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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

January 6, 2009 in Gaza

23:53 US supports Egyptian ceasefire plan

23:49 Abbas agrees to Egyptian ceasefire plan

23:41 Ban Ki-moon to travel to Israel and the Occupied Territories

23:28 Hamas debates Egyptian plan for truce

23:27 Olmert: "Israeli will open humanitarian corridor"

23:08 Sarkozy: "Any UN Security Council Resolution cannot be rushed"

22:41 Hezbollah: "EU efforts produce empty-handed results"

22:07 Mubarak invites Israelis and Palestinians for urgent talks

21:56 Venezuela expels Israeli ambassador

21:45 Mubarak: "Ceasefire and talks needed"

21:36 Ankara: Turkey-Israeli basketball game called as fans insult Israel

21:30 Ban Ki Moon: "Attacks on UN facilities unacceptable"
20:38 Al Qaeda: "Attack Israel and the West"

20:33 Israeli NGO, Physicians for Human Rights, attacked by Israeli troops

20:10 Chavez: "Israeli offensive must be condumned"

20:02 Al Qaeda: "Gaza offensive is crusade against Islam"

19:43 Sharm al Sheik: Nicolas Sarkozy in talks with Hosni Mubarak, Javier Solana and Mark Otte of the UN

18:58 Merkel: Stop arms shipments to Hamas

18:51 Obama: "Concern for civilians killed"

18:46 EU delegation: Positive signs

18:35 UN school: Israelis claim they were attacked.

18:16 UN: GPS coordinates of UN school given to Israel

17:48 UN confirms at least 30 dead in mortar attack on UN school. 55 are wounded

17:46 White House: "Be mindful of civilians"

17:37 Olmert restates conditions for truce

17:19 6th Israeli soldier killed

16:42 Sarkozy: "Solution near for Gaza Truce"

16:39 US Dept of State: "Sustainable and unlimited ceasefire needed"

16:21 Haaretz: "600 Palestinians dead"

16:14 US cool to Sarkozy's peace initiative

15:55 Six Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace

15:39 Arab League accuses US of obstructionism

15:35 40 killed in Israeli mortar attack on UN school in Jabaliya

15:25 Rice in New York for Security Council Meeting

15:15 Israelis bomb Danish mobile hospital

15:00 France realease EUR 3 million in aid for Gaza

14:36 Israel President Shimon Peres tells EU delegation that is in not concerned by deterioration in Israel's image

14:31 Sarkozy returns to Egypt

14:29 Olmert tells Hezbollah: "Do not tempt us"

14:23 Family in Gaza City, including 7 children, wiped out by Israeli air strike

14:15 Egypt will not permit Palestinians cross border

14:14 Hamas confirms using suicide bombers against Israeli troops

13:23 Sarkozy arrives in Beirut

13:08 Afghanistan ready to send 2,000-man military contingent to Gaza

13:04 Italian FM Frattini backpedals: Italy supports the EU and Sarkozy

12:49 Al Aqsa Brigades: Israel landing troops by sea

12:45 Peres: Westerners ignorant of the evil of Hamas

12:31 Hamas shoots down Israeli drone

12:26 Foreign press protests Israeli prohibition on entering Gaza

12:16 Pope: "Negotiated truce needed"

12:08 Sarkozy tells Syria: "Help us in ending conflict"

11:58 Israele preventing reporters from entering Gaza

11:57 Assad urges summit of Arab leaders

11:44 Sarkozy: "Immediate truce necessary"

11:38 Assad: "Israel's operations in Gaza are war crimes"

11:35 Erdogan: "Israel dismissive of Turkey's efforts in the cause of peace"

11:08 Hamas confirms that it will meet with Egyptian intelligence

11:05 Red Cross: "Total humanitarian crisis in Gaza"

10:42 Palestinian death toll 573

10:34 Blair: "Tunnels to Egypt must be closed" [Is this all the Grand Poohbah of the Middle East has to offer? --Nur]

10:10 Sarkozy arrives in Syria

10:06 Israele bombs a second UN school, killing 2 and wounding 4

09:38 Israel bombs UN school managed by UNRWA.

09:34 Israel: "Friendly fire kills 3 soldiers of the Golan Brigade and wounds another 24"

09:26 Palestinians: "560 dead, including 100 children and 2,700 wounded

09:24 Israele: "130 militants killed in ground offensive"

09:23 Fighting in Khan Yunis, Deir el-Balah and Bureij

09:19 Israel opens corridor for humanitarian aid from Kerem Shalom

09:15 Palestinian rockets hit Ashdod e Ghedera. No injuries

09:11 Israeli army enters Khan Younes

07:00 Israeli navy bombs beach at Deir al-Balah and kills 10 Palestinians


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