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Friday, January 09, 2009

January 9, 2009 in Gaza

19:16 UN to resume activities in the Gaza Strip soon

18:59 European Commission condemns Israeli attacks on UNRWA facilities in Gaza Strip

18:55 The offices of Israel's Zim Line are vandalized in Venice-Mestre

18:52 Mahmud Abbas flies from Madrid to Cairo.

18:48 Condoleeza Rice: "It's hard for Israel to avoid civilian loss of life" [Especially when they refuse to enter the warehouses--Nur]

17:51 Rome. G8 envoys meet to coordinate aid to Gaza

17:36 Israel Supreme Court orders Army to justify its reasons for not allowing Gaza wounded to be evacuated

17:17 Huge pro-Palestinian demonstrations across Iraq: Kerbala, Najaf, Falluja, Diyala, Baghdad and Suleiymaniya.

17:05 Muslim demonstrators clash with police in East Jerusalem.

16:59 Hamas and Fatah supporters clash in Ramallah

16:49 White House says it is concerned by situation in Gaza

16:09 Kenya. Hundreds demonstrate against Israel in Nairobi; police use tear gas

15:53 Red Cross will scale back activities in Gaza City.

15:50 Algiers, thousands demonstrate against Israel

15:47 NATO Secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer leaves for Middle East

15:09 "Israel violated 3-hour truce in Jabaliya, Berit Lahiaya and Gaza's Zeitoon quarter"

14:53 UNICEF urges that children be protected

14:15 Amman, crowd attacks Israeli embassy

13:51 Egypt: Tens of thousands demonstrate against Israel in Alexandria

13:48 Al Jazeera: "Israel violating truce"

13:28 UNRWA (Chris Gunness) says no shooting was coming from UN school in Jabaliya bombed by Israelis

12:53 Gaza, 783 dead, 3,000 wounded

12:33 Al Jazeera reports massive use of white phosphorus by Israeli military

12:31 Olmert, Israel to continue offensive

12:30 Germany may participate in potential UN peacekeeping mission

12:08 Belgian government launches operation to evacuate wounded from Gaza

12:06 Israeli columnist Yehonatan Gefen writes in Maariv that Ehud Barak is guilty of war crimes

12:01 UN, 257 children killed since start of offensive

11:52 Hamas in contact with Tukey, Syria and Qatar

11:49 Hamas delegation returns tomorrow to Cairo for negotiations

11:37 José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero phones Ehud Olmert

11:15 Fatah Camaeraman Ihab al Wahidi killed when Israeli tanks fire on apartment building

11:11 3-hour truce granted by Israel starts

11:04 German FM Frank-Walter Steinmeier leaves today for talks in Israel and Egypt

11:02 11 Israelis KIA in Gaza operation so fare

10:58 Islamic Jihad rejects UN resolution

10:55 Beirut-based Hamas says UN resolution does not apply to it.

10:30 Livni, Israel is merely defending its interests

10:17 Israelis say the hit 30 objectives in Gaza, killing 10

10:04 Hamas has decided to extend its operations

09:55 Hamas fires 20 rockets at Israel, including Tel Nof air base in the Neghev

09:40 UN: Near the ex-Israeli colony of Netzarim, approximately 100 members of the Palestinian Sammuni clan were ordered into a warehouse by Israeli troops and massacred by artillery fire.

09:38 Nine Palestinians killed in nighttime air strikes

08:55 UN's OCHA accuses Israel of forcing wounded civilians to walk miles for emergency medical care

08:41 UN accuses Israel of rounding up civilians and deliberately killing them

08:30 No comment from Israel to Security Council resolution

08:15 Gheddafi urges Arabs to join Palestinians in combat against Israel

08:14 Hamas rockets fired at Beer Sheva

08:11 Olmert summons defense advisors

08:07 Six Palestinians killed in Israeli air strikes on Beit Lahya and Jabaliya

08:06 US abstains in UN Security Council Vote on Gaza

08:05 UN Security Council calls for ceasefire


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