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Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15, 2007, in Gaza

21:51 4 US and French physicians cross into Gaza at Rafah to treat [3,000] wounded

21:18 Condoleezza Rice phones Olmert to apologize for working on UN resolution.

21:16 Ban Ki-Moon: A few more days needed to work out details on truce.

20:34 Obama says he will work for peace as soon as he is inaugurated.

20:23 EU condemns Israeli attacks on UNRWA

19:51 Meshaal (Hamas): "No truce until Israel withdraws"

19:45 Hamas prepared to accept a one-year truce

19:07 Hamas announces vendetta for slaying of Said Siam

19:01 Usa: Aharon Abramovich expected in Washington

18:56 Islamic Resistance security chief, Salah Abu Shreh, and head of the military wing, Mahmoud Watfah, killed in Israeli raid.

18:55 Italian FM Frattini meets with ambassadors of Arab countries in Rome

18:37 Operation Hardened Lead has caused $1.4 billion in property damage

18:29 Haaretz, reports outgoing US Administration is to sign security memorandum with Israel

18:23 Hamas confirms death of Said Siam in Israeli air strike on his home

18:10 Israel: Hamas Interior Minister Said Siam slain.

18:09 Abu Mazen: "Next few hours crucial for truce"

18:07 Israel reportedly is indecisive on truce.

16:54 Olmert: "Usa proposes agreement to keep Hamas from rearming"

16:51 Egypt, Israel is positive to truce.

16:40 Red Cross: 100 patients and staff trapped in burning hospital in Gaza.

16:24 Hamas rockets fired at Beer Sheva

16:11 Olmert: "Hamas militants were firing from UNRWA building". UN officer John Ging says the allegation is senseless.

15:47 NGOs report catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza

15:45 Doctors report Israelis firing on al Quds Hospital

15:28 Patriarch of Jerusalem: "Women and children are the victims"

15:15 Brown: Attack on UNRWA "indefensible and unacceptable"

14:58 UNRWA bombing, EU commission shocked and horrified.

14:02 Israeli mediator leaves Cairo.

13:19 France condemns attack on UNRWA headquarters

13:11 UNICEF sounds the alarm: "Shocking conditions"

12:33 Ehud Barak apologizes to Ki-Moon for bombing UNRWA headquarters [One of the most insincere apologies ever uttered.]

12:27 Israelis bomb 15 clinics in Gaza City

12:21 European Parliament passes resolution calling for immediate truce.

12:06 Ban Ki-Moon says ceasefire may be near.

11:55 Greece officially protests Israel blockade of humanitarian aid.

11:54 Vatican: "The fundamental rights of the populace in Gaza have been violated"

11:50 Israelis use white phosphorus artillery shells when firing at UNRWA headquarters.

11:49 Ban Ki-Moon: "Death toll unbearable"

11:43 UNRWA forced to abandon operations in Gaza.

11:29 Gaza hospital bombed by Israel on fire.

11:28 Ban ki-Moon "indignant" over bombing of UNRWA headquarters

11:26 Merkel and Brown say they are "shocked" by humanitarian crisis in Gaza

11:25 UN personnel killed in Israeli artillery bombing of UNRWA headquarters.

11:09 Israeli artillery fires on the 500-patient Tell Al Hawa Hospital, the headquarters of the Red Crescent.

10:47 UNRWA spokesman confirms that Israeli artillery fired on headquarters.

10:45 Ahmadinejad accuses Arab leaders of supporting genocide

10:38 Blast hits building hosting foreign press in Gaza, including Reuters. A reporter from Abu Dhabi is wounded.

10:29 Lebanese military puts on display of force in South Lebanon following rocket launching.

10:28 Israel tanks move on residence of Mahmoud Al Zahar, the Hamas foreign minister".

10:23 BBC reports fire at UNRWA headquarters

10:06 Mohammed Nassal of Hamas: "We do not want an unlimited truce"

09:54 Former member of Italian Parliament, Francesco Caruso, traveling with an aid ship to Gaza says his and other vessels have been stopped by the Israelis.

09:53 Wounded Palestinians evacuated to Tunisia from the El Arish air base in Egypt.

09:44 Ban Ki-Moon in Israel

09:34 BBC reports Israeli troops fire at Palestinian women exiting their homes carrying a white flag.

08:26 Usa and Israel sign security memorandum

08:25 Ship carrying aid for Gaza turned away from coast by Israeli Navy

08:17 Israeli troops enter Gaza City, population flees

08:16 14 rockets fired at Israel

07:21 Venezuela breaks diplomatic relations with Israel

07:19 German FM Franck-Walter Steinmeier arrives in Israel

07:17 New York. Emergency session of the UN General Assembly

07:13 Israeli negotiator Amos Gilas in Cairo

07:11 Ismail Haniyeh calls on the West to stop Israeli offensive

06:58 16 dead in nighttime operations. Israeli warplanes target a mosque in Rafah


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