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Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009 in Gaza

20:23 Livni "concerned" by outbreaks of "anti-Semitism" around the world

20:12 Milan: Counterprotesters disrupt rally in support of Israel

19:49 UN asks Israel to agree to 24-hour humanitarian truce

19:14 Israel forbids Israeli Arab political parties from running candidates in 10 February elections [Let's hear it for the "Beacon of Democracy"--Nur]

19:07 Cairo: Spanish FM Miguel Angel Moratinos says agreement on truce is close

19:05 Haniyeh: Israel will not break our will

18:38 Web site recruits foreign fighters for Gaza

18:29 Britain, FM David Milliband wants Israeli and Hamas "war crimes" investigated

18:21 Israeli forces destroy Caritas Relief Catholic hospital in Gaza

18:11 EU President will convene conference of donors for Gaza

18:04 Israel denies report that one of its soldiers was kidnapped and killed.

17:48 Protests planned in Rome to "stop the massacre in Gaza"

17:39 Palestinian casualty toll: 917 dead, 4,100 wounded

17:35 Hamas: "Victory over Israel closer than ever"

17:30 SMS text message campaign in Saudi Arabia encourages boycott of US products; Starbucks, Pepsi, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Philip Morris targeted.

17:23 France tells Israel "Do not use phosphorus bombs"

17:18 Ismail Haniyeh: "We will remain despite devastation"

17:09 Isreal claims its use of phosphorus is within international norms

16:47 Olmert: "If Qassam rockets continue to fall, we will respond with iron fist"

16:38 Another Palestinian killed in Jabaliya

16:28 Italian FM Frattini proposes a "Marshall Plan" for the Palestinians

16:22 Abdullah II of Jordan supports Egyptian truce plan

16:20 Israeli reservist refuses serve in Israeli offensive, gets 14 days in military prison

16:17 Vatican: "International community must intervene" to establish ceasefire in Gaza

16:12 12 Palestinians killed in Israeli air strike on Jabaliya

15:52 Al Jazeera: "4 Israeli soldiers wounded".

15:42 Israeli missiles fall on the Brazil quarter of Egyptian Rafah but do not explode

15:33 Bush: "Hamas must decide whether it wants a ceasefire"

15:19 Olmert cautious on Egyptian mediation

15:10 Arab leaders to meet in Kuwait on 17 January

15:04 Israel: "Rocket arsenal inside Gaza mosque"

15:02 Pakistan, thousands, urged on by opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, protest Israeli offensive

14:59 Hamas: "Captured Israeli soldier killed by Israeli air strike"

14:53 Iranian aid ship nears coastline of Gaza Strip

14:46 Al Jazeera: "Rafah looks like it has been stricken by an earthquake" due to Israeli air strikes

14:42 Hamas rejects concessions while bombs continue to fall on Gaza

14:37 French FM Bernard Kouchner says EU forces must be deployed to Gaza as observers

14:06 Boutros Ghali says all Middle Eastern moderates weakened by Israeli offensive

13:45 UN, Council on Human Rights condemns Israel

13:30 Al Jazeera: Israelis bomb heart of Gaza City

13:27 Olmert apologizes for civilian deaths during Israeli offensive

13:22 Italian FM Franco Frattini to travel to the Middle East, including Syria, this weekend

13:08 Papal Nunzio in Israel, Monsignor Antonio Franco, says violence will not solve crisis.

12:43 Israel intensifying attacks on Gaza

12:39 Two women and two children, all Palestinians, killed in Israeli bombings of the Jabalya and Beit Lahia refugee camps.

12:32 Al Jazeera, Israeli forces destroying Palestinian residences with tanks in Gaza City

12:28 Livni, Israel will not negotiate with Hamas

12:24 Egyptian FM Ahmed Abul Gheit phones Italian and Russian counterparts

12:21 Al Hayat reports Hamas has rejected Egypt's ceasefire proposal

12:20 New group in Lebanon, Arab Islamic Resistance, claims it fired rockets at lsrael

12:18 Israel claims it uses phosphorus only in "smoke bombs"

11:51 Rockets fired at Ashkelon, no injuries

11:45 UN debates resolution against Israel for human rights violations. Onu discute risoluzione contro Israele

11:36 Olmert claims Palestinians have "homicidal instincts" which the world ignores

11:29 Iran invites Arab countries to carry out a sustained Intifada

10:56 Blair, speaking in Cairo, says there are elements for a ceasefire

10:43 Death toll: 900 Palestinians killed, including 277 children. 3,950 wounded

10:42 Italian opposition politician Massimo D'Alema says Israel's punitive expedition encourages Jihad

10:15 Shin Bet convinced Hamas militants hiding in Shifa hospital complex

09:57 Iran to sanction multinationals doing business with Israel

09:55 Tony Blair in Cairo for truce talks

09:38 German FM Frank-Walter Steinmeier optimistic about chances for ceasefire

09:36 Al Jazeera reports battles in Gaza City

09:28 Israel postpones talks in Cairo in order to put pressure on Hamas

09:16 Livni, progress being made toward ceasefire

09:14 Rockets fired at Israel; no damage or victims

09:13 3-hour humanitarian truce will take place todays, from 10 am to 1 pm, Gaza time

08:56 Israeli military says it hit 12 objectives during the night

08:53 Israeli envoy, Amos Gilad, delays mission to Cairo


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