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A blog on the current crises in the Middle East and news accounts unpublished by the US press. Daily timeline of events in Iraq as collected from stories and dispatches in the French and Italian media: Le Monde (Paris), Il Corriere della Sera (Milan), La Repubblica (Rome), L'Orient-Le Jour (Beirut) and occasionally from El Mundo (Madrid).

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

29 September 2004 Events in Iraq

23:00 Major US offensive against Samarra. US troops attack Samarra with air cover, conducting house-to-house searches.

21:14 Zarqawi claims responsibility for Baghdad attacks. Tawhid wal Jihad, linked to terrorist Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi,claims credit for today's attacks in Baghdad.

20:59 UN approves protection force for its mission in Iraq. 480-man contingent to be deployed to Iraq.

19:59 Pentagon, US losses amount to at least 1052

19:14 Rumsfeld, the guerrillas have a following. US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld admits insurgency is growing.

18:51 Rome Prosecuter to review tape of hostage release. Tape to be examined for edits and outtakes.

18:48 Imam assasinated in Mossul. Rajeh al-Ramadani, imam of the al-Azhar mosque, was killed in a driveby shooting.

18:37 Abu Ghraib, 180 prisoners released.

17:55 Brussels. NATO, 3 thousand soldiers to train Iraqi forces. NATO agreed to deploy 3 thousand troops to Iraq to train Iraqi forces.

17:45 Rome. Mussolini, mistake to have paid ransom. Alessandra Mussolini says ransom should not have been paid because it "feeds" terrorism.

17:44 Kirkuk. Security official assassinated. Jalal Fattah Omar, the security official for Kirkuk, was found dead in the outskirts of the city.

17:21 Dublin. Sinn Fein, Adams calls for release of Bigley. Gerry Adams issues plea on Al Jazeera television for release of Ken Bigley.

16:20 Baghdad. Allawi says Iraqi will not be divided. Premier Allawi says he does not take seriously the rumor that the southern provinces will break away from Iraq.

16:13 Blackpool. Labour defeats motion for Iraq pullout. Trade unions lose vote on pullout. However, a motion affirming that British troops should stay in Iraq until invited to leave by the new government passes.

15:53 Rome. Rome prosecutor to verify existence of list. The Rome public prosecutor will verify the existence of a list prepared by US intelligence naming Simona Torretta and Simona Pari as spies.

15:47 Baghdad. Allawi says kidnapping of Bigley is "repugnant."

15:37 Baghdad. Allawi vows that elections will be held.

15:17 Rome. Italy to train Iraqi diplomats. The Italian government will train 15 future Iraqi ambassadors in a four-week course at the Institute for the Study of Foreign Policy.

15:13 Baghdad. Two Egyptians remain hostage. Two Egyptian technicians of the group Orascom are still in the hands of kidnappers.

15:05 Rome. Scelli, Italians on list of spies? The kidnappers of two Italian NGO workers, Simona Pari and Simona Torretta, stated that the names of the hostages were on a so-called list of spies.

14:26 Baghdad. Three Lebanese kidnapped.

14:22 Baghdad. Iraqi Vice Premier: The elections will be held on time. Barhan Saleh vows that Baghdad will take control of Fallujah before November and that Fallujah residents will vote.

13:49 Baghdad. Lebanese hostage freed. A Lebanese, Imad Bassila, is released.

13:20 Baghdad. Identity of 10 kidnapped employees: 2 Lebanese, 2 Indonesians and 6 Iraqis working for an electrical parts supplier.

13:00 Baghdad. Death toll rises to 42. Carbombing in Baghdad kills 42, mostly children, who were attending the inauguration of a water pumping station in the al-Amel quarter.

12:52 Baghdad. Attack on US convoy. Death toll rises in dual dynamite attack on a US convoy transiting south Baghdad. The dead include several children; 120 are wounded.

12:52 Tel Afar. Four Iraqis are dead and 16 wounded in a carbombing in Tel Afar.

11:51 Rome. Mother of Simona Torretta: "I prayed for the kidnappers."

11:36 Baghdad. At least 33 US soldiers killed. At least 33 are dead in a dual dynamite attack on a US convoy traversing south Baghdad. After the first blast, a second went off as US troops ran to the aid of their stricken comrades.

11:27 Baghdad. 10 are taken hostage. An insurgent group raided an electronics firm and kidnapped 10 employees, including 2 Indonesian women.

10:56 Baghdad. Carbombing at US base, 3 dead and 13 injured. Carbomb explodes at checkpoint of US military base killing at least one US soldier and 2 Iraqi police. The blast damaged a nearby tank.

10:31 Baghdad. Carbomb, 5 dead. At least five Iraqis are dead and 60 wounded, including four US soldiers and two Iraqi policemen in a suicide carbomb in Abu Ghraib in the western suburbs of Baghdad.

10:18 London. Bigley's wife pleads with Blair. The Thai wife of Ken Bigley implored Tony Blair to help her husband.

09:45 London. Straw: "Ready to listen concerning Bigley". The British government is ready to listen to the demands of the kidnappers of Ken Bigley but excludes negotiations.

09:17 Baghdad. Multinational soldier killed. A coalition soldier died from wounded received in a 122mm rocket attack on a logistics base near Baghdad.

08:58 Baghdad. Second carbomb, 4 wounded. Four US soldiers were wounded in a carbombing near a US base west of Baghdad.

08:00 Erbil. Kurdish group threatened Arabs. A Kurdish group has threatened revenge on radical Islamists responsible for the death of 13 Kurds and vowed to expel all Arabs from Kurdish lands.

07:00 Nassiriya. Police lose track of recovered antiquities. Nassiriya police lose track of a convoy transporting highly valuable antiquities recovered by the Italian contingent. The convoy disappeared Mahmoudiyah, south of Baghdad. The convoy, escorted by Iraqi customs officials, transported 70 cuneiform tablets, 12 finely detailed vases, and a large number of coins, bracelets and jewels confiscated by Italian troops.

06:00 Najaf. Shrine of Ali reopened. Talal Bilal, vice-governor of the holy Shi'ite city of Najaf, reopened the shrine of Imam Ali.

05:30 Fallujah. US airstrike 4 dead 8 wounded. Four people were killed and 8 wounded following a US airstrike on Fallujah. The Dhoubat quarter was bombed and one home was destroyed.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

28 September 2004 Events in Iraq

02:45 Rome. Simona Pari debriefed on hostage ordeal by Special Prosecutor Pietro Saviotti

02:44 Rome. Simona Torretta debriefed on kidnapping by Special Prosecutor Franco Ionta

02:41 Baghdad. Kidnappers present candy and embroidered abayas to Italian hostages. Simona Torretta and Simona Pari receive gifts from kidnappers at end of ordeal.

02:25 Rome. Italian hostages were not separated. Simona Torretta and Simona Pari were held together during 21-day ordeal.

01:44 Rome. Berlusconi celebrates in Piazza Navona. Silvio Berlusconi celebrates hostage release at sidewalk cafe 'Tre Scalini' in Piazza Navona with a 'gelato'.

00:43 Rome. Pari and Torretta smiling and relaxed.

00:10 Rome. Pari and Torretta flown by helicopter to Rome police barracks.

23:53 Baghdad. Released Iraqi hostages remain in Baghdad. Iraqi engineer Raed Ali Abdul Aziz and NGO worker Mahnaz Bassan, kidnapped along with the two Italian NGO workers, remain in Iraq.

23:46 Rome. "We were treated with respect." Simona Torretta tells journalists that she was always treated with respect during kidnapping ordeal.

23:42 Paris. French Foreign Minister not aware of any deal for release of French reporters. French FM says he has no information on possible deal with kidnappers as reported by al-Arabiya TV.

23:22 Rome. Pari and Torretta arrive in Rome. Silvio Berlusconi boards plane as doors open.

23:14 Rome. Hostage plane arrives at Ciampino Airport. Delegation of Italian government officials await released Italian hostages: Premier Silvio Berlusconi, Vice Premier Gianfranco Fini, Undersecretary of State Gianni Letta, Rome Mayor Walter Veltroni, leftist leader Francesco Rutelli and Rome Prefect Achille Serra.

23:09 London. UK, silence on release of British hostage. Neither BBC or SkyNews have information on the release of Bigley.

22:55 New York. Kofi Annan satisfied at hostage release. UN Spokesman Fred Eckhard says Annan relieved, desires release of remaining hostages.

22:53 London. Al-Zarqawi Group promises Bigley will be released. Tawhid wal Jihad says it will release Kenneth Bigley.

22:51 Dubai. Deal for release of French hostage. Al-Arabiya reports deal reached for release of French reporters.

22:45 Dubai. Al Arabiya, last 2 Egyptian hostages released. The last two kidnapped employees of Orascom Telecom (OT) have been released.

22:44 Rome. Crowd of journalists await return of Italian hostages at Ciampino Airport.

22:24 Paris. French reporters to be released soon. Italian Muslim group in mission to Baghdad say French reporters will be released soon by their kidnappers.

22:20 Paris. French negotiator: deal struck for release of hostages.

22:18 Doha. Frattini on Al Jazeera, thanks Arab world. Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini thanks Arab world for hostage release on Al Jazeera

22:14 Rome. Boniver, no information on ransom payment. Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Margherita Boniver says she has no information that a ransom was paid.

22:11 Rome. Bertinotti: "If they paid a ransom, good for them!" Italian Communist leader Fausto Bertinotti says ransom payment no surprise.

22:02 Rome. SkyTg24 interviews released Iraqi hostage. Italian TV network interviews Raad Ali Abdul Aziz, kidnapped along with Italian NGO workers.

21:53 Rome. Mantovano: "Ransom? Utmost discretion." Italian Deputy Minister of the Interior Alfredo Mantovano says talk of ransom could compromise hostage release.

21:21 Baghdad. Web site announces Bigley release. The Islamic web site 'Al Qalah' says UK hostage Bigley to be released.

21:15 Kuwait. Newspaper Rai al-Aam: "Million dollar ransom paid" Publisher Al Rooz says reliable sources tell him ransom was paid for hostage release.

20:50 Rome. Widow of Enzo Baldoni: "We have nothing to say." Giusy Bonsignore, surviving spouse of executed hostage Enzo Baldoni, reserves comment on hostage release

20:48 Rome. Italian mosques to celebrate hostage release. Aboulkheir Bregheiche says mosques throughout Italy will give thanks during Friday prayers for hostage release.

20:46 Paris. Chirac expresses contentment at hostage release. French President Jacques Chirac sends note to Berlusconi expressing immense pleasure at hostage release.

20:18 Baghdad. Mahnaz goes home in taxi. "They released me in a Baghdad street at 7:30. I hailed a cab and went home." Iraqi NGO worker Mahnaz Bassam, kidnapped along with Italian women, returns home safely.

20:13 Baghdad. Representative of Italian Muslim organization remains in Baghdad to recover Baldoni remains. Mohamed Nour Dachan of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy will attempt to recover the remains executed hostage Enzo Baldoni.

20:10 Milan. Celebration in Piazza Duomo. Milanese invited to celebrate hostage release in historic downtown square.

20:10 Rome. Father of Enzo Baldoni: "They were luckier than my son."

20:09 Rome. Fassino asked if ransom paid. Italian Socialist politician Piero Fassino says he is unaware if ransom paid.

20:05 Rome. Coliseum in Rome illuminated to celebrate release of Italian hostages.

20:00 Baghdad. Patriarch of Baghdad confirms mediation of church. The Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad, Emmanuel Delly, says church participated in hostage release effort.

19:57 Rome. Imam of Centocelle Mosque visits hostage's family. Imam Ben M. Mohamed joins Catholic priests in visit to family of Simona Torretta.

19:56 Rome. Roman Jewish community celebrates. Riccardo Pacifici says Rome's Jewish community celebrates hostage release.

19:55 Rome. Italian Islamic community relieved.

19:52 Rome. SkyTg24 reports ransom paid for hostage release.

19:45 Rome. Red Cross to evacuate Iraqis requiring medical treatment. The Italian Red Cross will fly out 15 patients tomorrow for treatment in Rome. The flight is thought to be part of the hostage release deal.

19:41 Rome. White House welcomes news of hostage release.

19:32 Rome. Prodi, satisfaction and joy. EU Commission President Romano Prodi welcomes news of hostage release.

19:31 Rome. Ciampi thanks King of Jordan. President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi thanks Jordan's King Abdallah for his role in the hostage release.

19:24 Doha. Al Jazeera broadcasts hostage release.

19:23 London. Amnesty International pleased with hostage release.

19:14 Strasbourg. EU, Javier Solana welcome news of hostage release.

18:54 Vatican City. Navarro, Pope 'extremely happy' at hostage release.

18:48 Rome. Italian Senate, Berlusconi considered special forces raid. Berlusconi tells Italian body that he dismissed idea of raid to free Italian hostages as too risky.

18:38 Rome. Boniver: big relief.

18:30 Baghdad. Three Egyptian hostages released.

18:28 Rome. Hostage release celebrated with traffic jam.

18:25 Rome. Italian Red Cross recognized by Italian Parliament in hostage release effort

18:22 Rome. Berlusconi thanks all the Arab governments of the Middle East for assistance in gaining hostage release.

18:22 Rome. Berlusconi says a series of 16 separate negotiations was required for release of hostages.

18:11 Rome. Berlusconi convokes both houses of Parliament.

18:05 Rome. Iraqi hostages released.

18:01 Rome. Italian hostages veiled and released in separate locations.

18:00 Rome. Berlusconi says hostages released to Red Cross.

17:56 Rome. Italian leftists rejoice but want reexamination of Italian troop presence in Iraq.

17:49 Baghdad. InterSOS confirms: Manhaz is free.

17:37 Doha. Al Jazeera says Italian hostages are free. Al Jazeera reports kidnapped Italian NGO workers Simona Pari and Simona Torretta have been released.

17:35 Baghdad. Hackers attack al-Zarqawi site. Site depicts Linux penguin with machine gun.

16:39 Rome. Berlusconi thanks King of Jordan. Silvio Berlusconi thanks King Abdullah for help in hostage negotiations.

16:18 Baghdad. Dachan mediates release. The President of the Union of Islamic Communities in Italy, Mohamed Nour Dachan, is in Baghdad to meet with religious leaders and to pursue release of hostages.

16:07 Baghdad. Egyptian hostages. Release of telecom engineer Ali Makar is confirmed.

16:00 Mosul Turkish truck driver killed. A truck driver delivering fuel to US troops is ambushed near Mosul. The body of Nizamettin Bilir, 46 was returned to his home in Hatay, Turkey. So far 30 Turkish truck drivers have been killed or wounded in Iraq.

14:45 Ramadi. Suicide attack on US convoy. Suicide bomber attacks convoy of American SUVs.

13:45 Strasbourg. Josep Borrell, "Free all the hostages." EU Parliament President Josep Borrell wants to see all hostages in Iraq released.

13:43 Najaf. Two policemen killed. Unknown gunmen kill police and escape in car.

13:39 Rome. Berlusconi meets King of Jordan in Rome.

13:29 Rome. Ciampi, "We will combat terrorism with determination". Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi wants to wipe out 'plague' of terrorism.

13:26 Strasbourg. EU ready to back with elections in Iraq. Emma Udwin, spokesperson for Chris Patten. says EU will support January elections.

13:24 Rome. Frattini, "Gratitude to our Arab friends." Italian FM Franco Frattini publishes a thank-you in the major daily newspapers of Amman, Cairo, Baghdad and Beirut.

13:08 Kuwait. Kuwaiti press: Hostages to be freed after payment of $1 million ransom. Kuwait daily 'Al Rai Al Aam' says one-half of million dollar ransom has been paid to free Italian hostages.

12:59 Baghdad. Iraqi Ulema says Italian NGO workers may have been kidnapped by criminal gang.

11:50 Baghdad. Arrest for massacre of Nepalese. Al-Jabburi is thought to be the leader of Ansar al-Sunna which claimed responsibility for massacre of 12 Nepalese.

11:45 Paris. Chirac insists on conditions for conference. French President Jacques Chirac says Powell's proposal for peace conference is "useful" but warns that an agenda must be approved before meeting. The Bush administration wants to organize an October conference on Iraq in Cairo.

11:40 Baghdad. Iraqi forces arrest Iranian spy. Iraqi daily al-Furat says Nashaat Ali Al Hussein has been spying for Teheran.

11:26 Baghdad. Four Egyptian and two Iraqi hostages released. Kidnapped employees of cell phone company Iraqna are released.

10:36 Basrah. 2 British soldiers killed.

10:26 Baghdad. Man linked to Al Qaeda arrested. Ansar al-Islam leader Mohammad al-Jabburi has been arrested by US troops.

10:09 Baghdad. Bomb blast kills one, wounds another in Baghdad business district.

10:04 Baghdad. Explosions in downtown Baghdad

09:46 Baghdad. Clashes in Sadr City. US launch air strike and assault on Sadr City.

07:24 Fallujah. US air strike on Fallujah, 3 dead

06:39 Baghdad. Two Egyptians freed. Two kidnapped employees of Orascom released.

06:36 Beirut. Al Khatib dies in prison. Salafist leader Ismail Mohammad al-Khatib dies during incarceration in Beirut.

06:35 Amman. King of Jordan travels to Rome. King Abdullah makes unannounced visit to Italy.

Monday, September 27, 2004

27 September 2004 Events in Iraq

23:04 Doha. Al-Jazeera reports release of egyptian and iraqi hostages. Qatari TV 'Al Jazeera' reports than an Egyptian technician, Ali Makar, and two Iraqi telecommunications engineers kidnapped last Wednesday in Baghdad have been released.

22:44 Fallujah. US bombings: "Weapons caches targeted" US military says today's airstrikes in Fallujah and Sadr City targeted weapon caches, claiming neither individuals nor structures were intended to be hit. We conduct these operations at night, when the streets are deserted. [Nur says, Bull Shit with a capital BS. But how gullible do they think the rest of the world is? Lying liars.]

21:52 Baghdad. US aircraft bomb Sadr City.

21:50 Beirut. Al Qaeda leader dies of heart attack in Lebanon. Ismail Mohammad al-Khatib was found dead in his cell. He is thought to have planned to bomb the Italian Embassy in Baghdad [Nur says, Twice Bull Shit...he was likely tortured. ]

21:43 Fallujah. US airstrikes in Fallujah. US launches nighttime raid on city.

21:20 Kuwait City. Kuwaiti Daily: "Negotiations show progress" Kuwaiti newspaper publisher Ali al-Roz says Italian hostages will be released tomorrow or the day after.

21:15 Kuwait City. Kuwaiti Daily: Hostages to be freed Friday" Italian NGO volunteers Simona Torretta and Simona Pari will be released before Friday, says Kuwaiti daily Al Rai al-Aam.

20:52 Ramallah. Arafat intervenes to free British hostage. Palestinian President Yasser Arafat has intervened to free British hostage Kenneth Bigley, held by a group linked to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

20:28 Baghdad. Al Zawahiri makes new threats against Italian hostages. Ansar al Zawahiri publishes message at dated 27 September says Italian hostage will not be release alive.

18:50 Strasbourg. Prodi: "I am counting on assistance from Arab countries." European Commission President Romano Prodi hopes Arab countries will assist efforts to win release Italian hostages.

18:05 Kirkuk. Oil pipeline sabotage attempt fails, 2 die. Iraqi Police Lt. Col.Mohammed Hussein of Kirkuk says two saboteurs die in an attempt to blow up pipeline.

17:16 Baghdad. Two US soliders charged with murder of Iraqi. Sergeants Johnny Horne and Cardenas Alban of the 41st Infantry out of Fort Riley, Kansas, have been charged with murder.

17:00 Baghdad. Freed Iranian diplomat gives interview. Fereydun Jahani gave a brief press conference discussing his imprisonment saying he was well-treated.

16:43 Balad. Two US soldiers die north of Baghdad. Two US soldiers die in Balad.

16:25 Baghdad. Moqtada Sadr will boycott elections. Moqtada Sadr will boycott the January elections says Sadr spokeman Abdul Hadi al-Daraji. We will not run any candidates. Nevertheless Sadr insists that the January election go ahead as scheduled.

16:02 Baghdad. British Islamic Delegation in Baghdad. The Council of Muslims delegation departs Baghdad after urging release of Kenneth Bigley.

15:41 Baghdad. Torture, court martial for Lynndie England. England to appear before military court on 17 January. The trial is expected to last until 28 January 2005.

15:01 Baghdad. Iranian hostage released. Iranian satellite tv "Al-Alem" reports that diplomat Fereydoun Jahani, kidnapped 4 August near Karbala, has been released by his captors.

14:51 Baghdad. Al-Zarqawi claims responsibility for dual attack on US base. Al-Zarkawi claims credit for the dual suicide bombing of a US base near Karama.

14:24 Baquba. Five Iraqis arrested in Baquba after planting bomb. Five Iraqis were arrested after planting a marketplace bomb in Baladrouz, east of Baquba.

13:59 Kuwait City. Newspaper Rai Al Aam announces hostage release. Ali Al Rooz, publisher of the Kuwaiti daily Al-Rai Al-Aam says reliable source indicates Italian hostages to be released soon.

11:36 Baghdad. Saddam ex-general arrested. Us forces have arrested General Talib Abid Ghayib al-Lahibi for aiding rebels.

11:18 Strasbourg. Prodi: "We are hoping for good news" EU Commissioner Romano Prodi says hopes are up for release of Italian hostages.

11:07 London. Brother of Bigley demands Blair resignation. Paul Bigley demands resignation of Tony Blair for his management of the hostage crisis.

11:04 Mossul. 4 die in carbombing. Bomb explodes as Iraqi National Guard convoy passes by, killing 4 and wounding 3.

10:40 Baghdad. US troops KIA reaches 1047. Total Coalition deaths are now 1181.

10:24 London. Blair phones Bigley family. British PM Tony Blair phones the family of Kenneth Bigley.

10:18 Washingtn. Powell: "US Forces to enter rebel areas." Powell says US forces will control rebel areas before elections.

10:12 London. Paul Bigley: "My brother is alive".

09:13 Baghdad. Mortar fire hits police academy. No reports of casualties.

09:08 Mossul. Three die in carbombing.

08:10 Baquba. At least four people were killed in an dynamite attack in Khan Bani Saad.

07:59 Baghdad. US Airstrike on Sadr City. Hospital spokesman says one woman and two children are killed.

07:44 Mosul. Iraqi National Guard carbombing. Several are killed in a carbombing in Mossul targeting a police patrol.

07:12 Baghdad. Blasts heard in capital. Clashes between US troops and militants in Sadr City.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

26 September 2004 Events in Iraq

21:34 Riyadh. Shootout between police and terrorists. Shooting has erupted in Riyad's Shifa quarter in Riyadh. No details as yet.

21:29 London. Paul Bigley: "I have been informed that my brother is alive". Paul Bigley, brother of hostage Kenneth Bigley, says he has information that his brother is alive.

20:00 London. Paul Bigley: "Something is about to happen". Paul BIgley has stated that "something is about to happen" having to do with his brother.

19:53 Baghdad. US authorities: Elections will happen in most of the country. General John Abizaid says most Iraqi voters will go to the polls in January.

19:11 London. "Bigley is alive". Islamist Yasser Al Serr, Director of the 'Islamic Observation Centre in the UK, says Bigley is alive.

18:53 Ramadi. Four dead in fighting between rebels and US troops.

17:53 Karachi. Wanted terrorist arrested. Pakistan says Daniel Pearl's assassin has been arrested.

17:07 London. Greek airliner makes emergency landing. Olymipic Airline flight from Athens to New York lands in Stansted escorted by RAF jet fighters.

16:56 Rome. Decapitation video. RAI News 24 (Italy) has received a videocassette showing the decapitation of a 50 year-old Westerner claimed to be a CIA agent.

16:42 Rome. Western hostage decapiated. RAI News 24 (Italy) has a video of a beheading.

15:50 Falllujah. Two carbombs in Fallujah. US and Iraqi soldiers are wounded.

15:20 Washington. Powell: "Insurrection is worsening"

13:42 London. Cat Stevens pleads for release of Bigley. Stevens asked Tawhid wa al Jihad to perform an acti of piety and demonstrate the justice and mercy taught by Islam.

13:06 London. Blair: Syria and Iran must patrol borders. Tony Blair warns Iraqi neighbors to stay out of Iraqi politics.

13:01 Baghdad. Controlled explosion in downtown area.

12:38 Latifiya. Ten dead in tanker truck attack. Ten people die in rebel attack on fuel convoy in Latifiya. At least 26 are wounded.

12:02 Fallujah. 15 die in US airstrike.

11:47 Dubai. Al-Arabia: Al-Zawahri claims credit in death of Frenchman. Ansar al Zawahri claims responsibiity for the shooting of a French diplomat in Jeddah in revenge for the death of Abu Anas al Shani, a leader of al-Tawhid wal jihad.

10:47 Riyadh: Killing of Frenchman a "terrorist act." The assassination of a French citizen in Jeddah is condemed as a terrorist attack by Riyadh. He worked for the Thomson company.

10:40 Cairo. Hostages: Egyptian firm pays ransom. The Egyptian telecommunications group Orascom will pay a ransom to release its employees.

10:33 Baghdada. Iraqi general arrested for links to rebels. General Taleb Abdelgaith al Lahibi was arrested by US forces on 23 September.

10:06 Baghdad. US missile hits commercial area. 1 dead. A US missile hits Karrada street, destroying 2 cars and wounded several passers-by.

09:00 Kuwait City. Italian hostages are well. Kuwaiti daily Al Rai al Aam, says Italian hostage are well but suffering psychologically.

08:13 Fallujah. Nth bombing of a Zarqawi hide-out: 8 dead. US airstrike kills 8 in Fallujah.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

25 September 2004 Events in Iraq

22:37 Fallujah. Women and children die in airstrikes. Hospital spokesperson says several women and children are dead or wounded in Fallujah airstrike. US military says it had discovered a Tawhid al-Jihad meeting place.

21:58 Falllujah. Deathtoll rises. Hospital sources says seven are dead and 11 wounded following US airstrike on Fallujah.

21:14 Fallujah. Airstrike on Fallujah : 3 dead, 11 wounded.

21:12 Rome. Italian hostage crisis in "delicate" stage. Simona Pari and Simona Torretta are still held hostage in Iraq, say Italian intelligence officials.

20:51 Fallujah. New US airstrikes. US bombs the al-Julan residential quarter.

20:25 Baghdad. US soldier sentenced for murder. A US soldier gets 30 years in prison for the murder of a 30-year old Iraqi National Guardsman in a US base in Ad Dawr.

19:44 Baghdad. Powerful explosion.

19:06 Baghdad. Swedish national released. A Swedish citizen of Iraqi origin, Abbas Ridha, has been released by kidnappers.

19:01 London. Blair: "For Bigley we shall do everything." Britian will do everything possible to free Kenneth Bigley" says Britain's Sky News.

18:51 Baghdad. Bigley executed. At 19:18 local time in Iraq, Ken Bigley is executed.

18:36 Cairo. Muslim Brotherhood pleads for release of Egyptian hostages. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, spokesman for the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, pleads for release of fellow citizens kidnapped in Iraq.

16:59 Baghdad. Bounty placed on Italians and Americans. Boston Globe reporter Steve Casteel says bounties are being offered by insurgents for Italian and US citizens in Iraq.

16:34 Baghdad. Court martial for female Abu Ghraib prison guard. Lynndie England, eight months' pregnant, will be court-martialed for her role in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. England is 21 years old.

16:31 Kuwait City. Italian ambassador says hostages are alive. Italian Ambassador to Kuwait, Vincenzo Prati, says Italian hostages are alive.

16:04 Washington. Bush, "Our problems are caused by brutal insurgents. US President George W. Bush says insurgents are the source of all problems in Iraq in his Saturday address.

15:05 Baghdad. New escalaton: 20 dead in a matter of hours. Twenty are dead including 5 Americans in clashes in Iraq.

14:39 Baghdad. US soldier killed by mine. A US soldier was killed by a roadside mine near Baghdad.

14:26 Cairo. Egypt pleads for hostage release.

13:00 London. UK denies capture of British soldiers.

12:08 Baghdad. Raid on Baghdad mosque. US forces attack the Sunni Ibn Taymia Mosque claiming hidden arms inside. Nothing was found. Sheik Mahdi al-Sumaidaei declares action a provocation.

12:01 London. Website is unreliable. UK Foreign Minister Jack Straw says '', is not to be taken seriously.

11:45 Baghdad. British hostage executed. The internet website "" issues communique saying Kenneth Bigley has been executed.

11:42 Baghdad. Oil Ministry attacked. Mortars and RPGs hit Iraqi Oil Ministry in Baghdad.

09:32 Baghdad. Seven Iraqi National Guard volunteers killed. Commando attacks a car carrying National Guard recruits

09:27 Baghdad. Three marines killed in seperate incidents west of Baghdad.

08:34 Baquba. Iraqi official assassinated. An Iraqi police captain was killed in Baquba while travelling in a taxi. The driver was seriously wounded.

07:51 Fallujah. US airstrike on Fallujah; woman and children killed. US airstrikes hit the Dhubat residential quarter of Fallujah.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

19 September 2004 Events in Iraq

22:31 Baghdad. 18 Iraqi soldiers kidnapped. The 'Mohammad bin Abdullah' Brigades threaten to kill kidnapped Iraqi national guardsmen if a collaborator of Moqtada al-Sadr arrested last night by US troops is not released.

20:16 Paris. Raffarin cautiously optimistic. French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin optimistic about release of French reporters held hostage in Iraq

19:22 Baghdad. 15 Iraqi soldiers kidnapped.

18:48 Baghdad. Video of decapitation of Kurdish hostages on internet. Ansar al-Sunna releases video of decapitation.

18:34 Samarra. Car bomb in Samarra, 2 dead.

17:56 Baghdad. Chalabi nephew resigns from Saddam tribunal. Salem Chalabi, a jurist trained in the United States, quits tribunal.

17:08 Fallujah. US Tanks in Fallujah, 4 are dead. US armored vehicles and tanks fire on scrap metal dump, kill 4 workmen.

16:43 Ankara. Confirmaton of abduction of 10 Turkish workers.

16:26 Zakho. "We have decapitated 3 hostages". Ansar Al-Sunna executes three PUK militants from the town of Zakho on the Turkish border.

16:17 Nassiriya. Jordanian hostage Alaa Thabet Lazim is released. Police raid in Nassiriya frees Jordanian hostage.

15:38 Hilla. Iraqi general killed. Police General Fadhal al-Bakri was killed in error by US troops.

15:36 Hilla. 4 suspected saboteurs killed. Four suspected saboteurs were killed by Polish troops in Suwaira, near Hilla

14:52 Samarra. Car bomb in Samarra, 1 dead, 3 wounded. An Iraqi soldier is killed and three US troops wounded in a car bombing in Samarra.

14:51 Beirut. Confirmaton of kidnapping of three Lebanese. Three Lebanese working for a travel agency were kidnapped on the highway between Baghdad and Fallujah.

13:49 Baquba. Diyala Province Governing Council Chairman wounded. Hachem Chehada was wounded in an assassination attempt near Baquba and his driver killed when four armed men opened fire on his car. Four bodyguards were also wounded.

13:17 Baghdad. NYT reports Saddam was in one of his old palaces.

13:11 Baghdad. Several Turkish truck drivers killed or kidnapped within the last 24 hours. Last night two were kidnapped while three Turkish trucks were ambushed.

12:56 Baghdad. Iraqi government refuses negotiations with kidnappers. Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari criticizes the Philippines and France for negotiating with kidnappers.

12:48 Baghdad. Allawi confirms his determination to hold elections in January.

12:35 Baghdad. Car bomb in Baghdad, child is killed. A 4 year-old child is killed by a car bomb in the village of Tounis, south of Baghdad.

12:26 Ramadi. US offensive, civilians flee Ramadi. The civilian population of Ramadi is fleeing the city after US troops make incursion.

12:24 Paris. French hostages, no confirmation of release. The website "Mufakerat al-Islam" reports French reporters are released.

12:06 Fallujah. Three dead. Three men were killed and 2 wounded by US armored vehicle.

11:16 Baghdad. Two al-Sadr followers arrested. Hazem al Araji and his brother have been arrested by US troops in the Kazimiya quarter in suburban Baghdad. Troops used stun grenades.

10:49 Ramallah. Hamas says no fighters are in Iraq. Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri says no Hamas fighters are in Iraq.

10:48 Baghdad. Three Lebanese missing and presumed kidnapped. Travel agency proprietor Fahdi Mounir Yassin and his employees Charnel Karam al-Haji and Aram Narbadian are thought be have been kidnapped near Fallujah.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

18 September 2004 Events in Iraq

00:42 Baghdad. Allawi: "Recent attacks caused by foreigners". Iraqi Premier Iyad Allawi says most recent terrorist attacks were carried out by foreign elements who seek to "undermine the democratic process".

00:05 Baghdad. Zarqawi militia claims credit for suicide attacks. Tawhid wal Jihad claims responsibility for recent suicide attacks.

23:20 Fallujah. US air strike targets Abu Musa al-Zarqawi.

22:56 Baghdad. Allawi: Saddam could be tried on October.

22:01 Fallujah. US air stike on Fallujah results in 4 dead and 5 wounded. Strikes hit northern part of city.

21:39 Fallujah: US air strike

21:28 Baghdad. Carbomb in Bagdad, 2 US soldiers killed. Two American soldiers were killed in Baghdad as they rush to scene of another bombing. Three US vehicles are destroyed.

20:19 Doha. Al Jazeera broadcasts videos showing 10 foreign hostages. A group calling itself Abu Bakr Al Seddiq kidnapped 10 workers from a US-Turkish firm in Baghdad and has sent a tape to Al Jazeera. The kidnappers demand closure of the company's offices in Iraq.

20:05 Rome. Street protests against war. One hundred protesters seek to occupy Chigi Palace.

19:36 Rome. Tension between police and demonstrators. Police attempt to block access to Piazza Venezia but later permit march.

18:46 Rome. Pacifists march. 400 peace activists march in Rome.

18:05 Balad. Two truck drivers kidnapped in Balad on a road leading to a US military base.

17:33 Baghdad. French hostages collaborate with resistance. Islamic Army in Iraq says two French reporters kidnapped 20 August have been released and are collaborating with the resistance.

16:48 Baghdad. Iraqi ambassador posted to Teheran. For the first time since 1980 Iraq sends envoy, Mohammad Majid al-Sheikh, to Teheran.

14:52 Baghdad. Dual ambush of US troops. Convoy sets off roadside on Baghdad's Airport Highway seconds after a carbomb detonates wounding 3 members of a US patrol. Driver pulls alongside patrol and blows himself and his vehicle up.

14:24 Baghdad: Explosions on Baghdad Airport highway.

14:12 London. London in contact with the "competent authorities." No official British comment on images of US and British hostages broadcast on Al Jazeera.

14:03 Baghdad. Three Turkish truck drivers kidnapped. The three are kidnapped on highway between Baghdad and Tikrit.

13:34 Basrah. Moqtada Sadr aide threatens British troops. An aide of Moqtada Sadr in Basrah threatens revenge on UK troops who raided Sadr's offices yesterday. Moqtada Sadr militia had cordoned off the street and raised barricades. British troops then raided the offices, finding a weapons and munitions cache.

13:Hilla. Bomb explodes in Hilla, child killed. 9 year-old Mustafa Mehdi Hussein approached a bomb on his way to school and caused it to detonate.

12:26 Latifiya. Attack on bus carrying Shi'a theology students: One dead and 6 wounded. Salah Abdelrazzak, a spokesman for Waqks, a Shi'a religious organization, says armed men opened fire on theology students near Latifiya, 40 km south of Baghdad, heading for sacred shrines in central Iraq.

12:06 Baghdad. A week of blood: 247. Sunday's car bombing, 47 dead; Ramadi, 20 dead; Haifa Street, 13 dead; Fallujah, 45 dead.

12:02 Ramadi. Body of Al Anbar vice governor found. Corpse found in a rural area near Ramadi. The governor had been kidnapped 10 days ago. His son was wounded during the abduction.

11:24 Kirkuk Car bomb results in 23 dead, 53 wounded. Car bomb detonates near crowd waiting to enroll children in school. Security guards go crazy shoot in all directions.

11:18 Baghdad. First flight of Iraqi Airways. First Iraqi commercial flight lands without passengers in Amman, Jordan. After US bombs fell on civilian airports in March 03, the company has just one 737 left.

11:14 Baghdad. Bomb detonates resulting in one bodyguard killed. Roadside bomb detonates in Baghdad's Karrada quarter as a van loaded with Americans passes by. A second van carried their bodyguards and absorbed the impact of the bombs. A nearby electronics shop owner was also wounded along with pedestrians.

10:44 Baghdad. Tawhid wal Jihad claims kidnapping. Tawhid wal Jihad claim credit for kidnapping of two Americans and one Britain. A 48-hour ultimatum is issued, demanding release of all Iraqi prisoners.

10:36 Mossul. Five bodyguards killed. Five bodyguards accompanying an oil company executive were killed as an old anti-tank rocket was fired into his escort. The Iraqi director, Mohammed Ahmed Zebari, escaped without injury.

10:33 Fallujah. US air strike on Fallujah kills five. Residence hit.

10:17 Doha. Al Jazeera video shows three kidnapping victims.

10:14 Kirkuk. Car bomb in Kirkuk, death toll climbs to 25. 23 are killed in bombing of Iraqi National Guard recruiting center.

10:11 Baghdad. Americans and Briton kidnapped; Al Jazeera broadcasts ultimatum.

09:34 Baghdad. One dead, 2 wounded in bombing in Baghdad. A roadside bomb has exploded in the Karradah commercial quarter of Baghdad.

09:33 Baquba. Eleven wounded in Baquba. Victims were waiting in front of a school for entrance exam results.

09:23 Kirkuk. Bombing kills ten. A recruiting station for Iraqi National Guard is bombed.

08:47 Basrah. British troops raid al Sadr's offices. One hundred UK troops conducted a nighttime raid on the offices of Moqtada al-Sadr, after two British military vehicles were attacked. One UK soldier was wounded. Meanwhile an Iraqi employee of the British military was executed.

08:40 Baquba. Explosion wounds nine. Diyala authorities say bomb detonated near crowd in front of high school waiting for entrance exam results

08:19 Baquba. Ambulances arrive at school.

08:13 Baquba. Explosion in front of school. A science high school in Baquba was bombed.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

16 September 2004 Events in Iraq

22:23 Al-Anbar. Three Marines killed. Three US Marines were killed in a rebel ambush in al Anbar Province in western Iraq.

22:19 Fallujah. US launches attack on Fallujah. US military announces an assault on Fallujah in an attempt to wipe out Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi's militia

21:51 Samarra. Decomposing corpse found in Samarra. Dr. Hussein Alas al Din, resident at Samarra Hospital, says unrecognizable, decomposing corpse is weeks old.

20:10 Baghdad. French reporters to be put on trial. The kidnappers of Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot will by tried by the Islamic Army in Iraq.

19:29 Washington. Bush to Annan: "But there was a resolution!" Bush tells Annan that he must respect the UN Security Council resolution passed 15-0 that Saddam disarm or face serious consequences.

19:24 Baghdad. Abu Ghraib prisoner release. Another 100 prisoners were released from Abu Ghraib

18:53 Kirkuk. Syrian truck driver kidnapped. A Syrian truck driver was kidnapped on the Kirkuk to Mossul highway.

18:51 Baghdad. Hostage execution video. Iraqi militants upload execution video to web of three foreign truck drivers.

18:47 London. Allawi meets Blair. Allawi arrives in London on Sunday for a series of talks on elections

18:27 Baghdad. Al Yawar: "It's premature to talk of postponing elections". Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawar says talk of postponement of elections is premature.

18:10 Baghdad. Jordanian truck driver released. Jordanian Turki al-Breizat is released after his employer closes down business operations in Iraq.

16:24 Baghdad. Australian Shi'ite cleric kidnapped and releaed. Sheikh Mohamed Sidiyani of Sydney was kidnapped by a band of Sunni bandits north of Baghdad last week was released after his family paid a ranson of 15 thousand Euros.

16:22 Baghdad. Islamic site claims execution has been carried out. The armed group Ansar Al Sunnah says it executed truck drivers Abbas Moslem Nouri, Farhane Halil Kazem and Sabbar Hanach Akhmam.

15:56 Baghdad. Abu Ghraib, another 100 prisoners released. Iraqi Human Rights Minister Bakhtiar Amin presides over prisoner release

15:44 Baghdad. Embassies confirm kidnapping. The embassies of the United States and of Britain have confirmed the kidnapping of Americans Jack Hensley and Eugene Armstrong and one British national.

15:35 London. UK admits: "British officers involved in Abu Ghraib torture scandal". UK Defence Minister says senior officers worked closely with Americans at Abu Ghraib.

14:52 Baghdad. French Reporters to be tried on Internet. The group holding Georges Malbrunot, Christian Chesnot and their Syrian driver hostage will try the trio on the Internet.

13:52 Baghdad. Bomb difused at entrance to Green Zone. A car loaded with 1,000 lbs of TNT was discovered near the entrance to the Green Zone.

13:11 Erbil. Kurdish Leader Talabani: "Optimistic on fate of kidnapped Italians".

12:33 Strasbourg. EU Parliament: "Release the hostages." EU parliament passes motion call for release of all hostages in Iraq.

12:31 Baghdad. Green zone no longer secure. Financial Times reports that US military says security within Green Zone cannot be guaranteed.

11:21 London. UK Govt. to Annan: "War was legal and necessary.'

11:17 Baghdad. Explosion in Baghdad: 1 killed and 14 wounded. A powerful explosion caused by a bomb hidden in a trashcan in the Baghdad quarter of Batawin killed the owner of a wine store and wounded 14 bystanders, including 3 women.

10:49 Baghdad. Iraqi Interior Ministry: Two Americans and one British national kidnapped.

10:46 Baghdad. Kidnapped trio worked for service company. Three men kidnapped by Iraqi insurgents worked for the Gulf Service Company.

10:30 Mossul. Five Iraqi national guardsmen wounded in Mossul. Convoy sets off roadside bomb in downtown Mossul. One guardsman is in critical condition.

10:10 Baghdad. US Embassy tries to confirm identity of kidnapped Americans. Annan calls Iraq invasion illegal in Bbc interview

08:03 Baghdad. Kidnapped British are civilians.

07:53 Baghdad. Three British nationals kidnapped from residence in Baghdad.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

15 September 2004 Events in Iraq

00:08 Baghdad. Two Canadians killed in yesterday's carbombing. Two Canadian citizens were among the 47 victims of yesterday's carbombing: Andrew Shmakov, a contractor, and Munir Toma, a friend.

21:36 Nassiryia. Italians find weapons cache, arrest 15 suspects.

20:56 Al-Anbar. Marine killed in al-Anbar Province

19:32 Baghdad. 300 Iraqi prisoners released from Abu Ghraib by US forces.

17:06 Algiers. Algerian NGOs plead for liberation of Italian hostages. 45 Algerian NGOs call for unconditional release of Italian hostages Simona Torretta and Simona Pari.

16:28 Rome. Frattini: "The US had heard our message". Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini tells US that civilian lives must be spared.

14:48 Baquba. Homemade bomb detonates in Baquba, 4 police officers killed. A homemade roadside bomb kills 4 Iraqi police.

14:40 Baghdad. Ulema Committee: "We never spoke of hostage release in 48 hours. A spokesman for the Sunni Ulema in Iraq says "someone is playing with the fate of the Italian hostages."

14:17 Rome. Center for the Study of Terrorism: "NGOs are viewed as intelligence-gathering institutions" Italian terrorism expert Maurizio Calvi says NGOs may be viewed as propagandists for the West and observers for Western intelligence services.

13:37 Al-Anbar. Marine killed in Al Anbar province.

12:19 Balad. Decapitated victims executed 5 days ago. A doctor in Balad says discovered corpses are 5 days old.

11:53 Balad. Decapitated victims are likely Iraqi Arabs. Three decapitated corpses discovered in Dujail, 60 km a nord of Baghdad, are not Westerners.

11:49 Baghdad. Car bomb south of Bagdad, two dead. Two are dead and ten are wounded in detonation of car bomb in Essaouira, 40 km south of Bagdad.

11:43 Baghdad. Abu Ghraib, 750 prisoners released. US forces release 750 of more than 2,000 Iraqi prisoners incarcerated in Abu Ghraib.

11:27 Baghdad. Three corpses discovered. Three bodies wrapped in plastic with Arabic and Turkish tatoos are discovered north of Baghdad

11:23 Rome. D'Alema: "Stop the bombing". Italian politician Massimo D'Alema demands an end to bombing of Iraqi cities and towns.

11:22 Ramadi Clashes in Ramadi: casualties reported. Ten are dead and six are wounded in battles between US troops and insurgents.

11:03 Baghdad. Jordanian company quits Iraq. A Jordanian transportation firm ceases business in Iraq following the kidnapping of one of its employees.

10:12 Baghdad. Street protests supporting Italian hostages. Approximately one hundred men, women and children march from Paradise Plaza to the Palestine Hotel to protest kidnapping of Italian hostages.

10:11 Canberra. Australia dispatches investigation team. Canberra sends a team to investigate the kidnapping of two Australian security guards in Samarra.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

14 September 2004 Events in Iraq

21:12 Baghdad. Two powerful explosions in Green Zone. Incoming mortar fire.

21:01 Baghdad. Kidnapped French reporters: Kidnappers accuse France of being enemy of Islam.

19:46 Baghdad. Turkish interpreter Aytullah Gezmen, kidnapped in July, was released after Ankara condemns US action in Tel Afar.

19:26 Doha. Algerian radical Islamist goes on hunger strike in bid to free Italian hostages. Abassi Madani, in exile in Qatar, begins hunger strike.

19:24 Brussels. US demands that NATO train Iraqi troops. US Ambassador to NATO Nicholas Burns pressures NATO to implement "irreversible" decision to train Iraqi troops.

19:10 Basrah. Four kidnapped Iraqi police released in Basrah. Al-Sadr intervenes to demand release.

19:06 Washington. Bush: "Despite violence, Allawi has a solid grip on power". US President George W. Bush insists elections will be held in January and that Allawi's caretaker government is strong.

18:40 Doha. Qatar has no information on identity of kidnappers. Qatari Foreign Minister Ahmed Bin Abdullah Al Mahaoud tells Italian FM Franco Frattini that Doha has no information on kidnappers of Italian hostages.

18:24 Baghdad. Al Yawar confirms, "Elections in January". Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawar says elections will be held in January--unless the United Nations says it's impossible to hold them.

18:18 Kirkuk. Two Turkish truckdrivers kidnapped near city.

18:06 Rome. Frattini: "With the 2005 elections, Iraq will belong to the Iraqis". Italian FM Franco Frattini says violence in Iraq will cease when new government is elected in January.

18:05 Baghdad. Al Yawar: Strasburg visit skipped because of absence of Romano Prodi. Rift with France not the reason Ghazi al-Yawar cancelled visit to EU parliament [so he says...--Nur]

17:29 Ramadi. 10 Iraqis killed. Ten are killed and twenty-two wounded in battles between US troops and guerrillas as a US convoy attempts to enter the town. US troops destroy shops.

15:22 Doha. Al Jazeera: Jordanian truckdriver kidnapped. Usud Al Tawhid (The Lions of the One and Only God) have kidnapped a fueltruck driver.

14:00 Baghdad. Al-Zarqawi claims responsibility for bombings in Baghdad and Baquba.

13:56 Mosul. US soldier killed. A US soldier is killed and five others wounded in a guerrilla raid in Mossul.

13:48 Hilla. Three "collaborators" assassinated. Three Iraqi collaborators with the US are killed as they drive through Alexandria, near Hilla.

13:01 Baghda. Another blast is heard.

12:24 Rome. Berlusconi: "I refuse to talk about Iraq" Berlusconi refuses to discuss Iraq with journalists.

12:04 Baghdad. Carbomb, 47 dead. Casualty toll climbs to 47 dead and 114 wounded in this morning's carbombing in Haifa Street.

11:47 Baquba. 12 Iraqi police were killed and one civilian is wounded in an attack on a police van in Baquba. Guerrillas closed off street in the Tahrir quarter and ambushed the van. The officers were all Kurdish from the village of Qanaquin and had returned to Iraq after completing training in Jordan.

10:53 Baghdad. Carbomb, death toll stands at 39.

10:18 Baghdad. Carbomb explodes in market square.

09:40 Beiji. Pipeline sabotaged.

09:24 Baghdad. 35 dead in carbombing in the capital.

09:14 Baghdad. Carbombing death toll rises.

09:03 Baghdad. Carbomb kills at least 10.

08:55 Baghdad. Power blackout in capital.

08:37 Baghdad. Carbomb explodes in front of police station on the west bank of the Tigris.

07:45 Baghdad. Two US soldiers killed in capital.

14 September 2004 Events in Iraq

21:12 Baghdad. Two powerful explosions in Green Zone. Incoming mortar fire.

21:01 Baghdad. Kidnapped French reporters: Kidnappers accuse France of being enemy of Islam.

19:46 Baghdad. Turkish interpreter Aytullah Gezmen, kidnapped in July, was released after Ankara condemns US action in Tel Afar.

19:26 Doha. Algerian radical Islamist goes on hunger strike in bid to free Italian hostages. Abassi Madani, in exile in Qatar, begins hunger strike.

19:24 Brussels. US demands that NATO train Iraqi troops. US Ambassador to NATO Nicholas Burns pressures NATO to implement "irreversible" decision to train Iraqi troops.

19:10 Basrah. Four kidnapped Iraqi police released in Basrah. Al-Sadr intervenes to demand release.

19:06 Washington. Bush: "Despite violence, Allawi has a solid grip on power". US President George W. Bush insists elections will be held in January and that Allawi's caretaker government is strong.

18:40 Doha. Qatar has no information on identity of kidnappers. Qatari Foreign Minister Ahmed Bin Abdullah Al Mahaoud tells Italian FM Franco Frattini that Doha has no information on kidnappers of Italian hostages.

18:24 Baghdad. Al Yawar confirms, "Elections in January". Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yawar says elections will be held in January--unless the United Nations says it's impossible to hold them.

18:18 Kirkuk. Two Turkish truckdrivers kidnapped near city.

18:06 Rome. Frattini: "With the 2005 elections, Iraq will belong to the Iraqis". Italian FM Franco Frattini says violence in Iraq will cease when new government is elected in January.

18:05 Baghdad. Al Yawar: Strasburg visit skipped because of absence of Romano Prodi. Rift with France not the reason Ghazi al-Yawar cancelled visit to EU parliament [so he says...--Nur]

17:29 Ramadi. 10 Iraqis killed. Ten are killed and twenty-two wounded in battles between US troops and guerrillas as a US convoy attempts to enter the town. US troops destroy shops.

15:22 Doha. Al Jazeera: Jordanian truckdriver kidnapped. Usud Al Tawhid (The Lions of the One and Only God) have kidnapped a fueltruck driver.

14:00 Baghdad. Al-Zarqawi claims responsibility for bombings in Baghdad and Baquba.

13:56 Mosul. US soldier killed. A US soldier is killed and five others wounded in a guerrilla raid in Mossul.

13:48 Hilla. Three "collaborators" assassinated. Three Iraqi collaborators with the US are killed as they drive through Alexandria, near Hilla.

13:01 Baghda. Another blast is heard.

12:24 Rome. Berlusconi: "I refuse to talk about Iraq" Berlusconi refuses to discuss Iraq with journalists.

12:04 Baghdad. Carbomb, 47 dead. Casualty toll climbs to 47 dead and 114 wounded in this morning's carbombing in Haifa Street.

11:47 Baquba. 12 Iraqi police were killed and one civilian is wounded in an attack on a police van in Baquba. Guerrillas closed off street in the Tahrir quarter and ambushed the van. The officers were all Kurdish from the village of Qanaquin and had returned to Iraq after completing training in Jordan.

10:53 Baghdad. Carbomb, death toll stands at 39.

10:18 Baghdad. Carbomb explodes in market square.

09:40 Beiji. Pipeline sabotaged.

09:24 Baghdad. 35 dead in carbombing in the capital.

09:14 Baghdad. Carbombing death toll rises.

09:03 Baghdad. Carbomb kills at least 10.

08:55 Baghdad. Power blackout in capital.

08:37 Baghdad. Carbomb explodes in front of police station on the west bank of the Tigris.

07:45 Baghdad. Two US soldiers killed in capital.

Monday, September 13, 2004

13 September 2004 Events in Iraq

00:29 Baghdad. Two US soldiers die in military operation.

23:22 Doha. Algerian Radical Islamist goes on hunger strike. Radical Islamist Abassi Madani, ex-leader of the dissolved Salvation Islamic Front, announces he will begin a hunger strike to urge the release of the hostages in Iraq, including 2 Italian women and 2 French reporters.

22:56 Baghdad. 16 "terrorists" arrested. Premier Iyad Allaoui announces "sixteen terrorists" participating in violence have been arrested. Allawi says some are foreigners.

21:49 Ankara. Threat from Turkey: "Bombardment of Tal Afar to end or we will withdraw support." Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul says his country will cease all cooperation with the US if it does not end the bombardment of Tal Afar in northwestern Iraq. Most of the city's residents are Turkmen.

21:25 Kirkuk. PUK Representative escapes assassination. PUK representative escapes assassination attempt in Kirkuk.

20:39 Baghdad. Islamic site pleads for release of hostages. Source at Islamic web site says Italian hostages had cared for his epileptic son since 1992 and pleads for their release.

20:14 Baghdad. The NGO, "Airlift for Baghdad", pleads for release of French and Italian hostages.

19:27 Baghdad. Ulema chairman says Iraqi Secret Police behind kidnappings. The Iraqi Ulema points finger at Iraqi Secret Police for kidanpping of Italians Simona Torretta and Simona Pari. The Sunni religious authority Abdul Salam al-Kubaisi says the September 6th kidnapping of two Italian NGO volunteers is the work of the Iraqi secret police.

19:20 Strasbourg. Javier Solana in talks with Al Yawar will not address hostages. The EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Javier Solana will not bring up the topic of hostages in talks with Iraqi President Al Yawar.

19:16 Brussels. EU Ministers demand immediate release of hostages. EU ministers in Brussels condemn kidnappings.

19:16 Baghdad. Bishop of Baghdad issues appeal for release of hostages. The Chaldean Bishop of Baghdad, Shlemon Warduni, pleads for release of hostages.

19:08 Washington. Pentagon, troop losses reach 1,012. Total losses for coalition are 1,142.

18:54 Paris. Barnier, French reporters alive and well-treated. French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier reports that hostages are alive and well

18:47 Baghdad. US artillery kills 6 civilians. Six civilians were killed and seven wounded in the village of Snaidijeh, south of Baghdad, by US artillery, which destroyed four private homes.

18:46 Strasbourg. Borrell, cancellation of Al Yawar visit deplorable. EU Parliament Speaker Josep Borrell deplores the decision of caretaker President Ghazi al Yawar to cancel his announced visit to Strasbourg.

18:20 Baghdad. Patriotic Alliance believes in innocence of kidnapped volunteers. Awni al-Kalemji, spokesman for the Iraqi Patriotic Alliance, writes in the website Antimperialist Camp that Italian hostages are innocent.

16:44 Kabul. Taleban convicts plea for Italian hostages. A group of Taleban just released from the Pol-i-Charki prison in Kabul hope Simona Pari and Simona Torretta will be released soon.

16:01 Baghdad. Hostage execution video at website. Tawid and Jihad, led Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, release video showing 17 August execution of Turkish hostage.

15:48 Baghdad. Australian hostages: 24-hour ultimatum Kidnappers demand pullout of Australian troops.

15:42 Baghdad. Iraqi President cancels trip to Strasburg. Ghazi al-Yawar has cancelled his visit to the European Parliament because it meets in France.

15:28 Dohuk. Dohuk governor excapes assassination. The Governor of the Province of Dohuk bordering Turkey escaped assassination today.

15:19 Hilla. Six dead and seven wounded. The director of al-Musayib Hospital says a shootout with US troops in Hilla killed six and wounded seven.

14:59 Samarra. Two Australians and two Asians kidnapped in Samarra

13:54 Baghdad. US missile fired at Baghdad. One person was killed and anouth wounded as a US gunship fires a missile on downtown Baghdad.

13:16 Mossul. Canadian reporter released. Scott Taylor is released after being kidnapped 5 days ago near Mossul.

12:58 Baghdad. Usa imposes curfew on downtown Baghdad

11:26 Fallujah. Death toll rises to 16 after US airstrike. The dead are mostly women and children.

11:14 Baghdad. Explosion in front of French Embassy. An artillery shell impacted near the French Embassy, destroying two cars parked outside, says French Ambassador Bernard Bajolet.

11:05 Baghdad. Judge refuses appointment in Saddam trial. Judge Nueim al-Okeili refuses case "for personal reaons."

10:56 Fallujah. Death toll mounts in US airstrike.

10:37 Baghdad. Allawi, elections to be held in January despite violence.

10:12 Baghdad. Iraqi Health Ministry: 110 die in one day. Baghdad 37 dead; Tel Afar: 57 dead; Hilla: 3 Polish soldiers dead; Ramadi: 10 women and children dead in US airstrike; Fallujah: 15 dead in US airstrike.

09:37 Falllujah. US airstrike, death toll climbs. 15 are dead and 13 wounded in latest US airstrike on the city.

08:01 Rome. Italian politician Frattini leaves on mission to Arabian Gulf.

07:22 Fallujah. US airstrike kills six. Victims mostly women and children.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

12 September 2004 Events in Iraq

17:30 Hilla. Three Polish soldiers die in ambush. Three Poles die in ambush near Hilla. Another three were wounded and transported to Karbala Hospital.

17:15 Mossul. Attack on police convoy kills four policemen. Insurgents attacked a police convoy at 4 in the afternoon in an industrial quarter. All died from headwounds.

16:38 Rome. Imposimato: "Ultimatum a threat to be taken seriously". The new ultimatum directed at Italy by Islamic Jihad is a threat "to be taken seriously" says Ferdinando Imposimato, Italy's chief criminal prosecutor.

16:11 Rome. The 'disobbedienti': Everyone into the street to protest the war. The Italian "refusnik" movement, the "Disobediant Citizenry", critical of lethargic Italian efforts to free Italina hostages, calls for a massive national march against the war.

15:50 Social Forum: Into the street to demonstrate for the release of Simona and Simona. Bologna's Social Forum will sponsor a street demonstration tonight at 9 pm.

15:35 Baghdad. Iraqi premier: "3,000 die in terrorist attacks in Iraq". Premier Iyad Allawi claims in a press conference in Basrah that insurgents have killed 3,000 and wounded another 12,000 Iraqis. Allawi did not reference the timeframe of the deaths.

15:23 Hilla. Three National Guard killed, one missing. A roadside bomb near Hilla, south of Baghdad, hit a convoy of Iraqi National Guard and coalition troops.

14:25 Ramadi. Ten dead. Ten people were killed and dozens wounded in Ramadi, 100 km west of Baghdad. Hospital sources says the wounded are women, children and police.

14:00 Balad. Two children die in US airstrike on Balad. US warplanes bomb a village near Balad, 75 km north of Baghdad. Meanwhile near Samarra (125 km north of Baghdad), three civilians were killed and another wounded when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb.

12:44 Baghdad. Iraqi police say investigation encounters snags. Sabah Kadum, Iraqi interior ministry spokesman says investigators working on the kidnapping of Simona Parri and Simona Torretta have not yet been successful in locating the pair.

12:16 Baghdad. Mosque is carbombed, 2 dead. A carbomb exploded outside the Ibn Taymiyah Mosque in west Baghdad. Two Iraqis were killed and 13 wounded. All were Iraqi National Guardsmen.

11:34 Baghdad. Iraqi police free seven hostages. Iraqi police arrest three kidnappers and free seven hostages, all Middle Easterners.

10:53 Baghdad. Al-Zarqawi threatens Iraqi Premier. We will make sure that Allawi gets what he deserves. The Angel of Death awaits the puppet traitor.

10:28 Baghdad, death toll rises to 22. 22 dead and 70 wounded during violent clashes between guerrillas and US troops in downtown Baghdad.

09:50 Baghdad. 17 dead in the capital. 17 insurgeents die in battles with US troops in Baghdad.

09:45 Baghdad.Another carbombing in Baghdad, no deaths or injuries reported. A carbomb exploded a the entrance to the Green Zone.

08:52 Abu Ghraib Carbomb hits Abu Ghraib prison. A carbomb went off at the entrance to Abu Ghraib prison, wounding three.

08:51 Baghdad. Three dead including one child. A carbomb killed a 12 year-old child, a high-ranking police official, and a patrolman in the Amariya quarter in west Baghdad.

08:50 Baghdad. Five dead in Baghdad street battles. Five Iraqis were killed and 45 wounded in Sadr City.

08:49 Baghdad. Bradley burns, crowds celebrate. A Bradley armored vehicle was in flames as a jubilant crowd celebrated. US helicopter fired missiles in parts of Baghdad in the early morning hours.

08:48 Baghdad. Mortar fire was directed at US troops from Sadr City at around 5 am.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

9 September 2004 Events in Iraq

A glimpse through the retroscoope at Viet Nam will accompany the timeline. Helps to position oneself in the quagmire.

  • [General] Harkins, in one of his most scandalous moves, altered a map of the countryside prepared by his intelligence team so as to reduce drastically the area shown under enemy control.--David Kaiser, American Tragedy, Belknap Press (Harvard), 2000.

21:56 Baghdad. Allawi announces capture of four Al Qaeda members.

21:21 Tel Afar. 13 hours of bombing. The US bombed the town of Tel Afar for 13 hours, killing 45 and wounding 80.

21:12 Parts Unknown. Al-Zawahri: Rug pulled out from under US war on Iraq. Al Qaeda No. 2 Zawahri asserts on videotape that the US is done for in Iraq. If they stay, they will continue to bleed; if they go, they lose.

20:10 Najaf. Sadr offices searched, Shi'a cooperate. For the first time Iraqi police were permitted to search al Sadr's offices in Najaf.

19:36 Baghdad. Iraq NGO coordinator quits. Jean Dominique Bunel says he quits following a death threat.

18:24 Baghdad. NGO demonstrates against bombing and occuption. The personnel of the NGO, "Airlift for Baghdad", for which the Italian hostages worked, have demonstrated for the end to bombing and occupation.

18:12 London. Scotland Yard investigates 19 UK soldiers for prisoner abuse.

17:58 Cairo. Egyptian cleric pleads for release of hostages. Influential cleric Sheikh Yussef al-Qardawi pleads for release of Italian hostages.

17:47 Beirut. Lebanese Hizbollah calls for release of Italian hostages.

17:15 Madrid. Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero calls on other countries to quit Iraq.

16:30 Tel Afar. US orders residents to evacuate. Last night a US operation killed or wounded dozens of people as town residents were forced to abandon their homes.

16:19 Tel Afar. 28 dead and 70 wounded in US operation.

14:54 Cairo. Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Margherita Boniver travels to Cairo to negotiate for release of Italian hostages. [First stop is always Cairo, never Baghdad--Nur]

14:33 Samarra. US tanks enter Samarra. US forces penetrate Samarra with permission of local authorities while US warplanes surveil the town. Tanks surround provincial government headquarters.

14:18 Abu Ghraib. Explosion near Baghdad prison, 3 dead and 2 wounded. Three Iraqis are dead and two US soldiers wounded in attack on convoy near Abu Ghraib.

12:29 Tel Afar. US offensive in northern Iraq. US warplanes bomb several quarters in the town of Tel Afar, killing 26 and wounding 71.

12:25 Amman. Jordan will not close its Baghdad embassy

11:51 Baghdad. Saddam to be put on trial within 2 months.

11:23 Fallujah. Al-Zarqawi's group says 4 members were killed in US air strikes on Fallujah.

10:10 Fallujah. US air strike kills 12.

Friday, September 03, 2004

3 September 2004 Events in Iraq

18.43 Washington. BOLTON, NO NEGOTIATION WITH KIDNAPPERS. Although happy for the release of the French reporters, the USA believes that no negotiation with kidnappers is a valid strategy, says John Bolton, Deputy Secretary of State for Arms Control and National Security.

18.38 Paris. RAFFARIN, HOPEFULLY CAUTIOUS. French PM Jean Pierre Raffarin has called for caution although he is optimistic about the prisoner release despite obstacles.

18.19 Washington. US DEPUTY SECRETARY: "IT’S WRONG TO NEGOTIATE WITH KIDNAPPERS". [Deputy Secretary John Bolton is unhappy about hostage release and blames French for appeasing terrorists—Nur].

16.56 Baghdad. IRAQI LEADER: HOSTAGES TO BE RELEASED SOON. Adnan Pachachi, member of the Interim Government Council, says French hostages will be released soon.

16.45 Baghdad. MACEDONIAN HOSTAGES TO BE RELEASED. Sofan Engineering knew its workers were kidnapped on 21 August but communicated the news to family members only on yesterday. Kidnappers, thought to be common criminals, have demanded $300,000 in ransom.

16.29 Baghdad. POSITIVE SIGNALS FOR RELEASE. Sheik Hisham Duleimi, a mediator in the French hostage crisis says there are tangible and positive indications that the captives are about to be released.

15.47 Paris. DIRECTOR RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONAL: "HOSTAGES WITH INTERMEDIARIES BUT DANGER IS HIGH". There are 40 to 50 km between the release location and the airport where there is a risk of attack.


15.29 Baghdad. GRENADES THROWN AT ITALIAN NGO OFFICES. A grenade was thrown into the courtyard of the Italian NGO coordinating center in Baghdad. A second, unexploded grenade lander a few steps away.

15.27 Paris. "THE FRENCH REPORTERS ARE NOT RELEASED". Radio France International says it has no confirmation of release of hostages..


14.33 Dubai. AL ARABIYA: "ALL SET FOR HOSTAGE RELEASE." Al Arabiya says hostages were transferred to Fallujah, where they will be released shortly.

13.47 Baghdad. IRAQI ULEMA: FRENCH REPORTERS "ARE SAFE FROM HARM". The Iraqi Council of Ulema says release near.

13.36 Rome. BALDONI'S NEWSPAPER ACCUSES ITALIAN GOVERNMENT: "THEY HAD KNOWLEDGE OF KIDNAPPING". The Italian government had been aware of the attack on the Red Cross convoy, the kidnapping of Enzo Baldoni and the murder of his driver", writes Italian newspaper Diario, for which Enzo Baldoni had worked.

13.32 Treviso. BROTHER OF KIDNAPPED BUSINESSMAN MAKES PLEA TO ITALIANS. Emad Wali, brother of Iraqi businessman Ajad Anwar Wali, asks Italians to help in the release of his brother.

13.12 Rome. BERLUSCONI: "FRANCE ASKED ITALY FOR HELP IN RELEASING HOSTAGES". Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi claims France contacted Italy for help in releasing hostages. [Another cheap shot--Nur]

12.56 Baghdad. RELEASED LEBANESE HOSTAGE: "THEY KILLED A MAN BEFORE MY EYES". A Lebanese, freed by his kidnappers, says he was witness to prisoner execution.

12.10 Baghdad. IRAQI PRESIDENT POSTPONES TRIP TO FRANCE. President Ghazi al-Yawar has postponed his official visit to France which had been scheduled for tomorrow. [Postpones? I think Chirac pulled the carpet out from under al-Yawar after Allawi's belligerent comments, ya think?--Nur]

11.33 Dubai. AL ARABIYA: "FRENCH JOURNALISTS MOVED TO FALLUJAH". The French hostages kidnapped by the Islamic Army of Iraq have been transferred to the area of Latifiya (37 km south of Baghdad) near the city of Fallujah, says Al-Arabiya TV.

11.24 Kirkuk. PIPELINE BURNS. The Kirkuk-to-Ceyhan pipeline fire is still raging out of control.

11.15 Baghdad. IRAQI TERRORIST GROUP CALLS FOR RELEASE OF HOSTAGES: A previously unheard of terrorist group, The Wind of Death Brigade, asks kidnappers to spare French hostages.

11.02 Paris. JORDANIAN AMBASSADOR: HOSTAGES MAY BE RELEASED TODAY". Dina Kawa, Jordanian ambassador to France, says today may the the day.

10.36 Baghdad. KIDNAPPER'S MESSAGE ON WEB: "OUR DECISION MAY BE EXPECTED SOON". Legal counsel to the Islamic Army will announce the decision of the group. We have delegated no one to speak on our behalf.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

2 September 2004 Events in Iraq

22.17 Paris. RAFFARIN SUGGESTS CAUTION French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has instructed the government to act with prudence while release of hostages is unconfirmed.

22.07 Doha. AL JAZEERA: "ALIVE AND WELL". Al Jazeera has reported that the French reporters Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot are alive and well and receiving adequate treatment.

21.58 Paris. FRENCH MINISTER CONFIRMS THAT HOSTAGE ARE RELEASED TO A THIRD PARTY. French Culture and Communications Minister Renaud Donnedieu de Vabres confirms that the French hostages have been turned over to a third group favorable to their release.

21.36 Paris PUBLISHER OF LE FIGARO OPTIMISTIC. Jean De Belot is optimistic on release of French hostages.

21.27 Paris. FRENCH HOSTAGES HANDED OVER TO THIRD PARTY. Publisher of the French national daily Le Figaro, Jean De Belot, says the hostages have been turned over to an intermediary.

20.50 Kirkuk. PIPELINE BURNS. At least two days will be required to put out the pipeline fire outside Kirkuk.

20.38 Baghdad. RECOVERY OF REMAINS. The Red Cross is working towards the release of the remains of Enzo Baldoni.

20.35 Baghdad. EXECUTION. The execution of Enzo Baldoni has confirmed the offensive capabilities of the Islamic Army, say Italian intelligence services.

19.15 Paris. FRENCH TV REPORTS THAT RELEASE IS NEAR. French TV network LCI reports that the French hostages have been release to a group serving as intermediary.

18.30 Rome. CIAMPI, CIVIL SOCIETY OFFENDED BY VIOLENCE IN THE MIDDLE EAST AND IN RUSSIA. Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi says the civilized world is offended by insurgent violence. [Where was he when Iraq was about to be invaded?—Nur]

18.25 Rome. CIAMPI, MUTUAL RESPECT BETWEEN EUROPE AND ISLAM IS POSSIBLE. –Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi says peaceful coexistence is possible.

17.27 Baghdad. FRENCH AMBASSADOR IN BAGHDAD: "HOSTAGES ARE OKAY". French Ambassador to Iraq Bernard Bajolet says hostages are alive and well.

17.01 Kirkuk. PIPELINE SABOTAGED OUTSIDE KIRKUK. The Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline is once again ablaze.

16.48 Baghdad. CONTACTS FOR RECOVERY OF REMAINS. The Italian Foreign Ministry says contacts continue to be made for the return of the remains of reporter Enzo Baldoni.

15.54 Baghdad. THREE MACEDONIANS KIDNAPPED. Three employees of a US construction company were kidnapped by insurgents in Baghdad. The Macedonians, kidnapped 9 days ago, were part of a 40-man team recruited in northwest Macedonia to work for the US construction company, "Soufan Engineering".

15.49 Bethlehem. TWO PALESTINIANS OFFER THEMSELVES IN PRISONER EXCHANGE. Two Palestinians of Bethlehem, Dia Milhim and Nabil Hatib, have offered to go to Iraq as hostages in exchange for the release of Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot.

14.41 Baghdad. FRENCH DELEGATION OPTIMISTIC. A delegation from the French Council of the Islamic in Baghdad say they are optimistic about release of French hostages.

13.21 Doha. AL JAZEERA RECEIVES VIDEO OF EXECUTION OF TURKISH HOSTAGE. Al-Jazeera says it has received a tape showing the execution of one Turkish hostage.

12.46 Baghdad. NO NEWS OF IRAQI BUSINESSMAN WITH ITALIAN RESIDENCY. There has been no news concerning the fate of businessman Ajad Anwar Wali, 48, who has residency in Castelfranco Veneto (Province of Treviso).

12.27 Doha. AL JAZEERA: "THREE TURKISH HOSTAGES EXECUTED". Al Jazeera says the group 'Al Tawhuid Al Jihad" headed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has executed three Turkish hostages.

11.58 Fallujah. US AIRSTRIKE ON FALLUJAH, DEATH TOLL RISES TO 20. The US launched a nighttime air strike on Fallujah in which two buildings were destroyed and 20 killed. Another six Iraqis are wounded.

11.42 Baghdad. IRAQI PREMIER CRITICIZES CHIRAC. Iyad Allawi criticizes Chirac and blames the French hostage crisis on France's "refusal to participate in the re-establishment of security of Iraq." [Is that not the cheapest shot in the history of international relations?--Nur]

11.22 Baghdad. FRENCH MUSLIMS MEET WITH ULEMA. A French delegation of Muslims met with the Baghdad Ulema today in the hopes of freeing the French hostages. "We do not want to leave with empty hands," Abdallah Zekri, a delegate from the southwest of France.

11.12 Baghdad. IRAQ, BODIES OF TURKISH TRUCK DRIVERS FOUND NORTH OF BAGHDAD. The bodies of two Turkish truck drivers were found this morning in Jalsiya, a village 90 km from Baghdad. A third unidentified body was found nearby.

10.40 Paris. LE FIGARO EDITOR SAYS JOURNALISTS ALIVE The Editor-in-Chief of the French daily Le Figaro, Jean de Belot, says French authorities are nearly certain that as of yesterday, the French hostages were still alive.

10.31 Baghdad. CHAIRMAN OF THE ULEMA: "KILLED AMERICANS SHOULD NOT BE MUTILATED". The chairman of the Union of Muslim Ulema, Sheikh Yusef Qaradawi, who lives in Qatar, has issued a fatwa permitting the killing of Americans but not the mutilation of their corpses.

9.50 Baghdad. SHOTS FIRED AT CZECH AMBASSADOR. Thirty gunshots were fired at the Czech ambassador's car yesterday. The Ambassador was not traveling in the vehicle at the time.

9.43 Baghdad. WEBSITE MESSAGE: HONOR ULTIMATUM OR REPORTERS WILL BE KILLED. Islamic website publishes alleged statement by kidnappers.

9.12 Katmandu NEPAL, KATMANDU CURFEW SUSPENDED. The Nepalese authorities suspended the current curfew for 3 1/2 hours today.

08.25 Baghdad. ISLAMIC DELEGATION FROM FRANCE IN BAGHDAD. After a brief stopover in Amman to meet with French FM Michel Barnier, a French delegation of Muslims has arrived in Baghdad to seek the release of the French hostages.

7.58 Fallujah. US AIRSTRIKE KILLS 17. The US launched an air strike last night at 23:45 on the Jebel residential quarter of Fallujah, killing 17 Iraqis.

07.10 Katmandu. NEPAL, RIOTS IN AFTERMATH OF MASSACRE OF WORKERS IN IRAQ. Two are dead in Katmandu as thousands of demonstrators go on rampage.


Wednesday, September 01, 2004

1 September 2004 Events in Iraq

00.35 Paris. MICHEL BARNIER: "I STILL HAVE HOPE". French FM Michel Barnier believes there will be a positive ending to the French hostage crisis.

23.05 Fallujah. UPDATED DEATH TOLL: NINE. Nine Iraqis killed and six wounded in the most recent US airstrike on the town.

22.45 Baghdad. HOSTAGES: SEVEN RELEASED, TWO TAKEN, NO NEWS CONCERNING FRENCH. Three Indians, three Kenyans, one Egyptian and one Turk were released while a Jordanian and an Iraqi were abducted. No news concerning French hostages.

22.15 Fallujah. US AIRSTRIKE KILLS 3.

22.03 Rome. KIDNAPPED IRAQI DOES NOT HAVE ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP. Ajad Anwar Wali, a wealthy businessman kidnapped yesterday in Baghdad, does not have Italian citizenship and therefore would not possess an Italian passport. Wali requested Italian citizenship in 2003 but it has not been granted.

22.00 Rome. KIDNAPPED IRAQI WAS ON PHONE WITH BROTHER WHEN KIDNAPPED. Emad Wali, brother of the Ajad Anwar Wali, was on the phone with his brother when he was kidnapped.

21.32 Paris. FRENCH HOSTAGES: DEADLINE PASSES. Kidnappers had demanded that headscarf law in France be rescinded.

21.30 Paris. FRENCH HOSTAGES, FM Michel Barnier returns to Amman from Qatar.

21.20 Rome. KIDNAPPED IRAQI WAS RESIDENT OF VENICE REGION. Ajad Anwar Ali, 48 was a resident of the town of Villa del Conte in the Province of Padua.

20.25 Mossul. PIPELINE ON FIRE. The Kirkuk to Ceyhan pipeline is ablaze near Hadar, west of Mossul.

19.30 Paris. HOSTAGES: FRANCE ASSIGNS BEST INTELLIGENCE AGENT. General Philippe Rondot, who chased down international terrorist Carlos in Sudan in 1994, has been dispatched to Baghdad. Gen. Rondot, 63, is intelligence advisor to French Defense Minister Mrs. Michele Alliot-Marie and is known to have connections among Arab intelligence agencies.

19.00 Kirkuk. MORTAR SALVO WOUNDS WOMAN AND CHILD. A woman and a child, both Kurdish, were gravely wounded in a mortar salvo directed at the Felak Refugee Camp outside Kirkuk.

18.00 Baghdad. IRAQ, NEW SPEAKER OF ASSEMBLY WILL BE KURDISH. Fuad Masum will be the Speaker of the caretaker National Assembly. Masum, member of the PUK, was elected by a majority of the delegates. However, the Turkman delegation had opposed his election and insisted on their own candidate.

17.37 Kuwait City. TRUCK DRIVERS RELEASED, KUWAITI FIRM PAYS RANSOM. The firm 'Kuwait Gulf and Link' paid more than $500 thousand for the release of their employees.

17.35 Katmandu. NEPAL, EGYPTIAN EMBASSY ATTACKED: ONE DEAD AND THREE WOUNDED. Nepalese police opened fire on a crowd intent on attacking the Egyptian Embassy. Embassy guards killed on person and wounded three others to break up the crowd.

17.18 Najaf. AL SADR ADVISOR ASSASSINATED. Sayed Bashir al Jazaeri, advisor to Moqtada al Sadr, was assassinated south of Baghdad while returning to Najaf by car.

17.05 Damascus. SYRIAN REPORTERS STAGE SIT-IN IN DAMASCUS. Syrian reporters staged a sit-in in front of the French in support of the kidnapped French Journalists

16.45 Baghdad. CHARGES AGAINST CHALABI DROPPED - An Iraqi judge threw out charges against Chalabi for counterfeiting and money laundering.

15.20 Rome. ITALIAN NEWS SHOW DIRECTOR APOLOGIZES. The director of the Tg4 newscasting, Emilio Fede, apologies to the public for broadcasting the execution of the 12 Nepalese hostages.

14.45 Baghdad. "KIDNAPPERS AWAIT INSTRUCTION FROM BIN LADEN" - According to a message from the Islamic Army in Iraq, the group will ask Osama Bin Laden to issue a fatwah determining the fate of the French reporters.

14.17 Kuwait City. KUWAITI REPORTER OFFERS SELF IN EXCHANGE FOR RELEASE OF FRENCH HOSTAGES. Saleh Bahman of the Kuwait News Agency (Kuna), offers himself in hostage swap.

13.48 Baghdad. IRAQI TRIBAL LEADER: "POSSIBLE FAVORABLE DEVELOPMENTS". An Iraqi tribal leader, Hisham Al Dulaimi, tells Al Arabiya TV that there are possible favorable developments towards the release of the French hostages.

13.42 Teheran. MUJAHIDIN PLEAD FOR RELEASE OF HOSTAGES. The leader of the Iranian People's Mudjahidin, Maryam Radjavi, please for release of French hostages in the name of Islam, mercy, peace and humanity.

13.22 Baghdad. WEALTHY BUSINESSMAN WITH ITALIAN PASSPORT KIDNAPPED ITALIANO. A wealthy Iraqi businessman carrying an Italian passport has been kidnapped yesterday afternoon in Baghdad. The businessman was at home in the company of a Turkish colleague when he was abducted.

12.55 Baghdad. JORDANIAN KIDNAPPED, $120 thousand ransom is asked. Alaa Haswa tranvelled to Iraq on 20 August and was kidnapped on the 27th. His family received a phone call demanding a ransom.


12.46 Dubai. AL ARABIYA: SEVEN HOSTAGES RELEASED. Seven employees of a Kuwaiti company who were kidnapped on 21 July were released today.

12.37 Paris. CHIRAC: "WE WILL CONTINUE TO DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE". French President Jacques Chirac says France will to everything possible to secure release of hostages.

12.18 Kirkuk. PIPELINE FIRE RAGES. The Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline is ablaze near Hadar, west of Mosul.

12.12 Doha. FRENCH FOREIGN MINISTER EXPECTED IN QATAR. Michel Barnier is to arrive in Doha in an attempt to gain the release of kidnapped French reporters.

11.54 Paris. ARAB LEAGUE SAYS DEADLINE IS TONIGHT AT 9:00 PM: The ambassador of the Arab League to Paris, Nassif Hitti, confirms hostage deadline is tonight.

11.40 Baghdad. MORTAR BARRAGE. ONE DEAD AND TWENTY WOUNDED. An Iraqi citizen is dead and 12 others wounded in a mortar attack on the Provicial Governor's House in Nineveh.

11.21 Vatican City. POPE APPEALS FOR RELEASE OF HOSTAGES. John Paul II pleads for the release of all hostages in Iraq.

11.05 Baghdad. FRANCE: ARSON ATTEMPT ON MOSQUE IN HAUTE SAVOIE. A fire was started in a mosque in Annemasse but did not cause damage.

10.55 Baghdad. IRAQ, TURKISH HOSTAGE RELEASED. A truck driver kidnapped on 7 August was released today.

10.11 Baghdad. NEW EXPLOSIONS NEAR ASSEMBLY SITE. A new wave of explosions was heard near national assembly site in Baghdad.

09.15 Baghdad. BLASTS CAUSED BY MORTAR ROUND: ONE PERSON IS WOUNDED: The blasts in the Green Zone were caused by mortar rounds. One person was wounded as the Iraqi National Assembly took the oath of office.

08.19 Baghdad. FIVE BLASTS IN GREEN ZONE. Five blasts were heard this morning in Baghdad near the location of the Iraqi National Assembly.

07.57 Katmandu. NEPAL, RIOTS IN KATMANDU. Angry crowds attack an employment agency responsible for the hiring of 12 massacred Nepalese workers in Iraq.

07.30 Baghad. CHALABI'S CONVOY ATTACKED: IRAQI POLITICIAN IS UNHARMED. A group of six armed men attacked the convoy of Ahmad Chalabi.

07.00 Katmandu. MOSQUE SET AFIRE IN REPRISAL FOR EXECUTION OF 12 NEPALESE WORKERS IN IRAQ. The Jama Masjid Mosque was looted and burned down by an angry crowd in Katmandu. The mosque is only 300 meters Narayanhity Palace

06.45 Paris. FRENCH HOSTAGES, NO NEWS DURING THE NIGHT. Anguish for France and for the family of Christian Chesnot and Geroges Malbrunot.