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Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11, 2009 in Gaza

Gaza live bloggers:

Moments of Gaza
From Gaza with Love
In Gaza
A Mother from Gaza

18:15 Anti-Israel demonstrators clash with police in Brussels as 20,00 protest Gaza operations

17:39 Potshots fired at Israeli troops in Golan Heights from Syrian side

17:28 Israeli air strikes hit Egyptian Refah, five wounded

16:40 Turkish delegation led by Ahmed Davutoglu meeting with Hamas in Cairo

15:52 EU parliamentary delegation: "Hundreds of children sheltering in UNRWA school"

15:23 EU parliamentary delegation returns to Egypt, report UNRWA school damaged

14:29 UE parliamentary delegation enters Gaza Strip in UNRWA minivan.

13:23 Obama says he will concentrate on Middle East crisis as soon as he takes office

12:56 Israeli Defense Vice Minister Matan Vilnai: Gaza operation winding down

11:46 Israel exerts pressure on Egypt to stop contraband; Haaretz reports that Israeli military action will continue in Gaza to put pressure on Hosni Mubarak". [Israelis playing with fire...]

11:34 Israeli military claims it killed 12 militants a Gaza City's Sheikh Ajleen quarter.

11:31 Rockets fired at Beer Sheva and Netivot, but schools open

11:19 Palestinian death toll is 878 in Operation Hardened Lead

11:07 British Jews urges Israel to end Gaza operation

11:00 Israeli General Yoav Galant says Gaza operations must be widened
10:34 Olmert, "We were forced into offensive on Gaza"

10:30 Olmert says Israel has nearly reached all its aims

10:21 Saudi fighter named Abu Muhammed al-Mari said to be killed by Israelis in Gaza

10:00 Israeli tanks advance in southern Gaza City

09:30 EU parliamentary delegation prevented from crossing into the Gaza Strip at Rafah

09:22 Israeli artillery pounds Beith Lahiya, killing 5 civilians

09:16 Israel demands that Egyptian forces prevent arms from reaching Gaza [the desire to help their Arab brothers must be overwhelming--Nur].

09:15 Israel says 60 targets hit during the night

09:00 Israeli tanks in the Sheik Ajlin district of Gaza City as Israeli artillery pounds the Tall al Hawa quarter. Hamas militants have mined the streets.


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