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Monday, January 05, 2009

January 5, 2009 in Gaza

21:04 Obama following the crisis "minute by minute"

20:35 Air strikes on Rafah

20:34 Red Cross: "Deaths mount as supplies lack"

20:30 Israel: "100 militants dead, 100 captured

20:13 NGO doctor: "Israel is using non-conventional weapons"

20:10 EU, Barroso: "Israel must allow humanitarian assistance to enter"

20:05 Iran calls for boycott of companies with Israel interest

20:01 Turkey: "Israel bears most responsibility for conflict"

19:47 Gaza City, combat in north and east of city

19:43 Tsahal spokesman: Heavy fighting

19:42 Hamas accuses Sarkozy of bias toward Israel

19:19 Abu Mazen: "I will not exploit the Israeli operation to unseat Hamas"

19:17 Iran, 70 thousand volunteers for suicide missions against Israel

18:54 Islamic Jihad joins fighting in the Chujayia in east Gaza City.

18:52 Sarkozy: "Hamas actions irresponsible"

18:51 Sarkozy: "The EU wants an immediate truce"

18:37 Bruxelles, demonstrations in front of European Council

18:30 Clashes in Shejaiya Quarter of Gaza City between Israeli Army and Hamas

18:20 Jane's Defence Weekly says Israel will not be victorious over Hamas

18:02 50 Palestinians killed today.

18:01 Solana: "EU observers prepared to go to Gaza if there is a truce.

17:44 Berlusconi phones Czech President Topolanek

17:39 Red Cross: "Aid not flowing to Gaza

17:20 A US Army strategic study says Israel cannot sever Hamas from the populace

17:18 Bush: "Hamas must stop firing rockets at Israel"

17:09 Dozens of Hamas members arrested by Israel

17:08 Woman and her four children killed by Israeli troops in Chujaiya quarter.

16:59 Arab countries present a new draft resolution to the UN Security Council

16:57 Price of oil rising due to Gaza crisis as Iran asks for emergency OPEC meeting

16:55 Italian FM Frattini: "The EU is leading negotiations, not Sarkozy"

16:34 Sarkozy leaves Sharm El Sheikh for Ramallah

16:25 Arab ministers meet with Ban Ki-moon

16:18 Israel tells residents of Gaza center to abandon their homes [and go where, exactly?--Nur]

16:14 Christians of Palestine: "There must be dialog with Hamas"

16:07 Mauritania recalls ambassador from Israel

16:05 Dmitry Medvedev demands immediate ceasefire

16:04 Save the Children distributing aid to 6000 people in Jabalyah, Beit Lahia, Beit Hanoun, Un Al Nasser and Rafah

15:41 Gideon Meir: "We do not want to stay in Gaza"

15:12 Livni rejects EU proposal for ceasefire

15:10 Italian FM Frattini in contact with counterparts in Greece and Spain

14:59 Italian PM Berlusconi phones Erdogan

14:57 Doctors Without Borders: "Shifa Hospital full"

14:38 Abu Mazen: "Ceasefire a priority"

14:29 Hamas: "Thousands prepared to give battle"

14:12 UNIFIL and Lebanese military on high alert

14:07 Egypt opposes international observers along the frontier with Gaza

14:03 EU delegation will not meet with Hamas

14:00 European Commission: Not engaging in parallel diplomacy

13:57 Livni: "Our operation is against terrorism"

13:52 Sarkozy in talks with Mubarak at Sharm El Sheikh

13:49 Syria's Assad urges mobilization of Arabs and Muslims.

13:34 Rockets fired at Ashkelon and Beersheva.

13:33 Italian FM Frattini says he will travel to Gaza "as soon as conditions permit"

13:32 Czech Republic PM: "I have a plan for peace" [entirely ass-covering --Nur]

12:37 Israel prevents journalists from entering Gaza despite Supreme Court decision

12:29 Zapatero says solution cannot be military.

12:22 Doctors Without Borders: Surgeons needed.

12:20 Israel allows 80 trucks to enter Gaza with humanitarian supplies from Egypt, Jordan, Greece and the UN.

12:18 Mohammed Dahlan, Ex Fatah leader: "We shall not return to Gaza"

12:14 EU President: "We have prepared a scenario for a solution.

11:38 Erdogan: "Israel will be hated because of women and children killed"

11:19 Hamas rockets fired on Sderot and Ashdod

11:14 Italian President Napolitano: "Truce needed"

11:10 Javier Solana in Egypt: "Ceasefire urgently needed"

11:08 Hamas FM Mohammed Al Zahar: "We shall not surrender"

10:55 Sarkozy: "Hamas bears heavy responsibility"

10:53 Ehud Barak: "Offensive to continue"

10:51 Times: "Israel is using white phosphorus".

10:23 Daily Mail reports that Tony Blair was on vacation as Gaza war raged; Mr. Blair has never visited Gaza City.

10:17 Hamas delegation expected in Egypt and will likely meet with Sarkozy

09:51 Six Israeli soldiers wounded.

09:43 Israeli missile strikes funeral procession in Khan Younix

09:42 Clashes in north, Rafah is bombed by Israelis

09:13 Latest death toll: 517 dead, 87 are children

08:59 Armed Hamas militants asked by Hamas Health Minister, Bassem Naeem, not to get in ambulances.

08:54 Palestinians in Northern Gaza Strip flee to safer locations.

08:40 Five Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces

Lo hanno reso noto fonti dei locali servizi di soccorso, secondo cui altri due bimbi hanno perso la vita nel quartiere di Shati, martellato da colpi di artiglieria provenienti dal mare.

08:30 7 members of the same family killed by Israeli air strikes on the outskirts of Gaza City

08:16 Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad ben Khalifa Al-Thani, urges extraordinary Arab summit.

07:22 Israeli tank kills three children in the Zeitoun district of east Gaza City.

07:21 Tsahal advances, bombs 30 targets during the night

05:19 Hamas sends a delegation to Egypt

03:13 EU delegation and Mubarak to meet in Sharm El Sheikh. The delegation is also traveling to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan.


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