42 Greece, crowds burn portraits of Bush and Obama

20:31 Sarkozy: "Hamas bears full responsibility"

20:29 Geneva, 400 people protest Gaza incursion in front of UN building

20:21 Protesters clash with police in Oslo in front of Israeli Embassy

20:20 Israeli forces have not yet entered Gaza City

20:19 Aymen Al Zawahiri urges Muslims to fight Israelis in Gaza

19:44 Gulf Cooperation Council (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrein) denounces inaction by UN Security Council

19:33 Israel knocks out Gaza phone lines

19:21 Beirut, clashes between demonstrators and police leave 6 injured

19:10 Gaza, Israeli Army approaches Beit Hanun

19:07 Italian Left kicks off publicity campaign to end fighting in Gaza

19:05 Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Israeli offensive unacceptable

19:25 Condoleeza Rice cancels next week's trip to China

18:53 Cellphones carried by Israeli soldiers confiscated prior to ground offensive.

18:52 Paris, 4,000 demonstrate in support of Israel

18:42 The Qadafi Foundation insists on apology from the Czech Republic

18:37 Islamic Jihad says two of its militants have been killed in the northern Gaza Strip as they were traveling by car

18:33 Jerusalem Post reports that Hamas wiped out 35 Palestinians suspected for spying for Fatah and kneecapped another 75 [This is the paper that reported Saddam had loaded all his nukes on a ship in the port of Aqaba in 2003--Nur]

18:22 Hamas: "The EU has launched no initiative for negotiations"

18:14 Medvedev dispatches envoy Alexander Saltanov to the Middle East

17:56 Shimon Peres: "Hamas is a group of assassins" [Just like Irgun?--Nur]

17:52 Merket expresses support for Israel

17:44 Milan, exterior of Egyptian consulate defaced

17:31 Cheney: "Israel did not request Washington's permission for ground offensive"

17:24 Livni: "Accusations of disproportionate use of force unfair"

17:07 Jordan Prime Minister Nader Al Dahabi says his country will reevaluate its relations with Israel

16:54 Gaza, 5 civilians killed while existing mosque in the northern Gaza Strip.

16:47 Four Palestinian rockets fired at Sderot

16:46 Jebaliya, Hamas commander Muhammad al Shalfu killed

16:32 Shimon Peres: "No to any ceasefire"

16:27 Gaza, ambulance fired upon by Israeli troops, killing a nurse

16:25 Hospital sources: 40 Palestinians killed today, of which 22 are civilians

16:18 Muhhad Shalfuk, head of Hamas special forces, killed in Rafah.

16:18 Libya, 5000 protest Israel in Tripoli

15:54 Israeli troops block access to Gaza City, now completely cut off

15:45 Hamas urges meeting of all Palestinian factions

15:36 Israel admits one soldier killed in action near Jabaliya.

15:28 Israeli tank opens fire on car, wipes out family

15:20 Iran calls for boycott of Israel

14:45 German FM Frank-Walter Steinmeir: "Israel must permit humanitarian assistance to enter Gaza"

14:29 Morocco, 40 thousand demonstrate solidarity with Palestinians in Rabat

14:05 Olmert: "We do not want a northern front"

14:03 Psychological warfare: Israel blacks out Hamas TV

13:55 EU Commissioner Ferrero-Walden: "Violence in Gaza must end"

13:44 Israel: "We do not wish to occupy the Gaza Strip"

13:40 Avi Pazner: "Operation to continue until the end"

13:34 NGO Terre des Hommes sounds the alarm over deaths of children in Gaza

13:29 Abu Mazen tells Hamas: "Power-sharing is necessary"

13:26 Abu Mazen: "Israelis guilty of brutal aggression"

13:24 Hamas calls for immediate conference of Palestinian factions.

13:22 Javier Solana: "EU available for peacekeeping mission in Gaza Strip"

13:20 Cairo: Egypt summons ambassadors of countries sitting on the UN Security Council

13:16 Prague: FM Karel Schwarzenberg says presidential spokesman "misspoke" on the Israeli offensive

13:15 Lebanon, demonstration broken up in front of US Embassy

13:13 Israel: "Hamas seems willing to conclude a truce"

12:58 Israel masses troops on border with Lebanon

12:52 Palestinian demonstrator killed by Israeli soldiers in Kalkilya on the West Bank

12:47 Algiers: Algerian PM Ahmed Ouyahia condemns Israel for crimes against humanity

12:45 China: "Hostilities must cease immediately"

12:41 Turkey, Sweden and Norway condemn ground offensive

12:36 Moscow dispatches envoy to Middle East

12:30 500 Palestinians dead in 5 days of conflict Gaza

12:27 Lebanon, demonstrators clash with police near US Embassy in Beirut

12:26 Lebanon, UNIFIL positions: "Calm along the Blue Line"

12:21 Israeli says it has killed 50 Hamas militants

12:13 Pope calls on both sides to end conflict

12:10 Jerusalem Post: "Hamas leaders Hussan Hamdan and Muhamamd Hilo killed in airstrikes on Khan Younis"

12:05 EU Foreign Ministers: "Re-negotiate truce between Hamas and Israel with the assistance of Egypt"

12:00 Beirut: Hundred protest Israeli actions in Gaza Strip

11:55 European Commission "Israel must uphold its international obligations"

11:52 Egypt: Mahdi Hakef, Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, calls on Gazans to resist

11:50 Italian opposition: "Ceasefire needed immediately, government's position unsatisfactory"

11:46 Italy sends emissary, Cesare Ragaglini, to the Middle East

11:35 Italian government restates Israel's right to self defense

11:20 Hamas: "Five Israeli soldiers dead"

11:18 Tel Aviv: Olmert tells Israeli Cabinet that he is encouraged by the position held by George W. Bush whereby Hamas must be incapacitated.

11:17 Tsahal cuts Gaza Strip in two

11:11 Olmert: "Operation was inevitable"

10:55 Israele: "Thirty Israeli soldiers wounded"

10:50 European Commission: "Israel must open a corridor for humanitarian assistance". The Commission also granted EUR 3 million in assistance to Gazans

10:48 Al Jazeera: "One Israeli solider killed in action"

10:40 British PM Gordon Brown: "Ceasefire must be sought"

10:33 Egypt condemns ground offensive

10:05 Gaza City business district bombed, casualties reported

10:00 50 armored Merkava vehicles just outside Gaza City Città di Gaza

09:58 Olmert: "Israel does not wish to open front in Lebanon"

09:54 Palestinian sources: "12 dead in northern Gaza strip"

09:41 Israeli denies some of its soldiers were kidnapped

09:26 Shimon Peres: "Just and necessary war"

09:25 Barak: "Offensive will last as long as it takes"

09:22 Israel: Dozens of Hamas militants killed or wounded

09:13 Hamas radio: "Two Israeli soldiers taken prisoner"

09:03 Clashes on the outskirts of Gaza City

09:01 Iran: Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani says Gaza will the be cemetery of the Zionists

08:08 A handful of Qassam rockets hit Sderot, Eshkol and Netivot

08:07 Hamas: "UN Security Council is a farce"

07:59 Israeli troops approach Gaza City

05:10 Israel: 30 Israeli soldiers wounded

04:38 UN: US vetoes attempt by Libya urging Security Council to condemn Israeli actions against Gaza

03:06 Mexico, permanent member of the UN Security Council, calls for immediate ceasefire

03:00 New York: Mayor Blomberg flies to Israel to express support for Gaza operations


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