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A blog on the current crises in the Middle East and news accounts unpublished by the US press. Daily timeline of events in Iraq as collected from stories and dispatches in the French and Italian media: Le Monde (Paris), Il Corriere della Sera (Milan), La Repubblica (Rome), L'Orient-Le Jour (Beirut) and occasionally from El Mundo (Madrid).

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

30 June 2004 Events in Iraq

23:00 Baghdad. HIGH-RANKING FINANCE MINISTRY OFFICIAL ASSASSINATED. Ihsane Karim was killed when a roadside bomb detonated under his car in the Al-Yarmouk quarter of Baghdad.

19.01 Baghdad. BREMER BEMOANS INABILITY TO PROVIDE SECURITY. Coalition forces deployed in Iraq were unable to transfer a secure nation to the Iraqis. In an interview with ABC news, Paul Bremer said, "My greatest regret was being unable to exercise greater control over security in Iraq."

17:07 Baghdad. IRAQ: FLOOD OF WEAPONS. Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, more than eight million light weapons are in circulation in Iraq according to a report issued in Geneva.

17.43 Kuwait City. KUWAIT DEMANDS DEATH PENALTY FOR SADDAM Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheik Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, has demanded the death penalty for Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity committed in Kuwait. "We hope that Saddam will be executed because what he did in Kuwait was criminal and inhuman". Sabah added that a Kuwaiti representative will monitor the trial and that Kuwaiti documentary evidence would be submitted to the court.

17.09 London. UK GOVERNMENT AGAINST DEATH PENALTY FOR SADDAM. Her Majesty's government has informed the Iraqis that Britain is opposed to the death penalty for Saddam Hussein but added that the final decision would be made by Baghdad. FM Jack Straw says Britain's position is linked to moral considerations and to British law.

16.44 Baghdad. PRINCIPAL CHARGES AGAINST SADDAM. Salem Chalabi, President of the Iraqi Special Tribunal, says the principal charges against Saddam are using poison gas against the Kurds, torture, execution, mass graves, repression, the invasion of Kuwait, making war on Iran and launching Scud missiles against Israel.

16.05 Nassiriya. TWO ANTIQUITIES SMUGGLERS TRACKED BY ITALIAN CARABINIERI. Italian Carabinieri and a special multinational investigative suspect two smugglers in the looting of archeological sites in the area around Nassiriya, in order to sell the artifacts outside the country.

16.04 Erbil. EX-PKK OFFICIAL ENCOURAGES DIALOG WITH KURDS. Zubeyir Aydar, leader of the rebel PKK movement, renamed Kongra-Gel, has called on the USA to begin talks with the Kurds.

14.56 Baghdad. PRESIDENT YAWAR: DEATH PENALY REINSTITUTED. The interim Iraqi government has decided to reintroduce the death penalty which had been suspened by proconsul Paul Bremer.

13.41 Erbil. TALABANI: ZARQAWI SEEKS DISCORD BETWEEN SHI'A AND SUNNIS. Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani says al-Zarqawi hopes to instigate violence between Shi'a and Sunnis.

13.39 Najaf. AL SADR MILITIA ATTACKS NAJAF POLICE STATION. Moqtada al Sadr's Mahdi Army attacked a police station in Najaf. A suicide bomber was intercepted on the road between Kufa and Najaf and confessed to hoping to blow himself up at the shrine of Imam Ali.


13.18 Paris. FRANCE OPPOSED TO DEATH PENALTY. France is opposed to the death penalty in any circumstance for Saddam Hussein and insists court must obey international law.

13.17 Erbil. TALABANI, NO TO DEATH PENALTY FOR SADDAM. Even if Saddam Hussein"is the biggest criminal in the world, I do not want to see him condemned to death," says Jalal Talabani, leader of the PUK.

12.59 Najaf. CURFEW IMPOSED. Iraqi police imposed a 9:00 pm to 6:30 am curfew on Najaf after a police patrol came under fire from Moqtada Sadr's militiamen.

12.49 Strasbourg. EUROPEAN COURT REFUSES TO INTERVENE TO STOP SADDAM TRANSFER. The European Court for Human Rights in Strasbourg has decided not to hear a case brought before it by Saddam's lawyers to prevent his transfer to Iraqi authorities because of inadequate guarantee of his welfare and the risk of imposition of the death penalty.

12.25 Erbil. KURDISH PUK NEWSPAPER REPORTS ARREST OF ZARQAWI. A Kurdish newspaper published in Iran by the PUK says Abu Musab al Zarqawi has been arrested but that Baghdad has yet to make an official announcement.

12.18 Rome. POPE SENDS GREETINGS TO AL YAWAR: NEW CHAPTER FOR PEACE AND FREEDOM. Pope John Paul II sends telegram to Iraqi President Al Yawar, offering the assistance of the Catholic Church in rebuilding Iraq.

12.09 Baghdad. SALEM CHALABI: "SADDAM IS IN GOOD CONDITION". Saddam Hussein "is fine" even if a bit shaken, says Tribunal President Salem Chalabi.

11.01 Baghdad. SADDAM, LEGAL CUSTODY TRANSFERRED TO IRAQ. Saddam Hussein, captured 14 December 2003, is no longer a prisoner of war.

10,46 Baghdad. US BASE ATTACKED IN BAGHDAD, ELEVEN WOUNDED. Mortar shell impacts US base at Baghdad Airport at 8:00 am this morning.


10,07 Baghdad. IRAQI GOVERNMENT TO REINTRODUCE DEATH PENALTY. Iraqi newspaper "As Sabah" reports story.

09,41 Washington. KIDNAPPED MARINE ATTEMPTED TO DESERT. The kidnapped US marine deserted his unit and attempted to reach Lebanon, where he was born. He was depressed by the death of a comrade.

09,37 Samawa. EXPLOSION IN SAMAWA. A bomb went off in Samawa, where the Japanese contingent is deployed, in front of the police station. No injuries reported.

08,35 Baghdad. ATTACK ON US BASE AT AIRPORT, SIX SOLDIERS WOUNDED. Six US soldiers wounded by mortar fire, some seriously.

08,17 Baquba. BROTHERS DIE WHILE MAKING BOMB. Two Iraqi brothers were killed while preparing a homemade bomb in Khalès, north of Baquba.

08,13 Lodon. ANGLICAN CHURCH CHASTISES BLAIR. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have written a letter to Tony Blair criticizing the conduct of British troops in Iraq. The letter- drafted by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and David Hope, Archbishop of York- was signed on behalf of all 114 Anglican archbishops.

07,00 Baghdad. IRAQ, DAY FOR TRANSFER OF SADDAM. Saddam Hussein, 67, will remain in US custody but his dossier is transferred to the new government of Iraq.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

29 June 2004 Events in Iraq


21.02 Washington. MARINE HELD HOSTAGE, PENTAGON ADMITS. The Pentagon confirmed today that Wassef Hassoun, the US Marine of Lebanese ethnic origin, was indeed kidnapped, not had not gone AWOL.

20.44 Amman. SADDAM’S ATTORNEY RECEIVES DEATH THREAT FROM IRAQI MINISTER. Jordanian defense attorney Issam Ghazawi says he has received a death threat from the new Iraqi Justice Minister Malek Dohan al-Hassan.

19.45 Baghdad. MARINES FIRE INTO CITY PARK: TWO WOUNDED. A group of US soldiers indiscriminately sprayed a Baghdad municipal park with automatic weapons fire, wounding a small child and an adolescent.

18.46 New York. ANNAN TO TRAVEL TO BAGHDAD. UN Spokesperson Marie Okabe makes the announcement.


16.56 -Bern. SADDAM, SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS FROZEN. Following a recommendation from the UN, the Swiss authorities have block 6 individual accounts and 2 corporate accounts linked to the regime led by Saddam Hussein.

15.42 Washington. USA PONDERS OBLIGATORY RECALL FOR RESERVISTS. The Pentagon is preparing a "non-voluntary mobilization" for thousands of reservists who have completed their period of active service. Six thousand reservists are expected to be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan.

15.29 Rome. TEN IRAQI OFFICERS TO BE TRAINED IN ITALY. 10 young officers already selected in Nassiriya will go to Italy for training.

15.24 Baghdad. ARREST WARRANT FOR SADDAM AND 11 MEMBERS OF THE FORMER REGIME. The "Special Iraqi Tribunal" has announced that it has issued arrest warrants for Saddam and eleven of his associated. This is a measure made necessary by the transfer of powers.

15.13 Baghdad. AMBASSADORS PRESENT CREDENTIALS TO NEW IRAQI GOVERNMENT. Ambassadors from the USA, Australia and Denmark presented their credentials to di Iraqi President Ghazi al-Yaouar.

14.43 Ankara. TURKEY WILL TRAIN POLICE BUT NOT ARMY. Turkey will train thirty Iraqi police officers in Turkey or Jordan.

14.41 Baghdad. TAREQ AZIZ TO BE HANDED OVER TO IRAQIS. Ex-Vice Premier Tareq Aziz and ex-Presidents Taha Yassin Ramadan and Hasan Al-Majid to be turned over to Iraqis.

14.37 Mosul. BRITISH MERCENARY KILLED IN MOSUL ON 24 JUNE. Julian Davies, 39, employed by Global Risk Strategies was killed on 24 June.

14.35 Bucharest. NATO, ROMANIA READY TO TRAIN IRAQI SECURITY FORCES. Romania announced at the Nato summit that it will train Iraqi security forces.

13.49 Baghdad. LIST OF ELEVEN SADDAM COLLABORATORS PUBLISHED. The Iraqi Special Tribunal has published the names of eleven people to be tried.

13.43 Paris. FRANCE READY TO RESTORE DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH IRAQ. French FM Michel Barnier says "Paris is ready to rapidly restores diplomatic relatons with Iraq after consulting with the Iraqi authorities.

13.00 Baghdad. SADDAM'S TRIAL TO BE PUBLIC. Prime Minister Allawi says trial of Saddam Hussein will be public. "We shall guarantee a fair trial to Saddam Hussein and if he wishes he can serve as his own counsel."

12.35 Baghdad. ALLAWI: "SADDAM'S PRETRIAL HEARING TO OCCUR WITHIN A FEW DAYS." Iyad Allawi says pretrial hearings for Saddam Hussein will start in a few days; the trial will be scheduled for the autumn.

12.29 Baghdad. SADDAM TO BE TRANSFERRED TO IRAQI CUSTODY TOMORROW. Eleven other prisoners to join the ex-dictator.

12.20 Baghdad. ONE POLICEMAN KILLED AND ANOTHER WOUNDED SOUTH OF BAGHDAD. Guerrillas launch an attack on the Mahmudiya police headquarters, 30 km south of Baghdad.

12.04 Baghdad. THREE MARINES KILLED AND TWO WOUNDED IN BAGHDAD ATTACK. This morning's explosion killed 3 Marines and wounded 2 others.

12.00 Baghdad. 250 MORE PRISONERS RELEASED FROM ABU GHRAIB. Prisoners had been taken in Diyala and Tamin provinces, north of Baghdad.

11.23 Ankara. TURKISH GOVT CONFIRMS RELEASE OF HOSTAGES. Turkish FM Abdullah Gul confirms release of three hostages.

11.09 Baghdad. TERRORISTS: "HOSTAGES WERE FREED BECAUSE OF STREET DEMONSTRATONS IN TURKEY". Jamàat al Tawhid and Jihad announces release of hostages thanks to protests in Turkey.



09.52 Kirkuk. THREE DEAD IN ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT ON KIRKUK POLICE CHIEF. One bodyguard was killed and two wounded after assassination attempt against Ahmed Hamawandis, Kurdish police chief.


08.45 Washington. US ARMY TO MOBILIZE 6500 RESERVISTS.


07.36 Baghdad. COALITION AGREES ON HANDOVER OF SADDAM TO IRAQIS. Salam Chalabi makes the announcement.


Monday, June 28, 2004

28 June 2004 Events in Iraq

23.50 Doha. AL JAZEERA BROADCASTS VIDEO: "US HOSTAGE EXECUTED". Kidnappers announce that they have killed a US soldier in Iraq. The video shows the execution of Private Keith Maupin, 20, by gunshot.

22.45 Baghdad. THREE POWERFUL EXPLOSIONS IN CENTER OF CITY. Three powerful explosion thought due to mortar shells are heard in downtown Baghdad at approximately half past midnight, local time.

21.05 Washington. MARINE HOSTAGE, PENTAGON HAS NOT CONFIRMED KIDNAPPING. Kimmet says only that Hassoun has been missing since 21 June. Hassoun is AWOL and it is thought he has gone to Lebanon.

21.00 Istanbul. SPAIN SAYS 'NO' TO NATO DECISION. Spain has excluded any cooperation with regard to Iraq and has vetoed the decision taken in Istanbul during the NATO summit to train Iraqi troops. The Spanish government foresees no participation in the ongoing process in Iraq, says Premier Zapatero, and under no circumstances an intervention on Iraqi territory. My position on this question is quite coherent.

20.55 Washington. USA RESTORES DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH IRAQ. Diplomatic relations have been restored for the first time since 1990.

20.40 Moscow. RUSSIA OPTIMISTIC ON NATO CONTRIBUTION. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the situation in Iraq may become stabilized as a result of the NATO decision to train Iraqi troops.

19.05 Baghdad. AMBASSADOR NEGROPONTE ARRIVES IN BAGHDAD. John Negroponte has arrived in Baghdad.

18.40 New York. ANNAN WELCOMES NEW IRAQI STATE. Kofi Annan "welcomes sovereign and independent Iraq into the family of nations".

17.40 Baghdad. SUNNI TERRORIST GROUP PROMISES MORE ATTACKS. The "Ansar al-Sunna" Army threatens more attacks until "the Law of God prevails".

17.20 Geneva. RED CROSS TO CONTINUE PRISON VISITS. The Red Cross will continue prisoner visits after transfer of sovereignty.


16.35 Rome. VATICAN: THE IRAQIS MUST GOVERN FOR THEMSELVES. Monsignor Giovanni Lajolo, Vatican Foreign Minister, says Pope declares that Iraqis alone must govern their country.

16.34 Istanbul. ZAPATERO, SPAIN WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN TRAINING. PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero says Spain will not train Iraqi security forces.

16.29 Istanbul. IRAQ; The front against terrorism. George W. Bush says Iraqi is on the front lines of the war on terror at Nato summit in Istanbul.

16.18 Istanbul. BLAIR, MIDDLE EAST MUST BE MADE SAFE FOR DEMOCRACY. Blair says terrorists must be stopped in Iraq for the sake of Democracy.

16.04 Istanbul. BUSH: MORE CHALLENGES AWAIT. The civilized world will not be intimidated, says Bush.

16.03 Istanbul. IRAQ: CHIRAC SAYS SOVEREIGNTY IS IMPORTANT BUT THAT IT IS NOT ENOUGH. French President Jacques Chirac said today in Istanbul that transfer of sovereignty is an important step but is insufficient for the rebirth of Iraq.

16.00 Istanbul. NATO: CHIRAC SAYS INDIVIDUAL NATIONS WILL TRAIN TROOPS, BUT NOT THE ALLIANCE ITSELF. Individual nations have opted to train Iraqi troops but not Nato itself, said French President Chirac in Istanbul.

15.56 Istanbul. IRAQ: BUSH SAYS HE KEPT HIS WORLD. President George W. Bush says he kept his world on sovereignty for Iraq but that much remains to be done.

15.55 Istanbul. IRAQ: DAY OF HOPE. President George W. Bush says today was a great day for the Iraqi people.

15.18 Ankara. TURKISH HOSTAGE RELEASED. One of three Turkist hostages in Iraq has been liberated.

15.09 Washington. GEN. METZ, RISK OF ATTACK IN NASSIRIYA. US General Thomas Metz says attacks can be expected in Nassiriya, where Italian troops are deployed.

15.08 Istandul. IRAQ: ITALY TO TRAIN TROOPS. Italian FM Franco Frattini says Italy will do its part.

14.18 Istanbul IRAQ, DETAILS ON TRAINING. NATO will issue the details on training Iraqi troops following the NATO summit in Istanbul.

13.53 Baghdad. SADDAM, TRANSFER TO IRAQI CUSTODY. Saddam Hussein will be transfered to Iraqi custody before July 4th.

13.37 Strasbourg. EUROPEAN UNION: TRANSFER OF SOVEREIGNTY A FIRST STEP. Official comment from the EU calls transfer a first step.

13.36 Baghdad. IRAQI PRESIDENT AND PRIME MINISTER TAKE OATH OF OFFICE. Premier Iyad Allawi and President Ghazi al-Yawar were sworn in by an Iraqi judge.

13.32 Washington. KIMMIT: "SADDAM UNDER IRAQ JURISDICTION" General Mark Kimmitt says Saddam delivered to Iraqi justice.

12.52 Baghdad. TRANSFER OF POWERS; US REOPENS DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS [Black Jack Negroponte reports for duty].

12.42 Kirkuk. SUICIDE BOMB IN KIRKUK KILLS ONE AND WOUNDS TWO. Suicide bomber dies at checkpoing 40 south of Kirkuk.


12.26 Teheran. IRAQ: IRAN CAUTIOUSLY OPTIMISTIC. Iran hopes that the transfer of power will lead to independence.


12.24 - STARSHIP ENTERPRISE. A Whitehouse source says transfer of powers occured at warp speed.

12.19 Baghdad. AUSTRALIAN AIRCRAFT: US CONTRACTOR KILLED. A US contractor died yesterday when an Austrialian aircraft was fired upon during takeoff from Baghdad Airport.

12.17 Riyadh. AL-OMURI TURNS HIMSELF IN. Al-Qaeda Number 10 turns himself in in Riyad.


12,03 Istanbul. BERLUSCONI SAYS GERMANY AND FRANCE ACCEPT NATO ROLE FOR IRAQ. Silvio Berlusconi says France and Germany back effort to train Iraqi troops.

11,35 Washington. KIMMIT DENIES CAPTURE OF AL ZARKAWI. Italian news agency ANSA says Mark Kimmit has denied capture of Al Zarkawi.

11,31 Dubai. AL ARABYA SAYS KIMMITT CONFIRMS CAPTURE OF ZARQAWI. Mark Kimmit confirmed capture of Al Zarkawi to Al Arabiya TV.

11,08 Doha. AL JAZEERA REPORTS CAPTURE OF ZARQAWI BUT KIMMIT DENIES REPORT. US forces deny capture of Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi. Qatari network Al Jazeera says arrest occurred in Hilla.

10,42 Baghdad. BREMER LEAVES IRAQ.

10,15 Nassiriya. ITALIAN TROOPS ATTACKED AND RETURN FIRE. A patrol is attacked in Dhi Qar Province with 3 RPG-7's.

10,04 -Baghdad. CPA NO LONGER EXISTS. The CPA, created on 16 may 2003, is terminated.
09,56 Basrah. BRITISH SOLDIER KILLED IN BASRAH, 2 WOUNDED. British convoy attacked in Basrah.

09,29 Washington. WHITEHOUSE: DAY TO BE PROUD OF. USA is happy with transfer [erm..the USA or the Bush Campaign?]

09,13 Baghdad. BREMER TO LEAVE BAGHDAD TODAY. Paul Bremer will leave Baghdad today, after 13 months a viceroy.

09,08 Baghdad. TRANSFER OF SOVEREIGNTY; BUSH WILL NOT TRAVEL TO BAGHDAD. The accelerated transfer of powers preempts visit by George W. Bush to Baghdad.

08,59 Baghdad. TRANSFER OF SOVEREIGNTY COMPLETE. Ceremony took place inside Green Zone.

08,51 Baghdad. TRANSFER OF POWERS MOVED UP TO 28 JUNE. Transfer to take place today instead of Wednesday.


08,11 Baghdad. ALLAWI SAYS DATE FOR TRANSFER OF POWER TO BE MOVED UP. PM Allawi says transfer is likely today.

07,44 Baghdad. MARINE MISSING IN IRAQ. Wassef Ali Hassoun missing since 21 June.

07,00 Ramadi. US SOLDIER KILLED IN COMBAT. First Expeditionary Corps loses man on 26 June in Al-Anbar Province, west of Baghdad.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

27 June 2004 Events in Iraq

20.42 Baghdad. SADDAM HUSSEIN TO BE ARRAIGNED BY IRAQI JUDGE. Ex-dictator Saddam Hussein will be brought before a judge handcuffed, chained and under escort, says Iraqi Security Counselor Mouaffak al-Roubaï.

20.30 Dubai. PAKISTANI HOSTAGE ASKED GOVERNMENT TO CLOSE EMBASSY. Al Arabiya TV broadcasts plea to close Baghdad embassy.

20.21 Baghdad. PAKISTANI HOSTAGE THREATENED WITH DECAPITATION. An armed group of masked men kidnaps Pakistani and threatens to decapitate him in three days if insurgent prisoners are not liberated.

20.07 Baghdad. SIX IRAQI NATIONAL GUARDSMEN KILLED NEAR BAQUBA. Six Iraqi National Guardsmen are killed in an attack in the town of Jalawla, 120 km north of Baghdad.

20.03 Baghdad. UPDATED DEATH TOLL: TWO CHILDREN DEAD. Two children were killed and eight adults wounded, many seriously, on the banks of the Tigris.

19.17 Istanbul. IRAQI FORCES TO BE TRAINED BY NATO. NATO countries meeting in Istanbul reach agreement on training Iraqi troops.

19.06 Baghdad. IRAQI DEFENSE MINISTER: "WE SHALL DECAPITATE THE REBELS". An Iraqi minister has promised a bloodbath in Iraq. "We shall cut off their hands and decapitate them, says new Iraqi Defense Minister Hazim Shalaan. [Gee, is that torture?]

18.57 Baghdad. US SOLDIER KILLED IN BAGHDAD. A US solider was killed in a rocket attack in a Coalition base in Baghdad.

18.21 Baghdad. FIVE DEAD AND THREE WOUNDED. Five people playing ball on the Tigris riverbank in front of the Presidential Palace in Baghdad (within the Green Zone) are killed by mortar fire.

18.02 Baghdad. EXPLOSIONS HEARD IN BAGHDAD. Four explosions were heard in the Green Zone.

17.45 Baghdad. MORTAR SHELL HITS US AIRCRAFT. One person was killed when a US military air transport plane what hit by a mortar shell after takeoff from Baghdad.

16.35 Baghdad.US AIRCRAFT HIT BY ENEMY FIRE AFTER TAKEOFF. A US military C-130 aircraft was hit by enemy fire during takeoff, 20 km west of Baghdad. The plane returned to the airport and the wounded were ferried to a hospital.

15.16 Nassiriya. ITALIAN CONTINGENT ATTACKED. Italian Army Capitain Ettore Sarli in Nassiriya says no one was wounded; fire was returned "selectively".

15.10 Baghdad. US FORCES SEARCH FOR TURKISH HOSTAGES. Colin Powell says mission is dangerous on CNN.

15.01 Baghdad. ALLAWI: "SADDAM WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO A DIFFERENT PRISON". Saddam Hussein will be transferred to a different prison after July 1st says Premier Iyad Allawi, Allawi also backtracked on his statement yesterday that January elections might be postponed.

14.39 Nassiriya. ITALIAN CONTINGENT RECEIVES RPG AND LIGHT ARMS FIRE, NONE INJURED. Italian troops are fired upon with RPG's and Kalashnikovs during an operation at Ar Rifai, where a large arms cache was discovered.

14:00 Istanbul. 40,000 protest against President George W. Bush.

12.30 Ankara. TURKISH HOSTAGES: ULTIMATUM REJECTED. Turkish Vice Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul says "Turkey will never acceed to terrorist threats".


Saturday, June 26, 2004

26 June 2004 Events in Iraq

22.13 Doha. AL JAZEERA, CLASHES IN NAJAF, US CONVOY ATTACKED. Clashes in Najaf between followers of Moqtada Al Sadr and occupation forces: mortar fire and machine guns heard as a convoy of US Humvees and trucks were attacked on the edges of the city.

22.00 Baghdad. ALLAWI, ELECTIONS IN JANUARY 2005 MAY BE POSTPONED. There is no absolute guarantee that elections will take place in January, says Iyad Allawi in a CBS interview. "We will try to hold elections and it is our duty to aim for this goal...however the security situation will decide whether elections are to be held in January, February or March".


20.45 Beijing. BUSH MAY TRAVEL TO BAGHDAD ON FOR 30 JUNE TRANSFER. The Chinese news agency Xinhua, citing "sources close to the Iraqi interim government," reports the ceremony marking transfer of sovereignty will take place in a secret location and that Bush may attend.

20.00 Hilla. CARBOMB DEATH TOLL IS 15. Carbomb explodes in Hilla, 100 km south of Baghdad

19.20 Baghdad. ZARQAWI THREATENS NEW DECAPITATIONS. A group led by Al Zarqawi threatens to decapitate Turkish hostages within 72 hours if the Ankara government does not evacuate all its citizens from Iraq.

18.30 Baghdad. MANHUNT FOR ZARQAWI. US declares Al Zarqawi "Enemy No. 1".

17.15 Istanbul. NATO, PRELIMINARY ACCORD ON AID TO IRAQ. A NATO press communique says formal agreement is near.

16.00 Istanbul. BUSH: "ABUSES IN ABU GHRAIB HAVE DAMAGED THE IMAGE OF THE USA". President George W. Bush says abuse scandal has damaged the image of the USA before the eyes of the world.

14.00 Basra. SABOTAGED PIPELINE REOPENS. Transmission has resumed toward the Basrah terminal at a rate of 70 thousand barrels per day.

12.13 Seoul. REMAINS OF KOREAN HOSTAGE REPATRIATED. The remains of Kim Sun-Il have been arrived at Inchon Airport in South Korea.

11.47 Baghdad. MORTAR FIRE TARGETS AIRPORT ENTRANCE. A series of mortar shells hit a US checkpoint at Baghdad Airport. No reports of death or damage.

11.40 Najaf. SHI'ITE MILITIA OPEN FIRE ON AMERICANS. "Al-Madhi" Army open fire on a US convoy on the periphery of Najaf.

10.49 Erbil CARBOMB: 40 WOUNDED I FERITI. One person was killed and 40 wounded when a carbomb exploded in Arbil. DPK Culture Minister Mahmud Mohammad was among the wounded.

10.18 Baquba. SUICIDE BOMBER KILLS 4 IN BAQUBA: SCIIRI HEADQUARTERS ATTACKED. Twenty armed and masked men attacked the offices of Supreme Council of Islamic Revoluion in Iraq. One of the attackers blew himself up, killing three party officials and a bystander.

10.12 Geneva. BOLDRINI, "CONDITIONS NOT RIGHT FOR U.N. INTERVENTION". When, as in the case in Iraq, security is absent, the possibility of positive interaction with the civilian populace is reduced to near zero and a job like ours becomes impossible to carry out, says Laura Boldrini, Spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner on Refugees.

09.33 Baquba. DYNAMITE ATTACK ON IRAQI NATIONAL ACCORD PARTY. The headquarters of Premier Iyad Allawi's National Accord party in Baquba is attacked with dynamite.

08.56 Baghdad. US SOLDIER KILLED. An American soldier was killed early this morning while on patrol in downtown Baghdad.

08.53 Erbil. ONE DEAD AND AT LEAST 10 WOUNDED IN ARBIL (KURDISTAN). DPK official Mahmud Mohammad was wounded when a parked car exploded in front of his office in a busy street in Arbil.

08.38 Nassiriya. ITALIAN HELICOPTERS DO NOT ENGAGE GUERRILLAS. Italian helicopters under fire in Dhi Qar province near the town of Suk Ash Shuyukh do not return fire. [They are "peace" combat helicopters].



07.29 Nassiriya. ITALIAN HELICOPTERS UNDER FIRE. Two Italian Army Ab412 helicopters are hit by light arms fire.

Friday, June 25, 2004

25 June 2004 Events in Iraq.

23:49 Washington. POWELL SAYS US IS ANXIOUS TO LEAVE IRAQ Colin Powell tells Arab journalists that the US is anxious to finish its work and leave Iraq.

21.15 Brussels. NATO, ACCORD FOR TRAINING IRAQI TROOPS. Nato countries have reached an agreement for a resolution on training Iraqi troops. Official announcement to be made on Monday in Istanbul. The text contains a clause equating silence with assent.

21.07 Kirkuk. HEADLESS CORPSES DISCOVERED. The corpses were found in body bags; they appear to be Iraqi.

19.36 Fallujah. ZARQAWI ESCAPES IN AIR RAID ON FALLUJA. CNN reports Abu Musab al Zarqawi made a miraculous escape from Falluja.

19.33 Baghdad. SHI'ITE CLERIC ASSASSINATED IN BAGHDAD. Ali Safi, representative of Grand Ayatollah Sistani, reveals assassination of cleric during sermon at the Tomb of Hussein.

18.51 Washington. US GOVERNMENT WANTS IMMUNITY FOR TROOPS Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage says CPA to issue directive granting immunity to all foreign troops in Iraq.

18.33 Fallujah. COALITION CONFIRMS DEATHS IN AIRSTRIKE ON FALLUJAH. Between 20 and 25 Iraqis were killed.

18.32 Bratislava. SLOVAKIA TO SEND TROOPS TO IRAQ, CONFIRMATION ON MONDAY. Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic is convinced it's the right thing to do.

18.09 Najaf. SHI'ITE IMAM CONDEMNS TERRORISM IN SERMON IN SADR CITY. Sheik Aus al Khafaji calls on congregation to fight terrorism.

18.06 Baghdad. NEW UN AMBASSADOR IN BAGHDAD. Kofi Annan will appoint a successor to Sergio Vieira de Mello before 1 August.

17.34 Washington. US SENATE APPROVES GEN GEORGE CASEY TO REPLACE GEN RICARDO SANCHEZ. 55 year-old Casey to replace Sanchez in Iraq.

17.18 Fallujah. AT LEAST 22 DIE IN AIRSTRIKE. Desperately seeking Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi, who was not at the bombing appointment.

17.15 Geneva. UN EXPERTS DEMAND ACCESS TO PRISONERS IN IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN AND GUANTANAMO. 31 UN human rights experts demand permission to travel to American-run prisons in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo on the island of Cuba.

17.00 Fallujah. AIR STRIKE. Yet another raid on alleged hideout of the terrorist Zarqawi.

16.50 Baghdad. IRAQIS EXPRESS APPROVAL OF NEW GOVERNMENT. 68% of Iraqis surveyed approve of the interim government led by premier Allawi, 25% are opposed.

16.32 Bucharest. ROMANIA WILL NOT SEND NEW TROOPS BUT WILL WORK WITH NATO. Romanian Foreign Minister Mircea Geona says his country has no plans for sending in additional troops to Iraq where it has already deployed 750 troops.

16.30 Baghdad. TORTURE, OFFICER PRESENT AT MURDER. A senior US military intelligence officer was present during a fatal interrogation in Abu Ghraib. Capt. Donald Reese says Colonel Thomas Pappas, Commander of the 205th Intelligence Brigade, was present during murder.

16.00 Baghdad. ALLAWI SAYS VIOLENCE TO ESCALATE. Iyad Allawi expects violence in Iraq to escalate.

15.57 Baghdad. PETROLIUM, EXPORT OUTPUT BOOSTED. Iraq is now exporting 1.3 million barrels per day, nearing export average of 1.6 million barrels.

15.50 Berlin. POWELL OPPOSES MARTIAL LAW. Colin Powell say martial law would be "unhelpful" in an interview with Die Welt.

15.35 Istanbul. NATO, IRAQI DEFENSE AND FOREIGN MINISTERS IN INFORMAL TALKS. Iraqi FM Hoshyar Zebari and Defense Minister Khazem al Chalan will hold informal talks on Tuesday in Istanbul during NATO summit.

15.22 Mosul. POLICE STATION ATTACKED, CIVILIAN WOUNDED. One Iraqi civilian was slightly wounded in attack with automatic weapons on police station.

14.40 Fallujah. US AIRSTRIKE. US warplanes bomb a house in the Chuhada quater of the city.

14.14 Fallujah. SUNNI GUERRILLAS DENY PRESENCE OF ZARQAWI IN FALLUJA. Sunni resistance fighters categorically deny the presence of Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi in Fallua in a videtape.

13.49 Brussels. NATO, NO OFFICIAL COMMUNIQUE. A NATO spokesman say it is too early to answer the Iraqi request for assistance.

13.17 Rome. ITALY AGREES TO TRAIN IRAQI FORCES. Italian FM Franco Frattini tells his Iraqi counterpart Hoshyar Al Zebari that Italy is willing to train Iraqi forces.

12.31 Washington. BUSH SKEPTICAL ON ACTIVE NATO INVOLVEMENT. "I am not sure that we will get more troops from any NATO country" says President Bush.

12.25 Najaf. FRIDAY PRAYERS CANCELLED Friday's prayer service at the Tomb of Ali, in the holy city of Najaf is cancelled for the third week in a row due to controversy between radical and mainstream Shi'a.

12.17 Atlanta. CNN, REPORTS 25 THOUSAND US TROOPS TO BE SENT TO IRAQ. The US Joint Chiefs approve the deployment of an additional 25,000 troops in addition to the 138 thousand currently on the ground in Iraq. However, rotations will take place after 7 months in stead of 12.

11.54 Brussels. NATO SAYS YES TO IRAQI REQUEST. Source at NATO headquarters says NATO will answer plea.


11.30 Washington. WOLFOWITZ APPOLOGIZES TO WAR CORRESPONDENTS. Paul Wolfowitz appologizes to war correspondence whom he accused of publishing rumors and being too scared to travel in Iraq for news.

11.22 Kirkuk. EX-REPUBLICAN GUARD COLONEL ASSASSINATED. Ex-Col.Assuad Hadidi, currently employed as a taxi driver, was assassinated in Kirkuk with a single shot.

11.00 Washington. MAJORITY OF AMERICANS SAY WAR WAS A MISTAKE. CNN reports 54% of Americans are opposed to the war.

10.51 Nassiriya. 2 BOMBS AND 2 RPGs DISCOVERED. The Italian 'Pozzuolo del Friuli' Brigade makes discovery.

10.25 Baghdad. 3 POLICE WOUNDED IN NIGHTTIME ATTACKS. Three homemade bombs explode in three different locations in Baghdad, wounding 3 policemen. In late afternoon, mortar shells exploded at Muthannah Airfield, where an Iraqi Army recruiting station is located.

10.20 New York. NYT, DOCUMENT FOUND SHOWING LINKS BETWEEN SADDAM AND AL QAEDA. A '90s document says Saddam attempted contact with Osama Bin Laden in Sudan.

09.35 Mosul. INVESTIGATION DIFFICULT. Police Capt. Abdel Azal Haffoudi says police have few leads in Mosul bombing..


09.20 Brussels. NATO, MEETING CALLED TO DISCUSS IRAQ. NATO calls unexpected meeting to discuss Iraq.

08.10 Fallujha. TWO DEAD Firefight in Fallujah kills two Iraqis.

01.00 Washington. BUSH TO REQUEST NATO INVOLVEMENT. Bush will request NATO involvement during upcoming summit in Turkey, says Condoleezza Rice.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

24 June 2004 Events in Iraq.

22.15 Mosul. COALITION SAYS 62 DIE. 220 are wounded. Ramadi: 8 dead, 15 wounded; Baquba, 20 dead, 30 wounded.

22.00 Baghdad. POWERFUL EXPLOSION. Explosion heard at 23.15 (local time).

21.20 Baghdad. MEHDI ARMY ANNOUNCES TRUCE. Moqtada Al Sadr's militia announceS an immediate cease-fire in Bagdad. "Due to the circumstances in which our people have been placed we have decided to end operations in Sadr City".

21.06 Baghdad. COALITION CONFIRMS 100 DEAD IN ATTACKS. The civilian death toll today in Iraq was 100 people.


20.15 Denver. PENTAGON TO PROSECUTE TWO US INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS FOR PRISONER DEATHS. The Denver Post reports that the Pentagon will prosecute two military intelligence officers for the suffocation death of an Iraqi general during questioning in November.

19.48 Amman. WIFE OF AL-ZARQAWI: "MY HUSBAND IS INCAPABLE OF KILLING". Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi is incapable of ordering the deaths of women and children according to his first wife, Umm Mohammed, in an interview with the newspaper A-Dustour. Mrs. Mussab, a mother of four living in Zarqa, northeast of Amman, Jordan, says she has not seen her husband since 1999. My husband cannot be a terrorist. He is a good, even a friendly, man.

19.29 Atlanta. SON OF RONALD REAGAN ATTACKS BUSH OVER WAR. Ron Reagan Jr. strongly attacked George Bush on Larry King Live on CNN. The war on Iraq "was a terrible error, made because of lies."

19.28 Baquba. DOCTOR KILLED. An Iraqi physician and his driver were killed in an ambush in Baaquba. "Unknown gunmen who spoke Arabic with a foreign accent opened fire on the doctor's van". said a hospital spokesman. It is believed that the doctor's van was mistaken for a police vehicle.

19.07 Mosul DEATH TOLL RISES. 44 dead and 216 wounded is the casualty toll in Mossul of this morning's attacks. Mossul was heaviest hit, along with 20 dead and 76 wounded between Falluja and Ramadi. 13 persons were killed an 15 wounded in Baaquba; 8 dean and 13 wounded in Baghdad. The toll does not three US soldiers---2 killed in Baaquba and another between Falluja and Ramadi.

19.00 Rome. ITALIAN LOWER HOUSE LEADER CALLS FOR UN INTERVENTION. "The UN must find the resolve to intervene in Iraq, even if it is tempted abandon Iraq to its fate", says Pier Ferdinando Casini.

18.58 Moscow. PRIMAKOV, SADDAM MADE A DEAL WITH THE US BEFORE INVASION. Russian ex-Premier Evgheni Primakov claims that Saddam Hussein made a deal with the US before the war. Primakov is suspicious of the light resistance encountered and the ease with which the Coalition was able to advance. Primakov is also suspicious about the timing of Saddam's capture and the way in which it was carried out. According to Primakov, the images from the capture show the date palms in bloom but December is not the flowering season for palms. Saddam, affirms Primakov, had surrendered way before December and his arrest was staged.

18.41 Baghdad. TOLL RISES: 85 DEAD, 320 WOUNDED. Iraqi Health Ministry in Baghdad ups toll.

18.29 Nassiriya. TWO CARBOMBS DISCOVERED. Two unexploded carbombs were discovered near Nassiriya.

17.54 Nassiriya. ITALIAN SOLIDER ACCIDENTALLY WOUNDED. An Italian soldier was wounded when his service pistol misfired. The bullet entered the back of his leg.

17.20 Berlin. GERMANY WILLING TO PARTICIPATE IN OFFICER TRAINING. The German government is willing to train Iraqi officers in Germany or in a country neighboring Iraq. Berlin excludes sending training specialists to Iraq.

16.40 Fallujah. CALM RESTORED. The violent clashes touched off this morning by an attack on a US convoy on the road to Baghdad have subsided. Guerrillas, said to be foreign, attacked a checkpoint manned by US and Iraqi troops. The US sent in helicopters and warplanes.Two helicopters were hit by the "mujaheddin" and one burst into flames.

16.30 Baghdad. GROUP LINKED TO AL-ZARQAWI CLAIMS REPONSIBILITY FOR TODAY'S ATTACKS. Jamàat al Tawhid e Jihad released a text saying your brothers in Jamàat al Tawhid e Jihad have launched a vast assault over several provinces, including attacks against police recruits,spies the Iraqi army and their American brothers. Your brothers in the martyr brigades have concluded several operations with God's benedition, including five attacks in Mossul against five police stations, two operation in Baaquba and another in Ramadi.

16.15 Riyadh. NEW LEADER OF AL QAEDA CALLS FOR JIHAD. Saleh al-Awfi succeeds al-Muqrin and has exhorted the guerrillas in the network headed by Osama bin Laden to continue the war against the Westerners in the kingdom instead of Jihad against Coalition troops in nearby Iraq. In a statement on the Qalaa website, he says he "is ready to die rather than discontinue the years-long struggle to expel non-Muslims from the kingdom.

16.00 Baghdad. IRAQ: 30 JUNE WILL BE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY. The Iraqi authorities have declared 30 June to be a national holiday. The decision was taken by the 33-member interim Iraqi government.

15.55 Denver. USA, TORTURE; CHARGES LIKELY IN DEATH OF IRAQI GENERAL. Two intelligence officers from Fort Carson in Colorado are accused of murdering Iraqi General Abed Hamed Mowhoush.

15.40 Bern. SWITZERLAND WILL NOT SEND TROOPS TO IRAQ. The Federal Council in Bern will not send troops to Iraq because the local population would interpret the move as support for the war. "In a country occupied by troops from 15 foreign countries, danger of attacks is high, even if the troops are only guarding an embassy."

15.15 Mosul. GOVERNOR IMPOSES CURFEW. The Governor of Mossul has imposed a 12-hour curfew, from 8 pm to 8 am.

15.00 Brussels. NATO; SCHEFFER SAYS NATO CANNOT SAY 'NO' TO BAGHDAD. NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said in a press conference that NATO cannot refuse a request for help from Iraq.

14.50 Baghdad. IMMUNITY FOR US TROOPS BEYOND 30 JUNE. As one of his last administrative actions,Paul Bremer extends immunity for US troops for one year.

14.40 Baghdad. PREMIER ALLAWI BLAMES ZARQAWI FOR MOSSUL BOMBINGS. Ayad Allawi blames a group linked to Abu Musab al Zarqawi for the coordinated attacks in Mosul.

14.20 Baghdad. SUICIDE BOMBING. This morning's bombing in Bagdad was caused by a suicide bomber disguised in a military uniform. The bomber walked up to an Iraqi National Guard checkpoint with a suitcase bomb which detonated killing 4 police and wounding 3 others.

14.12 Algiers. ITALIAN PRESIDENT WANTS UN COMMITMENT "ON THE GROUND". During a state visit by Algeria's Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Italian President Ciampi declares vital a commitment from the UN "on the ground" to resolve the crises in Iraqi crisis and in Israel-Palestine.

13.50 Nassiriya. TWO TANKS ARE PAINTED PINK FOR PLAYGROUND. The CPA governor of Nassiriya, Italian Barbara Contini, had 2 Saddam-era tanks painted pink for a playground [Why does she think this is appropriate for child's play?]

13.45 Baghdad. OFFICIAL CASUALTIES, 75 DEAD AND 268 WOUNDED. 75 are dead and 268 wounded in a wave of ambushes, suicide bombings and attacks in central and northern Iraq today.

13.20 Fallujah. US HELICOPTER MAKES EMERGENCY LANDING. A US helicopter makes an emergency landing during clashes with guerrillas.

12.33 Ramadi. SUICIDE BOMBER KILLED BY POLICE. A man got out of a car in front of the Qattana police stattion, holding a suicase; the man ignored orders to stop and was killed. [It would be nice if the contents of the suicase were revealed].


11.47 Fallujah, TRUCE ANNOUNCED FROM MINARETS. "Falluja fighters are asked to cease combat; the Marines have begun to pull back after an accord was reached with their commanders." came the announcement from the minarets of Falluja. The news was welcomed with dancing in the streets and spontaneous parades.


11.20 Mosul. 80 DEAD IN CARBOMBING.

10.47 Baghdad. CARBOMB EXPLODES AT US-IRAQI CHECKPOINT. Un'altra autobomba è esplosa oggi a un checkpoint americano-iracheno nel sud di Bagdad. Lo hanno detto testimoni. Ci sarebbero 4 morti tra le forze di sicurezza irachene.

10.34 Mosul. THIRD AMERICAN SOLDIER DIES IN MOSUL. A correspondent for Al-Alam TV reports deaths, relayed by Al-Jazeera.

10.23 Mosul. FIFTH BOMBING TARGETING POLICE. A fifth police station in Mosul was bombed.

10.22 Fallujah. RESIDENTS FLEEING CITY. Residents living close to combat exit Falluja through southern access to the city in the Nuaimiya quarter.

09.54 Mosul. AL-ALAM, ARMED MILITIA TAKE OVER POLICE STATION IN MOSUL. Station located in the Sheikh Fathi quarter in the northern part of the city. Violent clases in Yormuk Square.

09.51 Mosul. US SOLDIER KILLED. A US soldier and a security contractor were killed in a car bombing in Mosul.

09.44 Baquba. US AIRSTRIKE IN BAQUBA. US aircraft bomb Baquba.



09.14 Fallujah. US WARPLANES AND HELICOPTERS IN ACTION. Despite a cease-fire between Sunni rebels and US troops, clashes have broken out in Falluja. Tanks are advancing in various parts of the city. Eastern part of the city evacuated.


08.59 Baquba. COMBAT IN BAQUBA, TWO US SOLDIERS KILLED. Two US troops are killed in Sunni rebel attack on convoy. Two rebels were wounded. Three policemen and 24 civilians die, at least a dozen wounded.


08.30 Mosul. TWO CARBOMBINGS. Iraqi police station in the Wadi Hajar district bombed. Another explosion targets police station in downtown Mossul.

08.23 Baquba. At LEAST 24 IRAQI POLICE KILLED IN ATTACKS. 19 dead in Baquba, 4 in Ramadi.

08.20 Mosul TWO EXPLOSIONS HEARD IN CITY. Violent explosions heard, reports of deaths.


08.18 Baquba. US SOLDIER KILLED AND THREE WOUNDED. First Infantry Division patrol attacked in the al-Mufraq quater of Baquba. Two guerrillas also killed.

08.15 Baquba. ZARQAWI NETWORK CLAIMS RESPONSIBILITY. Abu Musab Zarqawi claims credit for attacks in Baquba.

08.00 Baquba.POLICE STATION ATTACKED, IRAQIS DIE. Several Iraqis reported dead in attack. Armed, masked men attack police post with RPG and machine guns and take control of city intersections.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

23 June 2004 Events in Iraq

22.00 Bahrain. SIX ISLAMISTS ARRESTED YESTERDAY ARE FREED. They were taken into custody for suspicion of a plot to destablize the kingdom.

21.30 Washington. NO DATE FOR SADDAM TRIAL. The US does not intend to set a date for the trial of Saddam Hussein.

21.25 Washington. KERRY SUPPORTS SENDING NATO TROOPS TO IRAQ. Democratic Senator John Kerry is in favor of to sending NATO troops to Iraq to train Iraqi MPs, guard the borders, and monitor the election campaign and voting.

18.35 New York. TORTURE; UNITED NATIONS. US WITHDRAW IMMUNITY RESOLUTION. The US has withdrawn its draft resolution presented to the Security Council extending its immunity from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. The resolution was opposed by Kofi Annan and did not have sufficient votes to pass.

17.25 Fallujah. 20 FOREIGN GUERRILLAS KILLED. 20 foreign fighters killed yesterday in a raid on an alleged Abu Musab al-Zarqawi hideout.

17.20 Baghdad. NEW IRAQI GOVERNMENT REQUESTS NATO ASSISTANCE. The Iraqi provisional government has formally asked NATO for "technical assisstance" to train its security forces.

17.10 Riyadh. SAUDI ARABIA, KING FAHD OFFERS AMNESTY. King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has offered amnesty to Islamic extremists who surrender within 30 days.

16.05 Basrah. WO SISTERS WORKING FOR US FIRM ASSASSINATED. Two Iraqi sisters aged 38 and 25 working for a US company were killed in front of their home by unknown assailants. Men riding in a truck opened fire on their car.

14.40 Warsaw. POLISH GOVERMENT TO EXTEND MISSION. The Polish government has asked head of state Aleksander Kwasniewski to extend the mission in Iraq through December 2005.

14.10 Washington. WOLFOWITZ: US TROOPS TO STAY IN IRAQ FOR YEARS. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz testified to Congress yesterday that the US may have to keep troops in Iraq for years.

13.25 Nassiriya. CARBOMB EXPLODES, GUERRILLA CAPTURED. A man who detonated a roadside bomb yesterday against a Coalition military convoy in Al Bathah, 40 km from Nassiriya was captured and interrogated by Iraqi police and Italian Carabinieri.

13.20 Erbil. BREMER VISITS 'KURDISH FRIENDS'. Paul Bremer is conducting a 2-day goodwill visit to Kurdistan.

11.26 Seoul. MOTHER OF KOREAN HOSTAGE ACCUSES GOVERNMENT. Shin Youne-Ja, mother of of Kim Sun-Il, decapitated yesterday in Iraq, blames the "damned government" of Seoul having killed he son by confirming the deployment of troops to Iraq.

11.11 Mosul. IRAQI NATIONAL GUARDSMAN KILLED. One Iraqi guardsman was killed and two others seriously wounded while attempting to defuse a bomb planted in the Dawassa quarter of Mosul.

10.40 Nassiriya. KOREAN HOSPITAL CLOSES. The South Koreans have closed their hospital in Nassiriya.

10.21 Kirkuk. PETROLEUM: PIPELINE TO TURKEY BACK IN SERVICE. Oil transmission by pipeline from Kirkuk to the Ceyhan terminal in Turkey have been restarted following a series of acts of sabotage over the last few weeks.

10.08 Fallujah. HOSTAGE'S EMPLOYER QUITS IRAQ. Cana General Trading, [Cana, as in the Gospel? Well, now we know...Christian missionary work in the Sunni City of Mosques. What were they doing for the US military?] the employer of Kim Sun Il, will quit Iraq and recall its 16 employees. The company is said to supply the US military with "essential goods." [Wouldn't we like to know?]

09.30 Baghdad. SADR REFUSES TO PARTICIPATE IN NATIONAL CONFERENCE. The radical Shi'a movement lead by Moqtada Al Sadr has refused to participate in the national conference on the future of Iraq, a sort of parliamentary assembly with limited powers which will sit after 30 June.

09.20 Seoul. SOUTH KOREAN PRESIDENT, "WE WILL NOT GIVE INTO THE TERRORISTS". Roh Moo Hyun declares his intention to send 3,000 troops to Iraq. Some 650 South Korean troops are already in Iraq.

09.10 Fallujah. AL ZARQAWI THREATENS TO ASSASSINATE PREMIER ALLAWI. In a tape released to an Internet site, Abu Mussab Al Zarqawi threatens to assassinate Iyad Allawi. You are not aware that you have already escaped several attempts on your life; I promise you that we shall continue until the deed is done.

09.00 Baghdad. EXPLOSION NEAR HOSPITAL, TWO DEAD. Two civilians, a child and an adult, were killed and a third wounded in a bombing today in Baghdad in Palestine Avenue, near Al-Kindi Hospital, timed to coincide with the passing of a US convoy. The three were traveling in a taxi, which took the brunt of the explosion,.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

22 June 2004 Events in Iraq

23.22 Fallujah. BODY OF DECAPITATED HOSTAGE BOOBY-TRAPPED. The body of decapitated South Korean Kim Sun Il was abandoned along with explosives and could have been a death trap for the US troops who discovered it. Both the body and head were recovered. The remains showed signs of having been dumped by a speeding car.

22.45 Basrah. INTERPRETERS ASSASSINATED Two female interpreters working for the British in Basrah were assassinated by gunshot.

22.25 Fallujah. RAID ON ZARQAWI HIDEOUT. Another hideout of Abu Musab al Zarkawi, considered the 'longa manus' of 'al-Qaeda' in Iraq" was bombed. Eye witnesses report four dead and ten wounded.

22.04 Washington. WOLFOWITZ, US COULD STAY IN IRAQ FOR YEARS. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz said it's very possible that US troops will remain in Iraq for years.

21.52 Fallujah. US AIRSTRIKE, 4 DEAD. Local hospital reports 4 dead in air raid.

20.52 Nassiriya. ROADSIDE BOMB. A roadside bomb detonated near Al Bathah, 40 miles northeast of Nassiriya, as a convoy with Dutch, Japanese and British troops was passing through. No reports of injuries or damage.

20.49 Fallujah. SOUTH KOREAN PERSONNEL TO LEAVE IRAQ, BUT KEEPS COMMITMENT FOR TROOPS. The government of Seoul has ordered all non-essential personnel in Iraq to leave immediately. However, it still intends to send a three thousand man military contingent to Iraq.

20.35 Balad. TWO US TROOPS KILLED, ONE WOUNDED NORTH OF BAGHDAD. Two US troops were killed and a third wounded in a firefight in Balad, 75 km north of Baghdad. Earlier today one US soldier was killed and six wounded in a mortar attack in north Baghdad. Total killed in action is now 622.

19.58 Nassiriya. EXTENSION OF ITALIAN MISSION IN IRAQ BY DECREE UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The deployment of armored military vehicles to Nassiriya demonstrates the gravity of the war in which Italy remains a participant. The decapitation of the South Korean hostage confirms that there is no swing towards peace and that horrors and cruelty are on the increase., says Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, head of Italy's Green Party. Scanio adds, The extension of the mission in Iraq is unconstitutional.

19.10 Seoul. SOUTH KOREA CONFIRMS DECAPITATION OF HOSTAGE, BODY FOUND. South Korea has offically confirmed the decapitation of Kim Sun-il. According to Korean new agency Yonhap, the body has been recovered

19.09 Doha. TAPE OF BEHEADING. We warned you. Now you witness the result of your inaction. These were the words of the kidnappers in the video sent to Al Jazeera, in the minutes preceding the beheading. Stop your lies, your presence here is not to help the Iraqis but to serve the accursed Americans, said one of the kidnappers with his face hidden, standing behind Kim Sun Il. The timestamp on the tape was 08.15 am [NKTS spokesmen were obviously issuing disinformation.]

19.04 Doha. AL JAZEERA RECEIVES TAPE OF BEHEADING. In the moments preceding the execution, four masked men are seen standing behind the Korean hostage, who is blindfolded and on his knees, wearing an orange jumpsuit.

19.02 Rome. DECREE EXTENDING ITALIAN MISSION IN IRAQ. Berlusconi's Council of Ministers has approved a ministerial decree extending the Italian mission in Iraq.

18.46 Doha. KOREAN HOSTAGE DECAPITATED. Al Jazeera reports that Kim Sun-il, an interpreter of Arabic, English and Korean working for South Korean security firm Nkts, was decapitated despite indications that a deal for his release was near.

17.26 Baghdad. TWO CHILDREN KILLED IN CARBOMBING. A boy and a girl waiting for a parent inside a parked car were burned to death in this morning's car bombing in Baghdad.

17.18 Fallujah. KOREAN HOSTAGE, KIDNAPPERS DROP DEMAND FOR TROOP WITHDRAWAL. Kidnappers holding the Korean hostage have dropped their demand for a pullout of Korean troops. Korean security firm NKTS reports optimism for a possible solution for the release of hostage Kim Sun-il.

16.50 Fallujah. EXPLOSION IN CITY. A detonation was heard in the Jbeil quaRter of Fallujah, approximately 250 meters from the house destroyed in a US air raid on Saturday. Some witnesses reported seeing aircraft. The explosion killed twenty head of cattle. [Must have been Zarkawi's hellcows of terror].

16.44 Baghdad. BODYGUARD AND CHILD KILLED IN CARBOMBING. A car bomb killed a 3 year-old child and the bodyguard of Adnan al-Janabi, Iraqi Minister Without Portfolio, in a busy streed in west Baghdad. Eight others were wounded and four nearby cars were destroyed. A child was in the back seat of one of the cars and was killed.

16.20 Warsaw. POLAND TO CONTINUE PRESENCE IN IRAQ Defense Minister Jerzy Szmajdzinski makes the announcement.

16.05 Baghdad. SADR AWAITS INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN NATIONAL ASSEMBLY. No invitation has yet been sent says Fuad Massum, Chairman of the Organizing Committee.

15.20 Baghdad. CARBOMBING IN CAPITAL, NUMBER OF DEAD UNKNOWN. The explosion took place in the Amariya quarter of Baghdad in the western part of the capital.

15.15 Kiev. UKRAINIAN MOTHERS PROTEST 1,500 mothers demonstrated in Kiev to protest the presence of Ukrainian troops in Iraq. The Ukranian contingent numbers 1,650 and is deployed in the region of Wasit.

15.05 Nassiriya. ITALIANS DEPART CPA HEADQUARTERS. Barbara Contini, Governor of Dhi Qar province, and her Italian escort have vacated CPA headquarters to make way for the new government.

13.50 Fallujah. MEDIATORS VISIT KOREAN HOSTAGE . Clergy engaged in mediating the release of the Korean hostage visited the prisoner today saying he was alive and healthy.

13.23 Abu Ghraib. 120 MORE PRISONERS RELEASED FROM ABU GHRAIB. Another 120 Abu Ghraib prisoners were released today, More than 2,000 prisoners have been freed,

13.06 Washington. USA TO TRANSFER LEGAL CUSTODY OF SADDAM AFTER 30 JUNE. The US will transfer legal but not physical custody of Saddam Hussein to the Iraqis after 30 June.

13.03 Canberra. AUSTRALIAN MINISTER OF DEFENSE CENSURED IN PRISONER ABUSE SCANDAL. The Australian Federal Senate yesterday approved a motion of censure against Defense Minister Robert Hill for failing to inform the government and the public of Iraqi prisoner abuse. It was revealed that the Minister and senior Australian military officers had knowledge of the existence of abuses and photos as early a June 2003.

12.38 Beirut. CHALABI SUPPORTERS MAY CONDUCT INSURGENCY. Lebanese newspaper Al-Safir says Ahmad Chalabi and his followers may attempt to destabilize Iraq after 30 June.

12.20 Fallujah. KOREAN HOSTAGE, CLERGY LEADS NEGOTIATIONS. NKTS employee Mohammed al Obedi reports execution of the hostage has been indefinitely postponed. [He spoke too soon]

12.11 Rome. ITALY SENDS ARMORED VEHICLES TO NASSIRIYA, Italian Joint Task Force sends Ariete and Dardo armored vehicles to Nassiriya to support its contingent there.

12.09 Amman. EPLOYMENT OF NATO TROOPS TO IRAQ IS COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. French Foreign MinIster Michel Barnier, in Amman, says deployment would be counterproductive and that "French soldiers will not go to Iraq today, tomorrow or in the future."

12.07 Baghdad. TORTURE, TRIAL OF GIRL SOLDIER DELAYED. Preliminary heardings for Lynndie England-the girl soldier-have been postponed to July.

10.38 Baghdad. AL-SADR MAY ACCEPT INVITATION TO NATIONAL ASSEMBLY. Moqtada Al-Sadr may accept an invitation to participate in the Iraqi National Assembly which will elect 100 deputies for the future Iraqi Parliament, says Sheik Ahmad Shibani as reported in the newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat.

09.41 Bahrain. SIX PERSONS WITH POSSIBLE LINKS TO AL QAEDA ARRESTED. Bahraini security forces have arrested six says lawyer for suspects.

08.43 Mosul. DEAN OF LAW FACULTY ASSASSINATED. The Dean of Law at Mossul University, Mounir al-Keiro, was assassinated in his home this morning together with his wife, Leila Abdallah Saad. Both had been strangled.

08.05 Baghdad. US SOLDIER KILLED, 6 WOUNDED IN MORTAR ATTACK. One US soldier was killed and another six wounded in mortar fire this morning in north Baghdad. A civilian contractor was also wounded.

Monday, June 21, 2004

21 June 2004 Events in Iraq

20.54 Washington. US DEMANDS IMMEDIATE RELEASE OF HOSTAGE. The US has demanded the immediate release of South Korean hostage Kim Sun Il, a 33 year-old interpreter. US State Dept. Richard Boucher says the US condemns the kidnapping of innocent civilians. Colin Powell has spoken with South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon and has declared that Washington "will assist the Koreans in any way possible."

18.45 Baghdad. PETROLEUM INCOME. In just over a year of US occupation, Iraq took in $10.8 billion in petroleum sales.

17.58 Rome. ITALY WILL NOT SEND MORE TROOPS TO IRAQ AFTER 30 JUNE. Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini says Italy will not commit more troops to Iraq after 30 June.

17.40 Rome. IRAQ, PRESENCE OF CHECHIN FIGHTERS UNCERTAIN. Italian Vice Premier Gianfranco Fini accuses Saddam's "dead enders" of spreading false rumors.

16.34 Mosul. FIVE IRAQIS KILLED BY MINE. Five Iraqis were killed this morning as their convoy passed over a landmine in the city of Gayara, 50 km south of Mossul. Also travelling in the convoy were US construction workers. No reports of injuries among the Americans.

16.07 Doha. COMMITTEE OF SUNNI ULEMA: AL-ZARQAWI IS NOT IN FALLUJAH. We have no information to indicate that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi is in Falluja and we believe that he is not., says Abdel Salam Al-Kubaisi, in an interview with Al-Jazeera.

15.50 Fallujah. COMMITTEE OF SUNNI ULEMA REQUEST RELEASE OF HOSTAGE. Sunni Ulema demand release of hostage but it is uncertain if the group Tawhid wal jihad (Unity and Holy War) will heed the request from Sunni clergy.


14.50 Teheran. IRAN ARRESTS 8 BRITISH IN TERRITORIAL WATERS. Three military craft were sequestered and the eight crewmembers questioned after their arrest by Iranian forces after having entered Iranian waters, reports al-Alkam radio. The incident took place in the Shatt al Arab waterway dividing Iraq and Iran.

14.41 Nassiriya. 500 LB. BOMB DETONATED BY ITALIAN TROOPS. A 500 lb Spanish bomb was detonated during a bomb desposal exercise in an old Iraqi army weapons depot between Nassiriya and Tallil air base.

13.30 Nassiriya. SOUTH KOREAN DOCTORS REFUSE TO TREAT IRAQIS. South Korean physicians, in Nassiriya for over a year, have refused to treat Iraqis patients until the South Korean hostage is released.

13.11 Fiji. FIJI ISLANDS CONTINGENT TO PROTECT UN PERSONNEL. A military contingent from the Fiji Islands will leave for Iraq with the mission of protecting US staff. The contingent will number 51 to be approved by the UN. Several hundred Fiji mercenaries are known to work in Iraq as security guards.

12.32 Mosul. US CONVOY ATTACKED, FOUR CIVILIANS KILLED. Four civilians are dead and several more wounded after the explosion of a homemade bomb near Gayara, south of Mossul.

12.24 Baghdad. 2 IRAQI NATIONAL GUARDSMEN DIE. 14 members of the Iraqi National Guard were killed and 14 during a foot patrol in Baghdad.

12.08 Baghdad. 2 DEAD, 7 WOUNDED IN ATTACK NEAR US BASE. A roadside bomb hit a minibus in al-Musajib at an intersection near a US base.

11.52 Seoul. SOUTH KOREAN HOSTAGE, SEOUL DELEGATION HEADING FOR IRAQ. Foreign Minister Seul Ban kin Moon dispatches a delegation to Iraq.

11.45 Ramadi. FOUR US TROOPS KILLED. Four US soldiers were killed by guerrillas in Ramadi, west of Baghdad.

11.32 Amman. SADDAM'S LAWYER SAYS EX-DICTATOR MISTREATED. Saddam Hussein was abused last January and has the scars to show it. Jordanian defense lawyer Mohammed al-Rashdansays Saddam was beaten.

11.17 Fallujah. STREET DEMONSTRATION IN FALLUJAH AGAINST US AIR RAID. More than 1,000 Iraqis demonstrated in Falluja against the recent US air raid. Local sheik Jamal Nazzal, recently released from US custody, says US wants to destroy Iraq.

10.45 Seoul. SOUTH KOREAN HOSTAGE IS MISSIONARY, SPEAKS ARABIC. Kim Sun-il, 33 years old, working as an interpreter for Gana General Trading, a US subcontractor, is also a Christian missionary.

10.40 Seoul. MOTHER OF SOUTH KOREAN HOSTAGE MAKES PLEA. "Please spare our son", pleas mother Kim Sun-il.

10.32 Fallujah. HOSTAGES TAKEN THURSDAY. Kim Sun-il was kidnapped last Thursday in Fallujah along with employees of Kellogg, Brown and Root near a US base close to Fallujah.

10.20 Baghdad. LIQUOR STORE BOMBED. Dynamite was thrown through the windows of a liquor store in the Mansour quarter of Baghdad.

10.11 Tokyo. SOUTH KOREAN HOSTAGE, TOKYO PROMISES SUPPORT. Japanese Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi promised support for South Korea's efforts toward release.

10.02 Washington. TORTURE, JUDGE FORBIDS DEMOLITION OF ABU GHRAIB. Judge in Javal Davis court martial forbids demolition of crime scene.

09.52 Dubai. PETROLEUM; AL ARABIYA REPORTS EXPORTS RESTART. Iraq now producing one million barrels per day.

09.50 Fallujah. KIDNAPPING TOOK PLACE DURING BASE VISIT. Kim Choon-ho, owner of Gana General Trading, supplying military equipment to the US military, says ten Westerners were kidnapped during a visit to the US base near Fallujah.

09.27 Washington. PRELIMINARY HEARINGS FOR THREE SOLDIERS. Defense wants to question Gen. John Abizaid, Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, US President George W. Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in trial of Javal Davis.


08.15 Nassiriya. Chechin guerrillas may be in Suq Al Shuiuhk, a village in the province of Dhi Qar.

08.05 Seoul. SOUTH KOREA DEMANDS RELEASE OF HOSTAGE. Foreign Minister Ban Ki Moon demands the release of Korean hostage.

08.00 Fallujah. THREAT OF DECAPITATION. Two days after the decapitation of Paul Marshall Johnson, 49, in Saudi Arabia, the Iraqi group Jamaat al Tawhid wal Jihad headed by Abu Musab al Zarqawi, threatens decapitation of hostages.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

15 June 2004 Events in Iraq

23.00 Baghdad. AL QAEDA THREATENS TO KILL AMERICAN HOSTAGE. An Islamic website issues threat to kill US hostage if arrested Al Qaeda members in Saudi Arabia are not released within the next 72 hours.

21.56 Kirkuk. PIPELINE SABOTAGED IN NORTHERN IRAQ. A pipeline serving domestic demand has been sabotaged.




20.53 Hilla. CAR BOMB TARGETS US BASE IN HILLA. A car bomb exploded at Hilla (site of ancient Babylon), 100 km south of Baghdad. One Iraqi killed.

20.49 Washington. GEN. CASEY TO REPLACE SANCHEZ. Gen George Casey to replace Gen Ricardo Sanchez, implicated in Abu Ghraib scandal.

19.45 Baghdad. AL-QAEDA GROUP CLAIMS REPONSIBILITY FOR BAGHDAD CONVOY BOMBING. Abu Musab al-Zarqawi claims reponsibility. Through the grace of God, members of the Jamaat al-Tawhid wal Jihad martyrs' brigade were successful in setting a trap for a convoy of mercenaries in the center of the Iraqi capital.

18.32 London. UK, NEW INQUEST OPENED INTO PRISONER ABUSE. The four soldiers facing court-martial are but the first of many to face punishment says Geof Hoon.

18.15 Washington. BUSH SAY ZARQAWI PROVES CONNECTION OF SADDAM TO AL-QAEDA "Zarqawi is the proof" says George W. Bush. [And if you believe that, Bigfoot and his band of jackalope terrorists are burning down the forests out west.]


17.46 Washington. BUSH WANTS TO START DIALOG WITH MOQTADA AL SADR. And says the Iraqis really, really, really will have sovereignty after 30 June.


17.30 Washington. WHITE HOUSE: "SADDAM WILL BE TURNED OVER AT THE OPPORTUNE TIME" says Scott McClellan, but Iyad Allawi announced yesterday that it will be within two weeks.

17.19 London. GEN. JANIS KARPINSKI: "WE HAD ORDERS TO TREAT THEM LIKE DOGS". Gen. Janis Karpinski, tells BBC that she had orders to treat detainees like dogs at Abu Ghraib.

16.56 Baghdad. ATTACK ON CONVOY OF CONTRACTORS IN BAGHDAD. A convoy of three vehicles carring contractors was attacked on the road to Baghdad Airport. One SUV was hit and burst into flame.

16.51 Basrah. OIL EXPORTS HALTED IN SOUTH. A pipeline south of Bassrah carrying oil from southern Iraq to marine loading platforms was shut down. Ten days are required to repair damage, at a cost to of Iraq $60 million per day.

Monday, June 14, 2004

14 June 2004 Events in Iraq

20.15 Ramadi. 5 IRAQIS DEAD IN CLASHES WITH US TROOPS. Five iraqis were killed and seven wounded during clashes with US military in Ramadi.

19.31 London. 83 MILITARY WOMEN REPATRIATED BECAUSE OF PREGANCY. 1,700 British troops deployed to Iraq were sent home in the last couple of months, including 83 military women with pregnancy, says Lib Dem Paul Keetch: Breakdown is : 1,669 troops repatriated of whom 468 wounded, 587 with physical incapacity, 140 experiencing psychiatric disturbances and 83 for pregnancy.

19.15 Strasbourg. EU MAY SEND ENVOY TO BAGDAD. Proposal put forward by Chris Patten and Javier Solana to appoint an EU representative is welcomed by EU foreign ministers.

18.50 New York. NYT; US TROOPS REPORTED ABUSE AND TORTURE IN NOVEMBER. A small military intelligence unit reported violence and torture used against prisioners at Abu Ghraib, two months before Pentagon investigation.

18.45 Cairo. KOFI ANNAN ASKS ISLAMIC COUNTRIES TO SUPPORT NEW IRAQI GOVERNMENT. UN Secretary General address the Organization of Islamic Conferences and asks for support for the new government.

18.20 Karbala. SADR AIDE ARRESTED. Seyed Ahmed Redha al-Husseini was arrested by US troops after a raid on his residence where $3500 in cash was found. [That's chickenfeed].

18.10 Strasbourg. EU FOREIGN MINISTER PROMISES RECONSTRUCTION AID TO IRAQ. Aid promised by EU to enable Iraq to reenter international community.

18.05 Baghdad. AL YAWAR, WE WILL NOT DEMOLISH ABU GHRAIB. Iraqi President Ghazi Mashaal Al Yawar says Iraq does not have to funds to build a new prison.

17.44 London. TORTURE, FOUR BRITISH SOLDIERS TO FACE COURT MARTIAL Photos to be used as evidence.

17.35 Dubai. IRAQI INTERIOR MINISTRY: BAGHDAD CARBOMB THE WORK OF FOREIGNERS. Interior Minister Falah al Naqib tells Al Arabiya TV says information points to foreigner behind the carbomb that killed 16 in Baghdad.

17.20 Washington. WASHINGTON POST: HALLIBURTON, CHARGES AGAINST CHENEY. In the fall of 2002, a high-ranking Defense Dept official contacted Halliburton to arrange for reconstruction contracts for Iraqi oilfields and gave Dick Cheney's name as a close collaborator. Californian Congressman Henry Waxman believes Cheney had a direct role in selecting Halliburton.

16.42 Washington. TORTURE, PRELIMINARY COURT MARTIAL HEARINGS NEXT WEEK. Preliminary hearings for courts martial concerning Abu Ghraib scandal to being next week. Sergeants Jalal Davis and Ivan Frederick and Corporal Charles Graner will appear 21 and 23 June in Baghdad; Sabrina Harman on 24 June. Court martial for Lynndie England to being 22 June at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

16.29 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING, DEATH TOLL CLIMBS TO 16. Car bombing struck a convoy of foreign electrical workers near the Green Zone.

16.19 Nassiriya. PRISON OPENS WITH SHOWERS AND TOILETS. Barbara Contini, CPA Governor of Dhi Qar Province, presides over ceremonies with General Corrado Dalzini, Commander, Italian joint task force Iraq, Iraqi Police General Abnur, and Provincial Chief Sabri Al Rumaid.

16.05 Baghdad. INTERIM GOVERNMENT TO DEMAND REVOCATION OF CONTRACTOR IMMUNITY. The Iraqi "ad interim" government will demand revocation of immunity for the 20 thousand foreign "contractors" in Mesopotamia, against the wishes of the United States.

16.02 Kirkuk. POLICE GENERAL ESCAPES ASSASSINATION,2 WOUNDED. An Iraqi Police general escapes with his life in Kirkuk. Unknown gunmen fired at my car as I arrived at my residence in the officers' quarters in the middle of town; 2 of my escorts were wounded, says General Hazem Khazraji.


15.36 Istanbul. ORGANIZATION OF ISLAMIC CONFERENCES PASSES VOTE OF CONFIDENCE ON NEW BAGHDAD GOVERNMENT. Lakhdar Brahimi in attendance at conference makes announcement in Istanbul.

15.34 Baghdad. POSTPONEMENT OF US-BACKED PROJECTS HURTS OIL PRODUCTION. The postponement of projects financed by US capital to repair Iraq's oil industry are hurting Iraqi oil production, says Iraqi Oil Mininster.

15.32 Baghdad. IRAQ, NEW VISA RESTRICTIONS GO INTO EFFECT. Iraq will impose visa restrictions at the end of the month says Interior Minister Hasan Al-Naqeeb.

15.29 Baghdad. FIVE KURDISH RECRUITS KILLED AND BODIES BURNED. Five Kurdish recruits in the new Iraqi Army were killed and their bodies burned by unknown assailants north of Baghdad.

13.59 Baghdad. US DEMANDS IMMUNITY. The new Iraqi government will resist immunity demanded by the USA for American civilian contractors.

13.51 Tokyo. JAPANESE TROOPS TO REMAIN UNTIL 30 JUNE. PM Junichiro Koizumi announces troops will complete peacekeeping mission by 30 June.

13.43 Fallujah. US MILITARY DELEGATION PROMISES AID. A US military delegation met with Falluja leaders and promised aid for reconstruction.

13.29 Baghdad. FIRST PLAY DEPICTING FALL OF SADDAM OPENS. Directors Fathi Zain Al Abidin and Raji Abdul Husain receive death threats but go ahead with play about dissident who lived in an underground bunker. Play tells the real-life story of Jawad, an Iraqi Shi'ite who refused to take up arms against his Muslim brothers.

13.26 Geneva. RED CROSS TELLS USA, CHARGE SADDAM OR LIBERATE HIM. The Red Cross issues ultimatum to the US: international law required that the US either charge Saddam before 30 June or free him.

13.21 Kuwait City. AL-QAEDA CONTROLS AL-WANDA. Al-Qaeda fighters are reported by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai Al-Amm to control Al-Wanda, near Falluja, They are said to traffic in petroleum and arms.


11.12 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING VICTIMS . Sky News says two British, one Frenchman, one American and a Philippino were killed.


10.30 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING, ALLAWI CONFIRMS DEATH OF FIVE FOREIGNERS. PM Iyad Allawi gives press conference following attack.

10.10 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING, MERCENARIES KILLED. At least four of the dead are foreign security contractors.

09.58 Baghdad. 600 PRISONERS FREED FROM ABU GHRAIB. Another 2400 prisoners to be liberated before 30 June. Iraqi Justice Minister Malek Dohan Al Hassan says Iraq government will review cases of remaning prisoners.

09.28 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING TARGETS CPA CONVOY. CPA convoy hit as it exits the east gate of the Green Zone.

09.08 Baghdad. CAR BOMBING, THREE CIVILIANS KILLED. Bombing in downtown Baghdad kills passengers in convoy.

08.24 Baghdad. CAR BOMB HITS CONVOY OF FOREIGNERS. This morning's car bomb goes off in crowded street and kills 12 . Convoy was composed of civilian vehicles carrying foreigners. The conflagration damaged an office building in the vicinity.

08.14 Baghdad. CAR BOMB: 12 DEAD. Most victims are said to be Iraqi. Al Arabiya TV reports 12 dead with an unknown number of victims inside a nearby office building damaged by blast.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

13 June 2004 Events in Iraq

16.05 Baghdad. AL IRAQIYA TV EMPLOYEES KILLED ALONG SYRIAN BORDER. The bodies of Abdel Karim al Haidary, reporter, and driver Jawad Qazem found today.

15.59 Baghdad. US SOLDIER KILLED, TWO WOUNDED NEAR BAGHDAD. Roadside bomb destroys vehicle while armed gunmen open fire in Taji, north of Baghdad.

13.44 Baghdad. BAGHDAD UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR MURDERED. A Geography professor is murdered as he leaves class.

12.35 Baghdad. CARBOMBING IN BAGHDAD; UNCERTAIN THE NUMBER OF VICTIMS. Numbers vary between 16, 12 or 7 victims.

12.04 Kirkuk. POLICE STATION IN KIRKUK ATTACKED. 1 DEAD, 8 WOUNDED. An Iraqi civilian in wounded in an attack on a police station in Orouba, near Kirkuk. Hazem Mohammed Amin, Kirkuk Police Commissioner, says attack took place at dawn by a gang of armed men.

11.42 Baghdad. TURKISH AND EGYPTIAN HOSTAGES RELEASED. Anonymous mediator announces news.

11.40 Doha. SAUDI ARABIA, AL JAZEERA AIRS VIDEO SHOWING EXECUTION OF AMERICAN. Qatar network Al Jazeera shows the 8 June execution of Robert Jacob, who the tape says is American Jew working as a spy for the US security firm Vinnell.

11.24 Baghdad. IRAQ: 1400 MORE IRAQI PRISONERS TO BE FREED OR TRANSFERED BY 30 JUNE. Barry Jonhson makes announcement, says between 4-5 thousand prisoners will remain in custody of the Coalition.


10.55 Baghdad. CLASHES IN SADR CITY BETWEEN US AND SADR MILITIA. 6 Iraqis are dead after nighttime clashes.

10.22 Baghdad. CARBOMBING IN CAPITAL, 16 REPORTED KILLED. Incident took place in the Roshtaya quarter in the south of the city.

10.16 Baghdad. MORTAR FIRE DAMAGES PRESIDENTIAL PALACE. Mortar fire hit the Green Zone, damaging Saddam Hussein's Presidential Palace housing one thousand US personnel.

10.01 Baghdad. EDUCATION MINISTRY OFFICIAL ASSASSINATED. The Director of Cultural Relations in the Education Ministry, Kamal al Jarrah, was assassinated in Baghdad this morning.

09.45 16.05 Baghdad. AL IRAQIYA TV EMPLOYEES KILLED ALONG SYRIAN BORDER. The bodies of Abdel Karim al Haidary, reporter, and driver Jawad Qazem found today.

15.59 Baghdad. US SOLDIER KILLED, TWO WOUNDED NEAR BAGHDAD. Roadside bomb destroys vehicle while armed gunmen open fire in Taji, north of Baghdad.

13.44 Baghdad. BAGHDAD UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR MURDERED. A Geography professor is murdered as he leaves class.

12.35 Baghdad. CARBOMBING IN BAGHDAD; UNCERTAIN THE NUMBER OF VICTIMS. Numbers vary between 16, 12 or 7 victims.

12.04 Kirkuk. POLICE STATION IN KIRKUK ATTACKED. 1 DEAD, 8 WOUNDED. An Iraqi civilian in wounded in an attack on a police station in Orouba, near Kirkuk. Hazem Mohammed Amin, Kirkuk Police Commissioner, says attack took place at dawn by a gang of armed men.

11.42 Baghdad. TURKISH AND EGYPTIAN HOSTAGES RELEASED. Anonymous mediator announces news.

11.40 Doha. SAUDI ARABIA, AL JAZEERA AIRS VIDEO SHOWING EXECUTION OF AMERICAN. Qatar network Al Jazeera shows the 8 June execution of Robert Jacob, who the tape says is American Jew working as a spy for the US security firm Vinnell.

11.24 Baghdad. IRAQ: 1400 MORE IRAQI PRISONERS TO BE FREED OR TRANSFERED BY 30 JUNE. Barry Jonhson makes announcement, says between 4-5 thousand prisoners will remain in custody of the Coalition.


10.55 Baghdad. CLASHES IN SADR CITY BETWEEN US AND SADR MILITIA. 6 Iraqis are dead after nighttime clashes.

10.22 Baghdad. CARBOMBING IN CAPITAL, 16 REPORTED KILLED. Incident took place in the Roshtaya quarter in the south of the city.

10.16 Baghdad. MORTAR FIRE DAMAGES PRESIDENTIAL PALACE. Mortar fire hit the Green Zone, damaging Saddam Hussein's Presidential Palace housing one thousand US personnel.

10.01 Baghdad. EDUCATION MINISTRY OFFICIAL ASSASSINATED. The Director of Cultural Relations in the Education Ministry, Kamal al Jarrah, was assassinated in Baghdad this morning.

09.45 Baghdad. CARBOMB KILLS 12 IRAQIS. A car explodes next to police vehicle.

09.08 Baquba. POLICE CHIEF ESCAPES ASSASSINATION but is wounded in attack.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

12 June 2004 Events in Iraq


11:43 Fallujah. SEVEN TURKISH HOSTAGES FREED Construction workers kidnapped near Mosul were freed this morning in Fallujah, says company owner Serdar Adali.

10:13 Baquba. US CONVOY HIT BY ROADSIDE BOMB. Vehicles on fire, two US soldiers, one Iraqi wounded.

10:00 Washington. ABU GHRAIB, GENERAL SANCHEZ ORDERED TORTURE. Reported in The Washington Post.

09:20 Nassiriya. ITALIAN TROOPS ATTACKED. Italians ambushed with RPGs in Shwalish, 3 km from Suq Ash Shuyukh, near Nassiriya. No one was killed.

08:01 Baghdad. IRAQI DEPUTY FOREIGN MINISTER ASSASSINATED Bassam Qubba, 60, was assassinated in the Al-Adhamiya quarter by a lone gunman. Qubba had been in the Iraqi delegation to the UN last week.

07:16 New Delhi. INDIAN LEFT OPPOSES SENDING TROOPS TO IRAQ. Congress Party's partners in governing coaltion reject deal between Colin Powell and Premier Natwar Singh to consider possibility of sending troops.

06:00 Baghdad. THREE HOSTAGES SLAIN. One Lebanese and two Iraqis working for a foreign electric power contractor were kidnapped and killed Nick Berg style, their mutilated bodies left along the highway near the Jordanian border. Another Lebanese escapes.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

10 June 2004 Events in Iraq

16.13 Fallujah. SEVEN TURKS KIDNAPPED. Seven Turkish nationals originating from the cities of Adana and Mersin in the south of Turkey have been kidnapped in Falluja. They had been employed as construction workers.

16.01 Najaf. IRAQI POLICE CHARGE RESIDENCE OF AL-SADR. Iraqi police have charged the Najaf residence of Moqtada Al-Sadr says Kufa religious leader Qays Al-Khazali.

15.42 Najaf. CLASHES: AT LEAST FIVE DEAD. One week after the truce, fighting has broken out between Iraqi police and Sadr militiamen. Five people have been killed and another 25 wounded. The Mahdi Army, loyal to Sadr sacked the Ghari precinct office near the tomb of Imam.


14.00 Baghdad. RELIGIOUS AND TRIBAL LEADERS OPPOSE ARAB CONTINGENT. According to diplomatic sources representing the Arab League, Iraqi religious and tribal leaders have written Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa asking that the League stay out of the Iraq crisis.

13.05 Nassiriya. Bomb explodes as Italian convoy passes nearby.

12.25 Kuwait City. KURDISH MILITIA REARM, DECLARE STATE OF ALERT. The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai Al-Amm reports that Kurdish Peshmerga have rearmed and are in state of alert. Nijirwan Barzani, the number two of the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Mossoud Barzani has issued secret orders to the Peshmerga to redistribute arms to militia members.

12.01 Bangkok. THAI CONTINGENT TO REMAIN UNTIL SEPTEMBER. Thai humanitarian mission to stay until September. Bangkok excludes early evacuation even if security situation worsens.

11.08 Baghdad. PETROLEUM PIPELINE TO JORDAN. Iraqi Oil Minister Thamer Ghadban discusses possibility of pipeline construction.

10.43 Madrid. ZAPATERO, NO SPANISH TROOPS TO SERVE IN PEACEKEEPING FORCE. The new UN Security Council resolution does not place peacekeeping troops under UN command, therefore Spain will not participate.

10.37 Erbil. UN RESOLUTION, KURDISH POLITICAL PARTIES PREPARE RESPONSE. Kurdish political parties are preparing their reponse to UN Security Council Resolution 1546, which contains no mention of Kurdish autonomy.


10.27 Bangkok. THAI TROOPS TO STAY IN IRAQ AFTER 30 JUNE Thai Defense Ministry Spokesman Chettha Thanajaro makes announcement.

10.05 Baghdad. SUPERSIZED US EMBASSY IN BAGHDAD. Embassy to employ 900 staff assisted by 700 Iraqis.

08.45 Amara. HILD KILLED, 5 CIVILIANS WOUNDED IN AMARA. Mortar fire struck a home in the Hussein quarter of Amara, killing Karar Falah, 12, and wounding five other family members.


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

9 June 2004 Events in Iraq

18.40 Amara. IRAQI JOURNALIST KILLED BY UNKNOWN ASSAILANTS. An 'Al-Iraqiya' TV journalist was killed today in Amara, west of Baghdad. The correspondent, Muhammad Hussein, was shot by unknown assailants. On 20 April another TV correspondent, Asaad Kadhim, and his driver were killed in error by US troops. Created in May 2003 by the CPA, Al Iraqiya is operated by Iraq Media Network which replaced Iraqi state radio and TV.

17.53 New York. UN, ABU DHABI AND DOHA APPROVE RESOLUTION. The United Arab Emirates and Qatar have welcomed UN Security Council Resolution No. 1546 on the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq and have urged Iraqis to "turn the page on differences, dissent and violence to reestablish law and order in the country." The Abu Dhabi Foreign Minister declared the unianimous approval by all 15 members of the Security Council grants international legitimacy to the transfer of sovereignty in Iraq. In Doha, the Council of Ministers affirmed that Resultion 1546 is "real step towards the reestablishment of sovereignty, independence and control over the natural resources."

16.40 Khales. PROTEST MARCH AGAINST IRANIAN MUJAHEDIN. The residents of the Iraqi city of Khales, on the frontier with Iraq, demonstrated against the presence of Iranian mujahedin, opponents of the ayatollahs, who moved to Iraq in 1981 by invitation of Saddam Hussein and demanded their removal. Confined to the Ashraf military base after the fall of Saddam, the mujahedin have been declared a terrorist organization by the US Department of State and the European Union.

14.27 Baghdad. US CONVOY ATTACKED. A US convoy came under small arms fire east of Baghdad. The drivers of two vehicles, both contractual employees, were wounded. Meanwhile in the Al Rashid quarter of Baghdad, a local politician was wounded and two of his bodyguards were killed in an ambush.

14.16 Washington. FIVE THOUSAND MORE MARINES TRANSFERRED TO IRAQ. Troop totals to reach 145 thousand this fall.

13.58 New York. NYT REPORTS THAT ALLAWI ORGANIZED TERRORIST ATTACKS AGAINST SADDAM HUSSEIN'S REGIME. In the first half of the '90s, Ilyad Allawi, ran a terrorist organization linked to the CIA which coordinated several terrorist attacks in Iraq. According to sources, the attacks, one of which was a bombing of a cinema, caused numerous civilian victims.

13.33 Fallujah. SEVEN NEW TURKISH HOSTAGES. Seven Turkish workmen were kidnapped by Iraq Armed Resistance.

13.23 Strasbourg. EU RECOMMENDS 3-POINT PLAN FOR IRAQ. The European Commission has proposed a new framework for relations between the EU and Iraq.

12.37 Washington. BUSH WANTS NATO TRAINERS SENT TO IRAQ. US President George W. Bush wants to send NATO military to Iraq to train Iraqi security forces. German Chancellor Gerhardt Schroeder expressed some support for the idea.

12.30 Al-Suwayrah. MORTAR ATTACK CAUSED EXPLOSION. The explosion which killed six Coalition troops (3 Slovaks, 2 Poles and 1 Estonian) in Al-Suwayrah south of Baghdad during a demining operation was probably caused by mortar fire, says Polish Vice Dfense Mininster Janusz Zemke.


12.08 Fallujah. US ARMORED VEHICLES POISED TO ENTER CITY. Fifteen American armored vehicles were positioned this morning outside the city.

11.52 Strasbourg. EU PRESIDENT SAYS RESOLUTION WILL STABILIZE IRAQ. Irish Premier Bertie Ahern says resolution will help solve crisis.

11.45 Kirkuk. SECOND ATTACK ON OIL PIPELINE. For the second time in 24 hours, the Kirkuk to Ceyhan oil pipeline was sabotaged. This is the third attack since Sunday.

11.29 Baghdad. UN RESOLUTION, KURDISH APPOINTEES MAY RESIGN. The Kurdish members of the interim government will quit if their leaders ask them to do so, says Iraqi Public Works Minister Nasrin Berwari, a Kurd.

11.12 Karbala. DUTCH CONVOY ATTACKED. A roadside bomb exploded near Karbala, 110 km south of Baghdad, as a Dutch convoy passed nearby.

11.00 Fallujah. SECURITY FORCES ATTACKED IN FALLUJA. Mortar fire was directed against the building housing Iraq security forces and General Mohammed Latif. There are numerous victims.

10.45 Baghdad. CONVOY ATTACKED Armed men open fire on a military truck.

10.30 Baghdad. TRUCK ON FIRE IN AL-KHADRA QUARTER IN NORTHWEST BAGHDAD. US convoy truck burns as firemen attempt to put out blaze. The US soldier at the wheel escapes in a second vehicle. A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the truck.

10.10 Baiji. KEY OIL PIPELINE SABOTAGED. A key pipeline running between an electrical power station and the Baiji Refinery, 200 km north of Baghdad, was sabotaged during the night.

09.10 Baquba. TWO IRAQIS KILLED AS THEY POSITION BOMB. Two Iraqis were killed in Baquba as they positioned a roadside bomb.

09.00 Moscow. RUSSIA REITERATES REFUSAL TO PARTICIPATE IN MULTINATIONAL FORCE. Russian government repeats vow not to participate in the multinational force planned for Iraq.

01.20 Baghdad. INTERIM PRESIDENT TO ATTEND G8. Just a few hours after approval of the new UN resolution, Iraqi Interim President Ghazi al-Yawar arrives in Sea Island, Georgia.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

8 June 2004 Events in Iraq

16.30 Baghdad. GENERAL SANCHEZ: "KIDNAPPERS ARRESTED". Italian hostages [all employed as mercenaries] were held prisoner in the same locale and their armed kidnappers arrested.

14.24 Baghdad. ITALIAN HOSTAGES FREED. US troops find hideout, liberate hostages

14.13 Baghdad.NPOLISH HOSTAGE LIBERATED. Polish construction company owner Jerzy Kos freed.

13.59 Berlin. GERMANY PREPARED TO APPROVE 5TH DRAFT OF UN RESOLUTION. FM Joschka Fischer makes announcement.

12.33 Baghdad. ALLAWI: IRAQIS TO CONTROL PETROLEUM INDUSTRY. The control of the petroleum resources of Iraq will be in the hands of the Iraqis; the Americans will be an integral part of the multinational forces as provided for in the draft UN Security Council resolution says Iraqi PM Iyad Allawi. Allawi invites Arab and Islamic countries to contribute to the security force planned in Iraq and says Egypt and Jordan will send troops. Allawi also stated that the US security contingent will be under the supervision [Note: this does not mean command.]

12.10 Warsaw. POLISH PREMIER ANNOUNCES END TO DEMINING OPERATION. Polish Premier Marek Belka calls off operation.

11.41 London. THE TIMES: NO PROOF AGAINST SADDAM. The prosecutors changed with gathering evidence against Saddam Hussein do not have the testimony and the evidence necessary to prove direct responsibility of Saddam in "crimes against humanity." None of the 40 former members who have been arrested have come forward to testify out of fear of vendetta. Judicial authorities are also fearful: many prosecutors and judges have refused any role in the trial.

11.29 Washington. WASHINGTON POST: US DOCUMENTS ISSUED IN 2002 APPROVED TORTURE. White House Counselor Alberto Gonzalez wrote the CIA saying torture was justified to prevent an attack on the USA. Further, Gonzalez wrote that inflicting moderate or brief pain did not constitute torture.

10.46 Baghdad. ALLAWI DIRECTS PLEA TO SADR. Iyad Allawi invites Al Sadr to a reasoned dialogue respectful of differing opinion.

10.35 Teheran. IRAN: HAERI CRITICIZES IRAQI GOVERNMENT. Iraqi Ayatollah Seyed Kazem Haeri, now living in Iran and considered the ideological patron of Al Sadr, has announced that the new transitional government is without legitimacy.

10.30 Baghdad. MARINE KILLED IN COMBAT YESTERDAY. A marine from the 1st Expeditionary Corps was killed yesterday in al-Anbar province, west of Baghdad.

10.00 Al-Suwayrah. DEMINING OPERATION, DEATH TOLL RISES. Six Coalition troops die in a munitions depot in Al-Suwayrah, south of Baghdad: 2 Poles, 1 Latvian and 3 Slovaks.

09.37 Moscow. PUTIN IS POSITIVE CONCERNING 5TH UN DRAFT. Vladimir Putin says he is convinced that ongoing negotiations in the US will lead to a positive result. However no formal statement has been issued.


08.55 Mosul. 10 DEAD, 100 WOUNDED. Salem al Hadj Issa, Mayor of Mosul and Police Commissioner, was the intended target of a carbombing.

08.40 Paris. FRANCE SAYS YES TO NEW UN DRAFT. FM Michel Barnier says that France will vote yes in Security Council vote.

07.20 Baquba. CARBOMB: 5 DEAD. Car bomb explodes in front of US base. Four Iraqis are killed and 16 wounded while one US soldier dies and 16 are wounded.

00.01 New York. NEW UN RESOLUTION PRESENTED. The US and Britain present a 5th draft to the Security Council which provides for consultations between the US and Iraq before launching major military operations.

Monday, June 07, 2004

7 June 2004 Events in Iraq

17:39 Iskandiriya. US SOLDIER KILLED BY MINE SOUTH OF CAPITAL. Attack took place in Iskandiriya, 40 km south of Baghdad, around 11 am Baghdad time. Other troops in the convoy opened fire on the assailants, who fled.

16.15 Washington. RICE: "NEW US SECURITY COUNCIL VOTE ON IRAQ TO TAKE PLACE WITHIN THE NEXT 2 DAYS" But Russia says there are still details which must be ironed out.

15.50 Baghdad. BADR BRIGADES GENERAL ASSASSINATED. Shi'ite General Faisal Shahe of the Badr Brigades was assassinated in Baghdad. Badr Brigades are the militant wing of SCIRI.

15.05 Al Qumah. DANISH FORCES ATTACKED. Danish patrol came under light arms fire in Al Qumah. No one injured in the attack.

13.44 Kufa. Three Iraqis, including one woman, were killed and 12 wounded in explosion of a weapons stockpile near a Kufa mosque. The tomb of a religious leader was damaged.

12.45 Baghdad. NINE MITITIAS AGREE TO DISBAND. They are: 1) Democratic Party of Kurdistan, 2) Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), 3) Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)/Badr Brigades, 4) Al Dawa, 5) Iraqi Hezbollah, 6) Iraqi Islamic Party, 7)Iraqi National Accord, 8) National Iraqi Council and 9) Iraq Communist Party . There are approximately 100 armed militias in Iraq. The Al Sadr Militia did not initial the agreement.

11.39 Kufa. MORTARS FIRED AT US BASE. A serious of explosions shook the US base in Kufa.


10.23 Kirkuk. THREE ARABS ASSASSINATED. Shamal Mohieddin, 45 anni, a former Baath Party official was killed in his home in the Hussein district by masked men. Sattar and Basek Saleh, aged 25 and 28 were found dead in the Kurdish suburb of al-Urubawith their hands bound behind their back. Reports say they had been kidnapped by a Kurdish militia

09.21 Moscow. UN RESOLUTION, RUSSIA SAYS IT'S INCOMPLETE. Russian Vice Minister Yuri Fedotov made the announcement.

09.06 Baghdad. US SOLDIER KILLED NEAR BAGHDAD. Mortar fire kills soldier in US camp near Baghdad. Victim belonged to the XIII Logistical Corps.

09.00 Seoul. SOUTH KOREA TO SEND FRESH TROOPS TO IRAQ 3,600 men to join contingent in Arbil, Kurdistan.