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Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 18, 2009 in Gaza: The Truce

21:26 Ismail Haniyeh,: "We have scored a victory"

19:40 Olmert: "We want to leave Gaza as soon as possible"

18:41 Zapatero: "The truce is a positive step but aid needed"

18:28 Israel opens a field hospital near the Erez crossing to provide treatment to wounded Palestinians

18:26 Abu Mazen: "Humanitarian aid must begin to flow now"

18:08 Israeli military: "Progressive withdrawal initiated.

17:46 Israel initiates partial withdrawal

17:40 Sarkozy: "Efforts to arrive at a 2-state solution must be accelerated"

17:28 Mubarak: "Another international summit needed to resolve conflict between Hamas and Israel"

17:11 David Axelrod: "Obama hopes for a lasting truce

16:56 Israel abandons key positions in Gaza

16:42 Mubarak repeats his opposition to international observers along border

16:40 Iran: "Hamas should not accept truce"

16:34 Berlusconi: "Italy among the first to contribute to a "Marshall Plan" for Gaza

16:28 Berlusconi: "Obama, will provide the decisive energy needed to achieve peace"

16:24 Berlusconi: "World leaders hope that Israel will withdraw"

16:01 Berlusconi proposes that the Carabinieri monitor border crossings into Gaza

16:00 Yuval Diskin: "Operations have not yet been concluded"

15:32 Gordon Brown: "Israel must withdraw and firing of rockets must end"

15:19 Nicholas Sarkozy: "Israel must withdraw if no rockets are launched against it"

15:08 Sharm el Sheikh conference concludes [A 1-hour conference? One hour??--Nur]

14:12 Sarkozy: "Two-state conference needed

14:10 Abu Mazen attends Sharm summit after declaring he would not attend

13:55 Peace conference opens in Sharm el Sheikh

13:41 Islamic Jihad proclaims one-week truce

13:27 Hamas agrees to truce but demands Israeli pull-out within one week

12:31 Israel says it is premature to set a timetable for troop withdrawal

12:15 EU asks for a truce from Hamas and urges Israel to open all border crossings

12:11 Benedict XVI: "End the Gaza tragedy"

12:08 European leaders attending the Sharm el-Sheikh summit invited to dine with Olmert in Israel

11:52 95 bodies recovered in Gaza

11:01 Hamas: "We are not bound by Israel's unilateral truce"

10:57 Tony Blair: "The peace initiative is not dead" [Quite right, it's undead--Nur]

10:25 Abu Mazen: "The ceasefire is not enough; Israelis must withdraw from Gaza"

10:23 Palestinian militant killed by Israelis in Khuzaa, near Khan Yunes

10:07 Olmert: "The truce is fragile"

09:21 Israeli reprisal against Gaza

09:18 Hamas: "Bodies of children being recovered"

09:17 Rockets fired at southern Israel

09:13 Peace conference in Egypt today. Attending are Ban Ki Moon, Sarkozy, Brown, Merkel, Berlusconi and Zapatero and representatives of the EU and the Arab League.

09:07 Israel says it will respond to provocations

09:05 Truce proclaimed in Israel

07:52 Israeli helicopters attack northern Gaza Strip.


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