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Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16, 2009 in Gaza

19:34 Israeli Army to remain in Gaza after ceasefire called

19:29 Ban Ki-Moon arrives in Ankara for ceasefire talks

19:27 10 dead in Israeli air strike on residence in Choujaiya.

19:20 Moroccan ulema order electronic Jihad against Israeli web sites and businesses

19:18 Strong condemnation of Israel at Doha summit

18:56 Haaretz: "Israeli government voting on unilateral ceasefire.

18:55 Israel considering unilateral ceasefire in Gaza

18:31 Qatar orders Israeli trade delegation to leave country

18:24 Summit to take place between Mubarak, Olmert and Abu Mazen

18:06 Ban Ki-moon in Ankara for ceasefire talks

18:03 Israelis bomb residence, killing 5 girls

17:42 Ahmadinejad: "Israel should be brought to justice"

17:39 Bolivia to bring legal action against Israel at the Hague.

17:34 Doctors Without Borders: "Never so many dead in so short a time", including Somalia, Eastern Kivu, Sri Lanka and Darfur.

17:15 Rice: "Ceasefire will be agreed very shortly"

17:08 Washington: Rice - Livni agreement

17:01 Israel forces leave center of Gaza City

17:00 UNICEF Italy: "Access to Gaza must be guaranteed"

16:49 Erdogan: "Israel should be banished from the UN"

16:36 Thousands of Israeli Arabs protest the war in Arara in southern Israel.

16:15 USA and Israel sign memorandum on ceasefire

16:09 Qatar and Mauritania freeze relations with Israel.

15:45 Assad urges Arab leaders to end relations with Israel.

15:36 Ahmadinejad: "The world is dominated by Israeli thinking"

15:27 Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the Custodian for the Holy Land, urges that assistance be given to Gaza.

15:08 Angry crowd participates in funeral for Said Siam, termed a "martyr".

14:59 Hamas returns to Cairo, after the Israeli negotiator, Gilad, departs

14:38 Abu Mazen travels to Amman and to Cairo

14:33 Assad: "What was taken away from Gaza by force will be returned to Gaza by force"

14:25 Cairo, Israeli envoy leaves with no formal truce agreement

14:24 Assad: "Israel is a pernicious form of contemporary Nazism.

14:14 Turkish PM Erdogan: "Ceasefire initiative ready"

14:13 Catholic charity Caritas Italiana concerning by lack of space in Gaza

14:03 Assad: "2002 Arab peace initiative is dead"

13:51 Gaza: Father Manuel Musallam says Israeli offensive is a crime against humanity.

13:50 Syrian President Assad urges Arab countries to close down Israeli embassies

13:38 Rockets launched at Ashdod and Kiryat Gat (Neghev).

13:32 Meshaal: "Israel responsible for death and destruction"

13:29 Vatican: "Iran must work for peace in the Middle East"

13:17 Sarkozy: "The Israeli operation in Gaza will do nothing for Israeli security"

13:10 Meshaal: "Hamas will not accept conditions set by Israel

12:59 Thousands expected in Assisi tomorrow to show solidarity with Gazawis.

12:37 Hebron, demonstrator protesting Gaza incursion is shot dead by Israelis

12:36 Amnesty International demands inquiry into bombing of UNRWA offices

12:35 Ahmadinejad in Doha for Arab summit

12:29 Moscow restarts peace conference initiative

12:11 Hamas (Khaled Meshaal) and Islamic Jihad (Ramadan Shalah) leaders in Qatar for Arab summit

11:58 Hamas delegation expected in Cairo

11:20 Ban Ki-Moon calls on Israel to suspend Gaza operations

10:59 Ban Ki-Moon: "Truce very close"

10:43 Rockets launched in direction of the Neghev.

10:35 Ban Ki-Moon in Ramallah for talks with Abu Mazen

10:22 Death toll update: 1,133 dead

10:15 Russia asks Syria and Iran to put pressure on Hamas

10:12 Hamas chief in Doha for summit of Arab leaders

09:47 Israel rejects Hamas' conditions for truce

09:43 Italian Defense Minister La Russa does not exclude international contingent in Gaza

09:34 Israeli Military: "70% of tunnels to Egypt destroyed"

09:32 78% of Israelis support offensive

09:30 23 bodies recovered from ruins of bombings by Israel

09:28 Dissent in Israeli government over Egyptian truce proposal

09:26 Israel forbids Friday prayers for Muslims

09:24 Israeli negotiator Amos Gilad returns to Cairo today

09:18 Blair optimistic: "A truce is now possible"

09:17 Rice: "US working on arriving at an agreement with Israel"

09:11 Olmert spokesman: "Gaza offensive in final phase"

08:11 Hamas proposes one-year truce to Israel

08:10 Al Jazeera: Israel carried out nocturnal raids and air strikes

08:07 Gaza: more than 1100 Palestinians killed, 5130 wounded


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