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Thursday, January 08, 2009

January 8, 2009 in Gaza

22:54 British FM David Milliband: "UN Security Council resolution on Gaza to be voted by show of hands

22:02 New York: Agreement reached in UN Security Council on Gaza resolution

21:00 Guardian reports that incoming Obama Administration may hold indirect talks with Hamas

20:00 Ehud Olmert: No orders have been issued to widen offensive

19:39 Red Cross: Israeli troops prevent aid from reaching Zeitoun quarter in Gaza City
19:00 US Congress prepares resolution on Israel's undeniable right to defend itself

18:50 Algerian superstar Cheb Khaled ready to take up arms to fight in Gaza

18:48 Mega telethon benefitting Gazans in Saudi Arabia. King Abdallah and son Ben Abdel Aziz donated $8 and $2.8 million, respectively.

18:35 Ban ki-moon: Israel violated humanitarian truce by killing two UNRWA employees
18:24 USA: "Increase the humanitarian corridor"

18:30 Amman: Sarkozy meets with Abdallah II

18:05 Amnesty International: Both sides using civilians as human shields

18:04 Olmert: "Israel's objectives have not yet been reached [nor will they ever be--Nur]

18:00 Washington: US Dept. of State asks Israel to extend daily 3-hour truce [A 3-hour truce is a lunch break --Nur]

17:59 Arab countries shown draft UN resolution on Gaza drafted by Britain

17:47 Hamas has no problem with Mahmoud Abbas as Palestinian Authority leader

17:33 Joe the Plumber becomes Middle East war correspondent for Pajamas Media (founded by Charles Johnson of "Little Green Footballs")

16:58 Usa, France and Britain work on UN resolution.

16:55 Mubarak calls on Israel to refrain from further attacks on Gaza

16:54 Javier Solana: EU to resume Rafah crossing mission

16:49 UNRWA: "The crisis is worsening by the hour"

16:45 Israeli ambassdor to the Vatican says relations are excellent between the two states

16:39 Italian Defense Minister La Russa: "Italian troops ready to serve as peacekeepers.

16:21 Madrid: Mahmoud Abbas hopes that rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon constitute an isolated event

16:18 US and EU bishops support Vatican call for truce

16:14 Mahmoud Abbas has no comment on Hamas rejection of Egyptian plan.

16:09 Red Cross: Israel has made several human rights violations

16:03 Dozens of bodies found under rubble during yesterday's 3-hour truce, including small children next to their mothers’ corpses

16:02 Two teenagers killed by Israeli troops in Khan Yunis

16:01 Gaza death toll is 763

15:45 Mubarak invites Olmert to Cairo

15:41 Olmert: "No order given to intensify offensive against Gaza"

15:36 Mahmoud Abbas supports Franco-Egyptian peace plan

15:32 UNRWS suspends operations in Gaza

15:25 Salam Fayad: "Mahmud Abbas to remain Palestinian Authority President"

15:07 Israel claims Palestinian militants fired rockets at Ashkelon and Sderot during truce.

15:05 Doctors without Borders: "Truce was a farce, physicians prevented from entering Gaza"

15:01 International Association of Mustlim scholars announces Muslim "Day of Rage" on on Friday

14:56 Palestinian FM Salam Fayyad: "Gaza offensive by Israel a new Nakba"

14:42 Human Rights Watch: "Israel and Egypt must open frontiers"

14:27 Auckland, Israeli tennis star Shahar Peer jeered

14:20 Israel bombs UN truck carrying supplies, driver is killed. The truck was clearly identified as a UN vehicle

13:53 Sarkozy: "Paris and Berlin prepared to joint initiative on Gaza"

13:49 Hamas: "Egyptian plan does not resolve the crisis"

13:47 Palestinians with dual passports allowed to leave the Gaza Strip

13:45 Palestinian rocket fired at Kibbutz Ein Ha Shlosha

13:44 Iran, Khamenei forbids Iranians to volunteer in Gaza

13:36 Mons. Paul Dahdah, the Latin Rite apostolic vicar of Beirut, says conflict likely to spread

13:27 Javier Solana in Turkey for talks with Gul and Erdogan

13:21 Siniora condemns firing of rockets at Israel from Lebanon

13:15 Amnesty International: "EU must do more to avert humanitarian catastrophe"

13:04 Times of London repeats its allegation that Israel is using white phosphorus type M825A1, made in USA

12:55 Italian FM Fassino: "Italian Government supports Mubarak's ceasefire plan"

12:48 Palestinian killed by Israeli troops on West Bank as he tried to set fire to a service station adjacent to the Israeli settlement of Mishor Adumim

12:45 Israel: "Rockets fired from Lebanon were launched by Palestinians

12:41 Obama phones EU President Topolanek

12:26 Red Cross: "Corpses strewn throughout Beit Lahiya"

12:17 Carter: "The Gaza offensive was unnecessary"

12:09 Salam Fayyad wants Egyptian initiative to be accepted immediately

12:02 3-hour truce starts

11:58 Israeli envoys Shalom Turgeman and Amos Gilad in Cairo

11:48 Israeli Army officer killed when anti-tank rocket explodes

11:43 Pope calls for return to negotiations

11:24 Tony Blair: "The Usa supports Egyptian plan"

11:14 UNIFIL commander General Claudio Graziano calls for restraint by Israel and Lebanon

11:04 Algerian TV cameraman for ENTV Bacel Feradj dies after being wounded in Israeli offensive Gaza

11:02 Lebanese Information Minister Tareq Mitr says Hezbollah had nothing to do with rockets fired at Israel

10:49 Mubarak presents plan for 72-hour truce

10:45 Upper Galilee: Israeli warplanes break sound barrier causing panic among populace

10:10 UNIFIL increases patrols

10:07 Israeli Army returns rocket fire

10:02 Israel intensifies operations in Gaza

09:59 More rockets fired at Israel from South Lebanon

09:48 Three Islamic Jihad militants killed in airstrike

08:50 Five 120-mm rockets fired at Israel su Israele, ne sono stati sparati cinque

08:00 Pubic water systems fails in Gaza City

07:55 Rockets fired at Ashod and Ashkelon

07:35 Israel claims rockets fired from Lebanon were launch with the consent of Hezbollah

07:33 Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon strike northern Israel.

07:32 Larijani meets Khaled Meshaal in Damascus

07:31 Israeli airstrikes on Rafah

07:30 Israeli tanks advance in southern Gaza Strip

07:00 Israelis set up lawn chairs on heights to watch Gaza incursion


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