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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Italian-brokered deal ends Somalia's nightmare

Update August 6, 2009
Via BBC:
The US admits it has supplied pro-government forces in Somalia with over 40 tonnes of weapons and ammunition this year, and another delivery of weapons is predicted, says our correspondent.

Update: Why are African Union troops (undisciplined 18 year-olds) still in Mogadishu?

Via BBC: "Regional officials in Somalia have accused African Union (AU) peacekeepers of opening fire on civilians in the capital, Mogadishu, killing 18 people."

The two years that Italy's Special Envoy to Somalia, Mario Raffaelli, spent arm-twisting in Washington has produced the prospect of a stable Somalia, according to a story in Milan's Corriere della Sera. I would assume that Qatar and Kuwait played a role, too. The US assented to the election of Sheik Sharif Shek Ahmed, a member of the Hawiya-Abgal clan, said to be an Islamist on Washington's list of al-Qaeda members (always sweeping and inaccurate), as President in an election among the Somali parliamentarians in Djibuti last night. The Sheik still has to convince more radical elements, especially Sheik Hassan Daher Haweis in Asmara and Sheik Hassan Turki to accept him but I think they will. No comment from the big cheerleader for disorder in Somalia, Jendayi E. Frazer.

The New York Times also has a dispatch but it does not mention Mr. Raffaelli's efforts.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spain pursues Israel for crimes against humanity

Israel is rankled and this is good:

Spanish justice authorities have opened an investigation into a murderous Gaza bombing ordered by former Israeli Defense Minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer and involving 6 other high-ranking Israel military officials. The Israelis intended to kill Hamas leader Salah Chehadeh in July 2002 at any collateral cost. And so they blew up an entire building in the Al-Daraj quarter, killing 14 Palestinians, mostly women and children, and wounding 150 otheers. Madrid Judge Fernando Andreu has accepted the complaint lodged by the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, saying that there was "evidence of crimes against humanity" as part of a "premeditated and predetermined strategy". [Via Le Monde]

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Barack Hussein Obama

Today was a glorious day and I remained glued to the TV. Beside the excitement, the pageant and the relief of seeing that helicopter take 43 away, there were two unforgettable, blissful moments for me.

The first was Reverend Lowry's benediction:

...Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around ... when yellow will be mellow ... when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen.

The second was: instead of a phalanx of public sanitation workers with broom in hand, NASA and moon mobile brought up the end of the parade. It was wordless, ingenious, comic, humble, elating, and understated, yet the message was clear. The inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama was one giant leap in the history of the United States.

BTW, the New York Times has a site with all Inaugural Addresses since 1789.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

January 18, 2009 in Gaza: The Truce

21:26 Ismail Haniyeh,: "We have scored a victory"

19:40 Olmert: "We want to leave Gaza as soon as possible"

18:41 Zapatero: "The truce is a positive step but aid needed"

18:28 Israel opens a field hospital near the Erez crossing to provide treatment to wounded Palestinians

18:26 Abu Mazen: "Humanitarian aid must begin to flow now"

18:08 Israeli military: "Progressive withdrawal initiated.

17:46 Israel initiates partial withdrawal

17:40 Sarkozy: "Efforts to arrive at a 2-state solution must be accelerated"

17:28 Mubarak: "Another international summit needed to resolve conflict between Hamas and Israel"

17:11 David Axelrod: "Obama hopes for a lasting truce

16:56 Israel abandons key positions in Gaza

16:42 Mubarak repeats his opposition to international observers along border

16:40 Iran: "Hamas should not accept truce"

16:34 Berlusconi: "Italy among the first to contribute to a "Marshall Plan" for Gaza

16:28 Berlusconi: "Obama, will provide the decisive energy needed to achieve peace"

16:24 Berlusconi: "World leaders hope that Israel will withdraw"

16:01 Berlusconi proposes that the Carabinieri monitor border crossings into Gaza

16:00 Yuval Diskin: "Operations have not yet been concluded"

15:32 Gordon Brown: "Israel must withdraw and firing of rockets must end"

15:19 Nicholas Sarkozy: "Israel must withdraw if no rockets are launched against it"

15:08 Sharm el Sheikh conference concludes [A 1-hour conference? One hour??--Nur]

14:12 Sarkozy: "Two-state conference needed

14:10 Abu Mazen attends Sharm summit after declaring he would not attend

13:55 Peace conference opens in Sharm el Sheikh

13:41 Islamic Jihad proclaims one-week truce

13:27 Hamas agrees to truce but demands Israeli pull-out within one week

12:31 Israel says it is premature to set a timetable for troop withdrawal

12:15 EU asks for a truce from Hamas and urges Israel to open all border crossings

12:11 Benedict XVI: "End the Gaza tragedy"

12:08 European leaders attending the Sharm el-Sheikh summit invited to dine with Olmert in Israel

11:52 95 bodies recovered in Gaza

11:01 Hamas: "We are not bound by Israel's unilateral truce"

10:57 Tony Blair: "The peace initiative is not dead" [Quite right, it's undead--Nur]

10:25 Abu Mazen: "The ceasefire is not enough; Israelis must withdraw from Gaza"

10:23 Palestinian militant killed by Israelis in Khuzaa, near Khan Yunes

10:07 Olmert: "The truce is fragile"

09:21 Israeli reprisal against Gaza

09:18 Hamas: "Bodies of children being recovered"

09:17 Rockets fired at southern Israel

09:13 Peace conference in Egypt today. Attending are Ban Ki Moon, Sarkozy, Brown, Merkel, Berlusconi and Zapatero and representatives of the EU and the Arab League.

09:07 Israel says it will respond to provocations

09:05 Truce proclaimed in Israel

07:52 Israeli helicopters attack northern Gaza Strip.

January 17, 2009 in Gaza

22:26 Fawzi Barhoum: "Without Israeli withdrawal, Hamas will continue to resist"

22:04 Omert confirms that Israeli troops will occupy Gaza during ceasefire

21:55 Olmert announces ceasefire

21:30 Two rockest fired at Ashdod and Ashkelon

21:13 Israeli troops to occupy Gaza following ceasefire

20:45 Berlusconi confirms that he will travel to Israel

20:35 Mahmoud Abbas and Olmert will not attend Sharm el-Sheikh summit

19:43 Ban Ki-Moon condemns bombing of UNRWA school in Beit Lahiya by Israel

19:41 Sarkozy, Merkel, Brown and Berlusconi to see Olmert following summit

19:17 9 Israeli soldiers wounded in Gaza

19:07 Ban Ki-Moon: "Ceasefire must be accompanied by Israeli withdrawal"

19:06 Sarkozy to preside over Sharm el-Sheikh together with Mubarak

19:01 Israeli government meets to discuss truce

18:46 Egypt: "Israel has okayed truce"

18:35 Israel to open border to allow Gazans to seek medical treatment in Israel

18:32 Angela Merkel to attend Sharm el Sheikh summit

18:03 Berlusconi: "There will certainly be a ceasefire"

18:02 Israel pondering ceasefire

17:52 Iran demands investigation into use of white phosphorus by Israel

17:49 Roma, 150 thousand people turn out to protest Israeli operation against Gaza

17:01 France, UK and the US will provide resources to prevent arms smuggling into the Gaza Strip

16:49 Israeli missiles strike Egypt

16:21 Brown "profoundly concerned" over Gaza

16:20 Ehud Barak phones Robert Gates

16:10 Olmert appoints Yitzhak Herzog as coordinator for humanitarian aid in Gaza

15:21 Olmert and Mahmud Abbas) will attend Egypt summit

14:56 Summit in Egypt on Sunday

14:47 Palestinian sources: More than 4.000 residential buildings destroyed by Israelis

14:44 Mubarak: "Egypt will not accept foreign observers"

14:42 4 Israeli soldiers seriously wounded

14:28 Egypt wants an international donor conference for Gaza
14:14 Mubarak demands an immediate Israeli ceasefire

14:11 Berlusconi phones Mubarak

14:00 Marches planned in Rome to protest Israeli operation against Gaza

13:18 Egypt: Israel stands in the way of a truce

13:17 Egypt denies that the US and Israel have signed a pact to interdict Hamas arms trafficking.

13:08 Turkey-Israel, Ankara does not wish to sever diplomatic relations

12:41 Berlusconi to travel to Sharm el-Sheikh.

12:39 Israel security advisors to meet at 18:30

12:36 UN demands inquest into anther bombing of a UN school by Israelis

12:15 Olmert-Barak plan evening press conference

12:14 Truce agreement to be signed at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt on Sunday

12:13 Ban Ki-moon urges immediate ceasefire

12:02 Death toll: 1200 Palestinians killed

11:59 US Reporters berate Livni at a press conference in Washington

11:50 Vatican: "UN must strive to achieve ceasefire"

11:17 Pope urges assistance for Gaza civilians

11:12 EU Commissioner Danuta Hubner: "Parties must resume talks"

10:57 Hezbollah protests visit of Ban Ki-moon to Beirut

10:51 Czech FM Karel Schwarzenberg expected in Cairo

10:19 Mahmud Abbas flies to Cairo for talks with Mubarak

10:07 Hamas: "We will not turn in our weapons"

10:05 Message of condolence from Iran for Hamas minister killed in Israeli air strike

09:17 Tsahal: 50 objectives hit during the night

08:25 Livni: "Yes to truce but if Hamas attacks, we will resume offensive"

08:23 Israeli artillery fires on UN school in Beit Lahiya, two children dead.

Friday, January 16, 2009

January 16, 2009 in Gaza

19:34 Israeli Army to remain in Gaza after ceasefire called

19:29 Ban Ki-Moon arrives in Ankara for ceasefire talks

19:27 10 dead in Israeli air strike on residence in Choujaiya.

19:20 Moroccan ulema order electronic Jihad against Israeli web sites and businesses

19:18 Strong condemnation of Israel at Doha summit

18:56 Haaretz: "Israeli government voting on unilateral ceasefire.

18:55 Israel considering unilateral ceasefire in Gaza

18:31 Qatar orders Israeli trade delegation to leave country

18:24 Summit to take place between Mubarak, Olmert and Abu Mazen

18:06 Ban Ki-moon in Ankara for ceasefire talks

18:03 Israelis bomb residence, killing 5 girls

17:42 Ahmadinejad: "Israel should be brought to justice"

17:39 Bolivia to bring legal action against Israel at the Hague.

17:34 Doctors Without Borders: "Never so many dead in so short a time", including Somalia, Eastern Kivu, Sri Lanka and Darfur.

17:15 Rice: "Ceasefire will be agreed very shortly"

17:08 Washington: Rice - Livni agreement

17:01 Israel forces leave center of Gaza City

17:00 UNICEF Italy: "Access to Gaza must be guaranteed"

16:49 Erdogan: "Israel should be banished from the UN"

16:36 Thousands of Israeli Arabs protest the war in Arara in southern Israel.

16:15 USA and Israel sign memorandum on ceasefire

16:09 Qatar and Mauritania freeze relations with Israel.

15:45 Assad urges Arab leaders to end relations with Israel.

15:36 Ahmadinejad: "The world is dominated by Israeli thinking"

15:27 Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, the Custodian for the Holy Land, urges that assistance be given to Gaza.

15:08 Angry crowd participates in funeral for Said Siam, termed a "martyr".

14:59 Hamas returns to Cairo, after the Israeli negotiator, Gilad, departs

14:38 Abu Mazen travels to Amman and to Cairo

14:33 Assad: "What was taken away from Gaza by force will be returned to Gaza by force"

14:25 Cairo, Israeli envoy leaves with no formal truce agreement

14:24 Assad: "Israel is a pernicious form of contemporary Nazism.

14:14 Turkish PM Erdogan: "Ceasefire initiative ready"

14:13 Catholic charity Caritas Italiana concerning by lack of space in Gaza

14:03 Assad: "2002 Arab peace initiative is dead"

13:51 Gaza: Father Manuel Musallam says Israeli offensive is a crime against humanity.

13:50 Syrian President Assad urges Arab countries to close down Israeli embassies

13:38 Rockets launched at Ashdod and Kiryat Gat (Neghev).

13:32 Meshaal: "Israel responsible for death and destruction"

13:29 Vatican: "Iran must work for peace in the Middle East"

13:17 Sarkozy: "The Israeli operation in Gaza will do nothing for Israeli security"

13:10 Meshaal: "Hamas will not accept conditions set by Israel

12:59 Thousands expected in Assisi tomorrow to show solidarity with Gazawis.

12:37 Hebron, demonstrator protesting Gaza incursion is shot dead by Israelis

12:36 Amnesty International demands inquiry into bombing of UNRWA offices

12:35 Ahmadinejad in Doha for Arab summit

12:29 Moscow restarts peace conference initiative

12:11 Hamas (Khaled Meshaal) and Islamic Jihad (Ramadan Shalah) leaders in Qatar for Arab summit

11:58 Hamas delegation expected in Cairo

11:20 Ban Ki-Moon calls on Israel to suspend Gaza operations

10:59 Ban Ki-Moon: "Truce very close"

10:43 Rockets launched in direction of the Neghev.

10:35 Ban Ki-Moon in Ramallah for talks with Abu Mazen

10:22 Death toll update: 1,133 dead

10:15 Russia asks Syria and Iran to put pressure on Hamas

10:12 Hamas chief in Doha for summit of Arab leaders

09:47 Israel rejects Hamas' conditions for truce

09:43 Italian Defense Minister La Russa does not exclude international contingent in Gaza

09:34 Israeli Military: "70% of tunnels to Egypt destroyed"

09:32 78% of Israelis support offensive

09:30 23 bodies recovered from ruins of bombings by Israel

09:28 Dissent in Israeli government over Egyptian truce proposal

09:26 Israel forbids Friday prayers for Muslims

09:24 Israeli negotiator Amos Gilad returns to Cairo today

09:18 Blair optimistic: "A truce is now possible"

09:17 Rice: "US working on arriving at an agreement with Israel"

09:11 Olmert spokesman: "Gaza offensive in final phase"

08:11 Hamas proposes one-year truce to Israel

08:10 Al Jazeera: Israel carried out nocturnal raids and air strikes

08:07 Gaza: more than 1100 Palestinians killed, 5130 wounded

Thursday, January 15, 2009

January 15, 2007, in Gaza

21:51 4 US and French physicians cross into Gaza at Rafah to treat [3,000] wounded

21:18 Condoleezza Rice phones Olmert to apologize for working on UN resolution.

21:16 Ban Ki-Moon: A few more days needed to work out details on truce.

20:34 Obama says he will work for peace as soon as he is inaugurated.

20:23 EU condemns Israeli attacks on UNRWA

19:51 Meshaal (Hamas): "No truce until Israel withdraws"

19:45 Hamas prepared to accept a one-year truce

19:07 Hamas announces vendetta for slaying of Said Siam

19:01 Usa: Aharon Abramovich expected in Washington

18:56 Islamic Resistance security chief, Salah Abu Shreh, and head of the military wing, Mahmoud Watfah, killed in Israeli raid.

18:55 Italian FM Frattini meets with ambassadors of Arab countries in Rome

18:37 Operation Hardened Lead has caused $1.4 billion in property damage

18:29 Haaretz, reports outgoing US Administration is to sign security memorandum with Israel

18:23 Hamas confirms death of Said Siam in Israeli air strike on his home

18:10 Israel: Hamas Interior Minister Said Siam slain.

18:09 Abu Mazen: "Next few hours crucial for truce"

18:07 Israel reportedly is indecisive on truce.

16:54 Olmert: "Usa proposes agreement to keep Hamas from rearming"

16:51 Egypt, Israel is positive to truce.

16:40 Red Cross: 100 patients and staff trapped in burning hospital in Gaza.

16:24 Hamas rockets fired at Beer Sheva

16:11 Olmert: "Hamas militants were firing from UNRWA building". UN officer John Ging says the allegation is senseless.

15:47 NGOs report catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza

15:45 Doctors report Israelis firing on al Quds Hospital

15:28 Patriarch of Jerusalem: "Women and children are the victims"

15:15 Brown: Attack on UNRWA "indefensible and unacceptable"

14:58 UNRWA bombing, EU commission shocked and horrified.

14:02 Israeli mediator leaves Cairo.

13:19 France condemns attack on UNRWA headquarters

13:11 UNICEF sounds the alarm: "Shocking conditions"

12:33 Ehud Barak apologizes to Ki-Moon for bombing UNRWA headquarters [One of the most insincere apologies ever uttered.]

12:27 Israelis bomb 15 clinics in Gaza City

12:21 European Parliament passes resolution calling for immediate truce.

12:06 Ban Ki-Moon says ceasefire may be near.

11:55 Greece officially protests Israel blockade of humanitarian aid.

11:54 Vatican: "The fundamental rights of the populace in Gaza have been violated"

11:50 Israelis use white phosphorus artillery shells when firing at UNRWA headquarters.

11:49 Ban Ki-Moon: "Death toll unbearable"

11:43 UNRWA forced to abandon operations in Gaza.

11:29 Gaza hospital bombed by Israel on fire.

11:28 Ban ki-Moon "indignant" over bombing of UNRWA headquarters

11:26 Merkel and Brown say they are "shocked" by humanitarian crisis in Gaza

11:25 UN personnel killed in Israeli artillery bombing of UNRWA headquarters.

11:09 Israeli artillery fires on the 500-patient Tell Al Hawa Hospital, the headquarters of the Red Crescent.

10:47 UNRWA spokesman confirms that Israeli artillery fired on headquarters.

10:45 Ahmadinejad accuses Arab leaders of supporting genocide

10:38 Blast hits building hosting foreign press in Gaza, including Reuters. A reporter from Abu Dhabi is wounded.

10:29 Lebanese military puts on display of force in South Lebanon following rocket launching.

10:28 Israel tanks move on residence of Mahmoud Al Zahar, the Hamas foreign minister".

10:23 BBC reports fire at UNRWA headquarters

10:06 Mohammed Nassal of Hamas: "We do not want an unlimited truce"

09:54 Former member of Italian Parliament, Francesco Caruso, traveling with an aid ship to Gaza says his and other vessels have been stopped by the Israelis.

09:53 Wounded Palestinians evacuated to Tunisia from the El Arish air base in Egypt.

09:44 Ban Ki-Moon in Israel

09:34 BBC reports Israeli troops fire at Palestinian women exiting their homes carrying a white flag.

08:26 Usa and Israel sign security memorandum

08:25 Ship carrying aid for Gaza turned away from coast by Israeli Navy

08:17 Israeli troops enter Gaza City, population flees

08:16 14 rockets fired at Israel

07:21 Venezuela breaks diplomatic relations with Israel

07:19 German FM Franck-Walter Steinmeier arrives in Israel

07:17 New York. Emergency session of the UN General Assembly

07:13 Israeli negotiator Amos Gilas in Cairo

07:11 Ismail Haniyeh calls on the West to stop Israeli offensive

06:58 16 dead in nighttime operations. Israeli warplanes target a mosque in Rafah

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

January 13, 2009 in Gaza

19:55 Qatar conference tomorrow

19:54 Hamas says it has certain objections regarding implementation of truce

19:02 EU Parliament debates Gaza situation

18:57 Israel says Palestinians using weapons with white phosphorus

18:49 White House skeptical on acceptance of truce by Hamas

18:43 Italian Red Cross to send aid to Gaza

18:38 Assad: Isareli offensive spreading extremism

18:33 Ban Ki-moon in Jordan for talks with King Abdallah

18:25 Diplomatic sources say Egypt is expecting a reply from Israel on truce

18:23 Hamas says it has not accepted Egyptian-brokered truce

18:13 Hamas says Israel will withdraw troops as part of truce

18:12 Spanish FM Miguel Angel Moratinos denies that Hamas has accepted truce

17:41 Czech FM Karel Schwarzenberg rejects idea of direct contacts with Hamas

17:34 Hamas says divergences remain concerning truce

17:31 Spain confirms that Hamas has accepted truce

16:51 Italian FM Frattini to personally escort Italian assistance to Gaza.

16:49 Save the Children: Authorized assistance totally insufficient

16:47 More than 300 children killed in Israeli offensive

16:45 Osservatore Romano: "Humanitarian situation in Gaza dire"

16:43 Israel. No confirmation of release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit

16:41 Italian FM Frattini to leave for Gaza on Sunday

16:29 EU President: "More humanitarian assistance needed"

16:25 Israeli robocalls in Lebanon: "Remember what happened to you in 1982"

16:22 Anti-tank rockets launched at Israeli tanks; 7 Israeli soldiers wounded

16:12 Bolivia breaks diplomatic relations with Israel

16:02 Israel shows signs of accepting ceasefire.

16:00 Lebanon. Dynamite booby-trap set in El Hebbariye for UNIFIL troops

15:49 Palestinian sources say 4,500 are wounded

15:17 Egyptian source says Hamas has accepted truce.

15:07 Human rights groups in Israel criticize Tsahal for jeopardizing civilians

14:41 German FM Frank Walter Steinmeier returns to Middle East

14:38 Egypt to inform Israel of Hamas' decision on truce

14:13 Red Cross: "Desperate situation in Gaza

13:13 Qassam rockets fired at southern Israel. No damage or casualties

13:02 Israeli troops fire at white flag in village of Khuza.

12:47 Lebanese government condemns launch of rockets at Israel

12:43 Israeli F-16's bomb Gaza's cemetery

12:38 Italy's Enel donates two 30-kvA generators to Gaza

12:19 Ahmed Abul Gheit: Israel's use of weapons a scandal"

12:09 Ban Ki-Moon: "Israel has used excessive force"

12:08 UNIFIL troops find additional unlaunched rockets

12:05 European Parliament calls for immediate truce

11:53 Osama Bin Laden calls for jihad in 22-minutes message

11:36 Ban Ki-Moon repeats request for immediate ceasefire.

11:32 Czech leader Topolanek calls Turkey an "Arab country"

11:11 Unifil: "At least 3 rockets fired at Isarel"

11:08 Spanish FM Miguel Angel Moratinos optimistic on truce

10:34 Iran, Khamenei issues fatwa against buying Israeli products

10:23 The Guardian writes that Israel may face UN tribunal.

10:16 Egypt asks Hamas to accept 1-year truce

09:59 Tunisia will not attend summit in Doha

09:57 Haaretz reports Barak and Livni want a truce, Olmert no.

09:54 Hamas fires mortars and rockets at Israel

09:53 Israel prevents Iranian ship carrying 2,000 tons of food and medicine from docking in Gaza

09:32 Israel demands Lebanon prevent rocket attacks

09:13 Israel strikes 60 targets during the night

09:10 Egypt and Saudi Arabia will not attend Qatar Summit

09:07 Ban Ki-Moon in Cairo for talks with Mubarak

08:21 Blair: "Next 48-72 hours are crucial"

08:20 The Speaker of the UN General Assembly, Miguel D'Escoto, convenes session tomorrow to discuss Gaza.

08:19 Battles during the night

08:14 Gaza death toll 975

08:12 Three rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January 13, 2007, in Gaza

17:18 Palestinian delegate asks Ban Ki-moon to insist on truce

16:56 Netanyahu, Israele must overthrow Hamas

16:50 Turkish PM defends his criticism of Israel

16:38 Israeli warplanes violate Egyptian airspace

16:29 Egypt will not attend Qatar summit

16:27 European Commission, Israel violating international laq

16:24 White House refutes story that Bush ordered Rice to abstain from UN Security Council vote after request from Olmert

16:21 Mubarak arrives in Riyadh

16:08 Hamas claims it killed 12 Israeli soliders in Beit Lahiya

16:04 Lebanon to attend Arab summit in Qatar

15:49 Egypt warns Hamas not to reject proposal

15:47 Lebanon guarantees that no more rockets will be launched at Israel from its territory

15:45 West Bank, Israeli soldier wounds Palestinian

15:43 Abu Marzuq, Egyptian proposal acceptable if modified

15:13 Hamas, still a chance to Egyptian plan

15:12 Palestinian factions in Damasco: Cairo initiative a surrender

15:08 A dozen rockets fired at Israel

14:48 Syria and Europe intensify pressure on Israel

14:34 Egitto will not attend Arab League summit in Qatar

14:20 Turkey, Erdogan visits Palestinian wounded in hospital

13:35 16 dead and 40 wounded today in Gaza Strip.e 40 feriti

13:32 Hamas to give final answer on Egyptian plan

13:31 Livni, "We shall negotiate only with the moderates"

13:11 Israel peace activists say army using phosphorus as a weapon

13:07 Al Jazeera, massive demolition of Arab homes

12:57 Hamas evaluating Egyptian initiative

12:54 Ehud Barak, "Israel respects the UN but offensive will continue

12:50 Pisa, synagogue defaced

12:21 Mamoud Abbas, Israel is attempting to exterminate the Palestinians

11:56 Abu Mazen to attend Qatar summit

11:53 Italian opposition politician questions taboo on criticizing Israel

11:48 Turkey working toward compromise

11:47 Livni, the offensive is a positive thing for Palestinians

11:33 Jakob Kellenberger, President of the International Red Cross, in Gaza

11:31 Hamas agrees to presence of Turkish troops as peacekeepers in Gaza

11:21 30 thousand homeless in Gaza seek shelter in schools

10:59 Ban Ki-moon in the Middle East

10:48 Olmert called Bush to get UN Security Council abstention

10:32 Israeli general Gabi Ashkenazi says operations will continue

10:26 Hamas-Egypt talks continue in Cairo

10:17 55 anti-Semitic attacks in France

10:13 4 Israeli soldiers wounded in booby-trapped residence

10:12 Hamas opposes international force in Gaza.

09:34 Heavy fighting in the outskirts of Gaza City.

09:24 Jordan denies pot shots fired at Israeli patrol

09:21 Mubarak flies to Riyadh for talks with King Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz on the situation in the Gaza Strip.

09:07 Israel beefs up troops ing Gaza City

08:53 UN Security Council meets again

08:51 Jordan, pot shots fired at Israeli patrol

08:43 Israel says it hit 60 objectives during the night

Monday, January 12, 2009

January 12, 2009 in Gaza

20:23 Livni "concerned" by outbreaks of "anti-Semitism" around the world

20:12 Milan: Counterprotesters disrupt rally in support of Israel

19:49 UN asks Israel to agree to 24-hour humanitarian truce

19:14 Israel forbids Israeli Arab political parties from running candidates in 10 February elections [Let's hear it for the "Beacon of Democracy"--Nur]

19:07 Cairo: Spanish FM Miguel Angel Moratinos says agreement on truce is close

19:05 Haniyeh: Israel will not break our will

18:38 Web site recruits foreign fighters for Gaza

18:29 Britain, FM David Milliband wants Israeli and Hamas "war crimes" investigated

18:21 Israeli forces destroy Caritas Relief Catholic hospital in Gaza

18:11 EU President will convene conference of donors for Gaza

18:04 Israel denies report that one of its soldiers was kidnapped and killed.

17:48 Protests planned in Rome to "stop the massacre in Gaza"

17:39 Palestinian casualty toll: 917 dead, 4,100 wounded

17:35 Hamas: "Victory over Israel closer than ever"

17:30 SMS text message campaign in Saudi Arabia encourages boycott of US products; Starbucks, Pepsi, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Philip Morris targeted.

17:23 France tells Israel "Do not use phosphorus bombs"

17:18 Ismail Haniyeh: "We will remain despite devastation"

17:09 Isreal claims its use of phosphorus is within international norms

16:47 Olmert: "If Qassam rockets continue to fall, we will respond with iron fist"

16:38 Another Palestinian killed in Jabaliya

16:28 Italian FM Frattini proposes a "Marshall Plan" for the Palestinians

16:22 Abdullah II of Jordan supports Egyptian truce plan

16:20 Israeli reservist refuses serve in Israeli offensive, gets 14 days in military prison

16:17 Vatican: "International community must intervene" to establish ceasefire in Gaza

16:12 12 Palestinians killed in Israeli air strike on Jabaliya

15:52 Al Jazeera: "4 Israeli soldiers wounded".

15:42 Israeli missiles fall on the Brazil quarter of Egyptian Rafah but do not explode

15:33 Bush: "Hamas must decide whether it wants a ceasefire"

15:19 Olmert cautious on Egyptian mediation

15:10 Arab leaders to meet in Kuwait on 17 January

15:04 Israel: "Rocket arsenal inside Gaza mosque"

15:02 Pakistan, thousands, urged on by opposition leader Nawaz Sharif, protest Israeli offensive

14:59 Hamas: "Captured Israeli soldier killed by Israeli air strike"

14:53 Iranian aid ship nears coastline of Gaza Strip

14:46 Al Jazeera: "Rafah looks like it has been stricken by an earthquake" due to Israeli air strikes

14:42 Hamas rejects concessions while bombs continue to fall on Gaza

14:37 French FM Bernard Kouchner says EU forces must be deployed to Gaza as observers

14:06 Boutros Ghali says all Middle Eastern moderates weakened by Israeli offensive

13:45 UN, Council on Human Rights condemns Israel

13:30 Al Jazeera: Israelis bomb heart of Gaza City

13:27 Olmert apologizes for civilian deaths during Israeli offensive

13:22 Italian FM Franco Frattini to travel to the Middle East, including Syria, this weekend

13:08 Papal Nunzio in Israel, Monsignor Antonio Franco, says violence will not solve crisis.

12:43 Israel intensifying attacks on Gaza

12:39 Two women and two children, all Palestinians, killed in Israeli bombings of the Jabalya and Beit Lahia refugee camps.

12:32 Al Jazeera, Israeli forces destroying Palestinian residences with tanks in Gaza City

12:28 Livni, Israel will not negotiate with Hamas

12:24 Egyptian FM Ahmed Abul Gheit phones Italian and Russian counterparts

12:21 Al Hayat reports Hamas has rejected Egypt's ceasefire proposal

12:20 New group in Lebanon, Arab Islamic Resistance, claims it fired rockets at lsrael

12:18 Israel claims it uses phosphorus only in "smoke bombs"

11:51 Rockets fired at Ashkelon, no injuries

11:45 UN debates resolution against Israel for human rights violations. Onu discute risoluzione contro Israele

11:36 Olmert claims Palestinians have "homicidal instincts" which the world ignores

11:29 Iran invites Arab countries to carry out a sustained Intifada

10:56 Blair, speaking in Cairo, says there are elements for a ceasefire

10:43 Death toll: 900 Palestinians killed, including 277 children. 3,950 wounded

10:42 Italian opposition politician Massimo D'Alema says Israel's punitive expedition encourages Jihad

10:15 Shin Bet convinced Hamas militants hiding in Shifa hospital complex

09:57 Iran to sanction multinationals doing business with Israel

09:55 Tony Blair in Cairo for truce talks

09:38 German FM Frank-Walter Steinmeier optimistic about chances for ceasefire

09:36 Al Jazeera reports battles in Gaza City

09:28 Israel postpones talks in Cairo in order to put pressure on Hamas

09:16 Livni, progress being made toward ceasefire

09:14 Rockets fired at Israel; no damage or victims

09:13 3-hour humanitarian truce will take place todays, from 10 am to 1 pm, Gaza time

08:56 Israeli military says it hit 12 objectives during the night

08:53 Israeli envoy, Amos Gilad, delays mission to Cairo

Sunday, January 11, 2009

January 11, 2009 in Gaza

Gaza live bloggers:

Moments of Gaza
From Gaza with Love
In Gaza
A Mother from Gaza

18:15 Anti-Israel demonstrators clash with police in Brussels as 20,00 protest Gaza operations

17:39 Potshots fired at Israeli troops in Golan Heights from Syrian side

17:28 Israeli air strikes hit Egyptian Refah, five wounded

16:40 Turkish delegation led by Ahmed Davutoglu meeting with Hamas in Cairo

15:52 EU parliamentary delegation: "Hundreds of children sheltering in UNRWA school"

15:23 EU parliamentary delegation returns to Egypt, report UNRWA school damaged

14:29 UE parliamentary delegation enters Gaza Strip in UNRWA minivan.

13:23 Obama says he will concentrate on Middle East crisis as soon as he takes office

12:56 Israeli Defense Vice Minister Matan Vilnai: Gaza operation winding down

11:46 Israel exerts pressure on Egypt to stop contraband; Haaretz reports that Israeli military action will continue in Gaza to put pressure on Hosni Mubarak". [Israelis playing with fire...]

11:34 Israeli military claims it killed 12 militants a Gaza City's Sheikh Ajleen quarter.

11:31 Rockets fired at Beer Sheva and Netivot, but schools open

11:19 Palestinian death toll is 878 in Operation Hardened Lead

11:07 British Jews urges Israel to end Gaza operation

11:00 Israeli General Yoav Galant says Gaza operations must be widened
10:34 Olmert, "We were forced into offensive on Gaza"

10:30 Olmert says Israel has nearly reached all its aims

10:21 Saudi fighter named Abu Muhammed al-Mari said to be killed by Israelis in Gaza

10:00 Israeli tanks advance in southern Gaza City

09:30 EU parliamentary delegation prevented from crossing into the Gaza Strip at Rafah

09:22 Israeli artillery pounds Beith Lahiya, killing 5 civilians

09:16 Israel demands that Egyptian forces prevent arms from reaching Gaza [the desire to help their Arab brothers must be overwhelming--Nur].

09:15 Israel says 60 targets hit during the night

09:00 Israeli tanks in the Sheik Ajlin district of Gaza City as Israeli artillery pounds the Tall al Hawa quarter. Hamas militants have mined the streets.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

January 10, 2009 in Gaza

21:10 Meshaal demands Israel end offensive.

21:08 Florence, Italy: Protesters lob flares and firecrackers at US consulate
21:07 Israel claims it has killed 550 Palestinian militants during offensive

20:50 Benin: High animist priest Dah Aligbonon prays for peace

20:43 Scandinavia: 10 thousand protest Israel offensive

20:27 Human Rights Watch: "Israel using white phosphorus, banned by Geneva Treaty in 1980, in residential areas"

20:08 Ahmadinejad lashes out at the UN: "Decisions partial and callous"

19:42 Israeli claims total of 300 Hamas militants killed

19:33 Thousand protests Gaza operation throughout France: Lyon (5,000), Marseille and Nantes (4,000 each), Paris (30,000), Toulouse, Nice and Perpignan

19:25 Israeli Army denies wiping out family of 9 in Jebalya

19:23 Israeli TV reports that a Palestinian suicide bombing was thwarted by Israeli troops in the northern Gaza Strip

19:01 Israeli official says Hamas militants are exhausted

18:35 Protesters burn Israeli flag in Turin

18:28 Rome: Jewish merchants' stores defaced by Nazi slogans .

18:21 Italian FM Frattini: "Israel agrees to international buffer force between Egypt and Gaza"

18:19 Milan: Muslims conduct outdoor prayers in Duca d'Aosta Square in front of central railway station.

17:48 Spouses of Arab leaders protest Gaza offensive: Emine Erdogan, Queen Rania of Jordan, Asma al Assad and Wafa Suleiman.

17:42 Thousands protest Gaza massacre in Paris, Duisburg, London, Milan, Venice and Nabatiyeh, Lebanon

17:11 Furious firing around Gaza City

17:05 Amir Mansi killed in Israeli air strike

17:04 Israeli artillery fires at Gaza City during during truce 3-hour truce

16:52 Israele denies having fired at UN convoy, blames Hamas

16:06 4 said to be wounded by rockets fired at Ashkelon

14:54 Hamas says no to international observers in Gaza

14:44 Shams Omar, a leader of the al-Quds Brigades, killed in Israel airstrike

14:41 Latest casualty count: 821 Palestinians dead, of whom 235 are children

14:25 Israel drops leaflets over Gaza strip saying it will expand operations.

13:43 Egypt wants forces loyal to the Palestinian Authority along to patrol Egyptian fronier

12:53 Egypt does not want international force along its border

12:01 Israeli tank kills family of 8 in Jabaliya

11:33 Israel claims 15 Hamas militants killed in nighttime air strikes

11:11 Israel confirims suspension of operations for three hours today

11:10 Ashdod, 5 said to be injured by Hamas rocket

11:05 Mahmoud Abbas: "Israel and Hamas must accept Egyptian plan"

10:40 Times of London: "The plan is return the Palestinian Authority to Gaza"

10:25 Al Qaeda in Iraq: "Hit US and Israeli targets"

10:11 Mahmoud Abbas: : "I shall ask for an international force in the Gaza Strip"

09:55 Israel bombs Gaza Strip hospital

09:48 Hamas delegation in Cairo for talks with Omar Suleiman, chief of Egyptian intelligence

08:47 Hàaretz reports that the US is dispatching container ship full of arms to Israel but that it has nothing to do with recent operations in Gaza.

08:46 Hamas: "Rockets hit Tel Nof Air Base, 27 from Tel Aviv"

08:21 Livni: "We do not know when Operation Hardened Lead will end"

08:16 Hamas fires rockets at

08:13 Israel Army on the outskirts of Gaza City

08:12 Beijing dispatches envoy Sun Bigan to Egypt, Israeli and the West Bank

08:10 UN agencies announce resumption of work

Friday, January 09, 2009

January 9, 2009 in Gaza

19:16 UN to resume activities in the Gaza Strip soon

18:59 European Commission condemns Israeli attacks on UNRWA facilities in Gaza Strip

18:55 The offices of Israel's Zim Line are vandalized in Venice-Mestre

18:52 Mahmud Abbas flies from Madrid to Cairo.

18:48 Condoleeza Rice: "It's hard for Israel to avoid civilian loss of life" [Especially when they refuse to enter the warehouses--Nur]

17:51 Rome. G8 envoys meet to coordinate aid to Gaza

17:36 Israel Supreme Court orders Army to justify its reasons for not allowing Gaza wounded to be evacuated

17:17 Huge pro-Palestinian demonstrations across Iraq: Kerbala, Najaf, Falluja, Diyala, Baghdad and Suleiymaniya.

17:05 Muslim demonstrators clash with police in East Jerusalem.

16:59 Hamas and Fatah supporters clash in Ramallah

16:49 White House says it is concerned by situation in Gaza

16:09 Kenya. Hundreds demonstrate against Israel in Nairobi; police use tear gas

15:53 Red Cross will scale back activities in Gaza City.

15:50 Algiers, thousands demonstrate against Israel

15:47 NATO Secretary Jaap de Hoop Scheffer leaves for Middle East

15:09 "Israel violated 3-hour truce in Jabaliya, Berit Lahiaya and Gaza's Zeitoon quarter"

14:53 UNICEF urges that children be protected

14:15 Amman, crowd attacks Israeli embassy

13:51 Egypt: Tens of thousands demonstrate against Israel in Alexandria

13:48 Al Jazeera: "Israel violating truce"

13:28 UNRWA (Chris Gunness) says no shooting was coming from UN school in Jabaliya bombed by Israelis

12:53 Gaza, 783 dead, 3,000 wounded

12:33 Al Jazeera reports massive use of white phosphorus by Israeli military

12:31 Olmert, Israel to continue offensive

12:30 Germany may participate in potential UN peacekeeping mission

12:08 Belgian government launches operation to evacuate wounded from Gaza

12:06 Israeli columnist Yehonatan Gefen writes in Maariv that Ehud Barak is guilty of war crimes

12:01 UN, 257 children killed since start of offensive

11:52 Hamas in contact with Tukey, Syria and Qatar

11:49 Hamas delegation returns tomorrow to Cairo for negotiations

11:37 José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero phones Ehud Olmert

11:15 Fatah Camaeraman Ihab al Wahidi killed when Israeli tanks fire on apartment building

11:11 3-hour truce granted by Israel starts

11:04 German FM Frank-Walter Steinmeier leaves today for talks in Israel and Egypt

11:02 11 Israelis KIA in Gaza operation so fare

10:58 Islamic Jihad rejects UN resolution

10:55 Beirut-based Hamas says UN resolution does not apply to it.

10:30 Livni, Israel is merely defending its interests

10:17 Israelis say the hit 30 objectives in Gaza, killing 10

10:04 Hamas has decided to extend its operations

09:55 Hamas fires 20 rockets at Israel, including Tel Nof air base in the Neghev

09:40 UN: Near the ex-Israeli colony of Netzarim, approximately 100 members of the Palestinian Sammuni clan were ordered into a warehouse by Israeli troops and massacred by artillery fire.

09:38 Nine Palestinians killed in nighttime air strikes

08:55 UN's OCHA accuses Israel of forcing wounded civilians to walk miles for emergency medical care

08:41 UN accuses Israel of rounding up civilians and deliberately killing them

08:30 No comment from Israel to Security Council resolution

08:15 Gheddafi urges Arabs to join Palestinians in combat against Israel

08:14 Hamas rockets fired at Beer Sheva

08:11 Olmert summons defense advisors

08:07 Six Palestinians killed in Israeli air strikes on Beit Lahya and Jabaliya

08:06 US abstains in UN Security Council Vote on Gaza

08:05 UN Security Council calls for ceasefire

Thursday, January 08, 2009

January 8, 2009 in Gaza

22:54 British FM David Milliband: "UN Security Council resolution on Gaza to be voted by show of hands

22:02 New York: Agreement reached in UN Security Council on Gaza resolution

21:00 Guardian reports that incoming Obama Administration may hold indirect talks with Hamas

20:00 Ehud Olmert: No orders have been issued to widen offensive

19:39 Red Cross: Israeli troops prevent aid from reaching Zeitoun quarter in Gaza City
19:00 US Congress prepares resolution on Israel's undeniable right to defend itself

18:50 Algerian superstar Cheb Khaled ready to take up arms to fight in Gaza

18:48 Mega telethon benefitting Gazans in Saudi Arabia. King Abdallah and son Ben Abdel Aziz donated $8 and $2.8 million, respectively.

18:35 Ban ki-moon: Israel violated humanitarian truce by killing two UNRWA employees
18:24 USA: "Increase the humanitarian corridor"

18:30 Amman: Sarkozy meets with Abdallah II

18:05 Amnesty International: Both sides using civilians as human shields

18:04 Olmert: "Israel's objectives have not yet been reached [nor will they ever be--Nur]

18:00 Washington: US Dept. of State asks Israel to extend daily 3-hour truce [A 3-hour truce is a lunch break --Nur]

17:59 Arab countries shown draft UN resolution on Gaza drafted by Britain

17:47 Hamas has no problem with Mahmoud Abbas as Palestinian Authority leader

17:33 Joe the Plumber becomes Middle East war correspondent for Pajamas Media (founded by Charles Johnson of "Little Green Footballs")

16:58 Usa, France and Britain work on UN resolution.

16:55 Mubarak calls on Israel to refrain from further attacks on Gaza

16:54 Javier Solana: EU to resume Rafah crossing mission

16:49 UNRWA: "The crisis is worsening by the hour"

16:45 Israeli ambassdor to the Vatican says relations are excellent between the two states

16:39 Italian Defense Minister La Russa: "Italian troops ready to serve as peacekeepers.

16:21 Madrid: Mahmoud Abbas hopes that rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon constitute an isolated event

16:18 US and EU bishops support Vatican call for truce

16:14 Mahmoud Abbas has no comment on Hamas rejection of Egyptian plan.

16:09 Red Cross: Israel has made several human rights violations

16:03 Dozens of bodies found under rubble during yesterday's 3-hour truce, including small children next to their mothers’ corpses

16:02 Two teenagers killed by Israeli troops in Khan Yunis

16:01 Gaza death toll is 763

15:45 Mubarak invites Olmert to Cairo

15:41 Olmert: "No order given to intensify offensive against Gaza"

15:36 Mahmoud Abbas supports Franco-Egyptian peace plan

15:32 UNRWS suspends operations in Gaza

15:25 Salam Fayad: "Mahmud Abbas to remain Palestinian Authority President"

15:07 Israel claims Palestinian militants fired rockets at Ashkelon and Sderot during truce.

15:05 Doctors without Borders: "Truce was a farce, physicians prevented from entering Gaza"

15:01 International Association of Mustlim scholars announces Muslim "Day of Rage" on on Friday

14:56 Palestinian FM Salam Fayyad: "Gaza offensive by Israel a new Nakba"

14:42 Human Rights Watch: "Israel and Egypt must open frontiers"

14:27 Auckland, Israeli tennis star Shahar Peer jeered

14:20 Israel bombs UN truck carrying supplies, driver is killed. The truck was clearly identified as a UN vehicle

13:53 Sarkozy: "Paris and Berlin prepared to joint initiative on Gaza"

13:49 Hamas: "Egyptian plan does not resolve the crisis"

13:47 Palestinians with dual passports allowed to leave the Gaza Strip

13:45 Palestinian rocket fired at Kibbutz Ein Ha Shlosha

13:44 Iran, Khamenei forbids Iranians to volunteer in Gaza

13:36 Mons. Paul Dahdah, the Latin Rite apostolic vicar of Beirut, says conflict likely to spread

13:27 Javier Solana in Turkey for talks with Gul and Erdogan

13:21 Siniora condemns firing of rockets at Israel from Lebanon

13:15 Amnesty International: "EU must do more to avert humanitarian catastrophe"

13:04 Times of London repeats its allegation that Israel is using white phosphorus type M825A1, made in USA

12:55 Italian FM Fassino: "Italian Government supports Mubarak's ceasefire plan"

12:48 Palestinian killed by Israeli troops on West Bank as he tried to set fire to a service station adjacent to the Israeli settlement of Mishor Adumim

12:45 Israel: "Rockets fired from Lebanon were launched by Palestinians

12:41 Obama phones EU President Topolanek

12:26 Red Cross: "Corpses strewn throughout Beit Lahiya"

12:17 Carter: "The Gaza offensive was unnecessary"

12:09 Salam Fayyad wants Egyptian initiative to be accepted immediately

12:02 3-hour truce starts

11:58 Israeli envoys Shalom Turgeman and Amos Gilad in Cairo

11:48 Israeli Army officer killed when anti-tank rocket explodes

11:43 Pope calls for return to negotiations

11:24 Tony Blair: "The Usa supports Egyptian plan"

11:14 UNIFIL commander General Claudio Graziano calls for restraint by Israel and Lebanon

11:04 Algerian TV cameraman for ENTV Bacel Feradj dies after being wounded in Israeli offensive Gaza

11:02 Lebanese Information Minister Tareq Mitr says Hezbollah had nothing to do with rockets fired at Israel

10:49 Mubarak presents plan for 72-hour truce

10:45 Upper Galilee: Israeli warplanes break sound barrier causing panic among populace

10:10 UNIFIL increases patrols

10:07 Israeli Army returns rocket fire

10:02 Israel intensifies operations in Gaza

09:59 More rockets fired at Israel from South Lebanon

09:48 Three Islamic Jihad militants killed in airstrike

08:50 Five 120-mm rockets fired at Israel su Israele, ne sono stati sparati cinque

08:00 Pubic water systems fails in Gaza City

07:55 Rockets fired at Ashod and Ashkelon

07:35 Israel claims rockets fired from Lebanon were launch with the consent of Hezbollah

07:33 Katyusha rockets fired from Lebanon strike northern Israel.

07:32 Larijani meets Khaled Meshaal in Damascus

07:31 Israeli airstrikes on Rafah

07:30 Israeli tanks advance in southern Gaza Strip

07:00 Israelis set up lawn chairs on heights to watch Gaza incursion

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

January 7, 2009 in Gaza

23:00 French Ambassador Jean-Marie Ripert says there is no agreement on truce but that talks are continuing

22:30 Rice: US approves truce proposal

22:11 UN Security Council approves truce proposal

22:07 UN Security Council examining truce proposal

21:47 Rice: "Truce is needed"

20:32 Israel criticizes Cardinal Martino

19:54 Israeli offensive strengthens Ahmadinejad

19:10 Sewer system collapses in Gaza

19:02 Israel orders residents out of Rafah

18:45 Blair: "Huge amounts of assistance needed

18:26 Israel says "yes" to truce plan but is looking at details

18:15 UN Security Council meets once again

18:08 Israel to widen offensive in Gaza

17:47 Israeli air strike kills man and three children as they travel by car in northern Gaza strip

17:15 Gaza, 700 dead, 3100 wounded

17:01 Obama: "I will get involved in working for Middle East peace as soon as I am inaugurated"

16:46 Hassan Nasrallah says he is prepared for Israeli aggression

16:43 Rice tells Livni to accept truce plan

16:28 Israel bombs Red Cresent ambulence, driver killed

16:26 73 Arab physicians from Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Syria and Jordan prevented from entering Gaza by Egyptian police

16:24 White House: Truce is urgently needed

15:56 Israeli envoys in Egypt on Friday

15:53 Ban ki-moon in Middle East

15:42 Moqtada al Sadr: There will be anti-American reprisals in Iraq

15:38 Hamas rockets fired at Beersheva and Netivot

15:37 UN: Mini-truce insufficient

15:31 Third victim today less than 16 years of age

15:23 Abu Mazen to travel to Cairo on Friday

15:22 Alexander Saltanov in Damascus for talks with Khaled Meshaal

15:17 Truce ends, combat resumes

15:01 Hamas "discusses" Franco-Egyptian plan

14:54 Olmert government blocks third phase of offensive

14:46 Israel: Talks with Egypt ongoing.

14:17 Sarkozy: "Israel and the Palestinian Authority have accepted the proposal to end fighting in Gaza

14:07 Israel, a truce would signify the end of Qassam rockets fired at Israel

13:15 Israel positive on dialog with Egypt on Gaza

12:55 EU President "profoundly disturbed" by bombing of UN school"

12:52 Save the Children: "Death of more than 100 children unacceptable"

12:42 Cardinal Martino: "Both parties guilty"

12:31 EU President calls for total ceasefire

12:27 Hamas will respect 3-hour truce

12:26 3-hour truce starts

I11:56 Sarkozy asks for information on Shalit from Assad

11:44 Gaza, today's death toll is 23

11:40 Peres: "Israel will evaluate Franco-Egyptian plan for truce"

11:14 Tariq Ramadan: "What use is a 3-hour truce"?

11:11 Nasrallah: "Olmert will never destroy Hamas"

11:01 Nasrallah: "All options are open with Israel"

10:54 Hai Al Zeitun: Attacks resume, 6 Palestinians killed

10:50 Yitzhak Herzog: "Jabalya massacre will accelerate diplomacy"

10:47 Italian FM Frattini: "Italy prepared to send observers"

10:45 Huge Hezbollah demonstration in Beirut

10:44 Solana hopeful that Egyptian initiative will be successful

10:24 Italian FM Frattini: "The Palestinian Authority must be given the control of border crossings"

10:08 Peres: "We want an end to terrorism"

09:59 UN spokesman Christopher Guinness says No Hamas militant was inside the UN school hit by Israeli air strike

09:38 Israel suspends air strikes for 3 hours

09:36 Israeli government spokesman Avi Pazner, [lying his ass off], says it was not known that there were civilians in UN school

09:26 Iran-Syria, Larijani in Damascus for talks with Assad

09:17 Barak orders opening of some border crossings into Gaza

09:15 Palestinian rockets fired at Ashdod, Ashkelon and Sderot.

09:14 Israeli military: 40 objectives attacked in Gaza

09:10 Al Jazeera: 3-hour truce to open humanitarian corridor

09:01 Hamas is reviewing Egyptian truce plan

08:37 Israel calls together security advisors

08:21 Israel announces opening of humanitarian corridor

07:57 Israel expels Venezuelan representative in Tel Aviv

07:55 US approves Egypt's truce plan

07:49 Israel "seriously evaluating" Franco-Egyptian plan

07:46 Israeli tanks evacuate Khan Younes

07:45 Air strikes on Gaza City

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

January 6, 2009 in Gaza

23:53 US supports Egyptian ceasefire plan

23:49 Abbas agrees to Egyptian ceasefire plan

23:41 Ban Ki-moon to travel to Israel and the Occupied Territories

23:28 Hamas debates Egyptian plan for truce

23:27 Olmert: "Israeli will open humanitarian corridor"

23:08 Sarkozy: "Any UN Security Council Resolution cannot be rushed"

22:41 Hezbollah: "EU efforts produce empty-handed results"

22:07 Mubarak invites Israelis and Palestinians for urgent talks

21:56 Venezuela expels Israeli ambassador

21:45 Mubarak: "Ceasefire and talks needed"

21:36 Ankara: Turkey-Israeli basketball game called as fans insult Israel

21:30 Ban Ki Moon: "Attacks on UN facilities unacceptable"
20:38 Al Qaeda: "Attack Israel and the West"

20:33 Israeli NGO, Physicians for Human Rights, attacked by Israeli troops

20:10 Chavez: "Israeli offensive must be condumned"

20:02 Al Qaeda: "Gaza offensive is crusade against Islam"

19:43 Sharm al Sheik: Nicolas Sarkozy in talks with Hosni Mubarak, Javier Solana and Mark Otte of the UN

18:58 Merkel: Stop arms shipments to Hamas

18:51 Obama: "Concern for civilians killed"

18:46 EU delegation: Positive signs

18:35 UN school: Israelis claim they were attacked.

18:16 UN: GPS coordinates of UN school given to Israel

17:48 UN confirms at least 30 dead in mortar attack on UN school. 55 are wounded

17:46 White House: "Be mindful of civilians"

17:37 Olmert restates conditions for truce

17:19 6th Israeli soldier killed

16:42 Sarkozy: "Solution near for Gaza Truce"

16:39 US Dept of State: "Sustainable and unlimited ceasefire needed"

16:21 Haaretz: "600 Palestinians dead"

16:14 US cool to Sarkozy's peace initiative

15:55 Six Israeli warplanes violate Lebanese airspace

15:39 Arab League accuses US of obstructionism

15:35 40 killed in Israeli mortar attack on UN school in Jabaliya

15:25 Rice in New York for Security Council Meeting

15:15 Israelis bomb Danish mobile hospital

15:00 France realease EUR 3 million in aid for Gaza

14:36 Israel President Shimon Peres tells EU delegation that is in not concerned by deterioration in Israel's image

14:31 Sarkozy returns to Egypt

14:29 Olmert tells Hezbollah: "Do not tempt us"

14:23 Family in Gaza City, including 7 children, wiped out by Israeli air strike

14:15 Egypt will not permit Palestinians cross border

14:14 Hamas confirms using suicide bombers against Israeli troops

13:23 Sarkozy arrives in Beirut

13:08 Afghanistan ready to send 2,000-man military contingent to Gaza

13:04 Italian FM Frattini backpedals: Italy supports the EU and Sarkozy

12:49 Al Aqsa Brigades: Israel landing troops by sea

12:45 Peres: Westerners ignorant of the evil of Hamas

12:31 Hamas shoots down Israeli drone

12:26 Foreign press protests Israeli prohibition on entering Gaza

12:16 Pope: "Negotiated truce needed"

12:08 Sarkozy tells Syria: "Help us in ending conflict"

11:58 Israele preventing reporters from entering Gaza

11:57 Assad urges summit of Arab leaders

11:44 Sarkozy: "Immediate truce necessary"

11:38 Assad: "Israel's operations in Gaza are war crimes"

11:35 Erdogan: "Israel dismissive of Turkey's efforts in the cause of peace"

11:08 Hamas confirms that it will meet with Egyptian intelligence

11:05 Red Cross: "Total humanitarian crisis in Gaza"

10:42 Palestinian death toll 573

10:34 Blair: "Tunnels to Egypt must be closed" [Is this all the Grand Poohbah of the Middle East has to offer? --Nur]

10:10 Sarkozy arrives in Syria

10:06 Israele bombs a second UN school, killing 2 and wounding 4

09:38 Israel bombs UN school managed by UNRWA.

09:34 Israel: "Friendly fire kills 3 soldiers of the Golan Brigade and wounds another 24"

09:26 Palestinians: "560 dead, including 100 children and 2,700 wounded

09:24 Israele: "130 militants killed in ground offensive"

09:23 Fighting in Khan Yunis, Deir el-Balah and Bureij

09:19 Israel opens corridor for humanitarian aid from Kerem Shalom

09:15 Palestinian rockets hit Ashdod e Ghedera. No injuries

09:11 Israeli army enters Khan Younes

07:00 Israeli navy bombs beach at Deir al-Balah and kills 10 Palestinians

Monday, January 05, 2009

January 5, 2009 in Gaza

21:04 Obama following the crisis "minute by minute"

20:35 Air strikes on Rafah

20:34 Red Cross: "Deaths mount as supplies lack"

20:30 Israel: "100 militants dead, 100 captured

20:13 NGO doctor: "Israel is using non-conventional weapons"

20:10 EU, Barroso: "Israel must allow humanitarian assistance to enter"

20:05 Iran calls for boycott of companies with Israel interest

20:01 Turkey: "Israel bears most responsibility for conflict"

19:47 Gaza City, combat in north and east of city

19:43 Tsahal spokesman: Heavy fighting

19:42 Hamas accuses Sarkozy of bias toward Israel

19:19 Abu Mazen: "I will not exploit the Israeli operation to unseat Hamas"

19:17 Iran, 70 thousand volunteers for suicide missions against Israel

18:54 Islamic Jihad joins fighting in the Chujayia in east Gaza City.

18:52 Sarkozy: "Hamas actions irresponsible"

18:51 Sarkozy: "The EU wants an immediate truce"

18:37 Bruxelles, demonstrations in front of European Council

18:30 Clashes in Shejaiya Quarter of Gaza City between Israeli Army and Hamas

18:20 Jane's Defence Weekly says Israel will not be victorious over Hamas

18:02 50 Palestinians killed today.

18:01 Solana: "EU observers prepared to go to Gaza if there is a truce.

17:44 Berlusconi phones Czech President Topolanek

17:39 Red Cross: "Aid not flowing to Gaza

17:20 A US Army strategic study says Israel cannot sever Hamas from the populace

17:18 Bush: "Hamas must stop firing rockets at Israel"

17:09 Dozens of Hamas members arrested by Israel

17:08 Woman and her four children killed by Israeli troops in Chujaiya quarter.

16:59 Arab countries present a new draft resolution to the UN Security Council

16:57 Price of oil rising due to Gaza crisis as Iran asks for emergency OPEC meeting

16:55 Italian FM Frattini: "The EU is leading negotiations, not Sarkozy"

16:34 Sarkozy leaves Sharm El Sheikh for Ramallah

16:25 Arab ministers meet with Ban Ki-moon

16:18 Israel tells residents of Gaza center to abandon their homes [and go where, exactly?--Nur]

16:14 Christians of Palestine: "There must be dialog with Hamas"

16:07 Mauritania recalls ambassador from Israel

16:05 Dmitry Medvedev demands immediate ceasefire

16:04 Save the Children distributing aid to 6000 people in Jabalyah, Beit Lahia, Beit Hanoun, Un Al Nasser and Rafah

15:41 Gideon Meir: "We do not want to stay in Gaza"

15:12 Livni rejects EU proposal for ceasefire

15:10 Italian FM Frattini in contact with counterparts in Greece and Spain

14:59 Italian PM Berlusconi phones Erdogan

14:57 Doctors Without Borders: "Shifa Hospital full"

14:38 Abu Mazen: "Ceasefire a priority"

14:29 Hamas: "Thousands prepared to give battle"

14:12 UNIFIL and Lebanese military on high alert

14:07 Egypt opposes international observers along the frontier with Gaza

14:03 EU delegation will not meet with Hamas

14:00 European Commission: Not engaging in parallel diplomacy

13:57 Livni: "Our operation is against terrorism"

13:52 Sarkozy in talks with Mubarak at Sharm El Sheikh

13:49 Syria's Assad urges mobilization of Arabs and Muslims.

13:34 Rockets fired at Ashkelon and Beersheva.

13:33 Italian FM Frattini says he will travel to Gaza "as soon as conditions permit"

13:32 Czech Republic PM: "I have a plan for peace" [entirely ass-covering --Nur]

12:37 Israel prevents journalists from entering Gaza despite Supreme Court decision

12:29 Zapatero says solution cannot be military.

12:22 Doctors Without Borders: Surgeons needed.

12:20 Israel allows 80 trucks to enter Gaza with humanitarian supplies from Egypt, Jordan, Greece and the UN.

12:18 Mohammed Dahlan, Ex Fatah leader: "We shall not return to Gaza"

12:14 EU President: "We have prepared a scenario for a solution.

11:38 Erdogan: "Israel will be hated because of women and children killed"

11:19 Hamas rockets fired on Sderot and Ashdod

11:14 Italian President Napolitano: "Truce needed"

11:10 Javier Solana in Egypt: "Ceasefire urgently needed"

11:08 Hamas FM Mohammed Al Zahar: "We shall not surrender"

10:55 Sarkozy: "Hamas bears heavy responsibility"

10:53 Ehud Barak: "Offensive to continue"

10:51 Times: "Israel is using white phosphorus".

10:23 Daily Mail reports that Tony Blair was on vacation as Gaza war raged; Mr. Blair has never visited Gaza City.

10:17 Hamas delegation expected in Egypt and will likely meet with Sarkozy

09:51 Six Israeli soldiers wounded.

09:43 Israeli missile strikes funeral procession in Khan Younix

09:42 Clashes in north, Rafah is bombed by Israelis

09:13 Latest death toll: 517 dead, 87 are children

08:59 Armed Hamas militants asked by Hamas Health Minister, Bassem Naeem, not to get in ambulances.

08:54 Palestinians in Northern Gaza Strip flee to safer locations.

08:40 Five Palestinian children killed by Israeli forces

Lo hanno reso noto fonti dei locali servizi di soccorso, secondo cui altri due bimbi hanno perso la vita nel quartiere di Shati, martellato da colpi di artiglieria provenienti dal mare.

08:30 7 members of the same family killed by Israeli air strikes on the outskirts of Gaza City

08:16 Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad ben Khalifa Al-Thani, urges extraordinary Arab summit.

07:22 Israeli tank kills three children in the Zeitoun district of east Gaza City.

07:21 Tsahal advances, bombs 30 targets during the night

05:19 Hamas sends a delegation to Egypt

03:13 EU delegation and Mubarak to meet in Sharm El Sheikh. The delegation is also traveling to Israel, the West Bank and Jordan.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

January 4, 2009 in Gaza

23:56 President of Senegal, Abdoulaye Wade, attempts mediation

22:39 Gideon Meir: "Israeli offensive will continue until Hamas is neutralized"

22:37 Haaretz: Livni rejects Medvedev's mediation in reaching truce

22:35 EU delegation "Gaza crossings must be reopened"

22:33 Olmert rejects mediation offer from Russia-France-Germany and Tony Blair

21:56 Israeli Army trained for 18 for Gaza incursion

21:53 French FM Kouchner: "Intermediaries available for dialog with Hamas"

21:51 Red Cross urges Hamas and Israel to stop killing civilians

21:05 Three Palestinian nurses killed by Israeli air strike in south Gaza City

21:04 Abraham Yehoshua: "Hamas does not represent the Palestinians"

20:50 EU delegation arrives in Cairo, Kouchner: "We'll do what we can"

20:47 Sarkozy phones Merkel, Zapatero, Erdogan and Olmert

20:42 Greece, crowds burn portraits of Bush and Obama

20:31 Sarkozy: "Hamas bears full responsibility"

20:29 Geneva, 400 people protest Gaza incursion in front of UN building

20:21 Protesters clash with police in Oslo in front of Israeli Embassy

20:20 Israeli forces have not yet entered Gaza City

20:19 Aymen Al Zawahiri urges Muslims to fight Israelis in Gaza

19:44 Gulf Cooperation Council (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrein) denounces inaction by UN Security Council

19:33 Israel knocks out Gaza phone lines

19:21 Beirut, clashes between demonstrators and police leave 6 injured

19:10 Gaza, Israeli Army approaches Beit Hanun

19:07 Italian Left kicks off publicity campaign to end fighting in Gaza

19:05 Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Israeli offensive unacceptable

19:25 Condoleeza Rice cancels next week's trip to China

18:53 Cellphones carried by Israeli soldiers confiscated prior to ground offensive.

18:52 Paris, 4,000 demonstrate in support of Israel

18:42 The Qadafi Foundation insists on apology from the Czech Republic

18:37 Islamic Jihad says two of its militants have been killed in the northern Gaza Strip as they were traveling by car

18:33 Jerusalem Post reports that Hamas wiped out 35 Palestinians suspected for spying for Fatah and kneecapped another 75 [This is the paper that reported Saddam had loaded all his nukes on a ship in the port of Aqaba in 2003--Nur]

18:22 Hamas: "The EU has launched no initiative for negotiations"

18:14 Medvedev dispatches envoy Alexander Saltanov to the Middle East

17:56 Shimon Peres: "Hamas is a group of assassins" [Just like Irgun?--Nur]

17:52 Merket expresses support for Israel

17:44 Milan, exterior of Egyptian consulate defaced

17:31 Cheney: "Israel did not request Washington's permission for ground offensive"

17:24 Livni: "Accusations of disproportionate use of force unfair"

17:07 Jordan Prime Minister Nader Al Dahabi says his country will reevaluate its relations with Israel

16:54 Gaza, 5 civilians killed while existing mosque in the northern Gaza Strip.

16:47 Four Palestinian rockets fired at Sderot

16:46 Jebaliya, Hamas commander Muhammad al Shalfu killed

16:32 Shimon Peres: "No to any ceasefire"

16:27 Gaza, ambulance fired upon by Israeli troops, killing a nurse

16:25 Hospital sources: 40 Palestinians killed today, of which 22 are civilians

16:18 Muhhad Shalfuk, head of Hamas special forces, killed in Rafah.

16:18 Libya, 5000 protest Israel in Tripoli

15:54 Israeli troops block access to Gaza City, now completely cut off

15:45 Hamas urges meeting of all Palestinian factions

15:36 Israel admits one soldier killed in action near Jabaliya.

15:28 Israeli tank opens fire on car, wipes out family

15:20 Iran calls for boycott of Israel

14:45 German FM Frank-Walter Steinmeir: "Israel must permit humanitarian assistance to enter Gaza"

14:29 Morocco, 40 thousand demonstrate solidarity with Palestinians in Rabat

14:05 Olmert: "We do not want a northern front"

14:03 Psychological warfare: Israel blacks out Hamas TV

13:55 EU Commissioner Ferrero-Walden: "Violence in Gaza must end"

13:44 Israel: "We do not wish to occupy the Gaza Strip"

13:40 Avi Pazner: "Operation to continue until the end"

13:34 NGO Terre des Hommes sounds the alarm over deaths of children in Gaza

13:29 Abu Mazen tells Hamas: "Power-sharing is necessary"

13:26 Abu Mazen: "Israelis guilty of brutal aggression"

13:24 Hamas calls for immediate conference of Palestinian factions.

13:22 Javier Solana: "EU available for peacekeeping mission in Gaza Strip"

13:20 Cairo: Egypt summons ambassadors of countries sitting on the UN Security Council

13:16 Prague: FM Karel Schwarzenberg says presidential spokesman "misspoke" on the Israeli offensive

13:15 Lebanon, demonstration broken up in front of US Embassy

13:13 Israel: "Hamas seems willing to conclude a truce"

12:58 Israel masses troops on border with Lebanon

12:52 Palestinian demonstrator killed by Israeli soldiers in Kalkilya on the West Bank

12:47 Algiers: Algerian PM Ahmed Ouyahia condemns Israel for crimes against humanity

12:45 China: "Hostilities must cease immediately"

12:41 Turkey, Sweden and Norway condemn ground offensive

12:36 Moscow dispatches envoy to Middle East

12:30 500 Palestinians dead in 5 days of conflict Gaza

12:27 Lebanon, demonstrators clash with police near US Embassy in Beirut

12:26 Lebanon, UNIFIL positions: "Calm along the Blue Line"

12:21 Israeli says it has killed 50 Hamas militants

12:13 Pope calls on both sides to end conflict

12:10 Jerusalem Post: "Hamas leaders Hussan Hamdan and Muhamamd Hilo killed in airstrikes on Khan Younis"

12:05 EU Foreign Ministers: "Re-negotiate truce between Hamas and Israel with the assistance of Egypt"

12:00 Beirut: Hundred protest Israeli actions in Gaza Strip

11:55 European Commission "Israel must uphold its international obligations"

11:52 Egypt: Mahdi Hakef, Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, calls on Gazans to resist

11:50 Italian opposition: "Ceasefire needed immediately, government's position unsatisfactory"

11:46 Italy sends emissary, Cesare Ragaglini, to the Middle East

11:35 Italian government restates Israel's right to self defense

11:20 Hamas: "Five Israeli soldiers dead"

11:18 Tel Aviv: Olmert tells Israeli Cabinet that he is encouraged by the position held by George W. Bush whereby Hamas must be incapacitated.

11:17 Tsahal cuts Gaza Strip in two

11:11 Olmert: "Operation was inevitable"

10:55 Israele: "Thirty Israeli soldiers wounded"

10:50 European Commission: "Israel must open a corridor for humanitarian assistance". The Commission also granted EUR 3 million in assistance to Gazans

10:48 Al Jazeera: "One Israeli solider killed in action"

10:40 British PM Gordon Brown: "Ceasefire must be sought"

10:33 Egypt condemns ground offensive

10:05 Gaza City business district bombed, casualties reported

10:00 50 armored Merkava vehicles just outside Gaza City Città di Gaza

09:58 Olmert: "Israel does not wish to open front in Lebanon"

09:54 Palestinian sources: "12 dead in northern Gaza strip"

09:41 Israeli denies some of its soldiers were kidnapped

09:26 Shimon Peres: "Just and necessary war"

09:25 Barak: "Offensive will last as long as it takes"

09:22 Israel: Dozens of Hamas militants killed or wounded

09:13 Hamas radio: "Two Israeli soldiers taken prisoner"

09:03 Clashes on the outskirts of Gaza City

09:01 Iran: Parliamentary Speaker Ali Larijani says Gaza will the be cemetery of the Zionists

08:08 A handful of Qassam rockets hit Sderot, Eshkol and Netivot

08:07 Hamas: "UN Security Council is a farce"

07:59 Israeli troops approach Gaza City

05:10 Israel: 30 Israeli soldiers wounded

04:38 UN: US vetoes attempt by Libya urging Security Council to condemn Israeli actions against Gaza

03:06 Mexico, permanent member of the UN Security Council, calls for immediate ceasefire

03:00 New York: Mayor Blomberg flies to Israel to express support for Gaza operations

Saturday, January 03, 2009

January 3, 2009 in Gaza

00:27 Ban Ki-Moon calls on Israel to end incursion immediately

23:53 USA: "Israel's warplanes must mindful of the consequences for civilians"

23:51 US State Department: "Truce as soon as possible"

23:38 Czech Republic, holding the EU's rotating presidency, backpedals and demands truce
23:23 Spain expresses solidarity with Abu Mazen

23:17 London demands immediate ceasefire

22:59 Livni phones Ban ki-moon

22:53 4 Palestinian rockets land harmlessly in desert

22:36 Emergency Saturday night meeting of the UN Security Council

22:14 "Dozens of Palestinian militants killed in Israeli offensive"

22:07 Francia condemns Israeli offensive

22:02 Israel bomb fuel depot Beit Lahiya

21:58 Nasrallah tells Hamas: "Kill as many Israelis as possible"

21:48 Palestinian Authority: ""Israel responsible for consequences"

21:45 28 Palestinians dead in battles with Tsahal

21:34 Abu Mazen: "UN must meet urgently"

21:28 Israeli TV: Naval blockade as Israel kills dozens of Hamas members

21:23 Hamas: Combat ongoing in various locations: Beit Hanun, Nusseirat, Zaitun and Dahaniya

21:20 Olmert: "USA not informed of ground offensive"

21:12 Nasrallah (Hezbollah) urges Hamas to resist

21:10 Hamas vows to turn Gaza into Israeli cemetery.

21:09 Obama: "Following Gaza situation but the President is Bush"

21:07 Gaza: Israelis fire tank cannon on residence

20:54 Barak: "Israel ready for any attack by Hezbollah"

20:52 Israel: Barak reports to Peres

20:46 EU President: "Israeli action is defensive"

20:43 Palestinian doctors: "Israelis aim tank gun on group of children"

20:34 Hamas: "Israel will pay a heavy price

20:31 Tsahal: Civilians will not be targets

20:28 Hamas: "Israeli soldiers killed"

20:24 Israeli forces enter Gaza from three directions

20:19 Tsahal: 'Phase 2 of "hardened Lead" begun'
20:17 Tsahal and Hamas trade heavy fire

20:14 Ground offensive to last days

20:06 Israel places northern border on alert

19:58 Israel calls up tens of thousands of reservists

19:55 Israel encounters Hamas resistance

19:50 Israel vows to dismantle Hamas' "terrorism structures"

19:45 Israeli Army takes control of rocket launch positions

19:41 Israeli Army confirms ground offensive

19:37 Red Cross: Israel blocks access to doctors

19:33 Witnesses: Small column of Israeli armored vehicles enters Northern Gaza Strip

19:26 Ground offensive commences

19:09 Israel says it hit only one mosque, Beit Lahia, on the Gaza Stri

19:00 Arab League: "The UN has failed".

18:54 NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer: "NATO force could help keep peace

18:38 Anti-Israeli protests in Bologna

18:17 Un reports 13 dead in Beit Lahia mosque bombed by Israeli warplanes

17:53 Israeli woman slightly wounded by Qassam rocket fired at Netivot

17:52 20,000 demonstrate in Paris against Israel

17:48 Livni: "Israeli attacks to continue

17:45 13 dead in Jabaliya mosque bombing

17:44 Four Palestinians killed in Israeli air strike on Rafah

17:33 US flag burned in Milan protests.

17:31 Al Jazeera reports 457 dead, more than 2300 wounded in Gaza

17:25 Trento, Italy. Pro-Palestinian demonstration

17:23 Jabaliya, two hundred people in side bombed Jabaliya mosque

17:21 Anti-Israel demonstrations in Rome

17:19 Beit Lahya mosque, at least 9 dead and 60 wounded

16:58 Death toll rises in bombing of Beit Lahya mosque.

16:47 Anti-Israel march in Turin

16:45 Israeli missiles strike mosque in Beit Lahya, three dead, ten wounded

16:42 Gaza, Israeli missiles strike Jabalya mosque, 10 dead

16:31 Abu Mazen to meet Nicolas Sarkozy and EU delegation in Ramallah on Monday

16:19 Israeli tanks move toward Gaza

16:13 Hamas threatens to kidnap Israeli soldiers

16:12 London, thousands throw shoes at Downing Street entrance

16:10 Iraqis protest in Milan, raising shoes in air

16:01 Grenades rain down on Beit Hanun and Jabaliya

15:44 Protesters in Milan burn Israeli flag

15:39 Gaza, Israeli air strike wounds Egyptian policeman
15:27 Milan, Palestinians organize protests

15:26 OIC foreign ministers urge immediate ceasefire

15:09 EU delegatoin expected in Middle East on Sunday

15:07 Abu Mazen prepared to free Hamas detainees

15:02 Zapatista Subcommander Marcos says Obama supports use of force in Gaza

14:50 Palestinian child and two Hama militants killed Jabaliya in the northern Gaza strip.

14:47 Frank Walter Steinmeier tells Arab countries to apply pressure on Hamas

14:45 Protests in UK over violence in Gaza

14:17 Tens of thousands of Israeli Arabs demonstrate in Sakhnin

13:40 Abbas to meet Sarkozy on Monday

13:22 Red Crescent "Dire situation in Gaza"

13:06 Khan Yunes, two Palestinians killed

12:56 Rockets his apartment building in Ashdod, two slightly wounded.

12:34 Protests in Haifa, Sakhnin and Tel Aviv. Thousands of Israeli Arabs and leftists demonstrate against military action against Gaza.

12:03 Qassam rockets land near kibbutz mess hall

11:44 Israeli missiles target school in Beit Lahiyah, known as the American School

11:38 UN raises alarm:"Dire situation in Gaza"

11:08 New convoy of Syrian assistance leaves Damascus

11:02 Rockets fired at Ashkelon, Netivot and Eshkol

10:46 Saeed Jalili, Secretary of Iran's Supreme Security Advisory Board in Damascus for talks with Bashar Assad, Khaled Meshaal, and the Secretary General of Islamic Jihad islamica, Ramadan Salah.

10:23 Israeli aircraft bomb Hamas position

10:10 Qassam rocket hits Ashkelon

10:09 Bush wants long-term ceasefire with international inspections

09:20 Hospital sources: 435 palestinians dead, including 75 children.

09:17 Debkafiles: "Ground invasion approved"

09:11 Hamas says it repels Israeli incursion

09:08 Ground invasion "imminent"

09:06 Hamas leader Abu Zakaria al Jamal killed in nighttime Israeli airstrike

Friday, January 02, 2009

January 2, 2009 in Gaza

19:55 UN Security Council may produce resolution on Gaza

19:06 More than 1,000 demonstrate in Stockholm against Israeli attacks on Gaza

18:25 Italy, holding the presidency of the G8, working toward initiative

17:53 30 rockets fired at Sderot

17:10 Dozens of protesters arrested by Israeli police in Jerusalem, Moroccan student killed.
17:01 Rayan buried, Hamas swears vendetta

16:45 UN: 400 Palestinian dead in air strikes of which 100 are civilians

16:13 White House: "Israel has the right to defend itself.

15:39 Condoleeza Rice: "US working toward ceasefire"

14:56 House of Hamas militant, Imad Aqal, destroyed by Israeli air strikes

14:29 Berlusconi phones Olmert

13:33 Three boys, all brothers, killed by Israeli airstrikes near Khan Yunis.

13:16 Israeli Supreme Court Gaza order Army to admit reporters back into Gaza

13:01 Hundreds attend funeral of Rayan in Jabaliyah

12:40 EU mission to arrive Sunday in the Middle East

12:14 Thousands of Palestinians protest in Ramallah

11:37 Council of Europe: "Israeli is using excessive force"

11:34 Israel's radical left to protest against Operation Hardened Lead in Tel Aviv on Sunday

11:21 Yedioth Ahronot news website hacke

11:01 17 dead in Israeli air strike on Jabalya

10:52 Italian volunteer humanitarian worker Vittorio Arrigoni refuses to leave Gaza

10:16 Kadima and Labour get boost in opinion polls [Who would have guessed?--Nur]

09:48 Israelis bomb mosque in Jabalya

09:21 Israeli Army "We have not resumed targeted assassination" [No, they are seat-of-pants aerial assassinations--Nur]

08:51 Rockets fired at Ashkelon

08:42 Israelis lock down West Bank, border crossings to Jordan closed

08:29 Israelis launch 20 pre-dawn air strikes

08:11 Haaretz: "Israel plans to wipe out Hamas leadership"

07:54 Haaretz: "Israeli Military overestimated threat of Palestinian rockets"

07:45 Foreigners authorized to leave Gaza

07:22 15 homes in Gaza destroyed, a dozen wounded.

06:57 Special Representative of Turkish PM Recep Tayyp Erdogan meets with Hamas

06:55 Israel: "No to truce, ground offensive ready.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

January 1 2009 in Gaza

22:11 Day of Anger, Israel calls out police in force to "maintain calm" on Friday in Jerusalem as demonstrations planned.

21:38 Turkish Premier Erdogan calls for immediate ceasefire

21:36 Hama proclaims "Day of Anger" against Israel for Friday

19:48 Israel allows 400 foreigners to leave the Gaza Strip.

19:43 Hanegbi: "Ground offensive imminent": Israeli Parliamentary Speaker Tzahi Hanegbi says ground invasion imminent

19:42 UN release death toll, 410 dead 1,850 wounded.

18:57 Hamas sends SMS messages to Israelis in southern Israel: "You'll pay dearly"

18:42 Egitto criticizes Hamas: Rockets perfect excuse for Israeli aggression

18:40 Gaza, Greece dispatches two aircraft with 28 tons of medical supplies

18:38 Haaretz, Israeli military wants ground invasion
18:22 Livni: "Israeli offensive to continue indefinitely"

18:17 Hamas calls for protests in Jerusalem and the West Bank

18:04 Iran, students ready to volunteer to help Hamas

17:50 Labour Party climbs in Israeli opinion polls: 5 more seats in the Knesset if elections held today

17:47 71% of Israelis want offensive to continue

17:05 Hamas denies having agreed to a truce

17:04 Gaza, Tel Aviv readies shelters.

16:19 Livni tells Sarkozy there will be no humanitarian truce [She liked the champagne, not the conversation--Nur]

15:29 Hamas confirms death of Nizar Rayyan and swears revenge

13:59 Nizar Rayyan killed in raid.

13:51 Hamas agrees to EU-brokered ceasefire if conditional

13:39 Livni arrives in Paris

12:47 EU, Czech President Mirek Topolanek announces EU mission to the Middle East
12:22 Olmert: "We do not want a long war"

11:49 Haniyeh: "Israel must cease fire and open border crossings"

11:46 Hamas rockets hit Ashdod

11:27 Hamas claims rocket attack on Israeli military base

10:40 400 Palestinian victims in six days

10:26 Israele permits foreign press to enter Gaza limited to a pool of 8 reporters

10:00 Abu Mazen: "Gaza attack amounts to aggression against all Palestinians"

09:59 UN: "Alarming humanitarian situation"

09:25 Israel: "Ground incursion ready"

09:14 Gaza, public buildings bombed, Transport and Education ministries hit

09:14 Rockets hit Beer Sheva (Neghev)

09:13 Livni to hold talks with Sarkozy in Paris today

09:11 4 overnight Israeli air strikes, 4 dead, 40 wounded