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A blog on the current crises in the Middle East and news accounts unpublished by the US press. Daily timeline of events in Iraq as collected from stories and dispatches in the French and Italian media: Le Monde (Paris), Il Corriere della Sera (Milan), La Repubblica (Rome), L'Orient-Le Jour (Beirut) and occasionally from El Mundo (Madrid).

Sunday, October 24, 2004

25 October 2004 Events in Iraq

20:56 Ramadi. Eight dead and 20 wounded. US convoy comes under RPG and mortar fire near the al-Anbar provincial governor's residence after a roadside bomb was detonated. Two vehicles were damaged. Three Iraqis were killed by US snipers.

19:51 Ramadi. 3 dead. Clashes took place in the al-Zeiyout quarter and in Malaeb Street in downtown Ramadi.

19:36 Baghdad. Iraqi government denies end of negotiations. The Iraqi caretaker government insists that negotiations continue with the rebels of Fallujah.

18:32 Fallujah. Rebel negotiator says caretaker government has cancelled talks. Sheikh Khaled al-Jumaili tells al Jazeera that negotiations have been called off by the caretaker government.

17:37 Tallinn. Estonia will continue its mission in Iraq. Prime Minister Juhan Parts says troops to stay in Iraq.

16:53 Baghdad. Zarqawi claims credit for attack on Australians. One of our lions of the Martyr's Brigade threw himself against a convoy of Australian forces this morning near the Green Zone in the Karrada quarter in Baghdad. Two Australian soldiers were wounded in the attack.

16:32 Ramadi. Several rebel groups in Ramadi, west of Baghdad, have united under a single banner. "The Koran and the Prophet Muhammed are our guides."

16:04 Baghdad. Explosion in Baghdad kills Estonian soldier. One Estonian died and five are wounded by a roadside bomb in Baghdad. The victim, Arre Illenzeer, 28, was on patrol with his unit, Estpla-9.

15:53 Baghdad. Disabled demonstrate in Baghdad for release of Margaret Hassan. Hundreds of disabled, most of them in wheelchairs, put on a show of solidarity for hostage Margaret Hassan, who has directed CARE in Iraq since 1992.

15:22 Baghdad. US military arrests 9 imams. US arrests 9 imams from the Ishaki area northeast of Baghdad.

13:36 London. Blair, redeployment of British troops for a limited time. PM Tony Blair says British troops will be deployed in Baghdad for a limited time but might go to Fallujah should a request be made by the Iraqi caretaker government.

12:17 Mosul. Carbomb kills tribal chieftan. A carbomb targeting the regional government offices in Mossul and killed a tribal chieftan and two of his escorts.

11:53 Ramadi. Clashes between rebels and marines, 3 dead. Two people were killed and 21 wounded in fighting between rebels and US marines.

11:27 Baghdad. Carbombing wounds two Australians. A carbomb went off near a school a short distance from the Green Zone, killing 3 civilians and wounding two Australian soldiers. The bomber parked his car and detonated the bomb by remote control. Several school children were injured in the blast.

11:24 Mossul. Second carbomb. A carbomb exploded in the parking lot of the Nineveh governmental palace killing one person. A first carbomb exploded at the command headquarters of the Iraqi forces and damaged two vehicles. The target was General Motaz Faqaa, who survived an assassination attempt four months ago.

11:23 Abu Ghraib. Diaries of military police found in Abu Ghraib. A complete chronicle of events inside Sectors A1 and B1 of Abu Ghraib Prison, where detainees posing a security risk were incarcerated, has been found. The Washington Post has come into possession of a copy of a light green notebook with the title, MI Wing. There are entries for every day between 19 October 2003 and 18 January 2004 detailing the activities of the 372nd Military Police Unit from which several members have been charged with torture and abuse.

10:50 Mossul. A carbomb targeting Iraqi General Motaz Faqaa wounded two of his bodyguards.

10:50 Baghdad. Bomb kills three civilians, wounds 6.

10:31 Baghdad. Recruits massacre, investigators say there was an informer. An informer within the ranks of the Iraqi National Guard passed information to the group which executed the recruits in the province of Diyala. 49 guards and 3 drivers were killed.

10:10 Baghdad. 380 tons of explosive missing from warehouse. Explosives missing from the al-Qaqaa military center.

10:09 Baquba. An Iraqi national guard was killed as he attempted to defuse a bomb in Baquba.

09:59 Khaldiya. A suicide bomber drove his car into a US convoy near the eastern city of Khaldiya. Several vehicles were damaged and there were US casualties.

09:38 Paris French hostages: talks restart. French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier says contact has been restored with kidnappers of French reporters Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot, kidnapped in Iraq on 20 August.

08:05 Baghdad. A roadside bomb targeting a US patrol went off killing two and wounding several. Among the wounded were children attenting the Al-Horriya School. TV images were broadcast showing a US vehicle which absorbed the impact.

07:36 Baghdad. Explosion near school. Casualties reported.

07:18 Amman. King Abdallah want full participation in conference. King Abdallah II of Jordan believes that all parties concerned by the Iraq crisis must participate in the meeting scheduled for 22-23 November in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

07:17 Baghdad. Explosion reported in downtown Baghdad.

24 October 2004 Events in Iraq

23:00 The Hague. UN refuses request to form prosecution team for Saddam Hussein. The United Nations has rejected a request from the Iraqi caretaker government to put together a team of 30 judges and prosecutors for the trial of Saddam Hussein. The request was refused because Iraq permits the death penalty, said a UN spokesman. The request was sent to Carla del Ponte, the Chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in the Hague. The rejection came from Kofi Annan, who said the UN has no mandate to train Iraqi judges. Some judicial assistance may be offered through a Security Council resolution.

22.00 Kerbala. CD shop blown up. A shop selling CDs and pornographic films was blown up in Kerbala on Saturday night.

21:50 Baghdad. 160 Arabs to go on trial in Iraq. 160 Arabs from Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Iran, Yemen, Egypt, Marocco and Lebanon will be charged by Iraqi authorities in relation to bombings throughout the country, says Iraqi Justice Minister, Malek Dohane al-Hassan. The minister also announced a program for new prison construction, one in Nassiriya to hold 4,000 prisoners and another in Khan Bani Saad east of Baghdad, which will hold 3,000. Hassan also said that the detainees were being held outside the legal system due to instability within the country.

21:40 Baghdad. UN elections experts to arrive in Iraq. The UN approved the dispatch of 25 elections advisors while Great Britain promised two or three as well as the European Union, says UN spokesman Carlos Valenzuela. The total number will remain far below the 250 needed to organize the elections. A mandate for the UN to organize the elections has not been formally issued.

19:59 Baghdad. Zarqawi claims credit for police recruit massacre. An internet site linked to al-Zarqawi claims credit for massacre.

19:54 Baghdad. Explosion heard in east part of city. Blast is heard near Wathiq square.

18:26 Karbala. Bulgarian soldier dies. Truck bomb in Kerbala injures Bulgarian soldier, who expired while being transported to the hospital.

17:34 Karbala. Truck bomb wounds three Bulgarian soldiers. Bulgarian Defense Ministry reports three troops gravely wounded in truck bombing.

14:11 Baladruz. Corpses of 44 recruits and 5 drivers. The recruits were returning from a 20-day training cours in Camp Amara and Camp Kut in the eastern desert near the Iranian border. During the drive towards their base in Kirkush, 90 km northeast of Baghdad, the recruits were ambushed between Baladruz and Badra.

13:03 Kerbala. Shi'ite dignitary and police officer assassinated. Sheikh Muslim al-Tai was travelling with a police officer when unknown assailants opened fire near al-Hour, a short distance north of Kerbala. The dignitary was a member of the Kerbala municipal council and a representative of the Holy City Hussein al-Sadr.

12:44 Mosul Two Iraqi civilians were gravely wounded by a carbomb in Mosl. The intended target was a US convoy.

12:34 Fallujah. Insurgents deny holding Margaret Hassan.
12:20 Baghdad. US diplomat killed. A US diplomat was killed by a mortar attack near the airport. The official is Ed Seitz, the first American diplomat to die in Iraq. In Beijing, Powell described Seitz as "a courageous American dedicated to his country and to a better future for the Iraqi people."

11:55 Kirkuk. Two beheaded corpses found. A body dressed in Western clothing floated to the surface of the Tigris near Kirkuk. In Hawija, 200 km north of Bagdad, another body was found.

11:30 Fallujah. US warplanes struck a street leading to the southern part of the city, killing 5.

10:54 Baghdad. Police raid Sadr City. Police raided several residences in Sadr City looking for unconsigned weapons.

10:44 Baladruz. Soldiers killed while returning from training. New recruits returning from training course held in Camp Amara and Camp Kut in the central desert near the Iranian border to their base in Kirkush, 90 km northeast of Baghdad, were ambused between Baladruz and Badra.

10:30 Mandali. Corpses of 49 recruits found near Iranian border. 49 recruits were executed by pistol shot near Mandali, not far from the Iranian border.

10:20 Baghdad. French reporters to be released. Fadel al-Roubaïy, representative of the High Committee of National Forces Against the Occupation and spokesman for Movement of Iraqi Intellectuals, announced that French reporters Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot will be released soon.

10:19 Baghdad. Al Sadr: "I will assist the Sunnis of Fallujah". Moqtada al Sadr says he is ready to assist the Mujaheddin of Fallujah, the Sunni bastion west of Baghdad now surrounded by US troops. I condemn all assaults on Iraqi cities. I pray to God that your city may be safe and sound and I am readly to intervene to ensure this is achieved., reads a leaflet distributed in Baghdad and Najaf.

10:16 Samarra. 2 children killed; 4 others wounded. Two boys, one 11 and one 17 year of age, were killed and four others wounded in clashes between US troops and rebels in Samarra, north of Baghdad. The killings occurred in the northern suburbs of the city during a clash that damaged a US Humvee.

10:12 Washington A Washington Post investigation reveals that US intelligence violated international law in removing several political prisoners from Iraq to third countries for interrogation. The Post, citing a CIA source, says the intelligence service hid these prisoners form the Red Cross and other authorities.

10:00 Fallujah. French news photographer briefly kidnapped in Fallujah. French independent photographer Corentin Fleury and his Kurdish interpreter was held briefly in Fallujah on Saturday. Both have returned to Baghdad. Fleury intends to return to Fallujah.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

23 October 2004 Events in Iraq

17:45 Samawa. Artillery shell lands in Japanese camp. An artillery shell was discovered unexploded inside the Japanese camp in Samawa, in southern Iraq. The shell did not explode because it was missing the detonator.

17:10 Al Asad. Carbomb death toll mounts. 16 are dead and 40 wounded in the carbombing of a police academy near the American base of al-Asad, 180 km northwest of Baghdad. Recruits were standing outside the building, waiting for a training course to start.

17:00 Baghdad. Sadr city, insurgents turn in weapons and ammunition. 18,000 weapons and ammunition have been turned under the Sadr City weapons collection program, says deputy Prime Minister Barham Saleh.

16:32 Mossul. Beheading on web. Ansar-Al-Sunna says it captured a young airport employee, Seif Adnan Kanaan, thought to be spying for the Americans in Mossul. A video was made of the execution. The victim's head was removed and placed atop the prone corpse.

15:23 Arbil. Police chief assassinated. Col. Taha Ahmad Omar was assassinated by unknown gunmen as he left a mosque after dawn prayers.

14:03 Rome. Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino mum. Martino refused to comment on an Italian Justice Ministry investigation into the recruitment of mercenaries in Italy. Judge Giuseppe De Benedictis has determined that the four Italian men kidnapped in Iraq were employed as mercenaries.

13:03 Baghdad. Guerrillas fired mortar rounded into Karrada Street in downtown Baghdad, killing 2 civilians and wounding another. The victims were found by a telephone company repairman.

12:54 Baghdad. Pipeline is sabotaged. Saboteurs blew up an oil pipeline carrying oil to Baghdad's Dora refinery. The blast and the ensuing blaze destroyed 500 ft of the pipeline near Khana. A second device was discovered unexploded.

12:48 Mossul. Two Turkish truck drivers are killed. Gunman opened fire on their rigs which were carrying cans of fruit juice to US troops in Mossul.

12:45 Mossul. Mortar rounds fired at downtown. No injuries reported

11:49 Samarra. 4 dead in checkpoint bombing. A suicide bomber attacked a checkpoint in the village of Ishaqi, near Samarra. Four Iraqi national guardsmen were killed and 6 were wounded.

11:41 Baghdad. Bar Association in Baghdad bombed. A Katiuscia rocket scored a direct hit on the the Baghdad Bar Association in west Baghdad without causing casualties.

11:40 Baghdad. Mortar rounds slam Baghdad. Mortar fire was directed a downtown Baghdad today near the Green Zone.

10:15 Ramadi. Death toll climbs. The death toll has risen to 10 in the suicide carbombing of a recruiting station and training center in Ramadi. The bomber drove his vehicle inside the building then detonated it, destroying the building.

10:00 Baghdad. Zarqawi collaborator arrested, according to US military command. However Iraqi sources deny the claim, saying that Hamid Fayad al-Jumayli, two of his sons and three friends were arrested and that they have no link to al-Zarqawi.

09:57 Baghdad. Humvee destroyed in bombing. A homemade bomb blew up an American Humvee on the road connecting Baghdad with the airport. 6 US troops were wounded.

09:56 Ramadi. Eight dead in carbombing.

Friday, October 22, 2004

22 October 2004 Events in Iraq

00:24 Baghdad. Allawi: "No concessions to kidnappers of Margaret Hassan". Premier Allawi will make no concessions nor will he deal with the kidnappers of Margaret Hassan, CARE Director in Baghdad. "We must stand firm - said Allawi --and intransigent in our intention to bring the kidnappers to justice." The Premier added that he hoped that the woman would soon be released. "She will be released, we are doing our best and praying for her. We are doing our utmost for her release." [Is this doubletalk or what?]

21:09 Skopje. Macedonia to stay in Iraq despite executions. Macedonian President Branko Crvenkovski says his country will not pull out its contingent despite the beheading of two Macedonian nationals. However 19 Macedonian workers who had employment contracts in Iraq with the same company returned to Skopje.

19:46 Baquba. 9 insurgents killed. US troops and Iraqi forces kill 9 in a gunbattle provoked by an attack on a US patrol.

18:21 Baghdad. Turkish hostage escapes. A Turkish laborer escaped his kidnappers and is now in the Turkish embassy in Baghdad.

16:35 Fallujah. US warplanes struck the suburb of Shuhada southeast of the city.

15:52 Baghdad. Hassan: "Help me! Blair must withdraw!" "These could be my last hours, help me." Video of plea by Margaret Hassan broadcast by Al Jazeera.

14:14 Mosul. Battle inside mosque after US raid kills one, wounds nine. A gunbattle broke out in the Thi al-Muraid mosque in Mossul. Eye-witnesses reported that US troops raided the compound and were fired upon with RPGs. Sheik Rayan Tawfiq had announced that US troops entered the compound to make an arrest. One Iraqi was killed and seven US marines were wounded.

12:54 Baghdad. Two Iraqi police were wounded when a carbomb exploded next to their station in Ishaqi, 80 km north of Baghdad. The bomb was meant for a US convoy. The blast destroyed a jail cell wall and two prisoners escaped.

12:02 Fallujah. Two little girls killed. US troops opened fire on a car in which two little girls were travelling as passengers, killing them.

10:43 Bohrouz. A child and three adults wounded. Four Iraqi civilians were wounded during a clash between rebels and US troops in Bohrouz, north of Baghdad.

09:50 Baghdad. Sunni Imams throughout Iraq protest arrests. Sunni imams throughout Iraq condemn US arrests of clerics and call on the faithful to boycott the January elections. Meanwhile Ahmad al-Safi, spokesman for Grand Ayatollah Sistani, has exhorted Iraiq Shi'a to vote, under pain of punishment under Sharia law. "Abstainers are traitors and will go to hell."

09:00 Baghdad. US sources: "There are 12,000 rebels".

08:57 Baghdad. Kidnapped Englishwoman's husband lashes out at Blair. Tahsine Ali Hassan says Blair's careless talk about his wife endangers her life.

08:56 Fallujah. City bombed by US warplanes, 7 dead.

08:55 Baghdad. Ulema member arrested. Sheik Abdessatar Abdel Jabbar, a director of the Committee of Iraqi Ulema, was arrested in Baghdad together with three other people, including two of his sons. The arrests caused disturbances in mosques north of the city. An Ulema spokesman says 6 imams were arrested on Wednesday.

08:30 Baghdad. Abdessalam al-Kobeissi, member of the committee of Iraqi Ulema, accused US forces of having attempted to arrest several imams of mosques north of Baghdad. Worshipers prevented the arrests.

08:00 Paris. Frenchman dies defending Fallujah. 19 year-old French citizen Redouane H. was killed by US troops in Fallujah.

07:45 Geneva. UN advises ex-pat Iraqis to stay abroad. A spokesman for the UN High Commissioner of Refugees, Rupert Colville, tells Denmark, Britain and Germany not to pressure expatriate Iraqis to return to their country because of the poor security situation.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

21 October 2004 Events in Iraq

03:30 Fallujah. Eight dead and two wounded in US airstrike.

01:08 Washington. Reserves training unit to be sent to Iraq. A unit of the reserves specialized in training will be deployed to Iraq in December. This is the first time the unit has been deployed abroad. They will train Iraqi troops.

16:04 London. UK to move troops to US sector. 850 men of the 1st Black Watch Battalion will be moved to the Sunni Triangle inside the US sector.

16:00 Baghdad: Ivan 'Chip' Frederick gets 8 years. Sgt. Frederick is court-martialed and sentenced to 8 years in prison for his role in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal. Frederick says he will appeal.

15:00 Baghdad. Hope for release of Margaret Hassan.

14:00 Baghdad. Three killed. Two Iraqi national guardmen and one woman were killed in a drive-by shooting by unknown assailants.

13:00 Baquba. Two dead. Two Iraqi national guardsmen were killed by a home-made bomb in downtown Baquba.

09:30 Baghdad. Airport bus attacked, 4 dead. A group of armed men attacked an bus carrying ground crew to Baghdad Airport killing four and wounding several others, including the bus driver.

08:00 Baghdad. The trial of Sgt. Cardenas Alban opens. Sgt. Cardenas Alban of the US 1st Cavalry Division is on trial for the premeditated murder of an Iraqi civilian. His accomplice, Sergeant Johnny Horne, will be tried at a later date.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

20 October 2004 Events in Iraq

Rome. Italian Defense Minister Martino calls Kerry a flip-flopper.

23:10 Washington. Iraq removed from terrorism blacklist. US formally removes Iraq from its list of rogue nations.

23:00 Basrah. Iraqi detainee dies in US custody. An Iraqi high-security detainee dies in Camp Bucca.

22:45 Suva. Fiji offers to provide security to UN officials. Fiji will deploy 150 troops for security detail.

22:32 Rome. Father Benjamin: "Enzo Baldoni knew too much" Enzo Baldoni "was very familiar with the Iraqi resistance". In particular "he knew too much about something" which "somebody did not like", asserts Father Jean-Marie Benjamin in an interview. "During the initial phase of the kidnapping of Enzo Baldoni, some new fact intervened which had nothing to do with the kidnappers. Let us say that his death was not attributable to his kidnappers. Some figures close to Iraqi intelligence were involved." Father Benjamin has acted both as a UN and UNICEF official for years, serving the Iraqi people.

21:33 Samarra. Eight killed in carbombing, including four children, and 23 wounded, among them US troops.

21:07 Fallujah. US military command denies wiping out family. US denies accusations that one of its warplanes destroyed a women's academy as well as wiped out a family of six. However eye witnesses say that bodies of 2 adults and 4 children were pulled from the rubble of a home in Fallujah and that the recovery was documented on film.

18:19 Baghdad. Government pleads with NGOs to remain in Iraq. Security advisor Muffawaq al Rubaiye says Iraqi is doing its best to protect NGO employees and asks them to remain.

18:16 Baghdad. Blast caused by carbomb. The explosion heard in downtown Baghdad was caused by a carbomb which targeted as US patrol on Haifa street. The blast left a large crater and shattered windows and storefronts.

18:14 Samarra. Six are dead in carbombing. Death toll rises to 6 in Samarra in explosion of carbomb near a kindergarden. Four children were killed together with two adults. Of the 17 wounded, 11 were US troops. The US military has imposed a curfew.

18:05 Baghdad. Carbombing near airport; driver dies. A carbomb went off on an access road at Baghdad International Airport. No civilians or US troops were near the site of the blast. Credit for the blast is claimed by Abu Maissara al-Iraqi. Not far from the scene, a roadside bomb blew out a tire on a US military vehicle.

18:00 Baghdad. Body of Iraqi contractor found. The beheaded corpse of an Iraqi construction contractor was found 170 km north of Baghdad.

17:13 Baghdad. Two egyptian hostages released. Moustapha Abdel Latif and Mahmoud Tourk, both employees of Orascom Telecom, were released by their kidnappers. Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi personally negotiated for their release.

17:12 Samarra. Carbomb kills four children; 20 people are wounded as US convoy attacked.

16:55 Baghdad. Powerful blasts heard in Haifa street in Baghdad.

16:41 Rome. Martino: "If Iraqis can do it themselves, there is no need to remain" Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino hints at pullout of Italian contingent.

16:28 Doha. Al Jazeera announces imminent release of Egyptian hostages, kidnapped 23 September.

15:19 Baghdad. Allawi party official assassinated. A member of Iraqi National Accord, Mazen al-Samarai, was assassinated by unknown gunmen outside his residence.

14:37 Dubai. CARE director's husband pleads for release. The spouse of Margaret Hassan issues plea for her release on al-Arabiya TV. Tahsin Ali Hassan says his wife has worked 30 years for the Iraqi people.

14:35 Baghdad. Torture at Abu Ghraib, US soldier pleads guilty. Reserve Sgt. Ivan Frederick, 38, pleads guilty to charges.

14:21 London. Blair: "Redeployment has nothing to do with US elections." Blair says deployment of the Black Watch to the US sector is a military matter.

14:15 Paris. French reporters, Barnier: "Release still possible" French Foreign Minister says there is a chance that Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot may yet be released.

13:51 Baghdad. Message from Zarqawi: "Merger with Al Qaeda". Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi continues campaign against the infidels under a new banner.

13:41 London. Blair: "We are doing everything" The British government will do everything possible to gain the release of Margaret Hassan.

12:03 Baquba. Adolescent is killed. Ahmed Mohammed Ismaïl, 15, was killed during a firefight between insurgents and US troops in Moqdadia.

11:29 Cairo. Iraq Conference: 22 and 23 November in Sharm el-Sheikh says Deputy Secretary of State William Burns.

11:27 Baghdad. CARE International works towards release of kidnapped director.

11:22 Fallujah. US airstrike wipes out family of six.

11:17 Baghdad. CARE International suspends operations. Robert Glasser, Executive Director of Care Australia says NGO will suspend operations.

11:08 Fallujah. US airstrikes continue.

10:59 Baghdad. Two US troops wounded. Two US troops were wounded in a carbombing of their convoy on airport access road. A Humvee was destroyed.

10:13 Baghdad. Australian hostage: "My kidnappers were not animals". John Martinkus says he was treated well during his ordeal. "Those people are not stupid. They are fighting a war. They are not savages and do not kill for the pleasure of killing."

09:45 Baghdad. Suicide carbomber dies in attack on airport access road..

08:43 New York. UN wants to blacklist al-Zarkawi. The UN has decided to ask for worldwide assistance in blacklisting Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

07:47 Washington. Pentagon, more that 8,000 US wounded in Iraq. Pentagon releases figure of 8,012. 4,304 were evacuated and 3,712 were treated locally and returned to duty.

07:45 Baghdad Explosion destroyes Humvee. Roadside bomb on airport access road destroys Humvee.

07:04 baghdad. CARE international suspends operations in Iraq.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

19 October 2004 Events in Iraq

20:00 Baghdad. Allawi sacks progressive jurist. Criminal court judge Zouhair al-Maliki, respected in the human rights community, is sacked by Allawi without explanation. Al-Maliki had been instructed by the Americans in April to investigate corruption and brutality in the Iraqi security services. Al-Malaki says security services use torture, illegal detention and payoffs.

19:52 Baghdad. US general says thousands of weapons turned in in Sadr City. General Peter Chiorelli says that thousands of arms have been turned in, including grenade launchesr, ammunition and mortar shells.

19:42 New York. Annan: "Do not alienate public opinion". Kofi Annan concerned that US offensive against insurgents will alienate public opinion.

19:25 Habbaniyah. Suicide boming of US convoy. A car pack with explosives rammed a US convoy in Habbaniyah, west of Baghdad.

18:46 London. Blair: "We will do everything." Tony Blair says he will do everything possible to obtain the release of Margaret Hassan.

18:45 Rome. Frattini: "Najaf was not destroyed by bombs thanks to Italy". Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini tells the magazine, Chi, that Italy intervened to prevent the US from destroying Najaf and thus averted a bloodbath.

18:01 Iskandariyah. 120 arrests in two days. US raids Iskandariyah (40 south of Baghdad) and arrests 87 persons suspected of anti-Iraqi activities. In Youssoufiyah, 20 km south of Baghdad, another 10 were arrested. On Sunday 30 rebels were taken into custody between US raids between Iskandariyah and Latifiyah

17:50 Abu Ghraib. Trial begins for three US soldiers. Sgt. Ivan Frederick appeared before a court today in Camp Victory. Sgt. Javal Davis and Charles Graner will be tried before the end of the week.

15:58 London. IISS, US not finding support. John Chipman, Director of the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London, says the US is unsuccessful in garnering international support for its ongoing operations in Iraq.

15:33 Doha. Al Jazeera broadcasts video of kidnapped aid worker. Al Jazeera shows a brief video of Margaret Hassan, held hostage by an unknown group of kidnappers.

13:29 Mashahidan. Iraqi National Guard barracks bombed, scores of casualties. National Guard barracks in Mashahidan, 40 km north of Baghdad was hit by mortar fire, killing four and wounded more than 80.

13:08 Baghdad. US civilian killed. A US contract employee was killed and 7 other people wounded, including a US soldier, when a US military installation was hit by mortar fire.

13:00 Dubai. Al Arabya, CARE official in Bagdad is kidnapped. Margaret Hassan, who heads CARE International in Baghdad, was kidnapped.

12:44 Rome. Martino: "Troop redeployment does not concern Italy". Italian Defense Minister Antonio Martino, says Italy has no plans to redeploy its troops in Iraq.

12:19 London. IISS, War in Iraq raises risk of terrorism.

10:33 London Straw: "We can't abandon the Americans." Straw says redeployment of British troops to US sector will be decided by commanders on the ground.

10:00 Kirkuk. Insurgents sabotage oil pipeline.

09:45 Riyadh. Saudi Arabia pleads for truce during Ramadan

09:38 Samarra. Two Iraqis killed by US troops.

08:36 Fallujah. Police chief released. US forces free arrested Fallujah police chief.

08:22 Washington. KIA reaches 1100

07:53 Washington. US warns Iran not to assist al Zarqawi [Richard Boucher. The usual suspect.]

07:42 Nassiriya. Iraqi policeman kidnapped and executed. Islamist group executes Mohannad Kamel Tohmeh by a shot to the head.

07:38 Fallujah. US bombardment continues.

Monday, October 18, 2004

18 October Events in Iraq

23:51 Duluiya. Dozens are arrested. US and Iraqi troops surrounded the town of Duluiya, north of Baghdad, and arrested dozens of insurgents in a house-to-house search. Duluiya is 20 km north of Samarra.

21:22 Washington. Inquest into soldier mutiny. The Pentagon says it has opened an inquest into the mutiny of 19 quartermaster troops who refused a "suicide mission."

21:16 Skopje. Macedonian government confirms hostage exectuion. Interior Minister Goran Pavlovski confirms execution of Macedonian hostages.

19:14 Kiev. Ukraine to pull out of Iraq in 2005. Premier Viktor Yanukovic says the remaining 250 soldiers of it 1600-man contingent will be withdrawn.

17:01 London. UK Defence Minister confirms US request. Geoff Hoon confirms the 10 October request of the US to move British troops out of their sector to support Americans. Hoon said that no troops would be sent to Baghdad or Fallujah.

16:16 Doha. Al Jazeera broadcasts execution of two Macedonian hostages. It is uncertain which of the three hostages (Dalibor Lazarevski, Dragan Markovic, Zoran Naskovski) were executed.

16:01 Baghdad. Allawi: "Two million dollars in aid to be sent to Fallujah". Premier Iyad Allawi has approved $2 million in humanitarian aid for the besieged city of Fallujah.

15:49 Baghdad. Allawi: Weapons collection program to be extended to all Iraq. Premier Iyad Allawi says ongoing weapons collection program in Sadr City will be extended to all Iraq, starting with Basrah.

15:33 Doha. Al Jazeera: "Macedonian hostages beheaded". Two Macedonian nationals accused of spying for the US have been beheaded.

14:34 Baghdad. Australian reporter released. John Martinkus of Sbs has been released by an unknown group of kidnappers who confiscated his film for the TV program Dateline.

14:16 Balad. Decapitated corpse found. The body of a Turkish truckdriver was found in Balad 60 km north of Baghdad.

13:55 Baghdad. Christian leaders plead for a stop to church bombings. The Christian leadership of Iraq (Chaldeans, Assyrians, Latin Rite, Syrians, Amenians, and Greek Orthodox) plead for a halt to church bombings.

12:40 The Hague. Dutch soldier cleard of homicide charges. A Dutch soldier who fired on a crowd of looters has been acquitted of homicide.

12:18 Baghdad. Amnesty. Iraqi authorities has pledged amnesty to anyone who surrenders their weapons.

11:58 Moscow. Putin endorses Bush. Vladimir Putin supports the reelection of George W. Bush.

11:01 Mosul. 5 dead and 15 wounded in yesterday's carbombing. The blast occurred on a bridge connecting the quarters of al-Matlan and al-Chifa.

10:58 Shorgat. Body of decapitated Iraqi found. The body of an Iraq interpreter was found in Shorgat, 40 km south of Mossul.

10:12 Baghdad. Two die in separate bombing incidents.

09:38 Baquba. Nine wounded in attack on police station. Seven police, a woman and a child were wounded in Baquba when insurgents attacked a police station.

09:36 Fallujah. City negotiator released. Sheik Khaled Hamoud, one of Fallujah's most important notables, was released by the Americans.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

17 Ocrober 2004 Events in Iraq

23:47 Baghdad. Seven die in front of snackbar. A carbomb exploded in front of a Baghdad snackbar frequented by police not far from the Australian Embassy.

22:41 Baghdad. Blast in snackbar. A bomb went off in a snackbar frequented by police. The bar was full at the time with police taking an evening Ramadan meal. Casualties reported.

22:05 Baghdad. Zarqawi group announces death of one of its leaders. Tawhid wal Jihad has released a communique saying, Commander and mujaheddin Abu Hafs al Libi fell on the field of battle today while serving with the heroes of Fallujah.

19:25 Baghdad. Al Zarqawi announces alliance with Al Qaeda

17:33 Baghdad. Two die in Sadr City attack. Two civiians were killed in a mortar attack on a weapons collection center in Sadr City.

15:57 Samarra. Body found in Tigris. The body of an Iraqi truck driver was pulled out of the Tigris today. The man had been shot in the head. His rig was recovered along the highway between Samarra and Baghdad and was transporting supplies to US troops.

15:56 Rome. Italian Red Cross contingent may leave Iraq if funding withheld. Maurizio Scelli tells government that the Red Cross contingent requires at least 1 million euros to continue.

14:46 Baghdad. Mortar fire in Sadr City: three dead. Mortar rounds landed in the Sinàa Club soccer stadium where Sadr militiamen were surrendering weapons killing three and wounding nine.

14:12 Latifiya. Nine Iraqi police killed in ambush. Nine police travelling in a passenger van were ambushed between Latifiya and Yusufiya, 35 km southwest of Baghdad. They were Karbala police returning form a training session in Jordan.

13:07 Ramadi. Rockets fired at US convoy. One vehicle was hit and set ablaze. Meanwhile insurgents in Ruba on the Jordanian border blew up the city council chambers.

12:50 Baghdad. Mortar rounds fired at hotel. Two mortar rounds were fired at the Hamra hotel frequented foreign journalists and businessmen.

12:44 Fallujah. US warplanes bombed Fallujah again as US troops reinforce thier positions. Ambulances are unable to get to the scene to assist the wounded.

12:18 Baghdad. Mortar round hits weaspons collection center in Sadr City.

12:17 Rome. Padre Benjamin: "French Reporters are free". Christian Chesnot of Radio France and Georges Malbrunot of the French daily Le Figaro are alive and working with the consent of the insurgents. They are shooting a film to show what is really going on in Iraq, says Father Jean-Marie Benjamin, Secretary of the Beato Angelico di Assisi foundation.

12:12 Fallujah. 1000 US troops encircle city. US warplanes struck the al-Sinaai, al-Juhaivi and al-Askari quarters of Fallujah this morning.

11:38 New York. Annan: "The war has not made us safer" Kofi Annan says that ongoing violence proves the world is not a safer place since the invasion of Iraq.

11:37 Basrah. One Coalition employee was wounded as a roadside bomb exploded on the highway outside Basrah.

11:20 Baghdad. US helicopters downed: Two are killed. Two US helicopters collided yesterday over southwest Baghdad. Two soldiers being transported were killed and at least two others wounded.

10:17 Najaf. Sadr's office reopens.

09:57 Baquba. Iraq soldier killed. An Iraqi police officer was killed by RPG fire.

09:54 Rome. Frattini: "We have a phased plan." Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini on a visit to Washington says he has a phased plan for Iraq in which elections will take place, followed by an international peacekeeping mission.

09:52 Fallujah. US Offensive continues.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

16 October 2004 Events in Iraq

23:27 Baghdad. Internet, 11 Iraqi soldiers beheaded. A group linked to Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi has announced the beheading of 11 Iraqi National Guard and police.

22:46 Baghdad. US helicopters collide. Two US military helicopers collided and crashed near Baghdad. Two soldiers are dead and another two wounded.

22:21 Baghdad. US troops surveyed, "We are not enough" The majority of US soldiers deployed to Iraq believe that the Bush administration has deployed an insufficient number of troops to Iraq according to University of Pennsylvania Annenberg poll.

22:12 Fallujah. US attacks city. A column of US tanks was seen on an access highway just outside the city.

22:11 Ramadi. Carbomb wounds US soldier. Carbomb targets US convoy between Fallujah and Ramadi.

22:09 Baghdad. Al Zarqawi capture denied.

15:38 Qaim. Three US soldiers killed by carbomb. A carbomb targeting a US patrol in Qaim province in western Iraq kills three US troops and one civilian

14:16 Qaim. Four killed on Syrian border. Mortar fire hits the city of Qaim.

11:41 Baquba. Three Iraqis killed. A roadside bomb kills three in Baquba.

11:17 Baghdad. 19 US soldiers refuse mission; inquest is opened

09:52 Kirkuk. Kurdish official assassinated in Kirkuk. Education official assassinated by unknown gunmen in Kirkuk.

09:35 Baghdad. RPG hits Baghdad hotel. An RPG hit the parking lot of the luxury 5-star Hotel Mansour. The blast shattered windows.

09:32 Baghdad. Mortar hits hospital. The Ibn el-Bitar Hospital reports one dead.
09:08 Mossul. US soldier killed by carbomb. A Task Force Olympia soldier was killed by a roadside bomb.

08:25 Baghdad. 5 churches bombed. The following churches were bombed: Mar Yusuf (St. Joseph), Mar Yaqub (St. James), Mar Girgis (St. George), Mar Rum (St. Roman's) and Mar Toma (St. Thomas). Most of the structures were Assyrian, Chaldean and Roman Catholic.

Friday, October 15, 2004

15 October 2004 Events in Iraq

01:35 Washington. KIA total stands at 1086.

23:03 Nassiriya. Threats from Islamic Army in Iraq. Insurgent group warns Italians in Iraq: Every soldier, every investor or official will end up dead.

20:32 London. US wants British to shift troops to Baghdad. Channel 4 (UK) says US wants a battalion of Black Watch deployed to Baghdad. The British Defence Ministry has categorically rejected any deployment to Najaf or to Fallujah.

20:29 New York. Oil quoted at $54.90 per barrel

17:33 Washington. Zarqawi group on US blacklist. Jama'at Tawhid wal Jihad gets on Washington's terror blacklist.

17:31 Baghdad. 10 dead in carbombing. Blast targets Iraqi police patrol killing four, leaving crater 18 feet in diameter and 6 feet deep. 4 workers in a nearby palm grove and 2 people in a passing car were also killed. An estimated 1500 pounds of explosive was used.

17:23 Kirkuk. British mercenary killed. An employee of ArmorGroup died from wounds received in a shootout near a power station south of Kirkuk

16:48 Baghdad. Two Syrians arrested. Two Syrian "terrorists" and an unspecified number of Iranians were arrested south of Baghdad in the town of Mahmudiyah in a sweep by US and Iraqi forces through the Lattifiya-Youssoufiya-Iskandariya region. Authorites claim they found three carbombs in the process of assembly.

15:30 Baghdad. US positions near Syrian border come under mortar fire. 82-mm shells fired at US troops from within Syria. Such incidents are on the increase.

15:26 Fallujah. US denies arrest of Fallujah negotiator. US denies that it has arrested Sheik Khaled Hamoud, a negotiator for Fallujah.

13:30 Fallujah. Fallujah mediator arrested. Iraqi police say US marines have arrested Khaled al-Jumaili, the Fallujah police chief and two city officials as they fled the city.

12:53 Latifiya. Leader of National Democratic Coalition assassinated. Kamal Al Yassiri, party organizer for south-central Iraq, was shot and killed as drove on a highway near Latifiya.

12:24 Mossul. Photographer killed in Mossul documented ambush of military convoy. Karam Hussein documented a convoy ambush before his death.

11:15 Budapest. Center-left leaders meet in Hungary: Zapatero blasts Blair. Spanish PM tells Blair war was an enormous miscalculation. Zapatero was supported in his remarks by Chilean President Ricardo Lagos and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin.

11:15 Damascus. Massoud Barzani in Syria. PUK leader Massoud Barzani has arrived in Damascus to discuss a federal arrangement for Iraq, the status of Kirkuk and improvement of relations with Syria.

11:00 Baghdad. US spokesman in Baghdad says Saddam will not be tried in 2004, contradicting Premier Allawi, who had indicated trial would start in October.

10:45 Baghdad. One dead and 15 wounded in carbombing. Carbomb in Dora quarter of Baghdad targets police patrol

10:39 Mossul. Photographer killed. A photographer for the European news syndicate EPA was killed in Mossul. Karam Hussein was shot by four armed men outside his home.

10:05 Fallujah. US airstrike kills three and wounds seven.

10:00 Baghdad. Shi'a of Sadr City continue to surrender weapons on 5th day of amnesty.

09:50 Warsaw. Poland confirms pullout. Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka says his country will begin pulling out troops at the beginning of January. Its contingent is composed of 2500 men. 70% of Poles oppose the war which has cost the lives of 13 Polish military personnel and 4 civilians

09:11 Baghdad. Raid in north. Pakistanis and Afghans arrested. Iraqi border guards conduct house to house search of village on border with Iran, arresting 135 people. Kalashnikovs, grenade launchers and two thousand rounds of ammunition were confiscated.

07:57 Baghdad. US announces Fallujah operations. More than 1000 US troops plus tanks, cannon, helicopters and warplanes prepare for assault on Fallujah.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

14 October 2004 Events in Iraq

22:46 Fallujah. US launches massive assault on city. Attack follows threat issued by Allawi.

19:06 Baghdad. Green Zone attack, 4 Americans and 6 Iraqis killed. The four Americans were private security guards

18:09 Baghdad. Fallujah delegation suspends talk. Talks end after Allawi issues threat of massive assault on the Fallujah.

18:02 Baghdad. Green Zone: at least four Americans dead. The four were employees of DynCorp. Two State Dept employees were injured.

17:31 Baghdad. US soldier dies in downtown Baghdad. Insurgents open fire on patrol. Earlier another US soldier was killed and 2 wounded by a roadsive bomb in east Baghdad.

17:14 Baghdad. Bombing in Green Zone, five killed. Five persons were killed and 18 wounded in Green Zone bombing.

17:11 Nassiriya. General Gargini visits Italian troops in Nassiriya. Italian Air Marshall Giampiero Gargini on a 2-day visit to the Italian encampment near Nassiriya.

16:59 Ottawa. Canada excludes sending troops to Iraq. Prime Minister Paul Martin says his country will not send troops to Iraq. Canada has donated $300 million towards reconstruction and will agree to train Iraqi forces.

16:58 Baghdad. Iraqi government: we will strike the terrorists whereever they are. [That's awfully bold for a "caretaker" government]. Iraqi Security Advisor Kassim Daoud threatens swift retribution.

16:52 Baghdad. Jordanian freed after ransom paid. Hisham Talab al-Ezzawas freed after $50 thousand ransom was paid.

16:49 Samarra. Two Turkish truck drivers and two Iraqis kidnapped. Two Turks and two Iraqis were taken hostage in separate incidents. The Turkish truck drivers were kidnapped near Samarra. Later in the day two Iraqi employees of the Transportation Ministry were kidnapped near the same location.

16:28 Baghdad. Iraq requests membership in the WTO.

15:51 Fallujah. US airstrike kills 5 dead and wounds 16.

15:46 Baghdad. Zarqawi claims credit for Green Zone bombing.

15:31 Baghdad. Al Yawar: "Scheduled elections may be postponed." Iraqi President tells newspaper Asharq al Awsat that election date may slip.

14:55 Baghdad. US soldier killed by bomb. One US soldier is killed and two wounded in east Baghdad.

14:39 Baghdad. Two Americans killed in Green Zone.

14:05 Fallujah. US airstrike kills 3.

13:47 Baghdad. Suicide bombing in Green Zone.

13:25 Baghdad. Beheading of Turkish hostage shown on Internet.

13:21 Baquba. Two Army officers assassinated. General Nadhim Flayeh Mohsin and Col. Imad Awad are assassinated.

13:18 Baghdad. Green Zone bombing: casualties.

13:09 Fallujah. US airstrike destroys house. Victims are among rubble.

13:07 London. UK freezes assets of Thawid Wal Jihad, [As if they had a bank account in London].

12:55 Samarra. Two turks and two Iraqis kidnapped outside Samarra.

12:53 Baghdad. Green Zone bombing, 8 are dead.

12:40 Fallujah. Two US airstrikes on city.

12:22 Baghdad. A judge and a journalist assassinated. Russafa district court judge Abdelamir Kahdem al-Chommri was killed as he left his home in east Baghdad. TV journalist Dina Mohammed Hassan of TV station Al-Hurriya based in Kurdistan was also slain in front of her home in a separate incident

11:45 Baghdad. Green Zone bombing.

11:27 Baghdad. 15 Iraqi soldiers killed. 15 Iraqi National Guardsmen were killed last night at their post in the town of Qaim near the Syrian border.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

12 October 2004 Events in Iraq

21:36 Baghdad. US hostage released. A US photographer kidnapped on Sunday in Baghdad was released. Paul Taggart works for World Picture News.

20:52 Fallujah. US airstrike in the eastern surburbs kill 10 Iraqis.

20:42 Fallujah. Marines and rebels clash. US drops 500-lb bomb.

20:20 Nassiriya. Portuguese soldier wounded in Nassiriya. Roadside bomb hits a MSU (Multinational Special Unit) on patrol composed of Portuguese Republican National Guard and Italian troops.

19:40 Baghdad. Employer staying on. Despite deal made with kidnappers to release hostages, the Turkish firm Vinsan will remain in Iraq, says CEO Ali Haydar Veziroglu.

19:38 Baghdad. Saddam undergoes surgury for hernia. Saddam operated on two weeks ago at Sina hospital.

18:33 Fallujah. Fires seen in al-Askari and in the city's industrial zone after US airstrike.

18:06 Paris. France will participate in Iraq conference. Jacques Chirac makes announcement in Hong Kong.

17:32 Washington. Rumsfeld requests more aid from NATO before January elections. Rumsfeld hopes offers of aid with the forthcoming in November's conference on Iraq. The US Secretary of Defense is attending a NATO conference of defense ministers in Rumania.

16:50 Warsaw. Poland has repatriated a total of 34 servicemen suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder since March 2003.

16:33 Baghdad. Caretaker government welcomes inspections. Iraqi Science and Technology Minister Rashad Omar says Iraq would welcome back UN nuclear weapons inspectors.

15:24 Baghdad. Execution video. Ansar al Sunna releases video depicting beheading of Iraqi informer.

15:23 London. British officials say Bigley remains unfound.

15:12 London Straw: Iraq War was was just. Jack Straw admits errors in intelligence reports but defends invasion.

14:40 Rome. Berlusconi: "I count on the wisdom of Mubarek for guidance". Mubarek on official visit to Rome.

14:24 Rome. Berlusconi and Mubarak: January elections in Iraq will not be postponed.

14:21 Rome. Berlusconi: Italian troops to remain in Iraq until democracy is restored.

11:57 Samarra. A man, a woman and a four year old child were killed in Samarra by a roadside bomb.

11:55 Baghdad. UK denies recovery of Bigley remains.

11:49 Baghdad. 150 Iranian prisoners released. 150 Iranians have been released and transported to Iran.

11:30 Ramadi. Sunni religious leader arrested. The leading Sunni cleric in al Anbar province, Abdel Aleem al-Saadi was arrested at his home in Ramadi together with his son. Another 6 people were arrested in various mosques. One Iraqi policeman and three civilians were wounded in the raids.

10:51 Baghdad. Bigley remains found near capital.

10:35 Basrah. British military command HQ close to blast. Bomb goes off 500 meters from HQ.

10:21 Riyadh. Al Arabiya TV threatened. Islamic Army accuses Al Arabiya of being the "microphone of the regime of traitors."
10:14 Najaf. Suspcted al Qaeda member arrested. Man with forged identity papers is arrested in Najaf.

10:13 Mossul. Official assassinated. A police official of the northern province of Nineveh, Abdul-Majid al-Antar, was killed by gunmen in the eastern part of the city. His bodyguards were unharmed.

09:46 Ramadi. Seven mosques raided. US troops raid mosques.

09:36 Baghdad. Ten Turkish hostages freed.

9:00 Andara. Kurd vows to defend Kurdish identity of Kirkuk. In Ankara, Massud Barzani vows to defend the Kurdish ethnic identity of Kirkuk but says other ethnicities will be protected.

08:45 Fallujah. US airstrikes kill 4. City bombed from midnight to 4:00 am.

07:37 Riyadh. Three killed in shootout with police.

07:23 Fallujah. Nocturnal US airstrikes. US bombs popular restaurant, al-Haj Hussein, killing four including two night watchmen. Another 6 persons including restaurant employees were wounded.

07:04 Baghdad. Sadr's militia turns in weapons in second day of arms collection.

07:00 Tokyo. Koizumi defends presence of Japanese troops in Iraq. Koizumi tells parliament that the action will bolster Japan's request for a seat on the UN Security Council.

Monday, October 11, 2004

11 October Events in Iraq

The Conference without an Agenda

Disaccord surfaces over Iraq conference. Egyptian presidential spokesman Magued Abdel Fattah, has announced that the conference on Iraq is to take place on 25 November in Egypt. However, diplomats say the date is doubtful due to incertainty over the participants and their respective representatives. The Bush administration had requested a conference for October, however Egyptian President Mubarak had to remind President Bush that the date he had set was during Ramadan.

According to diplomatic sources, Egypt has yet to draft the agenda as participants argue over measures to be taken in stabilizing Iraq. "The agenda is extremely vague. Several issues remain to be resolved." Conferees include the caretaker government of Iyad Allawi, states bordering Iraq, the G-8, the Organization of Islamic Conferences, the Arab League and possibly the European Union.

Hozni Mubark left Egypt Monday for official visits to Italy and to France. Paris, which did not support the war, has reacted favorably the idea of a conference on Iraq but insists that in addition to Iraq reconstruction and the January 2005 elections, the meeting must include discussion of a timetable for withdrawal of US troops and the participation of all Iraqi factions involved in the violence in the country who are willing to negotiate.

France is lobbying for a change of venue to New York, possibly to UN Headquarters. But the proposal is not seen favorably by Washington. There is, however, concern over security in the Sinai peninsula following the recent resort bombings. [L'Orient-Le Jour, Beirut]

20:01 Ankara. Turkey-Kurdistan talks on minorities. Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani participated in talks in Ankara concerning ethnic minorities in northern Iraq. Ankara characterized the talks as satisfactory.

19:06 Kirkuk. Truckdriver kidnappings spark oil shortage. The limited number of escorts are available to Turkish tank truck drivers delivering oil to Kirkuk have been exhausted. "For the first time, Kirkuk is facing a serious energy crisis. Turkish truck drivers are refusing to enter Iraq due to threats of kidnapping and ambushes along the highway." explains Ali Sahin, Director of a local fuel company.

18:32 Mosul. A US soldier died in this morning's carbombing in Mossul which killed two and wounded 27.

18:21 Hit. Marines and rebels clash in Hit, mosque is bombed. Three Iraqis were killed as US forces bomb rebels. A mosque was hit and set ablaze.

18:12 Hit. Mosque burns after US airstrike in western Iraq. Heavy combat reported in the ciy of Hit.

17:27 Doha. Al Jazeera, Turkish hostage decapitated. Al Jazeera broadcasts video of hostage execution by Ansar al-Sunna. Maher Kemal, captured in a highway ambush between Mossul and Baghdad on 8 october 2004, admitted to being a contractor in the pay of US forces occupying the al-Bakr airbase north of Baghdad.

17:00 Ramadi. Iraqi beheaded. Ansar al-Sunna beheaded Lukman Hussein an Iraqi Kurd who worked for US forces in Ramadi. Hussein admitted to having participated in nighttime raids and arrests of our women, children and elderly by Crusaders in Ramadi.

16:54 Baghdad. Al Sabah reports 200 guerrillas killed or captured. US troop and Iraqi National Guard and Police have killed or captured 200 rebels south of Baghdad says Iraqi daily "Al Sabah". The arrests took place in operations against Latifiyah, Yossifiyah and Iskandariyah in which dozens of rebels were killed. Authorities claim 27 men of Jordanian, Syrian or Iranian nationality were captured.

15:23 Fallujah. Powerfuls blasts rock city.

13:44 Mossul. Two dead and 18 wounded in carbombing. Suicide bomber drives into US convoy.

13:13 Riyadh. Al Arabiya video shows Turkish hostage. Network shows hostage held by the group Tawhid and Jihad, which demands departure of Turkish employer.

12:19 Ramadi. Shootout in Ramadi between US Marines and rebels. Two Iraqis were killed and three wounded as US troops occupy several quarters of the city.

12:12 Mossul. Casualty count continues.

11:12 Baghdad. Al Sadr turns in weapons. The Mahdi Army of Sadr City is in the process of turning their weapons over to Iraqi authorities. National security spokesman Qassim Dawoud says guerrillas will receive a cash indemnity.

10:52 Baghdad. Bombing targets US convoy. A suicide bomber rammed a US convoy killing soldiers and civilians. The blast left a crater six feet deep.

10:16 Baghdad. Jordanian hostage: kidnappers reduce ransom. The kidnappers of Hisham Taleb al Ezza have reduced the ransom from $500 thousand to $100 thousand.

09:26 Baghdad. Two US soldiers killed. Two US soldiers were killed and five wounded in an RPG attack in Baghdad. KIA rises to 1,067.

09:03 Baghdad. Al Sadr militia ready to surrender weapons. Three collection points have been set up: The City Council chambers and two police stations. Rebels have five days to turn in arms.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

13 October 2004 Events in Iraq

19:51 Rome. Schroeder: Iraq? Never! The German position has not changed; we shall not send troops to Iraq. assures German Chancellor Gerard Schroeder today in Rome.

19:39 Dubai. Video of Iraqi intelligence agent. A video showing the exeuction of an Iraqi intelligence agent by 'Tawhid wal Jihad' was broadcast by Al Arabiya TV in Dubai. The executioners displayed the victim's ID card.

19:09 Baghdad. Two blasts heard in downtown area.

18:18 Rome. NATO informal summit. Instructors before the end of the year. NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer says troop instructors to be deployed to Iraq by the end of 2004.

17:54 Mossul. Two US soldiers killed in carbombing.

17:45 Ramadi. Clashes kiil 6 and wound 33.

17:17 Ottawa. Naomi Klein, US cheats Iraq over debt. James Baker, tapped by Bush as debt negotiator for Iraq, is a shareholder in the Carlyle Group which is seeking to recover $180 million in debt from Iraq.

16:28 Paris. Chirac, Iraq conference must discuss all issues of Iraq crisis. Jacques Chirac says planned conference must discuss all issues and invite all parties.

16:13 Washington. Nuclear weapons, inspectors ready to return to Iraq. IAEA is prepared to resume inspections in Iraq, says US spokesman Mark Gwozdecky.

15:27 Teheran. Iraq Reconstruction: Iran pledges $10 million in aid.

15:22 Baghdad. Two South African workers killed. Johan Botha, 37, and Louis Campher, 43, both working for an construction company south of Baghdad, were killed.

14:54 Baghdad. Web, two Iraqi intelligence agents beheaded by Thawid Wal Jihad.

14:52 Baghdad. Allawi: give up al-Zarqawi or we attack Fallujah. Allawi expects insurgents to turn over al-Zarqawi.

14:31 Mosul. Carbomb targets US convoy. Casualties reported.

13:53 Erbil. US troops uncover mass grave with remains of Kurds.

13:50 Rome. Schroeder: Germany will not send troops to Iraq.

13:41 Baghdad. Two Lebanese hostages freed, reports employer.

13:18 Baghdad. Bomb kills US soldier. Us soldier killed at dawn by mortar shell.

13:13 Rome. Blair: "The was was just; I shall not apologize"

13:06 Paris. Raffarin: "French reporters still alive." French PM Jean-Pierre Raffarin says contacts renewed for negotiation of release.

08:24 Baghdad. Three US troops killed in blast. Roadside bomb goes off as convoy passes.

10 October Events in Iraq

20:09 Doha. Al Jazeera, ten Turkish hostages released. The Salafist group Abu Baqr al-Siddiq Brigades releases ten Turkish hostages after employer agrees to quit Iraq.

18:41 Doha. Al Jazeera, report that ten Turkish hostages have been released.

17:18 Baghdad. Al Sadr militia has five days to surrender weapons. Iraqi national security advisor Kassim Daud makes announcement adding that the caretaker government will allocate $500 million to rebuilding Sadr city which has been heavily damaged by US troops.

17:16 Baghdad. Police academy bombing, 10 dead.

16:18 Baghdad. Al Zarqawi claims credit for dual attacks. Responsibility for the bombing of a police academy near the Oil Ministry which killed 17 people and a second bombing targeting a US convoy in the ayyun quarter killing a US serviceman was claimed by a group linked to al-Zarqawi.

15:22 Fallujah. Sheik Abdel Hamid Jaddu says a delegation of civic leaders representing Fallujah is on its way to Baghdad for negotiations with the Defense Minister.

15:21 Baghdad. Bomb targets police, US soldier killed. The bombing of a police training center near the Iraqi Oil Ministry in Baghdad's al-Rasafa quarter killed a US soldier, among other victims.

14:39 Baghdad. "Bigley attempted escape". Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari says Bigley was executed after a likely failed attempt at escape.

13:49 Al-Anbar. US soldier killed. A marine belonging to the 1st Expeditionary Corps was killed in al-Anbar province

13:03 Baghdad. Bigley pled for intervention by Blair moments before execution.

11:31 Baghdad. Carbombing kills civilians. Oil Ministry spokesman Assem Jihad says a nearby police training center was targeted.

11:25 Baghdad. Mortar rounds strike Green Zone.

11:22 Baghdad. Bombers target Iraqi Police Academy, killing 17.

10:16 Baghdad. Two Iraqis killed while placing bomb on the highway between Baghdad and Baquba.

10:15 Baghdad. Bomb hits Oil Ministry, killing 4.

10:12 Baghdad. Rumsfeld makes surprise visit to Iraq. Donald Rumsfeld arrived today at al-Asad airbase, near Haditha, 200 km northwest of Baghdad.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

9 October 2004 Events in Iraq

22:41 London. Blair phones Bigley family. Prime Minister Tony Blair has phoned the family of Kenneth Bigley. Details of the conversation have not been revealed.

22:40 Anah. Al-Zarqawi claims credit for bombing. A group linked ot Abu Mousab al-Zarqawi has claimed credit for the bombing of an Iraqi National Guard recruiting center.

20:22 Baghdad. Mortar fire targets downtown. No details available

19:51 Fallujah. City ready to particpate in elections. Fallujah city representatives inform caretaker government that it will participate in the January 2005 elections says negotiator Khaled al-Jumaili.

19:50 Baiji. Turkish truckdriver kidnapped. A four-truck convoy came under RPG fire in Baiji, 200 km north of Baghdad. One truck caught fire, injuring the driver, who later required amputation of a leg. Another driver was kidnapped.

13:47 Baghdad. Government abandons pre-election census. The census scheduled for 12 October has been cancelled. Voters will present a ration card as ID at the polls.

13:24 Liverpool. 2 minutes of silence for Bigley. Liverpool observed a noontime moment of silence for Ken Bigley. A citywide day of mourning has been declared.

12:51 Baghdad. A powerful blast was heard in the direction of downtown Baghdad. Witnesses say white smoke was seen rising from the Green Zone.

12:04 Baghdad. Al Sadr militia disarms. An accord was reached with the caretaker government to end clashes in Sadr City between Moqtada al-Sadr's militia and US troops, says chief negotiator Karum al-Bakhati. The US has agreed to suspend air strikes on the quarter.

10:22 London. No confirmation of Bigley escape attempt before execution. London says it has nothing more to add.

09:50 Ramadi. Shootout with Marines. Two dead. A house-to-house search in the outskits of the city provokes armed clash.

09:34 London. Foreign Office does not confirm Bigley escape attempt.

09:21 Baghdad. Iraqi insurgents say Bigley had attempted an escape. According to rebel sources, Bigley eluded his kidnappers for 30 minutes before being recaptured in a field near Latifiya. Bigley was aided by one of his guards in his escape.

09:17 Baghdad. Bigley begs for mercy before execution. Maher Nazir of Reuters says he saw video in which Kenneth Bigley pleaded for mercy from his captors. Bigley was a 62 year-old British engineer kidnapped by a group linked to Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi.

08:00 Baghdad. New attempt to free French hostages. Gilles Gauthier, special envoy of the Quai d’Orsay, and Bernard Bajolet, French Ambassador to Iraq, were received by the Salafist Supreme Committee for Preaching of the Koran, the Faithful and Fatwa to reopen feelers towards the release of French reporters.

7:55 Washington. Paul Bremer says Bush right to invade Iraq.

7:30 Brussels. NATO accelerates mission. NATO begins a "concept evalution" of a training mission to Iraq under the command of US Gen. David Petraeus. Between 200 and 300 military trainers will be deployed to Iraq before the end of the year, accompanied by an unestablished number of guards for their safety and security.

7:15 New York. Judge Thomas Hogan rejects appeal and imposes jailtime sentence on NYT journalist Judith Miller for refusing to reveal her sources in the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame.

7:12 Paris. France to cooperate in Oil for Food investigation. Foreign Ministry spokesman Herve Ladsous says France will withhold nothing from independent commission of inquiry.

7:00 Rome. Vatican says it has evidence that Saddam was prepared to cooperate before war. Cardinal Renato Martino says Saddam agreed to cooperate with and rejoin the international community before war but that the US refused to give him time to do so.

Friday, October 08, 2004

8 October 2004 Events in Iraq

23:00 Baghdad. A US soldier wounded 1 October by homemade bomb expires.

22:22 Ramadi. Red Crescent says bombers made video of blast.

21:35 Ramadi. Red Crescent offices bombed. Insurgent blew up Red Crescent offices in Ramadi. Four are wounded.

19:25 Baghdad. Allawi condemns Bigley beheading.

19:10 London. Straw, Britain tried to save hostage. Straw says Britain had exchanged messages with the kidnappers of Kenneth Bigley.

18:56 London. Straw confirms execution of Bigley.

18:49 Rome. Bigley execution. Berlusconi sends message to Blair

18:42 London. Bigley execution. Family views beheading video.

18:06 London. Brother of Bigley: "Blair has blood on his hands". "Tony Blair has blood on his hands.", says Paul Bigley

17:38 London. UK Muslims condemn Bigley execution. Iqbal Sacranie, Secretary-General of the Council of Muslims of Great Britain, condemns beheading of Kenneth Bigley.

17:01 Rome. Ciampi, Bigley beheading was barbarous act. Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi condemns execution of UK hostage.

16:48 Baghdad. Tawhid wal Jihad: "No reponse from Blair". Kenneth Bigley was beheaded by Tawhid wal Jihad because Tony Blair refused to negotiate.

16:16 London. Bigley family awaits official notification. The brothers of British engineer Ken Bigley await official confirmation of execution.

15:59 Kirkuk. A US soldier is killed just south of Kirkuk.

15:46 London. Patricia Hewitt says beheading of Bigley not confirmed. Commerce and Industry Minister Patricia Hewitt says Bigley beheading not confirmed.

14:20 Fallujah. Bigley beheaded.

14:19 Fallujah. Rebel sources confirm execution of Bigley

13:54 London. Sky TV reports Bigley is executed.

13:49 London. Paul Bigley: "I haven't been informed. I remain optimistic"

13:45 London. UK officials investigate news of Bigley beheading.

13:31 Abu Dhabi TV: "Bigley executed"

10:19 Nassiriya. Romanians fire on Italians. Two Italian soldiers were wounded in friendly fire from Romanian troops.

09:57 Iraqi government accepts Sadr peace proposal.

09:19 Kirkuk. Police official assassinated.

09:00 Fallujah: US airstrike kills 11 civilians.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

7 October 2004 Events in Iraq

01:22 Fallujah. Eight killed and 11 wounded in US airstrike.

21:45 New York. UN: Special Representative Returns to Baghdad: Special Envoy Ashraf Jehangir Qazi has returned to Baghdad to continue talks with Iraqi political leaders, says UN spokesman Fred Eckhard.

21:33 Baghdad. Allawi: Positive developments for British hostage. Premier Allawi says caretaker government is doing its best to gain the release of Ken Bigley. Bigley is a 62 year-old engineer kidnapped by a group headed by Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

21:09 Washington. Kerry says Bush hides truth from American people despite CIA report.

19:50 Washington. Bush insists war justified despite CIA report.

19:15 Baghdad. No Italian journalists in hotel. No Italian journalists were registered at the two Baghdad hotels, the Sheraton and the Palestine, which came under rocket fire tonight.

18:49 Washington. CIA publishes list of people on Saddam payroll. The CIA has released a list of persons collaborating the UN 'Oil for Food' arrangement who received oil vouchers from Saddam Hussein in exchange for assistance in circumventing the UN embargo. The list is an appendix to the Duelfer report. The list included Megawati Sukarnoputri, Charles Pasqua and Vladimir Zirinovski.

18:12 Baghdad. Three blasts in downtown Baghdad. Hotel Sheraton is said to be on fire.

16:23 New York. Oil quoted at $53.00 per barrel.

15:00 Baghdad. A loud explosion rocked the Green Zone on Thursday afternoon and smoke was seen rising from inside the compound. The U.S. military had no immediate information on the incident. Insurgents regularly fire at the compound

14:48 Beijii. A 1st Infantry Division soldier was killed and an Iraqi interpreter wounded when insurgents attacked a patrol with a roadside bomb near Beiji, 155 miles north of Baghdad.

11:00 Paris. French PM requests debriefing with foreign minister. Didier Julia has formally requested an interview with French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier concerning his mission to Iraq.

10:00 Latifiyah. US assault on Sunni Triangle continues. US and Iraqi forces continue to put pressure on the cities Mahmoudiyah, Latifiyah et Youssoufiyah, inside the Sunni triangle.

09:50 London. British airman to be disciplined. The British justice system has authorized the Royal Air Force (RAF) to sanction a Muslim airman, Mohisin Khan, who has refused to accept deployment to Iraq because of his religious faith. Mohisin Khan, 25, born in Ipswich (Suffolk) did not report for duty during the period 24 February to 5 March 2003. He was subsequently arrested by RAF MPs and ordered to forfeit 9 days salary.

09:00 Baghdad. Sheik Abdel Hadi Darraji says al-Sadr ready to initial peace deal for Sadr City.

08:45 Baghdad. Al-Sadr collaborator released. Sadr aide Sheikh Moayed al-Khazraji has been released by the Americans.

08:30 New York. Oil hits record high of $52.24

08:15 Al-Rumaythah. Dutch convoy hit by roadside bomb and one soldier is wounded.

08:00 Berlin. Germany fears Iraqi civil war. August Hanning, head of the German intelligence agency BND, fears that Iraq will sink into chaos and civil war is order is not restored soon.

07:52 Najaf. Sistani invites all Shiites to participate in elections. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has instructed his followers to vote in the January elections says SCIRI spokesman Abu Hadi al-Kaabi. Iraqis know their vote will have an impact on this generation and those to come.

07:45 Ankara. Turkey warns that peace may be derailed in Kurdistan. Turkish Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul says Kirkuk must remain a multi-ethnic city and that attempts by Kurds to reclaim the city and its oilfields should be resisted.

07:30 Fallujah. One U.S. soldier from the 13th Corps Support Command died when a bomb exploded near his convoy outside the insurgent stronghold of Fallujah. Two other soldiers were wounded.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

6 October 2004 Events in Iraq

23:17 Tripoli. Gheddafi, "Iraqi resistance legitimate". Libyan leader Muammar Gheddafi says resistance to the occupation is a legitimate right. Resistance by the Iraqis to the occupation is a legal right, especially since the justifications for the invasion have been shown to be false.

22:56 Baghdad US bombs Sadr City. Sadr City, a sprawling suburb of Baghdad is one again under bombardment by the Americans. US military offers no confirmation.

22:55 New York. Oil for food scandal. Saddam Hussein paid a $1.2 million kickback to an oil-for-food official says the Wall Street Journal.

21:24 Washington. Duelfer Report: "Saddam did not renounce his nuclear ambitions." [Thought crime--Nur]

21:03 Rome. Fassino: "Why pullout? What's the hurry?" Opposition leader Piero Fassino defends presence of Italian troops in Iraq while awaiting the outcome of the US elections, the November peace conference and the January elections in Iraq.

21:01 Washington. Duelfer Report: "Saddam possessed no weapons of mass destruction"

19:27 Rome. Investigation targets recruitment of Italian mercenaries. Giampiero Spinelli, who works in Iraq as a security guard, may be charged with violating Art. 288 of Italian criminal code forbidding enrollment and use of unauthorized weaponry in the service of a foreign power.

19:05 Anah. Death toll rises in the aftermath of this morning's carbombing of an Iraqi National Guard barracks in Anah, 260 km west of Baghdad. 16 are dead and 24 are reportedly wounded.

18:49 Baghdad. Zarqawi claims downing of US aircraft. Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi and his organization Tawhid wal Jihad says they shot down two US drones over Haifa Street in Baghdad

18:31 Washington. White House: Report confirms Saddam menace. CIA says Saddam was a menace to be taken seriously.

17:59 Rome. Italy investigates kidnapping of Stefio, Agliana and Cupertino. US troops raid school south of Baghdad; two arrested insurgents admit they were jailers of Italian hostages.

17:40 Baghdad. Bomb found in Green Zone. The Green Zone is, in theory, the most defended and least accessible area in all Iraq but someone managed to carry a bomb into the zone. The bomb was found in a cafeteria and defused.

17:24 Rome. Italian intelligence says it had role in release of hostages Simona Pari and Simona Torretta. [Did they carry the bag with the cash?--Nur]

17:01 Wilkes-Barre. Bush: "The fallen Italians of Nassiriya are heroes."

16:42 Tripoli. Gheddafi makes plea for Bigley release.

16:32 Paris. Chirac makes call for French unity over hostage crisis while in Hanoi.

15:29 Rome. Allawi: "No truce negotiated with al-Sadr." Iraqi Premier Iyad Allawi confirms that no deal has been made with Moqtada al-Sadr to end combat in Sadr City.

15:10 Mussayib. Carbomb targets checkpoint at Mussayib, 50 km south of Baghdad killing one child and wounding seven guards.

13:30 Rome. Ciampi: "Europe must have unified policy in Iraq". Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi says Europe must develop a common stance on Iraq in advance of November peace conference. Ciampi also demands seat on UN Security Council for Europe.

13:19 Anah. Carbomb kills at least 10. Carbomb targets recruits in waiting line.

13:06 Baghdad. No agreement on Sadr City. Al-Sadr spokesman Abdel-Hadi al-Daraji says no accord reached.

12:55 Mosul. Kurdish tribal chieftan assassinated. Sheik Khaled Abdul-Ghaffour al-Bobordan, loyal to Saddam Hussein, was assassinated in the Zuhur quarter of Mosul in a driveby shooting. A bodyguard was also killed and another wounded.

12:16 Paris. French government says hostages may be in Syria. After meeting with Prime Minister Raffarin, French politician Francois Bayrou says Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot may be in Syria.

10:58 Baghdad. Chaldean Christians : "We are being massacred" On the night of 4-5 October, the home of a Chaldean Christian was invaded by a band of fanatic Muslims. Mazen Sako put up resistance, however his 10 year old son, Majed, was killed. Parents and relatives are in shock. The tragedy has affected the entire Chaldean Christian community.

09:41 Basrah. Bomb on bridge, one dead and four wounded. A bomb placed on a Basrah bridge detonated, destroying 2 cars and wounding four policemen and killing one civilian.

08:52 Washington. CIA report:no link between Saddam and Zarqawi

08:38 Baquba. Three Kurdish militiamen were killed in an ambush in Baquba.

07:10 US claims to bomb al-Zarqawi meeting place in Fallujah. [Guess he meets in every house in town--Nur].

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

5 October 2005 Events in Iraq

23:57 Washington. Pentagon sued for not publising images of coffins. A US university professor sues the Pentagon for the release of images of returning KIA.

23:09 Fallujah. Allawi vows to wipe resistance out as US airstrikes continue.

21:18 Baghdad. US offensive southwest of Baghdad. Thirty insurgents arrested

20:36 Ramadi. Roadside bomb hits US convoy, wounding one soldier and seven Iraqi civilians.

19:06 Baghdad. Allawi: "We'll do everything possible for Ken Bigley".

17:59 Baghdad. Allawi meets with Jack Straw.

17:29 Dublin. Irish government issues passport for Bigley.

17:19 Washington. Bremer makes revelation. Paul Bremer says US has an insufficient number of troops in Iraq.

17:14 Paris. Chirac: Plea for national unity to save French hostages.

16:54 Hilla. Two guerrillas die in assault on police station. 4 policemen wounded.

16:48 Baghdad. Allawi, foreign troops to stay until calm is restored

16:39 New York. Wall Street Journal reports that Saddam paid kickbacks to oil inspector. Saddam paid a $104,000 kickback to a Dutch inspector in Oil for Food program.

16:28 Strasbourg. Forum of Pacifist Legislators adopts platform for an international peace conference on Iraq.

15:42 Washington. Rumsfeld: "I was misunderstood on my statements concerning Saddam and Al Qaeda."

14:56 Kirkuk. Two beheaded corpses found. Ali Hussein, Iraqi military advisor to the USA, and Taha Abdullah, base employee, were found decapitated

14:50 Baghdad. Allawi announces "new plan" to end violence.

14:17 Paris. Raffarin shows video of hostages. French PM Jean Pierre Raffarin shows video confirming French hostages were alive on 22 September.

14:16 Mosul. Three civilians killed by gunfire. Carbomb targets US convoy in Yarmuk quarter, US troops fire in direction of blast and kill three civilians.

14:12 Ramadi. Carbomb hits US convoy and kills 2, wounds 4. All were Iraqi civilians.

13:49 Baghdad. Million dollar ransom asked for Jordanian. Kidnappers of Mohamnmad al-Ezza want money within 72 hours.

13:05 Paris. Raffarin: "Process to free French hostages interrupted". French PM says negotiations suspended.

12:36 Baghdad. British hostage: Son of Muammar Gheddafi to help with release.

11:32 Erbil. Unannounced visit of Jack Straw to Kurdistan. British FM meets with Jalal Talabani.

11:02 Baghdad. One dead, twenty wounded in mortar attack. Mortar fire targeting the Iraqi Passport Office in Baghdad results in casualties.

10:57 Mosul. Three beheaded corpses found in northern Iraq. All three were Iraqis.

10:44 Baghdad. Mortar fire targets Oil Ministry. No victims or damage.

07:43 Baghdad. US soldier dies when convoy struck by blast. Convoy hit on highway outside capital.

07:42 Washington. Rumsfeld makes admission that there is "no link between Saddam and Osama bin Laden"

07:41 Baghdad. Al Sadr pleads for release of French hostages.

Monday, October 04, 2004

4 October 2004 Events in Iraq

00:03 Washington. Four US soldiers charged with homicide of Iraqi general. Four US troops charged in the death of Iraq General Abid Mowhosh, who was suffocated on 26 November 2003. The four are warrant officers Jefferson Williams and Lewis Welshofer, Sergeant William Sommer and Corporal Jerry Loper. Mowhosh was Iraqi Air Force chief of staff.

23:59 Baghdad. Nighttime battles in Sadr City. AC-130 gunships fire on residential quarter.

23:20 Kirkuk. Decapitated was 24 years old. Body found at Shorgat al-Zab, 80 km west of the city. Tahr Khodr Abdallah was considered to be a US informer.

22:33 Samarra: 42 foreign fighters captured. 18 Egyptians, 18 Sudanese and one Tunisian were captured in Samarra. It appears that Iraqi forces let rebels escape from the joint assault with US troops.

21:30 Washington. Rumsfeld: "The coalition continues to evolve"

18:32 Baghdad. Execution of Iraqi and Turk. A Salafist group, the Abu Bakr al-Seddiq Brigades, has claimed responsibility for the execution of hostages Ayad Anwar Wali and Yalmaz Dabja.

17:30 Baghdad, two US soldiers killed. Soldiers killed while on guard duty at checkpoint.

16:25 Mosul. Carbomb targets US convoy, one US soldier wounded.

16:16 Baghdad. Hostages: Indonesian women freed. Istiqomah binti Misnad and Novitasari binti Sugito, both from eastern Java, have been released.

16:04 Rome. Wali is executed. Italian authorities confirm that Ayad Anwar Wali, an Italian resident of Iraqi origin, has been executed by his captors.

15:41 Rome. Wali execution, family distraught. The execution of Ayad Anwar Wali, a 43 year-old contractor residing near Venice, has been confirmed.

15:33 Rome. Wali execution video. AFP has received a video in which an insurgent group takes credit for execution of Ayad Anwar Wali, 44, and Yalmaz Dabja, 33, a Turkish national. Group says the pair were spies, had contacts with Israeli intelligence and sought to purchase uranium and to assassinate Jalal Talabani, PUK leader.

15:22 Mosul. Ayad Anouar Wali executed.

13:06 Paris. French hostages: Cabinet to meet. Premier Jean-Pierre Raffarin presides over ministerial meeting.

12:05 Mosul. Carbomb explodes near elementary school. Bombing kills two children and three adults.

11:49 Baquba. General assassinated, bystander killed. Child is killed by shrapnel from explosion targeting Iraqi general.

11:47 Baghdad. 4 die near the Baghdad Hotel. 4 are killed and 20 wounded in a first explosion near recruiting station for Iraqi security forces.

11:02 Ramadi. Two Iraqis killed when homemade bomb detonates.

10:36 Paris. French MP: Contact lost with hostages. Conservative MP Didier Julia says he has lost contact with French hostages.

10:35 Baghdad. Blast in downtown kills one and wounds 12.

10:29 Baquba. One dead and seven wounded in blast in Baquba

10:27 Baghdad. Bomb goes off near downtown hotels. District is cordoned off.

09:46 Baghdad. Bigley traded to second group of insurgents. Sky News reports that Kenneth Bigley is now in the hands of a second insurgent group.

09:42 Warsaw. Poland will withdraw troops in 2005. Polish Defense Minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski announces end of mission.

09:30 Baghdad. 10 die in Green Zone blast. Ten are dead and 76 wounded in carbombing near Iraqi army recruiting station.

09:27 Fallujah. Women and children killed in US airstrike. 11 die and 14 are wounded.

09:14 Baghdad. Science and Technology Ministry officials assassinated. Ikhlas Ghalib and his assistant Thamer Abdellatif were assassinated in the al-Qhadeer quarter of Baghdad.

08:50 Baghdad. 8 dead, 50 wounded in Green Zone bombing.

08:44 Baghdad. Powerful blast in downtown Bagdad. Explosion occurs near the hotels Sheraton and Palestine.

08:16 Fallujah. US airstrike kills 11.

08:01 Baghdad. Carbombing in Green Zone.

07:23 Fallujah. Two die and nine are wounded in US airstrike on the city.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

3 October 2004 Events in Iraq

17:00 Washington. Rice: "Allawi to decide on participation of al-Sadr in elections."

16:Rome. Fini: "Complete agreement on Iraq." Italian Vice Premier denies that his comments on Italian exit strategy for Iraq contradict official stance.

14:23 London. Paul Bigley makes plea to Gheddafi for mediation of release of brother Ken, held hostage in Iraq.

13:25 Baghdad. Iraqi forces find 2 dead Westerners south of Baghdad.

13:04 Baghdad: Body of decapitated man found with woman. Iraqi authorities says the bodies of a Western woman, 30, and a man, 50, were found south of Baghdad.

12:11 Fallujah: Updated death toll. Four Iraqi civilians were killed and 12 wounded in latest US airstrike.

11:23 Rome. Fini: "Pullout after stability" Italian Vice Premier modifies statement on Italian pullout.

10:44 Fallujah. US airstrike kills 2 civilians and wounds another 10.

10:08 Teheran. Iran condemns US assault on Samarra. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi says deaths are unjustifiable.

09:59 Washington. Mock coffins in front of White House. Protesters line up coffins in front of White House in protest against war.

09:46 Teheran. Iran willling to participate in peace conference. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi says Iran will attend November conference.

09:45 Washington. Rumsfeld: Pullout even without peace. Donald Rumsfeld says US may pull out of Iraq before stabilization.

09:44 Fallujah. US airstrike.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

2 October 2004 Events in Iraq

22:09 Baghdad. Convoy attacked, archaeological finds stolen. Eight customs officers escorting a shipment of archaeological finds of significant value were found dead south of Baghdad. The artifacts were stolen.

21:42 New York Times: "Sadr ready to dissolve militia." Moqtada al-Sadr is ready to dissolve his militia, says Ali Smesin, an al-Sadr spokesman. Sadr plans on forming a political party, the Patriotic Alliance, with the support of Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

21:25 Rome. Fini: "Berlusconi favors Cairo for conference." Italian Vice Premier Gianfranco Fini says Berlusconi favors Cairo as venue for November peace conference.

21:24 Rome. D'Alema: "The Simonas rained on Berlusconi's parade". Italian opposition leader Massimo D'Alema says former hostages anti-war views dampened Berlusconi's self-congratulation on their release.

20:47 Rome. Fini: "Troops no longer necessary after elections.Italian Vice Premier Gianfranco Fini says Italian troops will leave Iraq after January elections at the conclusion of his meeting with Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa.

20:15 Baghdad. Jordanian firm leaves Iraq. The Jordanian transport company Starline decides to quit Iraq after kidnapping of employee Hisham Taleb al Ezzah.

19:35 Baghdad. Seven Christians die in shooting. Seven Christians and their Muslim driver were shot to death in Bagdad in the Dura quarter after returning from a hunting club meeting.

19:27 Baghdad. Insurgent group tells Lebanese to leave Iraq. Group warns Beirut to evacuate its nationals from Iraq.

19:14 Fallujah. US airstrike on city. US claims it hit building were 20 insurgents were being trained.

18:34 Kidnappers threaten Jordanian hostage. Hostage Hisham Taleb al-Ezzah will be executed if his employer does not quit Iraq

17:22 Ex-general arrested. Polish troops arrest one of Saddam's generals in operations in central Iraq.

17:16 Samarra, 125 dead and 88 wounded in battles with US troops.

15:29 British hostage: mediation from Islamic group. An Islamic group has offered to mediate with Tawhid and Jihad for the release of British hostage Ken Bigley.

14:39 Baghdad. Hostage beheaded. Iraqi engineer Bareh Nafeh Daoud Ibrahim was executed for collaborating with the US by Ansar al-Sunna.

12:41 Baghdad. Dutch authorities deny search of home of Paul Bigley. British newspaper The Independent reports that the Amsterdam home of Paul Bigley was searched. This has been denied by Wim de Bruin of the Dutch justice ministry.

12:17 Fallujah. Carbombs targets US convoys in Fallujah and in Mossul. Three US troops were wounded in Fallujah roadside bomb. Another two were wounded in Mossul.

11:59 Nassiryia: Italian contingent attacked. No injuries. The Marine Fusiliers of the San Marco Regiment came under enemy fire.

11:48 Paris. French hostages: Chirac "worried" about private mediation effort. Jacques Chirac has expressed concern over Assembly member Didier Julia's private hostage mediation attempt.

11:46 Seoul. State of alert in South Korea. Seoul takes precautions in light of al-Zawahri's threats against the USA and its allies in Iraq.

11:35 Falluja, US convoy carbombed.

11:09 Oslo. Norway ups security after threat from Ayaman al-Zawahiri.

10:29 Nassiryia: Italian patrol attacked. Italian Task Force Desert Five cam under RPG fire.

09:45 Baghdad. Kidnapped Indonesians: Bashir does not want to be exchanged. Radical Islamist leader Abu Bakar Bashir rejects release in exchange for Indonesian hostages in Iraq.

09:21 Samarra. Five die in nighttime battles.

08:36 Baghdad. US soldier dies.

07:30 Fallujah. US Airstrike tagets al-Zarqawi. [Who was a "no-show"--Nur]

07:19 Falluja, 7 dead and 13 wounded in US airstrike. Victims include women and children

06:33 Baghdad. Kidnappers of Indonesian women demand release of Bashir. The Islamic Army in Iraq demands release of Abu Bakar Bashir in exchange for hostage release.

01:45 Amsterday. The Amsterdam home of Paul Bigley searched. Dutch intelligence searches home of brother of British hostage.

01:14 Washington. USA, 600 reservists do not report for duty.

00:12 Fallujah. US airstrike kills 5 civilians are killed and 7 wounded in airstrike on north side of the city.

Friday, October 01, 2004

1 October 2004 Events in Iraq

22:51 Fallujah airstrike, three dead. Renewed airstrikes on Fallujah. Dense deployment of US bomber aircraft. Two buildings in the south of the city were struck. At least three are dead.

22:07 US denies statement by French mediator. The US military has catergorized statements from French MP Didier Julia as false. Julia, negotiating the release of French reporters Christian Chesnot and Georges Malbrunot, stated that the US bombardment of the hostage convoy has prevented their release and killed 6 convoy escorts.

21:37 Bodyguards of French reporters killed. Six persons charged with protecting the two French hostages were killed by American bombs, says French MP Didier Julia in a press conference in Damascus.

21:00 Al Jazeera: "US bombs hostage convoy." Qatari TV network al Jazeera broadcast an urgent dispatch this evening saying French MP Didier Julia states that the hostage convoy was bombed on while travelling to Syria. The two French reporters to be released survived the airstrike.

20:51 Mediator: "French reporters remain as hostages". French hostages are still held by their captors, says French MP Didier Julia. I believed the reporters would be freed today but that did not occur for security reasons and because a third party acting in the name of the French government was unable to put together the required sums of money.

20:35 French reporters, "Emissaries arrive with money". French MP Didier Julia, heading a private effort to release two kidnapped reporters, says he expects the journalists to be freed today. However he says that it may not happen for reasons of security and because of the dispatch of emissaries acting in the name of the French government carrying the ransom.

20:15 100,000 leaflets for Bigley Release. More than 100 thousand flyers with a plea from the family of hostage Ken Bigley we distributed in the mosques and in the streets of Baghdad.

19:11 Raffarin, incomplete information on hostages. French Prime Minister Raffarin says France has incomplete information on the hostages and asks for caution. Our first guess is that they have been released. However, the situation inside Iraq is particularly chaotic.

19:00 French hostages: mediator heads for Damascus. Mediator Philippe Brett stated to Radio Europe 1 in a phone interview that he was with the French hostages in Iraq en route for Damascus.

18:01 Damascus: French hostages expected this evening. Reporters Georges Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot are expected to be released and are awaited in Damascus.

17:53 Ulema and other groups request remains of reporter. The Committee of Iraqi Ulema, the League of Iraqi College Instructors and the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe requests the return of the remains of slain reporter Enzo Baldoni.

17:48 Roman Prosecutor may question Al-Rai al-Aab. Rome's public prosecutor may take a deposition from Kuwaiti newspaper publisher Ali al-Roz, who claims that a ransom was paid for the release of the Italian hostages.

17:16 37 Guerrillas captured in Samarra. 37 insurgents were killed and 100 captured during the US offensive to retake the city of Samarra during which one US soldier was killed.

17:01 Iraq, public schools to open tomorrow. Five million children are expected to attend the first day of school tomorrow, despite violence.

16:46 Italian NGO resumes activities in Iraq. ICS, an Italian NGO, has resumed its work in Iraq in Baghdad and inside the Sunni triangle. Operations had been suspended after the kidnapping of Simona Pari and Simona Torretta.

16:33 NY Post: "Italy has blood on its hands" The American tabloid, the New York Post, says Italy has blood on its hands for paying a ransom for the release of the Italian hostages. The tabloid claims that the ransom "places all Westerners in Iraq in danger.

15:42 Samarra, Iraqi trooops inside mosque. Iraqi security forces have taken control of the historic Golden Mosque in Samarra.

15:41 Ulema condemns massacre of children. Sunni cleric Abdel Ghafour al-Samarraï condemns yesterday's massacre.

15:06 Al Sadr approves French stance. A spokesman for radical Shia leader Moqtada al-Sadr has backed the stance taken by the French on a possible international peace conference on Iraq. The French insist on the presence of rebel groups at the table, including that of al-Sadr.

14:54 Samarra: death toll rises to 109.

14:50 Scelli: "Filming of hostage release not up to me." Red Cross presentative Maurizio Scelli says he was not responsible for the video recording of the Italian hostage release.

14:41 Unicef: Iraqi children in danger. Unicef says Iraq is one of the world's most dangerous places for children. Unicef Director General Carol Bellamy condemns yesterday's massacre in Baghdad.

14:07 Audio file with message from al-Zawahiri. Ayman al-Zawahiri, Osama Bin Laden's right hand man, puts out call for resistance against the "crusaders" in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Cechniya.

13:51 Samarra: US soldier dies in battle.

13:14 French mediator: "I am with the hostages". French mediator Philippe Brett says he is with French reporters held hostage in Iraq.

12:11 Basrah, 8 die in tribal conflict. Four Iraqi police and 4 tribesmen were killed in clashes between tribes in Basrah. The incident occurred in Qourna, 8 km north of Basrah.

11:43 Samarra, death toll rises Hospital sources say 90 are dead and 180 wounded in the US assault on the city.

11:36 Iraqi police control city center in Samarra

11:12 Samarra, Turkish hostage freed. The US Army says it has freed a Turkish hostage in Samarra.

10:47 Sadr city, 12 die in clashes. At least 12 persons are dead in clashes between the Mahdi Army and US troops.

08:43 Samarra, 94 rebels killed.

06:57 Samarra, 20 dead.