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Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 17, 2009 in Gaza

22:26 Fawzi Barhoum: "Without Israeli withdrawal, Hamas will continue to resist"

22:04 Omert confirms that Israeli troops will occupy Gaza during ceasefire

21:55 Olmert announces ceasefire

21:30 Two rockest fired at Ashdod and Ashkelon

21:13 Israeli troops to occupy Gaza following ceasefire

20:45 Berlusconi confirms that he will travel to Israel

20:35 Mahmoud Abbas and Olmert will not attend Sharm el-Sheikh summit

19:43 Ban Ki-Moon condemns bombing of UNRWA school in Beit Lahiya by Israel

19:41 Sarkozy, Merkel, Brown and Berlusconi to see Olmert following summit

19:17 9 Israeli soldiers wounded in Gaza

19:07 Ban Ki-Moon: "Ceasefire must be accompanied by Israeli withdrawal"

19:06 Sarkozy to preside over Sharm el-Sheikh together with Mubarak

19:01 Israeli government meets to discuss truce

18:46 Egypt: "Israel has okayed truce"

18:35 Israel to open border to allow Gazans to seek medical treatment in Israel

18:32 Angela Merkel to attend Sharm el Sheikh summit

18:03 Berlusconi: "There will certainly be a ceasefire"

18:02 Israel pondering ceasefire

17:52 Iran demands investigation into use of white phosphorus by Israel

17:49 Roma, 150 thousand people turn out to protest Israeli operation against Gaza

17:01 France, UK and the US will provide resources to prevent arms smuggling into the Gaza Strip

16:49 Israeli missiles strike Egypt

16:21 Brown "profoundly concerned" over Gaza

16:20 Ehud Barak phones Robert Gates

16:10 Olmert appoints Yitzhak Herzog as coordinator for humanitarian aid in Gaza

15:21 Olmert and Mahmud Abbas) will attend Egypt summit

14:56 Summit in Egypt on Sunday

14:47 Palestinian sources: More than 4.000 residential buildings destroyed by Israelis

14:44 Mubarak: "Egypt will not accept foreign observers"

14:42 4 Israeli soldiers seriously wounded

14:28 Egypt wants an international donor conference for Gaza
14:14 Mubarak demands an immediate Israeli ceasefire

14:11 Berlusconi phones Mubarak

14:00 Marches planned in Rome to protest Israeli operation against Gaza

13:18 Egypt: Israel stands in the way of a truce

13:17 Egypt denies that the US and Israel have signed a pact to interdict Hamas arms trafficking.

13:08 Turkey-Israel, Ankara does not wish to sever diplomatic relations

12:41 Berlusconi to travel to Sharm el-Sheikh.

12:39 Israel security advisors to meet at 18:30

12:36 UN demands inquest into anther bombing of a UN school by Israelis

12:15 Olmert-Barak plan evening press conference

12:14 Truce agreement to be signed at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt on Sunday

12:13 Ban Ki-moon urges immediate ceasefire

12:02 Death toll: 1200 Palestinians killed

11:59 US Reporters berate Livni at a press conference in Washington

11:50 Vatican: "UN must strive to achieve ceasefire"

11:17 Pope urges assistance for Gaza civilians

11:12 EU Commissioner Danuta Hubner: "Parties must resume talks"

10:57 Hezbollah protests visit of Ban Ki-moon to Beirut

10:51 Czech FM Karel Schwarzenberg expected in Cairo

10:19 Mahmud Abbas flies to Cairo for talks with Mubarak

10:07 Hamas: "We will not turn in our weapons"

10:05 Message of condolence from Iran for Hamas minister killed in Israeli air strike

09:17 Tsahal: 50 objectives hit during the night

08:25 Livni: "Yes to truce but if Hamas attacks, we will resume offensive"

08:23 Israeli artillery fires on UN school in Beit Lahiya, two children dead.


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