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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 13, 2009 in Gaza

19:55 Qatar conference tomorrow

19:54 Hamas says it has certain objections regarding implementation of truce

19:02 EU Parliament debates Gaza situation

18:57 Israel says Palestinians using weapons with white phosphorus

18:49 White House skeptical on acceptance of truce by Hamas

18:43 Italian Red Cross to send aid to Gaza

18:38 Assad: Isareli offensive spreading extremism

18:33 Ban Ki-moon in Jordan for talks with King Abdallah

18:25 Diplomatic sources say Egypt is expecting a reply from Israel on truce

18:23 Hamas says it has not accepted Egyptian-brokered truce

18:13 Hamas says Israel will withdraw troops as part of truce

18:12 Spanish FM Miguel Angel Moratinos denies that Hamas has accepted truce

17:41 Czech FM Karel Schwarzenberg rejects idea of direct contacts with Hamas

17:34 Hamas says divergences remain concerning truce

17:31 Spain confirms that Hamas has accepted truce

16:51 Italian FM Frattini to personally escort Italian assistance to Gaza.

16:49 Save the Children: Authorized assistance totally insufficient

16:47 More than 300 children killed in Israeli offensive

16:45 Osservatore Romano: "Humanitarian situation in Gaza dire"

16:43 Israel. No confirmation of release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit

16:41 Italian FM Frattini to leave for Gaza on Sunday

16:29 EU President: "More humanitarian assistance needed"

16:25 Israeli robocalls in Lebanon: "Remember what happened to you in 1982"

16:22 Anti-tank rockets launched at Israeli tanks; 7 Israeli soldiers wounded

16:12 Bolivia breaks diplomatic relations with Israel

16:02 Israel shows signs of accepting ceasefire.

16:00 Lebanon. Dynamite booby-trap set in El Hebbariye for UNIFIL troops

15:49 Palestinian sources say 4,500 are wounded

15:17 Egyptian source says Hamas has accepted truce.

15:07 Human rights groups in Israel criticize Tsahal for jeopardizing civilians

14:41 German FM Frank Walter Steinmeier returns to Middle East

14:38 Egypt to inform Israel of Hamas' decision on truce

14:13 Red Cross: "Desperate situation in Gaza

13:13 Qassam rockets fired at southern Israel. No damage or casualties

13:02 Israeli troops fire at white flag in village of Khuza.

12:47 Lebanese government condemns launch of rockets at Israel

12:43 Israeli F-16's bomb Gaza's cemetery

12:38 Italy's Enel donates two 30-kvA generators to Gaza

12:19 Ahmed Abul Gheit: Israel's use of weapons a scandal"

12:09 Ban Ki-Moon: "Israel has used excessive force"

12:08 UNIFIL troops find additional unlaunched rockets

12:05 European Parliament calls for immediate truce

11:53 Osama Bin Laden calls for jihad in 22-minutes message

11:36 Ban Ki-Moon repeats request for immediate ceasefire.

11:32 Czech leader Topolanek calls Turkey an "Arab country"

11:11 Unifil: "At least 3 rockets fired at Isarel"

11:08 Spanish FM Miguel Angel Moratinos optimistic on truce

10:34 Iran, Khamenei issues fatwa against buying Israeli products

10:23 The Guardian writes that Israel may face UN tribunal.

10:16 Egypt asks Hamas to accept 1-year truce

09:59 Tunisia will not attend summit in Doha

09:57 Haaretz reports Barak and Livni want a truce, Olmert no.

09:54 Hamas fires mortars and rockets at Israel

09:53 Israel prevents Iranian ship carrying 2,000 tons of food and medicine from docking in Gaza

09:32 Israel demands Lebanon prevent rocket attacks

09:13 Israel strikes 60 targets during the night

09:10 Egypt and Saudi Arabia will not attend Qatar Summit

09:07 Ban Ki-Moon in Cairo for talks with Mubarak

08:21 Blair: "Next 48-72 hours are crucial"

08:20 The Speaker of the UN General Assembly, Miguel D'Escoto, convenes session tomorrow to discuss Gaza.

08:19 Battles during the night

08:14 Gaza death toll 975

08:12 Three rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon


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