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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

January 7, 2009 in Gaza

23:00 French Ambassador Jean-Marie Ripert says there is no agreement on truce but that talks are continuing

22:30 Rice: US approves truce proposal

22:11 UN Security Council approves truce proposal

22:07 UN Security Council examining truce proposal

21:47 Rice: "Truce is needed"

20:32 Israel criticizes Cardinal Martino

19:54 Israeli offensive strengthens Ahmadinejad

19:10 Sewer system collapses in Gaza

19:02 Israel orders residents out of Rafah

18:45 Blair: "Huge amounts of assistance needed

18:26 Israel says "yes" to truce plan but is looking at details

18:15 UN Security Council meets once again

18:08 Israel to widen offensive in Gaza

17:47 Israeli air strike kills man and three children as they travel by car in northern Gaza strip

17:15 Gaza, 700 dead, 3100 wounded

17:01 Obama: "I will get involved in working for Middle East peace as soon as I am inaugurated"

16:46 Hassan Nasrallah says he is prepared for Israeli aggression

16:43 Rice tells Livni to accept truce plan

16:28 Israel bombs Red Cresent ambulence, driver killed

16:26 73 Arab physicians from Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Syria and Jordan prevented from entering Gaza by Egyptian police

16:24 White House: Truce is urgently needed

15:56 Israeli envoys in Egypt on Friday

15:53 Ban ki-moon in Middle East

15:42 Moqtada al Sadr: There will be anti-American reprisals in Iraq

15:38 Hamas rockets fired at Beersheva and Netivot

15:37 UN: Mini-truce insufficient

15:31 Third victim today less than 16 years of age

15:23 Abu Mazen to travel to Cairo on Friday

15:22 Alexander Saltanov in Damascus for talks with Khaled Meshaal

15:17 Truce ends, combat resumes

15:01 Hamas "discusses" Franco-Egyptian plan

14:54 Olmert government blocks third phase of offensive

14:46 Israel: Talks with Egypt ongoing.

14:17 Sarkozy: "Israel and the Palestinian Authority have accepted the proposal to end fighting in Gaza

14:07 Israel, a truce would signify the end of Qassam rockets fired at Israel

13:15 Israel positive on dialog with Egypt on Gaza

12:55 EU President "profoundly disturbed" by bombing of UN school"

12:52 Save the Children: "Death of more than 100 children unacceptable"

12:42 Cardinal Martino: "Both parties guilty"

12:31 EU President calls for total ceasefire

12:27 Hamas will respect 3-hour truce

12:26 3-hour truce starts

I11:56 Sarkozy asks for information on Shalit from Assad

11:44 Gaza, today's death toll is 23

11:40 Peres: "Israel will evaluate Franco-Egyptian plan for truce"

11:14 Tariq Ramadan: "What use is a 3-hour truce"?

11:11 Nasrallah: "Olmert will never destroy Hamas"

11:01 Nasrallah: "All options are open with Israel"

10:54 Hai Al Zeitun: Attacks resume, 6 Palestinians killed

10:50 Yitzhak Herzog: "Jabalya massacre will accelerate diplomacy"

10:47 Italian FM Frattini: "Italy prepared to send observers"

10:45 Huge Hezbollah demonstration in Beirut

10:44 Solana hopeful that Egyptian initiative will be successful

10:24 Italian FM Frattini: "The Palestinian Authority must be given the control of border crossings"

10:08 Peres: "We want an end to terrorism"

09:59 UN spokesman Christopher Guinness says No Hamas militant was inside the UN school hit by Israeli air strike

09:38 Israel suspends air strikes for 3 hours

09:36 Israeli government spokesman Avi Pazner, [lying his ass off], says it was not known that there were civilians in UN school

09:26 Iran-Syria, Larijani in Damascus for talks with Assad

09:17 Barak orders opening of some border crossings into Gaza

09:15 Palestinian rockets fired at Ashdod, Ashkelon and Sderot.

09:14 Israeli military: 40 objectives attacked in Gaza

09:10 Al Jazeera: 3-hour truce to open humanitarian corridor

09:01 Hamas is reviewing Egyptian truce plan

08:37 Israel calls together security advisors

08:21 Israel announces opening of humanitarian corridor

07:57 Israel expels Venezuelan representative in Tel Aviv

07:55 US approves Egypt's truce plan

07:49 Israel "seriously evaluating" Franco-Egyptian plan

07:46 Israeli tanks evacuate Khan Younes

07:45 Air strikes on Gaza City


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